The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Kink City Bimbos

by Eric Stray

Added 15 August 2020

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After the Shift, no place was the same. Some places turned to chaos, others into bastions. Kink City is a little of both: a hotbed of perversion and superpowered conflict who’s boundaries blur at a moment’s notice. Whether hero or villain, on your knees or on top, there’s always a place for deviance in Kink City.

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1 — Caught By the Mad Milker! 9541 words 15 Aug 2020
Chapter 2 — Spilled Milk 6514 words 15 Aug 2020
Chapter 3 — The Huntress Humbled! 10165 words 15 Aug 2020
Chapter 4 — Valkyrina Remade 8726 words 15 Aug 2020