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Keith’s revenge

Chapter 14,

Next morning Keith woke up at seven o’clock and woke Susan. They got up together and shared the on-suite shower.” After they stepped our Susan dried Keith and then herself. Keith said, “Put you red mackintosh on for now, you can change into your dress after breakfast. Susan put on the red mackintosh and then the blue cape and walked down stairs with Keith. They made breakfast together and sat down to eat it. Raymond and Sonya joined them and Keith said, “Margaret will not be herself until nine o’clock and then she will have to help Susan get ready. We need to ne at the church at a quarter to Ten and Susan and Margaret at five to.” Keith went into his consulting room and turned on his computer, when it was up and running he googled Adult cots and found a company in Manchester that manufacture such. He ordered own of their most extreme cots for Margaret. He gave them his email address and was told they would email him when it was ready for delivery.

Susan came to find him and tell him that his parents had gone upstairs to change into their latex clothing. Keith was already dressed in his wedding outfit and he said, “Ok go and ask my mother if she can help you to get ready.”

Susan walked through the dining room, up the stairs and asked Sonya. Sonya replied “Of course I will.” Susan and Sonya walked into the master bedroom and Raymond paid a visit to Margaret’s room. Keith came up the stairs a few minutes later and Sonya would not let him into his bedroom saying, it is bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before you see her in the church. Keith went back to his Father and said, “Finish up soon she will be back to normal in five minutes and we need to get to the church.” Raymond said, “Are we driving or walking.” Keith replied, “Walking.” Raymond asked “How long will the walk be.” Keith replied, about ten minutes.” Raymond said, “Ok I have time.”

Margaret became Adult before Raymond had finished coming and she was very naked except for the diaper. She continued to suck Raymond dry and had her orgasm, she then said, “Keith would you get my latex clothing from the trunk of my car. The keys are on the dresser.” Keith picked up the keys and walked out. Raymond said, “You have a wonderful mouth I could stay here forever but my wife will be mad.” Raymond followed Keith and waited down the stairs. Keith came in from outside with a small blue suitcase. He carried the case up to Margaret. Margaret opened the case and took out the smock and long knickers out she put these on and then she pulled out the mackintosh Susan had provided and pulled that on. With the mackintosh on she looked like an adult and Keith said, “You had better join Susan and Sonya in the master bedroom. Send Sonya out.”

Margaret walked into the master bedroom and found she could not commend Sonya so she said, “Keith would like to see you down stairs.” Sonya said, “You do Susan’s hair then and then she will be ready.” Sonya joined Raymond and Keith down stairs and Keith said, “If you are ready we should go.” They all put on rain coats because it was raining and walked to the church.

Margaret finished doing Susan’s hair and said, “We should go we have to be there at a quarter two.” Susan put the red mackintosh on over her dress and replied, “Ok let go.” Susan locked the house and they walked in the rain to the church.”

As Susan and Margaret walked into the church the organist started playing ‘Here, comes the bride.” Margaret walked Susan up the where Keith was waiting left her there and sat down in the front row of the pews next to Gloria. The vicar called the Congregation to order and asked for the first hymn. While the people present were singing the first hymn, the Vicar was telling Susan and Keith what would happen during the service and Keith asked for the traditional vows.” The Vicar replied, “I had prepared those already, I expected you to ask for those.” Keith said “Thank you.” Susan said, “Do we both get those.” The vicar replied, “No just you.”

After the hymn was finished the vicar started the service and Susan was soon saying her vows. “I promise to love honour and obey Keith until death do us part. Keith was asked to say, “I promise to love and honour Susan in sickness and in Health until death do us part. There was another hymn and then the vicar said, “I now pronounce you man and wife.” The Vicar took Susan and Keith into the vestry together with Margaret and Gloria. The registry was completed and everyone signed it.

Keith had arranged for a photographer to be present and he took lots of photographs outside the church and all those attending and many more of the happy couple with Parents. When it was all over they walked home.”

As they got to the house a van drew up outside and the caterers, Keith had arranged, climbed out.” They all took off their damp rain coats except Margaret, as they entered. The caterers carried in the food that had been prepared before coming.” There were six around the table, Gloria had been invited? The caterers provided all the food in serving dishes and Keith served them out. Sonya was sitting beside Gloria and asked what she was to do with Keith and Susan. “Gloria told her that she was the practice receptionist.” Gloria handed Keith a present saying, “This is my token to you both for giving me this job.” Keith opened the package and found a brass plate with the words Susan Thatcher Psychiatrist Keith Thatcher Hypnotherapist, on it. Keith said, “thank you this is great I will put it up this afternoon.

After the meal was over Susan said, “I am going to take this dress off. I will not be long.” Keith took his electric drill and a masonry bit and went outside. There were four countersunk holes in the plate and Keith marked the wall outside the consulting room door. He drilled the four holes added wall plugs and screws to hold it in place.

As he entered the house Gloria said, “You are needed quickly Susan has collapsed up stairs.” Keith run up the stairs and found Susan in her mother’s arms on the floor, the blue cape was in the chair where it was this morning. Margaret said, as Keith entered the room, “She cannot get her breath. Keith replied, “Margaret, close your eyes.” Keith picked up the cape and placed it over Susan’s head and fastened it up the wrong way around her then pulled the hood up over her face and fastened the neck strap behind her head.

The only person in the house that could see the cape other than him was Gloria and he could deal with that. Susan started breathing properly and Margaret said, “What did you do.” Keith said, “Open your eyes and you will see.” Margaret opened her eyes and said, “I can see no difference.” Susan said, “Don’t worry about it Mum I am alright now.” Keith said, “Come and see, what I have done outside.” Susan followed Keith and as they got to the front door it had started to rain. Keith put on his blue rubberised coat and walked out with Susan. Keith showed her the brass plaque and said, “This will be your business once you graduate.” Susan replied, “You have made sure I will.” They walked back to the front door and walked into the house, “Gloria was standing there and Keith said, “Gloria you will see nothing wrong with Susan.”

Gloria said, “Did you like where he put it.” Susan replied, “It is perfect.” Susan walked into the living room and Margaret said, “You are dripping wet take your coat off.” Susan replied, “Mummy you know I cannot.” Gloria came in and said, “Thank you all for a lovely meal, I will go now and I will see you after the Christmas break, Susan, Keith.” Keith walked Gloria out to the front door and he said, “Are you going home or are you staying in college. Gloria said, “Staying in college. Keith said, “Be here at 08.00 on Tuesday and I will pay for a few days work.” Keith walked back to the living room and said, “Mum Dad when are you going home.” Raymond said, “What about Margaret how is she getting home.” Susan replied, “She is staying here, I can then look after her.” Sonya said, “We will be leaving shortly, Can we borrow these clothes.” Susan replied, “Yes you can keep them you should wear them every day.”

Sonya was soon driving their Land Rover Defender back to the Lake District. Keith and Susan were watching the TV and Margaret, was crawling in between Keith’s legs. Susan asked, “Does my Mother have to do that.” Keith replied, “Only if you take her place.” Susan said, “Come and sit up here Mummy.” Margaret ignored her and kept on suckling Keith’s cock.

When Keith came, Margaret moved away and Susan took her place. Keith said, “Between you two I could get used to this.” Susan kept Keith going for four orgasms and then said, “I should take Mother to bed.” Susan and Margaret disappeared out of the room leaving Keith by himself. He flipped through the channels to find something worth watching and settled on a film on Film4. Susan returned ten minutes later and said, “Mummy has gone to bed and is sleeping soundly. “Can I crawl between your legs again?” Keith nodded and Susan moved into position. He continued to watch the film as Susan blew his cock. They went to bed after the late night news.

Next morning being Sunday Keith said, “We will all go to Church today you start making breakfast and I will go and get your mother.” After Susan left the bedroom Keith picked up his knapsack and walked to Margaret’s room. She was still in bed but she was awake. Keith asked, “Are you adult yet.” Margaret did not answer, so Keith took out the strobe and fired it into her face. He then took out the helmet and placed it on her head.”

After waiting for the green light he said, “Margaret, You have no dexterity in your fingers to undo buttons or remove clothing. From nine o’clock today you will have all your adult faculties but from nine o’clock tomorrow you will not get your legs back you legs will still be those of a baby and you will crawl everywhere. Your legs will remain a child’s until Susan returns from her honeymoon. You will believe that this change is due to the stage hypnotist and not me. One more thing as you crawl around if you near your minder you will crawl between her legs and eat out her pussy. After the third time in the same pussy you will become addicted and need to eat out that pussy every hour on the hour.” He turned off the helmet and removed it he then said, “You will wake up when I leave the room forgetting that I was here.”

Keith walked out and down to Susan when he entered the kitchen he said, “I forgot your Mother was not an adult yet.” Susan said, “It was nine o’clock yesterday.” Keith said, “Ok I will go back and get her at nine.” Keith carried the breakfast through to the dining room and Susan followed. They ate together and Susan said, “You have made me the happiest woman in the country, are you going to have another attempt at changing Mother.” Keith replied, “After Church, I could have a go.”

After they had eaten their meal, Susan said, “You go and get Mother, if she is not an adult, I will feed her as a baby.” Keith went up to Margaret’s room and brought her down after fitting her in her mackintosh.

Susan fed her mother after liquidizing the cereal. She spooned all the food into Margaret’s mouth. As Margaret ate the last spoonful the clock clicked to Nine o’clock and Margaret said, “Thank you that was lovely.” Susan told her they were going to church and that Keith would try again to fix her when they got back.” Margaret walk to where Keith was sitting in the Living room and said, ”Susan tells me you are going to try again please be careful you don’t make it worse.” Keith replied, “I will, now I know there is a time-bomb, I will tread on tiptoes.” Keith pointed at the floor between his legs and Margaret moved into place. Keith exposed his cock and Margaret started blowing him. Susan finished washing up and joined them when she saw her mother she said, “That is my Husband you are sucking. That is my place.” Keith said, “You go and have a quick shower we will be leaving in about twenty minutes.” Susan ran up the stairs and prepared a clean diaper and her mackintosh cleaning materials and jumped into the shower. She had thought this process through and decided she would wear the cape to wash the mackintosh.

Down stairs Margaret was on her second orgasm when Keith said, “That will do we need to get ready.” Margaret finished him off and then stopped. She stood and Keith thought, “You will not have many more of those”. Keith stood and said, “You look ready in your mackintosh.” I will put mine on.” Keith walked to the hall and pulled his blue rubberised mackintosh on.”

Susan joined then in the red mackintosh and the blue cape. Keith said, “Ok let’s go we will walk.” Susan replied, “Can we not take the car?” Keith replied, “We all look good so we will walk.”

The tree of them walked to the church and they found an empty pew. As they sat down one of the other congregation asked Susan why she was wearing the blue cape on the wrong way round and Susan replied, “What blue cape.” The woman was confused but did not push the point.” Keith thought, “If I had brought my mind control equipment you would now be naked.”

The vicar took the service and after four hymns and prayers the service was soon over.”

Keith was watching the vicar closely and when she walked past him towards the rear of the church he heard the tell tale sound of latex and smiled. The vicar waited by the door and said, “Thank you to each congregation member who passed.” When Keith Susan and Margaret were exiting the vicar said, “It is very nice to see you here.” Keith replied, “A very nice service, we will be back.”

They walked back to the house and no one approached Susan. One they were settled in side Susan asked, “Are you going to help Mother now.” Keith replied, “You make lunch, while I take her through to my Consulting room.”

Margaret followed Keith to his room and sat in the chair. Keith used a normal induction and caused her to slip into trance. He then turned on the chair, he then said, “Margaret, you now have, a filter in your mind that will change all your words, actions and thought processes to that of a child. This filter will be in operation ten minutes after you wake up and once active will remain active forever and you will not have any means of bypass. You will believe that although I was very careful your stage hypnotist got the better of me. The only thing that you cannot do is mention any of this to Susan.” You will wake up when I have removed the helmet with no memory of it.” Keith removed the Helmet and put it back in the knapsack. He then said, “Ok Margaret, are you any better.”

Margaret said, “Thank you I feel fine and I believe I may be able to take this diaper off.” Keith replied, “Keep it on for ten minutes and then you can remove it.” Margaret said, “Ok I will, Thank you again.” Susan came into the room and asked, “How did it go.” Margaret replied, “I think he did it. I will know in about ten minutes.” Susan sat down in the nursing chair and waited. Keith thought, “If you stay there you may get a shock.” Then he said, “Susan could you remove your diaper for a few minutes. Susan removed a clean diaper and Keith said, “Stay there I will be back in a moment.” He walked out and waited for the ten minutes to expire. When he came back in after twelve minutes Margaret was between Susan’s legs and Susan was smiling and she said, “It didn’t work as expected then.” Keith replied, “I thing I tripped over the booby trap again.” Susan continued smiling as Margaret brought her to her second orgasm.” After Susan had finished climaxing Keith said, “That should be enough you don’t want her to be there all night.” Susan pushed Margaret away and she crawled over to Keith. Keith took out his cock and Margaret was soon blowing it.

Susan asked, “Was this the stage hypnotist or you.” Keith replied, “When I first hypnotised you I asked why you were so evil at school and you told me that it was your Mother who did not think I was the right guy for you. What do you think?”

The door bell sounded and Susan went to answer it. She returned a few minutes later with Rosemary in tow. Rosemary said, “You said you would come and see me today, I have a lecture in the morning and I would like to give it.” Come with me and I will try and help you.” He walked down the stairs and Margaret moved back to Susan. He took Rosemary though to his consulting room and asked her to sit in the chair. Rosemary sat in the chair and Keith turned it on. When the led in the photograph was green he said, “Rosemary, tell me what you think I can do.” Rosemary replied, “I expect you to use the solvent to remove this mackintosh then I can dress appropriately for tomorrow lecture.” Keith replied, “I thought you had already mind controlled all your students so they could not see the mackintosh under your white doctor’s coat. Rosemary said, “You are right I had forgotten about that.” Keith asked, “Do you have any long skirts that would cover the bottom of the mackintosh?” Rosemary replied, “Yes I have a PVC Dress that would be long enough.” Keith walked over to Rosemary and pulled the hood down he wanted to make sure it was not glued up. Keith then said, “Rosemary you will go home and put on the PVC dress and keep the hood down you will put your white doctor’s coat over the top and see what is showing. If it is just the collar of the coat you will add a tie and make it look more like a shirt under your white coat. You will forget about the mind control of your students and you will make yourself presentable.

Tell me why, you have got a lecture when the remainder of the students have started their Christmas break.” Rosemary replied, “I have a larger syllabus than other courses and I always take an extra day each term to deliver.

Keith said, “You will go home when you wake thinking that I have been able to help you. You will dress as I directed as soon as you are home and go to your lecture without any concerns.” Keith turned off the chair and said, “Wake up and go home.” Rosemary woke up and stood saying “Thank you.” She then went down stairs and out through the front door. Keith followed her and locked the door behind her. He returned to Margaret’s room and found Margaret between Susan’s legs. Keith wondered how may orgasms Susan had achieved and thought, “Well what will be, will be.”

Keith said, “Would anyone like a coffee.” Susan replied, “Yes me please.” Keith walked down to the kitchen and put the percolator on.

When it was ready he poured out two cups and added milk. Susan appeared a few minutes later and they carried them through to the living room.

Keith turned on the TV and tuned it to the Film4 Channel. The film that was on was a romcom so Susan was happy. Keith kept an eye on the clock nd as the minute hand approached the top of the clock Margaret crawled into the room and straight in between Susan’s legs. It was only nine o’clock so Keith thought “Let’s see what happens at ten.”

The film finished at ten and Margaret was between Susan’s legs again. Keith watched the news and then said, “Bed time.” He stood a walked up to the master bedroom and into the on-suite. After cleaning his teeth and washing his face and hands he got into bed. Susan came to bed at a little after eleven but Keith was asleep. He was awoken at twelve as Margaret crawled in between Susan’s legs. Keith said, “If this is going to happen all night, you had better find somewhere else to sleep.

After Margaret had taken Susan to an orgasm they both exited the bedroom leave Keith so he could sleep.

In the morning, Keith woke up at seven thirty and found himself alone. He got up, showered and then dressed in clean clothes. He then went looking for his wife. He found her in Margaret’s room asleep in the bed. It was not eight o’clock so Margaret was also asleep.

He walked down to the kitchen and made himself breakfast. Susan joined him at ten past eight and he said, “You need to stem that activity. You will need your sleep undisturbed tonight. We have a long journey tomorrow.

Susan asked, “What time would you like to leave and what will happen to mother.” Keith replied, “We should leave here before eight and Gloria and coming to mind your Mother.” Susan replied, “Could you get Gloria here today. I need to pack.” Keith had Gloria’s number so he rang her. When she answered he said, “Are you available today?” Gloria replied, “I will be there in fifteen minutes.”

Keith then rang the Park Central Hotel in Bournemouth and told them he was booked in from Tomorrow and asked if he could extent the booking forward to include tonight.” He was told that would be Ok so he said, “Ok We will be there this evening.”

End of chapter 14.