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Keith’s revenge

chapter 10

Keith locked the apartment and then gave his keys to Susan.

Rosemary opened the back passenger door for Keith and the front passenger door for Susan. As Rosemary got in behind the wheel she said, “Susan you must always make sure that Keith sits in the back as he girl he must always sit with his seat belt fastened and his hands in his lap.

Rosemary drove to her house and as she drove she repaired her mind and removed all Keith’s meddling. Rosemary parked on her drive and she walked around the car and opened the door for Susan she then opened Keith’s door and he got out. Keith followed Rosemary and Susan into the house. He followed Rosemary into the spare bedroom where his clothes were waiting. The item that Rosemary picked up was a padded bra with silica implants. Rosemary said, “Get undressed and I will help you on with all of these.” Keith got undressed thinking it was his idea and Rosemary fitted the bra on his body after rubbing glue inside the pad and along the strap. After this was on and secure, Rosemary said, “Put your hands on your breasts and these will always feel real. Keith fondled his breast and could feel the sensations as though they were real. Next Rosemary produced a transvestite’s body. The waist was a corset the hips were padded and there was a built-in bra at the top. Rosemary emptied a tube of glue on the lower half and fitted it around Keith’s ass and waist. When it was on and the waist was clinched, Rosemary said, “Put your hands on your ass and it will feel real again. Rosemary had a sutcher needle ready and she placed the wig on Keith’s head, she then stitched the Wig to his skin. When the wig was a part of him, Rosemary produced a very pretty pink dress with long balloon sleeves. The length of the dress was just below the body and when it was on and zip closed, Keith looked gorgeous.

Rosemary then handed him and red mackintosh like the one she was wearing and told him to put it on.”. She then moved into Susan’s mind and caused her to say, “You look stunning in the dress and mackintosh, you should wear those always. The feeling of the latex as it slides over your body will make you randy and it will glow upwards. The only people you can use your pussy on, to relieve your arousal is either me or Rosemary.” Rosemary then said, “Susan take Kellie to the bathroom and clean her face, get this rubbish off her makeup.” Susan did as instructed and washed Kellie’s face and the makeup was revelled. As they walked out Rosemary said, “You can walk her home now. The keys are yours now, including the car. Kellie is forbidden from holding any keys or instigating any financial transaction. You will need to arrange for a power of attorney.

They were getting ready to walk home when Kellie’s mobile rang. Kellie reached for it but before she could answer the call, Rosemary said, “Pass it to Susan she will answer all your calls.” Kellie handed the mobile to Susan and when she answered the call she found herself taking to someone called Emma.” Susan looked at Kellie and asked, “Who is Emma.” Kellie replied, “She is my solicitor she is doing the conveyencing for the house purchase.” Susan said, “Keith is a bit busy at the moment can I pass on a message.” Emma replied, “The window fitters are available to start tomorrow, Are you able to open up for them. If so I will pop around in the morning at Seven-thirty and give you a key.” Susan said, “That will be fine, see you then. Are you able to do a Power of Attorney so I can take over from Keith?” Emma said, “I will talk to you about that in the morning.” When Susan updated Rosemary she said, “I will come around at a quarter past seven so I can make her see you as she should.”

On the walk home Susan asked Kellie if she knew she was being manipulated. Kellie replied, “I am not being manipulated, I have always wanted this.” Rosemary smiles as she took off the red mackintosh, she was still in Kellie’s mind and she made her comment her whole truth.” They walked on in silence and then Susan said, “I have been thinking, you are very lucky that I am supportive to your new you, and I will help you to become the best woman ever.” Kellie replied, “Thank you; I need that level of support.”

When they reached Keith’s dormitory, Susan unlocked the door and invited Kellie in.” Kellie asked, “Why have you invited me into this accommodation.” Susan said, “This accommodation is in the name of Keith Thatcher. Are you, Keith Thatcher?” Kellie replied, “No I am Kellie Thatcher.” Susan said, “Tomorrow when I get the power of attorney it will all be mine.” Kellie replied, “Only until we are married.” Susan said, “That is right.” What she thought was, “You made me a baby so when we are married I am going to do the same to you.” Then she said, “You make dinner and practice your female skills.”

Kellie moved to the kitchenette and started making a meal. Susan saw the rubber apron hanging on a hook and said, “You don’t want to get your red mackintosh dirty so when you are in this apartment you will always wear that apron over your coat. Kellie put down her knife and put the apron over her mackintosh.” Kellie then replied, “Thank you that is much better.” Kellie went back to making the meal and when it was ready they both sat down to eat it.” Before Kellie did the washing up, Susan was very randy and she said, “Before you clean up the kitchenette, I would like to eat out your pussy.” Rosemary had changed in to her normal clothes and had followed Kellie and Susan she was now on her way to the shop to buy some provisions. Susan blew Kellie cock and Kellie did not like the, none rubber felling to Susan’s face.

After Susan had performed on Kellie’s sex, Kellie washed up the dishes and cleared away all the preparation and eating implements. Susan then said, “I am going to bed, if you want to join me you are welcome.”

Next morning there were both in bed when the door bell sounded. Kellie got up and answered it. She found Rosemary on the door step in her red mackintosh. Kellie invited Rosemary in and Susan got up. Rosemary said, “Susan I would like to perform a test, please place your keys, money and Kellie’s mobile on the table. Kellie I would like you to attempt to pick each item up with your hands.” Kellie attempted to pick up each item but could not get near to them; the items on the table were very hot and would burn Kellie’s fingers if she were to hold them.” Rosemary said, “As I thought you must learn never to attempt to pick up keys, money, or mobile phones. I have something here you will be able to hold. Hold out your hand.” Kellie held out her hand and Rosemary placed a pacifier in it. She had arranged for Kellie to feel warmth and happiness when she held the pacifier. You will feel happier with that in your mouth, Place the ribbon around your head and suck on it.” Kellie did as instructed and found the most welcoming feeling possible. After Kellie was sucking on the pacifier, Rosemary said, “Emma is here I will hide in the bathroom. Susan you explain Kellie’s dilemma.”

As Emma approached the door, Rosemary altered her mind so she would see Keith as Keith and Susan in a red cape. She also made Emma develop a full on latex fetish over the next few hours. Rosemary handed a adult diaper and pink long latex knickers to Kellie and instructed her to go into the bathroom and put them on. When Kellie was out of sight Rosemary unfastened the blue cape and pulled it off. Susan started to pant and said, “There is something wrong with my nose.” Rosemary eased the addiction until she was back in the apartment and then said, “Go and let Emma in.” Emma came in and seeing Susan and Rosemary asked, “Where is Keith.” Rosemary replied, “He is in the bathroom and needing help would you mind.”

Emma found herself moving to the bathroom and when she entered, Kellie was attempting to put on the diapers but was all thumbs. Emma saw a beautiful woman and asked “Where is Keith.” Kellie replied I was Keith but I am now Kellie.” Emma helped Kellie on with the diaper and then pulled up the latex knickers. When everything was in place Emma led Kellie out of the bathroom.

When outside the bathroom door Emma asked, “Who did this to Keith.” Rosemary replied, “I a Professor at the University and both Keith and I were compromised by a powerful Psychic. Susan was the only one not affected that is why she needs a power of attorney for Keith’s assets.” Emma asked “If Susan was not compromised, Why is she wearing that red cape.” Susan replied, “I have a latex fetish and this cape is rubberised.” Emma replied, “You have a latex fetish and you think you were not compromised.” Kellie replied, “She had a latex fetish when we dated in school.” Rosemary was making the two residents say what she wanted and Emma replied, “Ok I will arrange for a power of attorney to be produced as soon as possible.” Emma opened her hand bag and said who wants the keys. Kellie said, “Susan, please.” Emma handed two front door keys to Susan, as Rosemary released her hands. Susan took them from Emma, and asked, “why two.” Emma replied, “You can give one to the foreman he will need it until the front door is changed.” Susan said, “Come Kellie we will go together.” Rosemary said, “I will see you when you come back.” As Susan and Kellie exited the apartment Emma said, “I will go now also.” Rosemary replied, “When Susan said the words Latex and Rubberised you eyes light up. Do you have a latex fetish?” Emma replied, “I did not think I had but when you said those words my pussy twitched.” Rosemary said, “Tale all your clothes off and try on some of Susan’s from that wardrobe.” Emma did as Rosemary had instructed and thought, “She must be right, perhaps I do have a latex fetish.”

As Emma removed all her clothes, Rosemary made her hate them. As she took a latex dress out of the wardrobe Rosemary made her love it.” As Emma put the latex dress on, Rosemary made her orgasm. Emma said, “I just orgasmed.” Rosemary replied, “You fetish is real, and you will probably orgasm again as you walk around.” Rosemary handed over a pair of rubber booties and the blue rubberised cape and said, “Put these on and walk to the end of the street and back.”

Emma was soon walking down the road and at every ten paces, she orgasmed.” Emma wanted to turn around but she felt obliged to walk to the end of the street. At the end she turned around and started back the latex of the dress and the rubberised lining of the cape were doing things to her and there was rivers running down the inside of her legs.

As she got nearer the apartment she was feeling increasingly randy and she turned to do the walk again. When she eventually got back to the door she was in a sexual haze she had not had as many orgasms in such a short time in her life. She could not find the slits for her arms so she bushed the door bell with the cape.

Rosemary opened the door and said, “You were much longer that I thought you must have been enjoying yourself.”

Emma said, “Do you think Susan will mind me borrowing these, I will walk back to the office.” Rosemary handed over a rubberised mackintosh and said, “I think she would prefer you to borrow this, she uses that one for sleeping in.” Rosemary help Emma off with the cape and then on with the mackintosh.” All Emma clothes were in a shopping carrier bag. Emma walked out of the apartment as Susan and Kellie were returning.

As Susan entered she asked, “Was that Emma walking off in my mackintosh.” Then she stated to cough and her breathing became difficult.” Rosemary said, “Ok Susan let me help you on with this.” Susan asked “What is this.” As Rosemary put the cape over her head the wrong way round and fastened up the back before pulling up the hood and fastening the neck strap. Susan’s breathing became normal and she said, “Whatever this was it did the trick.” Rosemary asked, “Kellie did I do anything to Susan.” Kellie replied, “No she looks just the same.” Rosemary then said, “Well come here and kiss her mouth then you can tell her that you love her.”

As Kellie kissed Susan though the hole that Keith cut in the hood. Rosemary said, “What you feel is normal and you love that feeling. Now don’t you have a lecture to go to?” Rosemary whispered into Susan’s ear saying, “When you are outside always, hold Kellie’s hand you don’t want her to get lost.” Rosemary had cut one of the arm flaps open and then moved into Kellie’s mind and made so she would have her adult mind while at her desk.” Rosemary followed them for a short way but Susan was obeying her so she turned away and walked home. At home she took off the red mackintosh and put on a cream none rubberised one before driving to her office. She walked past Professor Jackson’s office and made him see Susan as he had seen her before. As she checked his mind she found what he had done to Caroline and made it so he would do the same after each lecture. Make him so that the more he touched Caroline’s clothing he the more he would become a rubber fetishist.

Susan and Kellie walked into class and Kellie sat at her desk with Susan underneath. While Susan was blowing her cock Kellie started to think and recognised what must have happened. She wrote in her note book every word the Professor uttered and added what she should do, on a clean page. He knew he had been wearing Diapers and that Susan had taken them off before sucking his cock but her mind was affected on the way here so, she assumed it would be on the way home. He wrote the extra words as an instruction for Susan to follow.

The lecture ended and Professor Jackson took Caroline out with him.” As soon and Susan had fitted the diaper and latex knickers Kellie’s mind dipped to that of a small child. Susan stood and put Kellie’s book away and took hold of Kellie’s right hand the slot opened was on Susan’s left. Susan led Kellie out of the lecture theatre and towards their home. She wanted the see what the window people were doing so she walked via Keith’s house.

The front door had been changed and five of the front windows. Susan kept on walking and Kellie followed on. They got home ten minutes later and Susan unlocked the door.” She sat down at the table and opened Kellie’s notebook. She started reading from the first page. Kellie sat on the bed and watched Susan but did nothing or said nothing. Susan tuned the pages over and found the one with instructions to her. She read the entire page and then said, “If I do this Mistress will be pissed but what the hell.” Susan sat Kellie in the consultants chair and took the remote from behind the picture with the green led.

Susan stepped back from the chair and turned it on. She then said, “You will remove all third party instructions from your mind and you will continue to love me and do as I say.” Susan turned off the chair and returned the remote to behind the picture. Keith woke up and said, “Why are you still wearing that cape.” Susan said, “You put me in this red cape.” Keith removed the knickers and diaper and said, “You sit on the chair and we will get your mind right.” Keith took the remote and turned on the chair, he then said, “You will removed all Rosemary’s commands and you will see the blue cape.” He turned off the chair and placed the remote in his coat pocket.

Susan stood up and Keith undid the neck strap on Susan’s blue cape. He pulled down the hood and Susan screamed and said, “Put it back.” Keith found himself putting the hood back and fastening the strap. He recognised that he was still doing as Susan directed. He pushed her back into the chair and turned it on. He then said, “Rosemary will be here in a few minutes so your addiction to the hood will remain until she leaves and will be prevalent between five forty five to the time Rosemary leaves each night. You are also forbidden to command or direct me at any time.

Keith turned off the chair and began to prepare for Rosemary coming. He placed the strobe and helmet behind the door and he looked around for something to use to knock her out. He had experienced her subconscious mind and he did not want to fight with it again. He decided that his fist was the only sure thing. He waited behind the door. Susan wanted to tell him to leave her mistress alone but she found that she could not speak.” Keith pushed the pacifier back into his mouth and waited. He did not have to wait long. The door bell soon sounded and Susan went to open it. She opened it and Keith hid behind the door. As Susan swung the door open Rosemary entered the room. Keith saw the look of horror on Rosemary’s face as his fist flew in her direction. It struck her chin with maximum force and her head shot back. Rosemary crumpled to the floor. Keith pulled the unconscious body in the apartment and closed the door.

He then placed the Helmet over her head and turned it on. He told her that her psychic powers no long worked and that she would wear latex at all times and as the slippery surfaces flowed across her skin, she would become randy. He also told her that nothing was allowed to touch her pussy at any time other than the crotch of her latex trousers. He repeated this five times and then reminded her that she was totally submissive to everyone. It was not until he was taking the helmet off that he noticed she was not breathing. He checked her neck and found nothing wrong so he started to give mouth to mouth. He gave mouth to mouth for two minutes before Rosemary coughed. She opened he eyes and screamed at Keith saying, “You idiot, when I get my powers back I will squeeze your mind down to a one day old child.” What she or Keith did not know was the period of lack of oxygen to the brain had killed a number of brain cells and the psychic glad was one of them.

Keith replied, “I think you will never get your powers back and your life is now ruined. Do you have any solvent for loosening the glue you placed on my underwear?” Rosemary replied, “Yes I have two bottles at home.” Keith said, “Before you go. Cut the stitches from my wig.”

Susan handed Rosemary a pair of small scissors and Rosemary went to work in Keith’s head.” When all the stitches had been removed and the wig was free, Keith said, “Susan, take the blue cape off and then take Rosemary home and come back with the two bottles of solvent.” Keith helped Susan with the cape and then she led Rosemary out of the apartment.

While Keith was on his own he removed the mackintosh and the dress and looked at the underwear. He could not get a finger under the bra strap or the body and swore at Rosemary. He placed the wig back on his head and redressed as a woman. As he pulled the mackintosh up over his shoulder’s he had a strange feeling. He ran the window but there was no sign of Susan or Rosemary outside.

He did not notice a car parked down the street with three people in it, but he went to the small tape recorder and placed a new tape in the device. He recorded nothing for a minute and then said, “Your name is Keith and you are a man. You will remove all third part instructions from your mind and you will accept no more.” He sat in the chair turned the tape on and then the chair and waited. As soon and the chair took over his mind the apartment door opened and three people walked in. The stranger took the tape away from Keith and turned it off. She then said, “Your name is Kellie you have no other name and you don’t want any other. You love your body with its real breasts and ass and you also love latex. You will obey Susan at all times and you can only change your clothes if Susan agrees.

She then said, “You will wake up when Rosemary has refitted your wig although you will never think it is a wig you will believe it to be your own hair.” Susan turned off the chair and Rosemary worked on the wig. She fist removed it and shaved Keith’s head. She then destroyed all the hair follicles with a Nono device before spreading glue over his head and refitted the wig. She used the suture needle to sow around the edges, and then led Susan out of the apartment. The stranger turned on the chair and waited thirty seconds before saying, “My name is Susan and you love me with all your being.” The stranger was Rosemary’s younger sister and she was also psychic.” The glue Rosemary had used was a product of one of her students two year previous and it coursed the skin to merge the DNA with the rubber covering eventually absorbing the rubber into the body maintaining the outer skin of latex. The student had turned his girlfriend into a latex doll when he graduated.

Kellie awoke up and looked down at her hand to turn off the tape. He noticed it was not there and saw it already turned off on the table.

He decided to disbelieve everything that was in his mind.” He looked across at Susan and although he felt love in his heart, he had never seen her before. He stood up and moved to kiss her and manoeuvred her into the chair. Before Susan could respond she had turned on the chair. The green light came on the she asked, “Who are you and what did you do to me.” Susan replied, “I am Rosemary’s younger sister and you have been made into a woman so you can be my lesbian lover with a cock.” Kellie asked, “Where is the Susan that was here.” Susan replied, “She had gone home with Rosemary and I changed her into Rosemary’s slave.” Kellie then said, “I want you to clear your mind of all the things you learnt from the time of your first birthday.” Kellie then turned off the chair and Susan awoke with no memories.” Kellie checked the tape and his recording was still intact.” Kellie then moved Susan to the bed and tied her up.” He sat on the chair stated the tape and then turned on the chair.”

When he woke up he turned off the tape recorder and got out of the chair.” He then moved the bed and started to undress Susan. When she was naked he started to dress her as a baby with diapers, latex knickers, Smock and mittens. He then took the pacifier ribbon from around his neck and placed it around Susan’s before pushing the pacifier into her mouth. Keith attempted to change his clothes but he could not take the wig or his underwear off. He dressed as a woman and lifted Susan off the bed. And he stood her on the floor she fell down on her hands and knees and she crawled towards the door.” Keith lifted Susan off the floor and carried her out to his car he sat her in the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt. He walked back into his apartment and picked up his knapsack with the helmet and strobe inside. Locking the apartment he got in the Jag and drove to Rosemary’s house. He lifted Susan out of the car and carried her up to the door. Ringing the door bell he waited with the strobe at the ready. A nude Susan opened the door and Keith fired the strobe. He quickly placed the helmet over her head and turned it on. “When the green led was on he said, “Remove, purge and delete all instructions and directives from Rosemary or Susan Wilson. You will still be obedient to me and wear your diaper at all times. Now wake up and get dressed.” Keith turned off and removed the helmet. He had put Susan Wilson on the floor when he had entered, and as he was concentrating on his Susan, she had crawled away. He noticed the goose bumps on Susan’s arms so he took off the rubberised mackintosh he was wearing and handed it to Susan. He told Susan to go and wait in the car and handed her the keys. He then went to find Susan and Rosemary with the strobe and his fist at the ready.

Keith was approaching the living room when he heard running footsteps. He stepped out of sight and waited. As a body flew through the door it collided with Keith’s fist going in the opposite way and Rosemary crumpled to the floor. Keith noticed that she was wearing normal clothing so he started to undress her. When she was naked he went in search of her red Mackintosh. He found it with her latex clothing in her wardrobe. He also found Susan’s red Cape and a pair of handcuffs with keys. He carried down the two red coats with diapers knickers and the handcuffs.

He started by handcuffing her hands behind her back, he then fitted a diaper and latex knickers on her and then told her to stand up. He had found some plastic bottles in Rosemary’s bedroom and read the labels. Two were latex and skin glue and the other two were solvent.

Keith poured one of the glue bottles over her shoulders and across her breasts. He then fitted the cape on Rosemary and rubbed the glue into the lining. The lining stuck to her skin so he said, “Rosemary you are now to wear this cape at all times and you cannot ask anyone to release your hands. You have no control over your bladder or bowel and will only go to the toilet when you are wearing a diaper. He then noticed a pair a red wellingtons by the front door so he check to see if they were lined and finding that they were not he poured the other glue bottle into the two boots and slid then onto Rosemary’s feet. He continued, “You are forbidden from taking off your lovely shoes that match your lovely red dress. You will forget that my Susan was here if you need a slave, use your sister. You will wake up when your jaw stops hurting and you will forget that I was here. Keith then turned off and removed the helmet. He put it with the strobe in his knapsack and picked up the two bottles of solvent before stepping out of the house and closing the door.

Outside he felt cold so he put the red mackintosh on and got in the car. As he got in Susan said, “Thank you I think you saved my life, she was going to do horrible things to me.” Keith replied, “I think she has enough things to worry about without thinking of you.”

Keith drove home and when they were inside Keith’s apartment he said, “These two bottles contain the solvent that should take my underwear off, with your help.” Susan read the label and said, “This might not work they have been on too long. But I will try, take off the red mackintosh.” Keith removed the coat and lay on the bed on his front. Susan used a cloth and wiped the straps of the bra. She said, “You will need to stay still until I see some reaction.” Keith stayed still for an hour and Susan said, “I think it is working.” She used the cloth on the body around Keith’s ass. After another half an hour Susan could pull the straps of the bra away from his body. She then removed the bra completely. It was two hour later that the body came off. Keith had a shower and then dressed in his male latex clothing.

Susan then said “Only the wig left but I will have to cut the stitches first sit down here.” Susan cut and removed twenty six stitches and then used the Solvent on the cap. When the cap was released from Keith Susan lifted it off and exclaimed, “Where is all your lovely hair.” Keith looked in the mirror and said, “That woman needs fixing.” Susan replied, “You have already fixed her. Here let me put this on and make it you. Susan put the wig back on Keith’s head and fetched a pair of scissors. She trimmed the hair into a man’s short back and side’s style.

Keith looked in the mirror again and said, “A Good job, well done. Now I am a man and I will not tolerate anyone attempting to change me.” Susan replied, “I prefer you as a man, so you will get no interference from me.” Keith then said, “Are you going to invite your mother to the wedding.” Susan replied, “Of cause, I will, are you inviting your parents.” Keith replied, “Yes I will write to them this evening.” They both wrote letters and when they were in addressed envelopes and stamps Keith said, “Do you fancy a walk to the post box.” Susan said, “Yes I will walk with you.” They walked out together and down to the end of the street where there was a post box. On their way back to the apartment Keith observed a person walking towards the door of his dormitory.

When they reached the door, Keith found Rosemary in her red mackintosh and boots, waiting by the door. Keith walked up to her and said, “You are no longer welcome here, what do you want?” Rosemary replied, “My sister, what did you do to her, I cannot get her to think as an adult.”

Keith replied, “She has no adult memories, what she tried to do to me was unforgiveable. What you did was also unforgiveable, so go home.” Rosemary replied, “Please I was mistaken I did not see you break out. You have to help me.”

Susan asked, “Why does he have to help you.” Rosemary replied, “I cannot remove the latex knickers that hold up my diaper.” Keith replied, “The glue must have dropped onto the waist band.” Rosemary asked, “Do you still have the solvent.” Susan said, “There is none left we used it all to get Keith’s clothes off.” Rosemary replied, “Shit, I will need to ask Raymond for some more.” Keith opened the door for Susan and said, “You wait here and I will take Rosemary home.”

Keith walked home with Rosemary and entered her house, He said, “Make the phone call to Raymond and when he is on give the phone to me.” Rosemary made the phone call and said, “Hello Raymond this is Rosemary Wilson.” Keith held out his hand and Rosemary placed the telephone handset in it.” Keith put the phone to his ear as Raymond said, “To what do I owe this pleasure Professor.” Keith explained what the professor had attempted to do to him and he revenge. Raymond replied, “What do you need.” Keith said, “The solvent that releases the glue.” Raymond said, “Where should I send it.” Keith gave his own address. He then put the phone in its cradle and said, “I will go now and come back when I get the solvent.” Rosemary said, “Ok but hurry.”

End of chapter 10