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Kidnapping, Torture, and Pleasure

Part 1

Hey everyone welcome. For those of you who are not of legal or moral right to be here: it’s been a pleasure welcoming you but now it’s time for you to leave. For the rest of you who enjoy my writing, or just want to read it anyway, come on down, and take a seat. the show is about to begin. Feel free to send back feedback, even if it’s about the bagel she eats in the mornign. til next time...

“Where am I?” are the first words Angela speaks. Her eyes flutter and she feels pain. She is waking up and she feels very restrained. Her arms are locked behind her and her feet are held together. She looks around and finds only darkness.

A voice echoes from within the darkness, “You are here.” It is a strong masculine voice

“Let me go.”


Angela struggles, but the harder she struggles the more pain she feels. Her restrains tighten at every available opperatunity. “Who are you?”

“That does not matter. What does is.. who are you....”

It was not meant as a question, but Angela responds, “I am Angela Ni—”

“You misunderstand. That was not a question. I know who you are.. And for now, I suppose you are Angela. But the truth behind the statement is much more enjoyable. At least for me. You for now, are mine.”

She thinks back to how she got here. It was Monday, April 5. She was going for a job interview that day. She got up showered and shaved as usual. She got out, put on her bra and panties followed by her dress. She checked her portfolio, she had everything.. She fixed her hair to a somewhat conservatve, appearance. She ate a salt bagel with cream cheese and peanutbutter with a glass of orange juice. After that she brushed her teeth and flossed them. She did her make up and was ready to go. She stepped out into the hallway and walked into the garage. It was dark, she reached for the light and when she found the switch she was here. Angela knows more time passed, but she can’t recall it, at all.

“Where am I?” She repeats.

“For now, at your new home.”

“What do you want with me?”


“But I don’t have anything. I have almost no money, I don’t know anyone who does.”

“I know”

She looks for the source of his voice and still sees nothing. She feels his hands on her feet. She squirms and the ties tighten yet again. She gasps at the pain. She feels his arm go up her leg and she suddenly becomes very aware at how naked her body is. Completely.he rubs his fingers along her clit. She doesnt try to struggle but she tells him to stop.. He does.

“You will do everything and anything..ahh.. that is you will do any and everything I tell you to.” She stays still not responding, but listening. “If I tell you to reach for my hand, you will. If I tell you to fuck a dog on the street you will. Do you understand?”


“Well then, let’s try something little more basic. Your name. It is whatever I choose it to be. If I tell you are ‘slut’, you are ‘slut’. If I tell you that you are ‘whore’ you’re name is whore. If I tell you that you are ‘Angela’, you are Angela. Understand?”


He raises his voice, “Are you really that stupid? You don’t even understand something that simple?”

“I understand, I’m just not going to do it!”

“I just asked if you understood,” he walked over and place a hood over her head. She felt sharp pain as several needle sharp prongs dug into her neck and jaw. “Let’s begin.” she heard his foot steps walk off. A door opened and he invited someone named “John” in. “Okay Angela, this is John, he’s already been put through all this a long time ago. You will give him a blowjob and swallow his cum.”

“Like hell I will.”

“Oh you will. do as you wish, but remember, he has no control over himself. If you hurt him, you only hurt someone who has gone through much worse than you have.”

“Fuck you!”

“Not yet, for now blow him.”

She was about to respond, when she felt his dick press against her lips. She refeused to open her mouth. Jon kept pushing, but ultimately it failed.Finally “his” voice called, “open up Angela and she felt the needles in her mask do something and her mouth was forced open. John starteed pumping in and out of her mouth. It went like this for about ten minutes, finally she realized hat she had control of her mouth again. .She tried to get him out, but it was effortless. She started to close her mouth, John cried in pain.

“He can’t stop, even if you bite it off, he can’t stop until I say so..” Angela, opened up, and let him continue. Tears streamed down her cheeks, but noone could see in the dark, let alone through the mask. “If you make him cum, I will have him remove his cock form your mouth.”

She accepted that. She started sucking and using her tongue. He started moaning. and after several minutes he came in her mouth,. He pumped into her mouth and John was told to stop. He did. She felt the pain in her jaws and her mouth was forced shut. She still had John’s cum in her mouth. She started to force it to the front of ther mouth.

“Swallow it.”

She wouldn’t and she started to push it through her lips. “A drop passed through her lips and rolled sown her chin. This was followed by pain washing through all the needles in her neck and jaw.

“Swallow it”

She refused and then the pain n the needles started. She felt muscles in her throat expand and contract with electric shocks. Before she knew it, she had swallowed the cum. Then the needles did a gentle vibration and made her muscles feel very relaxed.

A cellphone rang and she heard his voice speak, “yes, what?!” time passed very slowly as he seemed very disturbed. “Okay... let’s say one week before we resort to that.” He shut the phone off. He grabbed Angela by her chin and raised her head up.. “That was about you. It looks like you maybe the guinea pig for a new technique. That is if you don’t straighten up in the next week. He opened the door again, she heard someone else walk in.

Over the next 16 hours she gave 23 men blowjobs. After each one she was rewarded with a sooything massage in her neck. The next six days were also very harsh on her. She was forced to suck on other women’s pussies for an entire day. Then she had been raped and anally raped for the following days after that. The foolowing three days she is exposed to various combinations of men women and sexual techniques.. By the seventh day she would respond to whatever she was told, but she was determined not to be there slave. She would do what they wanted and just wait for her vhance and then she was gone and the authorities w2ould be all over them.

It was time for her to sleep on the seventh day. She still wore the black mask. He came in, she still did not know his name. He took off her mask. The room was black.

He spoke, “You’ve done very well, I’m gonna turn on the lights.. You are not to look at me. She looked away. He turned on the lights. it was dim, but her eyes couldn’t adjust, she hadn’t used them in a long time. He walked close to her.. She was looking down at his feet. She stared at them, suddenly she had a very strong feeling of hostility. She looked up at him. He stared almost in disbelief. “Angela, you fucking suck, say good by to those beautiful brown eyes. To be honest, I thought you were gonna be in and out of here.” She watched as he pulled out a knife from his pocket.

She was extrememly frightened, why had she been so stupid. “Noo! please don’t.” she sobbed as he grabbed her hair. “I’ll do anyhing.” She tore her eyes away from him. “PLease don’t hurt me, I’llbe you’re slave, whatever you want, please don’t kill me!!” Tears started streaming down her faces, “PLease.. I’ll do anything, anything at all..”

“That you will.” and she watched his knife come close to her left eye and she lost her vision in that eye in a wave of unbearable red pain. Then the same with her right eye followed by her mind blacking out. She fell unconscious from the pain.

Kidnapping, Torture, and Pleasure

Part 2

I’m sure you must have read part one, so the rules are the same. enjoy.

Angela started to wake up. Her arms were unrestrained. She opened her eyes and looked around, she was staring at four white walls that apparently had no light, but the room was well illuminated for her. It took a minute for her eyes to adjust... HER EYES! She can see okay. She looked at herself, she was wearing a white skintight bodysuit of some unknown, but very comfortable material.

“What’s going on?” She started feeling herself, no injuries, she had a few scratches from the restraints on her wrists, they were now gone. She apeared to be fine aside form some stiffness throughout her body.

Some tiles in the wall pulled back to reveal a door-like structure. It opened. He came in. “Up and about now eh?”

“Eh? Am Iin Canada or something?”

He laughed boastfully, “Canada? No my dear, I’m actuially from southern Florida, I just added the ‘eh’ for dramatical purposes” He moved over to her and sat by her feet, “You’ve been unconscious for quite some time.” He handed her a cellular phone. “Press redial.”

She was going to press 911, but chose not to. She pressed redial. And a someone answered, it was her father’s voice. “Daddy?”

“Angela?! Is that you?”

“Yes, what’s heappening?”

“Don’t worry, everything will be okay. I promise. Have you been with these monsters all this time?”

“Yeah, it’s been a rough week, when can I come home?”

“Ang—” and the phone went dead.

He looked at her, “Just enough to let him know you are alive.” “Three is a lot you must know about before we can let you go, as well as a lot you must agree to. That is if your father can make the arrangements necessary to let you go.”

“What arrangements?”

“A high sum of money Angela.”

“But my father doesn’t have much money.”

“Actually he does, he’s worth over 10 billion dollars.”

“That’s a lie”

“No, if you think about it, you are alomst a perfect daughter. Good morality, ethics, not spoiled caring.” he turned and smirked. “Why would he tell you how rich he is, why ruin it? He will pay, noone knows about his fortune, well except for a few wellplaced people at various international banks. A few of which we control.”


“Doesn’t really matter. For now, we have a lot to discuss. As you may recall we , for your failure, were forced to reciprocate with our program some time ago, you were used as a guinea pig for another process. I’m the person who’s gonna test it out.”

“What did you do to me?”

“First off, I think you should know that it’s been over a year since your eyes were.. well.. comprimised.” He watches her eyes widen in shock, " as well as over a year since your conscious mind has been active.”

“What? that’s impossible. What have you done to me?”

“We infused you with five nanotech body MCMAPs.”

“What? You put something in me? What is a McMap? What will they do? When will you take them out of me?”

“They are part of you forever. A MCMAP is an acronym for Multi-cellular Monitor and Adjustment Prototype.” He watched her shift very uncomfortably in her chair. “It will monitor your body, ‘it’ being the network the nanos have developed . They started out as five and quickly grew, we can’t keep track of how many are currently in your system right now, but using your body they have created approximately 12 nanotechs for every living cell you have. They can control any and every cell in your body, act as an immune system, change your genetic structure. Essentially they give us complete control over you.”

Angela started crying hysteriucally. “You can’t do that to me.”

“Well there is an up and a down to your situation, the up side is, if you’re father pays up, you’ll never be sick again. The nanotechs don’t attack viruses, they just take them and eject them out of your system. Downside is, your father doesn’t pay, we’ll sell you as a programed little servant/ slave or whatever the highst bidder wants you for.” He holds a look on his face that goes from enjoying this little game, to a real uneasiness. He goes over to her and holds her as she cries. “I’m honestly am sorry to say, we screwed up, you’ll never be able to have children.” She started screaming as she cried and he just held her, she tried to fight his grip, but was too weak. “Enough for today...”

* * *

Angela woke up, he was standing there. “Mike?”

He had told her his name the last night. He had told her how he wanted kids and his wife was infertile. “yeah. You doing better?”

“I’m a hostage for ransom. How can I possibly feel better, well at least you haven’t done anything to me.. oops never mind.”

“Sarcasm is a good way to deal.” He pulled out a black plasitc machine about 2 inches by 4 inchs. “this is your remote, this is how we control your McMap’s network, how we control you.” He pressed a single button on it and a holograpic display out of a science fiction movie appeared. “oops we don’t want you to see what we’re doing with you,” he winked at her and pressed a holographic button and Angela coulsn’t see the display anymore.

She assumed he shut it off until he started pressing the air in front of him, “What are you doing?”

“Seeing what I can do with you.” he pressed a few more buttons, did you know that you have recessive blond genes?”

“Uh no..” she pulled her hair into her hand staring at her long red hair. Then he heard him giggle. She looked up at him, he pointed to her hand, she looked down at her hair again as it turned slowly to a shade of yellow. “hhuh? how did you do that?”

“The McMaps! They are incredible” he kept looking at the buttons. “Hey I can change you’re name, for the next ten minutes you’re name is going to be Erica, not Angela.”

“Wait a minute, no!” he pressed button.

“Okay Erica, all set?”

She immediately focused in on his lips as if he had called her by her real name, “No, that’s not my name!”

“Then what is your name?

“It’s.. it’s...” she clenched her eyes tight, “Andrea, no Angela, no. it’s Alice.” She clenched her eyes in frustration.

“Erica” her head immediately popped up and looked at him. He laughed and she scowled. “Okay, here you go. Angela” And she smiled as she had her name back.

“Thank You.” She started to roll into a ball on her bed. “What else are you going to do to me? you’re scaring me.”

He looked at her ad spoke, “If you want I can make you enjoy these tests. I have to do them. But I cannot only make you enjoy them, but I can make you look forward to them.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so.”

“It will only be until I’m done”

“... okay, I just don’t want to be scared anymore.” he pressed at the air again. And she felt content. “Did you do it?”

“Yes, you actually have a mind cointrol fetish at this point. I think that we are set for now. we’ll continue tomorrow.”

“NO!” she jumpd up at him and grabbed him, “Not yet, I think we should do some more tests.” She could tell he was not going to continue. “Please..” She felt a small fire from her nipples to her vagina. “I don’t want you to stop just yet.”

“Okay Angela...” he starte pressing some buttons. She felt a twitch between her legs. “Okay, you’re hymen has been restored, you are a virgin again.” Two tiles on the wall moved forward to reveal a drawer. There was a dildo about 12 inches long within. He took it and told her to hold it. Angela had never actually seen one before and looked at it strangely. She did not know what to do with it and felt very awkward even holding it. “Will you push that into you vagina as far as it will go.” She looked at it and shook her head no. He pressed a couple buttons and she looked at him. “Put the dildo into your vagina.” She nodded her head and started to press it against her slit. She slowly pulled it up into her. She gasped and moaned in pain untilit was in as far as it could go. The throbing beated through out her body and she layed back wincing in pain. “Are you okay?”

“It hurts” He pressed an air button. She just sat up and started pulling the object in and out. Now she was moaning in ecstacy and pleasure. She kept going for over an hour trying to reach an orgasm that was unattainable, at least until Mike pressed the right button.

As the afternoon progressed, Mike did several tests on Angela’s physical changes. Before he would leave her for the night, he had one last test. “You’re earring holes have closed up because of the McMaps.” He went to the wall and brought out a pierceing gun. “I would like to re-pierce your ears.” and he pulled a box from the wal and brought it to her. “There are over a hundred ear rings in here. Pick two.” She did and he pierced her ears and placed the rings inside. He gently kissed her on the head. Time to go, and she screamed no. “Oh sorry,” and pressed a couple more buttons returning her to her normal state of mind. “I hope that made things better today..”

“Yes, it did, I don’t kow what I would have done if you hadn’t made me enjoy it.”

“You would have made it. One last thing before I say good night.. Name a number between 1 and 100 followed by either the letter ‘s,’ or ‘u,’ or ‘n’”

She winked at him, “69s.” He pressed a few more buttons. “Hey, what are you doing?” he smiled and winked at her and left.

She went over to the box with the erring gun and earrings.. “Wait a minute,” she said aloud. She cointinued the sentence inher head, “These aren’t all earrings.” She picked up a bar bell and held it too her belly button.