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Title: Keith’s revenge

Synopsis: A university student manufactured a device to make hypnosis unbreakable and embarks on a revenge cycle.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction, the characters and plot are a figment of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of sex between adults, and is intended for the entertainment, of adults only. If you are offended by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality, sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of the other activities depicted herein.

Keith’s revenge

By Latexthom

Keith Thatcher was a third year University student, studying Psychiatry and electrical engineering. He was studying Psychiatry because; he wanted to master hypnosis and electronics because he was a bit of a nerd when it came to electronics.

The reason for the hypnosis was the woman he once loved was at the same collage and doing the same degree. He was finding that although he was very adept and hypnosis; it would not accomplish what he wanted. He was in the start of his third year when he read a book on his kindle by Tabatha Kohls called “The Bubble Gum Bimbo” it contained a story of a hypnotist that had a devise that made hypnosis covert and never ending. Keith thought that he could make such a device. He spent the next three months trailing a number of versions using himself as guinea pig. The final version caused him to remember his, course work with instant recall.

He decided to test it on a female victim but not the then love of his life. He chose her room-mate Caroline Wilson who also attended his old high school. He watched Caroline for three days to get her normal itinerary. Caroline and his nemesis Susan, walked form their last lecture back to their dorm via a disused corridor in the old condemned engineering facility. He followed on behind and when they passed one of the unused laboratories he stopped and checked the door. It was locked but he opened it in three minutes. Slipping inside he found a key that fit the door. He found that the mains power was on and an almost clean space, not too far from the door. He moved some furniture into that clean space and set up a small laboratory. After setting up his space he unlocked the door and stepped out. Locking the door behind him he walked back to his single dorm. He then carried his device in a carrier bag back to this unused lab.

He hid the device among the abandoned equipment in the lab and then went back to his dorm. He slept well that night having completed all his planning. He had four lectures the next day and the last one was Psychiatry with Susan and Caroline.

In all the lectures he shared with the girls he sat as far away from their seats as he could. He watched them from afar. In high school in his senior year he had asked Susan out but she refused in such a way it embarrassed him in front of the whole school. He was beginning to see Caroline as a very beautiful young woman and since he was half way through his first year at university he had spurted in growth and was now over six feet two inches. After his spurt he had joined a gym so he could develop some muscles and has been going three times a week since. He was now a very handsome young man with a Mr Universe physique. At the end of the lecture he followed the girls out and as then followed their normal route he called out to Caroline. Hearing her name she stopped tuned and waited for Keith to catch up. Susan had walked on which was what he wanted. Susan had walked around a corner and out of sight. Keith caught up with Caroline outside the disused lab. He said, “Caroline, I don’t know if you remember me, but I would like to get my own back on Susan and I can promise you that she will suck your pussy everyday for a year. Caroline replied, “Yes I remember you Keith and I would help you anytime as long as you take me out a few times.” Keith explained what he wanted to do and that he needed a test before he subjected Susan to his device.” Caroline said, “Do you want to use it on me.” Keith said, “Yes, if that is alright.” He led her into the disused lab and sat her down in the clean area. He explained that she should have no memories of what he did.” She said, “Ok, do it, as long as you fuck me afterward.

Keith placed the helmet over her head and did up the chin strap. He then turned it on and waited for the green light to show. He then said, “Caroline, you are now my slave you will do whatever I tell you to do and be what I tell you to be.” There is no conceivable way you can disobey me. You will always act as though you are in charge of your own actions and never hint that you are not.”

You will help me to get Susan in here, without her knowledge, when you wake up you will tell me all Susan’s secrets and sexual fantasies.” He then turned off the device and removed it from Caroline’s head. He hid the device and then waited for Caroline to awake. When she did she said, “It worked I have no memory of you doing anything. Keith replied, “Good tell me what you know of Susan’s secrets and sexual fantasies?” Caroline replied, “She used to think she was a lesbian but since being here at university, she has had two boyfriends. I think she is still a virgin and she as a fetish for rubber. She likes to wear rubber under her normal wear.” Keith said, “You go and catch Susan but say nothing about me and I will take you out tomorrow and you can fuck my bones afterwards.”

Caroline asked, “Were will I meet you or do you want to pick me up at the dorm.” Keith said, “I will pick you up at the Dorm at seven o’clock.” Caroline ran out of the lab and Keith followed locking the door. He had decided to do a bit of research back in his dorm concerning Rubber fetishism.

When he returned to his Dorm, Keith turned on his computer and searched for “rubber fetishists.” The links that appeared were numerous and some of them referred to Latex fetish and other to the S&M scene. There were two at the bottom that referred to extreme bondage. Keith found a shop and purchased a rubberised cape and a pair of hand cuffs. He would have to wait for these to arrive before controlling Susan. The cape was a floor length item and the cuffs her police issue. The next day was Saturday and only one lecture in the morning. He would go to the gym in the afternoon and take Caroline out in the evening.” He rang a good restaurant and booked a table for two for Saturday evening at seven thirty.” After looking at all the links on his computer, he went to bed. He slept almost straight away and woke at seven the next morning. He had Breakfast in the student’s union and then walked to his lecture, it was the last one of the first semester and it was all the knowledge he had learnt with his device. The lecturer said, there would be a test and Keith was confident he could answer every question posed.

His confidence proved to be correct and he handed in his paper at the end of the lecture period. He walked out at then on to the Gym. He worked on his muscles for over an hour and he was very shaky when he had his shower. He walked out of the gym and back to his dorm. He opened a note book and wrote down what he wanted to do to Susan. He could add things as he thought of them until his items arrived. When everything was written down he lay on the bed and dosed for an hour or so. He woke up at five to five and made himself a coffee. He then had a thought and he added the harmonic that made his memories firm to his device tones on the computer and then went to fetch the device form the unused lab. He returned at twenty to six and started rebuilding the device. He finished at six twenty and then got ready for the restaurant.

Keith went out to his car he had not used it for weeks but it started alright and he drove to Caroline’s Dorm. Ringing the bell Susan answered and said, “Who are you and what do you want. “Keith replied, “Who I am is not important, but I am here to take Caroline out.” Susan shouted into the double apartment, “Caroline your date is here.” Caroline soon appeared and said, “Thank you Susan, have a good evening.” Caroline and Keith walked out to the car and he drove to the restaurant. When they entered Keith told the receptionist that he had booked a table for two and gave his name. They were shown to table and Keith was given the menus. Keith handed one menu to Caroline and said, “You are very pretty, I am glad you decided to come out with me.” Caroline leaned forward and whispered, “When are you going to enslave Susan.” Keith replied, “I have ordered some clothes for her. So it will be as soon as they arrive.” Most probably, she will be yours by the end of this week.” The waitress arrived and they placed their order. When their food arrived, Caroline exclaimed, “This is a tremendous restaurant this food is outstanding.” They ate in silence and Keith watched Caroline throughout the meal.” He had decided that Caroline was going to be his girl. After they had the desert he gave his bank card to the waitress and she took payment for the meal from it. When she returned the card, Keith put it back into his wallet and Caroline said, “Thank you that meal was marvellous and I have become very happy that you have decided to take me.” Keith replied, “You need to come back to my dorm so we can accomplish what you wanted.” Caroline replied, “Oh I cannot wait. Let’s hurry.” They hurried back to the car and Keith spared no horses on the return journey. After parking outside his dorm they ran into Keith’s room and Keith then said, “Ok loose all your clothes.” Caroline was soon naked and lying on the bunk. Keith mounted her with a large cock and Caroline felt it stretching her, a little. He started a gentle rhythm and when she found the pace she matched it so he said, “When you get home you will tell Susan what a good time you had and describe this sexual encounter.

They made love until the early hours of Sunday morning and when Caroline orgasmed for the twelfth time Keith said, “Are you happy now, you need to come back her later today for the rematch. “ Caroline asked, “Can I not stay here.” Keith replied, “No you must rub Susan’s nose in it. Let her know how wonderful I am but don’t let on what will happen to her.” Caroline replied, “No I will keep my slavery a secret from her. Can I get dressed now?” Keith replied, “Put your coat on, and go back to your dorm. Come back here before eleven. Caroline put her coat on and then walked home. Keith watched her go and there was no one about, so he did not worry. He tided the remainder of her clothes away and went to bed.

Caroline walked across the campus to the girl’s dormitories and felt exposed all the way. Her coat only had four buttons down the front and the bottom of the coat, was an open flap. When she reached her dorm she unlocked the door and walked in she expected Susan to be in her bed but found her in the living area asleep. Caroline forgot that she was only wearing her coat and woke Susan to tell her about her evening. Caroline gave the full graphic description of the meal and the sex afterwards.

Susan asked, “Who was that man, I thought I recognised him.” Caroline replied, “You should have that was Keith from high school.” Susan replied, “That cannot be that nerd, he was handsome and much taller. Caroline replied, “Well you have dipped out, he is now mine.” Susan replied, “You can have him, I only want girls.” Caroline continued, “You cannot say that to me you have had a number of boyfriends since you have been here. I am going to bed. “She walked into her bedroom and removed the coat before climbing into bed. Susan followed her to bed in her own room.

Next morning Caroline woke she put the coat back on and made breakfast for both her and Susan. When it was ready she called Susan and heard her coming. As Susan emerged from her room Caroline said, “If you would like to eat out my Pussy you can do it now.” Susan replied, “Not before breakfast. Why are you wearing your coat?” Caroline replied, “Keith would only allow me to wear this.” Before Susan could reply Caroline said, “It was a game last night but I liked it so much I decided to keep it going.” Susan sat in front of her breakfast and Caroline said, “By the end of the week you will be making all the breakfasts.”

On the other side of the campus Keith was eating his breakfast and he looked at the lottery ticket. After he had washed up he turned on his computer and accessed the results from the night before lottery. He checked his numbers and was astounded that the second row of his own numbers had six matching numbers. He signed the ticket and phoned the lottery head quarters. He was asked a number of security questions about where and when he bought the ticket and after answering all these correctly they asked if he would accept a media presentation. “Keith replied that he required no publicity and would like to money transferred to his bank without delay. The woman on the other end attempted to persuade him to have publicity but he declined. The woman finally agreed and said, “Someone will come to your accommodation and present you with a cheque for seven million pounds plus. Make sure you have the ticket and that it is signed.” Keith said, “So there were only two winners sharing the jackpot.” After the call was finished, Keith decided to go for a walk and see if there were any properties for sale with an office where he could provide a hypnotherapist practice. He walked along the streets adjacent to the university and found an ideal property and ex doctors surgery attached to a town house, with a double garage and a workshop at the back. It was on the market for four hundred thousand. He phoned the agent on his mobile and said that he would like to offer Three hundred and eighty five thousand. He walked towards the female dormitories and expected to see Caroline walking towards him. As he rounded a corning he saw Caroline walking towards him still wearing the coat from last night.” And she walked her legs caused the flap to open and he could not see any skirt underneath.” He remembered what he said last night and thought, “I wonder how she reconciled her actions this morning.” He decided to ask her when they were inside.” When they met he asked if she had any student loans and when Caroline replied, “Yes I have maxed out my loans”

Keith took her in his arms and kissed her before saying, “You are now the girlfriend of a lottery winner.” Caroline replied, “What did you win £10.” Keith replied, “No seven point eight million.” They walked back to Keith’s dormitory and as they passed the doctors Keith said, “I have just made an offer on this property. He had not quite walked past it when his mobile rang and when he answered, “He smiles as he listened and then said, “Thank you I will pop into your office and sort out the paperwork.” The then turned to Caroline and said, “You are standing outside your new home.”

Caroline jumped in to his arms and said, “Thank you it is lovely. Can we have a look inside?” Keith said, “I don’t see why not, let’s go to the agents office and get the keys.” They walked towards the town centre and Keith said, “Not far now.” The rounded a corner and came to a row of shops and the Estate Agent was in the middle. They walked into the shop and as they entered the lady in the shop said, “How can I help you?”

Keith said, “I am Keith Thatcher we spoke a moment ago. We would like the keys to the property on Waverly Avenue so we can look inside.” The woman said, “I hope you don’t mind but you don’t look old enough to have a credit history that would give you such a mortgage.” Caroline replied, “He won’t need one he will be paying with cash.” Keith added, “I was one of the winners in last night’s lottery.” The woman produced the keys and said, “You will need a posh car also, go and see my husband at the Jaguar dealership down the road. I’ll phone him and tell him you are coming.” We will see the property first and then go to the jaguar garage. The woman said, “Drop the keys in on your way back and I will phone him then.” Keith agreed and walked out of the estate agency. On their way back to the house Keith asked “Does Susan have a licence we will need a chauffeur.” Caroline replied, “Yes she passed her driving test when she was a senior.”

They reached the doctors property and Keith unlocked the front door. The living accommodation consisted of two reception room a kitchen and down stairs toilet and upstairs there was four bedrooms. Keith said, “Enough for a slave and two children.” Caroline replied, “Three but two can share.” Keith replied, “Ok as long as you want them.” Caroline replied, “I always planned on four.” Keith replied, “Ok but that would mean two of each.” Keith walked down stairs and into the doctor’s surge. He found a waiting area with reception desk and two doctor’s rooms. He then checked the garden and the workshop in the garden, Who ever lived here was a fine carpenter. Keith thought, “This will make a good electronics workshop.” Returning to Caroline he said, “Do you need anything changed.” Caroline replied, “No it is perfect the only thing I would do is redecorate the bedrooms.” They exited the house and locked the door.” As they walked back to the Estate agent lots of people were ogling Caroline but she did not seem to notice.” Keith was reminded that he should ask her but it would have to wait. They returned the keys and the woman said, “I have spoken to my husband and he is looking forward to meeting you. Have you got a solicitor or would you like to ours. I will tell my husband you are on your way.” Keith replied, “No I don’t have a solicitor I would like to use yours.” They walked back out and along the road in the direction of the Jaguar dealership. AS they walked onto the Jaguar forecourt a man walked towards them and said, “You must be Keith Thatcher and partner.” Keith said, “Yes and you are Mr Samuels I would guess.” The salesman said, “You are correct now how can I help you.” Keith replied, “A top of the range, XF in red.”

The sales man said, “Come with me and I will show you your new car.” The salesman led them into the showroom and towards a bright red XF. It had leather seats and was just what Keith wanted.” Caroline said, “This is lovely when, can it be ready?” The Salesman was about to reply when Keith interrupted saying, “There is no rush they said they would give me a cheque and it will require three day to get that in my bank. The salesman said, “You sign the order and it will be ready when you want it.” Keith said, “We can do that, What about my old car?” The salesman said, “You had better sell tat privately, I can give you a bigger discount if you do.” Keith said, “Lead us to the paperwork.” After the paperwork, was completed, and Keith has signed, the order. Caroline said, “You are now the owner of a grand house and a prestige car.” All you need to do now is marry me.” Keith replied, “That is for next week.” The salesman congratulated Caroline, as they walked out. Outside, Keith said, “You can marry me anytime but I would like to do it when Susan is under our thumbs.

They walked back to Keith’s dorm and again Caroline had a lot of admirers.

End of Chapter 1