The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 2, Lacey

Rick looked out his kitchen window down onto the city street. He lived about 5 stories up in a high rise apartment building in near towards Beverly Hills and as such had some seriously good looking women who lived in his building. Lacey, who was heading out to an evening class, was definitely one of them.

Lacey was a black haired, 6 foot tall knockout. 38 DD tits, firm ass, body toned like a starlet and lovely brown eyes. She was working on her Master’s Degree at UCLA, but Rick had noticed several things about her that had perked his interest. She kept some odd hours, she had no boyfriend despite being hot as hell, and she had expensive tastes. Her car was Lexis, her wardrobe 100% designer, but she supposedly came from a small town in the Midwest from fairly normal parents.

Rick had also noticed some fetish bags and had seen her work out in the building gym with some stretching and other activities. Given the information, Rick was certain she was a stripper, and he was certain she worked at “The Grand Ball” club. It was a VERY exclusive strip club, only the hottest strippers worked there, and only the richest men got in. A single night dancing there could earn a woman thousands of dollars. Lacey was hot enough, and she certainly spent money enough, so Rick was certain that was her job. Also, she had dropped a business card with a picture of her in a Marti Gras Mask and her stage name “Lace” on it when digging in her purse in the elevator and she hadn’t seen Rick quietly step on it until she had left the elevator.

Rick had decided to target Lacey first for this reason. He could not remake someone into another person. An ugly woman would be an ugly genie, so Rick wanted beauties. Lacey was certainly that and she was also his key to more beauties.

Rick’s plan was rather than try to get more wishes or get maximum use out of only three wishes; he would simply make himself more genies and get more wishes that way. It was pretty foolproof, continued questioning of Ali had shown that no one, no dark power from the other side was going to come and tear his soul out and his genie making wouldn’t undo the fabric of space and time. His only real limitations were his natural age (no matter what, he could only live to be about a 100 years old, time would not stop and could not be stopped), and the materials to make more lamps.

Rick knew once he had bound Lacey, she would cease to be Lacey his neighbor and would become Lacey of the Lamp, a genie knowledgeable in the ways of the Djnn, loyal to her master 100%, and an exotic beauty willing to ensure her master was pleased in whatever manner he desired. And Rick had a LOT of desires. Easy going or not, when presented with a chance to make his dreams come true he wasn’t going to hesitate one damn bit.

Rick had been watching her for several weeks. His plan was of course well thought out and he had taken his time to make sure no one had noticed his surveillance. It was Thursday night, and Lacey actually did have a late class. She would finish it at ten, and then she would head over to the club to work a short shift until about 1am. She would then head home after stopping at a 24 hour Chinese Take Out place called “Speedy’s Chow”. She would take the bus to a stop down the block and walk up. She never took her Lexis to the club or to school. Given that the street was in a very good section of town and near Beverly Hills meant it was really safe after dark, even really late.

Rick reached into his backpack and checked his materials one more time. Everything was in readiness. Ali stood back by his kitchen table grinning. He had been most helpful. Despite the wishes being used, he was still bound to Rick as the owner of the lamp, and Rick had discovered him to have great advice and some abilities that were very useful. Such as being able to use magical means to spy on people, which had allowed Rick to completely map out Lacey’s day and identify weaknesses and patterns he could exploit. He was most helpful in advising Rick on how to forge and craft the lamp for Lacey, and had also explained some of what would happen. Rick had been able to craft some of what type of genie Lacey would become, and could even work out how much of the “old her” she would remember. Rick was going to go with a completely blank slate with Lacey until he had seen some of what he called “footage” of her at the Club. He had decided that her studies were of no use, but her skills at stripping, sex, and pleasuring men would certainly remain. Ali had stated that as Rick grew his skill he could craft even better genies, but it would certainly be fun helping this one to learn new tricks.

Rick had asked why Ali had been so helpful and was even volunteering information when not asked. Ali response had been simple. “Master, you are the very first human to ever show this much patience and wisdom in using the power you were given. You did not squander your opportunity, you showed restraint and intelligence. You also gave me and still give me great respect. You invited me to your table to have tea with you. You were polite, honest, and a gracious hoist. No one has ever treated me thusly, so I am your servant not only because you own the lamp, but because you are a truly worthy master.”

Rick smiled at the memory and smiled more at Ali. “All is in readiness Master. The store in which she will shop will not be open when she goes by. I have increased her excitement, or what you call metabolism, so she will be very hungry when done. The plan is in readiness and I will report to you when it is time to move.”

Rick nodded and then sat back in his easy chair to nap a bit. In a few minutes he was sleeping soundly. He was then gently shaken awake and saw it was past 1am.

Ali grinned at him. “Master, the beauty Lacey has left her work and is heading home. You must move to you place now.”

Rick nodded, stood and left his apartment with his backpack and a large brown bag that smelled of Chinese Takeout. He exited the building and slowly walked around it. He turned the corner walking back toe main entrance just as Lacey strode into view from the opposite end. Rick reached the door just as she did and held it open for her.

“Thanks Rich! Nice to meet a gentleman in the building, especially late at night.” Lacey said as she headed towards the elevators.

“Well, glad to be of help. But it’s Rick, not Rich.” Rick replied.

Lacey flushed a bit. “Sorry. I’m just terrible with names. But I do remember you. You live on the fifth floor on the far corner. We leave for school or work at the same time on Mondays and Wednesdays. I do remember that.”

“Heh, that’s me. No problems about missing my name. You were close.” Rick said as he hit the elevator button for up. “Damn, every one of them is on the top floor, we’ll be a bit.”

Lacey signed and Rick noticed her sniffing and looking at his brown bag. “Worked late. Got some takeout from a place a buddy recommended. Got there just as they were shutting down, someone had screwed up a delivery so they were out of food. Pretty worked up about it to.” Rick said.

“Oh wow! Speedy’s! That is my favorite place; I got there just after they shut down. God I’m starving!”

“Would you like some? They gave me all they had left so I got a bit larger portion than normal and I bought extra for tomorrow’s lunch. I can split it with you no problem. Sesame Chicken and bean sprouts with sweet and sour sauce.” Rick said knowing this was her absolute favorite dish.

“Oh God! That is one of my most favorite dishes! What are the chances? But I can’t, really…” Lacey started but Rick cut her off.

“Hey, it’s no problem. Come to my apartment, wait by the door and I’ll grab a container and spilt it with you. Just bring the container back tomorrow sometime.” Rick said.

Lacey was about to say no again, but her stomach gurgled at that point and she and Rick laughed. “Ok, I guess my stomach wins.” Lacey said.

They rode the elevator up and Rick led her to his apartment. “You can just wait here. Don’t want to make you uncomfortable coming into a stranger’s place.”

Lacey thought for a moment and then smiled. “I think I’ll trust you. You seem quite the gentleman after all.”

Rick opened the door and led her inside to his kitchen. The place was spotless thanks to Ali’s abilities and Lacey looked over his odd collection of stuff.

“Wow, neat clock. Seems like you have all sorts of stuff from all over. You collect antiques then?” Lacey said as Rick pulled out a container to start splitting the food.

“Sort of, I just buy stuff that, well, speaks to me sort of. I don’t really know art per say, just what I like.” Rick said as he split the order. He sealed the lid and made to hand it to Lacey. “Here you go.”

Lacey reached over and Rick moved the container up and his other hand which had been underneath it forward. Lacey’s hand closed on a brass lamp and Rick tossed the box to the side as he closed his other hand on her hand. Lacey’s eyes widened and the lamp glowed.

“As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Lacey, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!” Rick said with a steady voice.

The lamp pulsed and Lacey’s eyes glowed. “I, Lacey, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me.” Lacey responded in a monotone voice.

Rick pulled out a needle and pricked her index finger and pressed it against the lamp. The blood seemed to boil into steam and flowed up. Instead of dissipating it thickened and flowed around Lacey like a body wrap. Rick watched as her feet seemed to turn to mist and her form was gradually eaten by the thickening mist. Her face was the last thing to go and just before it disappeared Rick heard her say “Holy Shit, what’s happening to me?” in a quiet, confused tone. Her face disappeared into the mist and the mist suddenly was sucked into the lamp in its entirety.

Rick stepped back and looked at the new brass lamp sitting in front of him. Ali walked up behind him and said in a hushed tone “It is finished Lampmaker. You have turned this mortal beauty into a genie bound to this lamp. Rub it and take her as your loyal servant.”

Rick slowly touched the lamp. It was cool to the touch and seemed almost to hum in his hands. He slowly exhaled and rubbed the lamp. A stream of smoke shot out from the lamp and spun like a tornado in front of him. It quickly dissipated and there standing in front of him was Lacey.

Lacey smiled at Rick with a look that would melt steel, and then brought her hands together like she was praying. She then bowed her head and intoned in a sexy voice “I am Lacey, Genie of the Lamp, and your humble and loyal servant. I will grant thee three wishes and will serve thee afterwards in whatever function I can until you release me from your service.”

Rick smiled as he looked Lacey over. She was dressed much like what he had expected. Her hair was done up in a long pony tail with black ribbon tying it back. She wore a headband with golden coins glittering and a see through veil of black silk. Her magnificent tits were on display with a small black lace bra that had three rows of coins crossing over her tits. Her nipples each dangled a glinting diamond teardrop. Her midriff was bare until the lacy black thong that held more see through black silk covering her long legs. Her feet were decked out in black slippers with little bells on them. Her face was perfectly painted and her lips were the color of dark rubies. Golden loops hung from her ears and golden bracelets hung from her wrists. The bracelets were connected to wisps of black silk like a belly dancer would use and then attached to her bra.

In short, a knock out genie who was now Rick’s loyal servant.

“Lacey, I claim you as my servant. I will use my wishes in time. But for now, I desire to ask you some questions and you will answer me fully and truthfully.” Rick said as he held the lamp.

Lacey bowed her head again with a lovely smile. “Of course Master. You wish is my command. What is it that my Master wishes to know from his loyal servant?”

Rick led her and Ali to his living room and he sat down in his easy chair with Ali on his right side. Lacey knelt down in front of him with her hands on her knees.

“Lacey, do you remember yourself from before? Do you remember being human?” Rick started.

“Yes Master. I remember some, I know I was a great beauty and I worked to please men. I danced for them, and provided them sexual pleasure in exchange for money or other gifts.”

“Did you enjoy what you did?” Rick asked.

“I enjoyed teasing men, and manipulating them. I remember thinking how easy it was with my looks and simple things like a kiss or a dance. I remember thinking how my mother was right and that a smart woman can have an easy life if she knows how to use her body and charms.”

Rick cocked an eyebrow at that answer. “Really? Do you still feel that way? Do you or would you take pleasure in trying to manipulate your Master?”

Lacey frowned at that. “Yes, I do and I would take great pleasure in manipulating you. I am not cruel Master and I would loyally obey you and never hurt you. But I would take pleasure in getting you to do things for me. Your orders to be fully truthful have forced me to tell you this and I am not happy that you now know this. I fear you will send me away.”

“Hmmm, she does look sad. But I had better cover my bases with her. She’s going to be a handful if I’m not careful.” Rick thought to himself. “Lacey, I will never send you away unless you attempt to manipulate me. I will however allow you to help me manipulate others and bend them to my will. You will be the head of my harem, and in charge of all other genies I create. You will answer to me, and then to Ali, who is my advisor and councilor. His orders will never supersede mine, just to be clear. Do you like the idea of controlling my other women? Helping me make more servants? Helping me enslave more beauties?”

Lacey smiled a very evil but beautiful smile and bowed down with her hands and face touching the ground in front of her as she knelt. “Master, I am overjoyed that you will keep me and I will loyally serve you forever. I would LOVE to assist you in enslaving other women and I am honored that you place me so high in your service. I will aid you with all my powers and ability to make you greater and more powerful. I will help you enslave the greatest beauties this world has to offer and I will ensure they are all loyal slaves to your will.”

“She certainly dropped the word servant from her vocabulary fast. Oh well, I guess slave is a more correct term really.” Rick thought to himself. He looked at Ali who had an impassive face. After a second Rick said out loud. “Lacey, you are correct in that I will be making more slaves. You are after all my first slave. But do not ever refer to Ali as such. He is a servant and most certainly not a slave. He is my Vizier, and you will always treat him as his position and status entail. Understood?”

Lacey raised herself and then bowed again. “Yes Master. Grand Vizier Ali is second only to you and is not a slave like Lacey of the Lamp.”

Rick looked at Ali again who gave him a short nod of appreciation. Ali then spoke. “Rise then Genie. Listen to the orders of your Master and obey them.”

Lacey gracefully stood. Rick felt his dick hardening just looking at her gorgeous body. But he had things to do first.

“Lacey, Genie of the Lamp, I have my wishes. Listen and grant them. I wish for more materials to build more lamps, make them appear on my kitchen floor with no tricks or strings attached. I wish that I had great sexual prowess, that I was a master lover who could make love and enjoy pleasure all night long without ill effects and the physical body, ability, and strength to match it with no tricks or issues attached. I wish that you would create a palace for me in such a way that it would not attract attention. A great palace fit for a king that existed in a pocket dimension but was connected to a door in this realm. A door that was portable, that I could take with me everywhere, a door that only I or one of my chosen servants could open. A place I will stock with my slaves and servants that I can enjoy without being bothered by what happens in this world or others.”

Lacey joined her hands and bowed. “Master I can grant thee these wishes, but I must explain one point as per your orders to me to be fully truthful. Your palace I can create and I can make such a door, but there is a catch. The door, if left alone, can be acted upon by this world. For instance, if I create a door and you leave it in this apartment and someone comes in and steals it, your portal would then open up where ever the thief left it. If the apartment burns down, then the door will be burned and you will die trapped inside. Given this limitation, do you seek to have me make this palace still?”

Rick thought about it. “Yes, but instead of a grand palace let’s relook at what I should make. Something smaller, something that I won’t be tempted to stay in forever. Ah, I have just the thing. Make me a bedchamber. A great chamber for the enjoyment of sex and women that combines the best of old and new. I want bedding, hot tubs, poles for dancing, a music system, showers, and closets for clothing. A place where I can enjoy my harem. And make it so I can connect to other places that I will build later.”

Lacey smiled deeply at Rick’s description and Ali looked impressed. “Master, I can do such things. Are these your wishes?”

Rick nodded a curt yes and Lacey joined her hands and let her head hang back as she chanted. If a few seconds a short burst of blue lightning streaked across her eyes and they glowed blue for a split second. And then “POOF!”

Rick’s head spun and he nearly fell backwards from his chair. He shook his head and then looked down. His clothes had torn and split apart as if he was larger. He stood and realized that he was bigger, much more toned, muscled, and a quick feel proved his manhood was now likely the stuff of legends. Looking behind him he saw the materials for another lamp stacked on the kitchen counter. Turning to look at Lacey he instead saw a full sized mirror hanging on the wall.

Rick looked at Ali. “Upon granting the wishes, Lacey of the Lamp must return to the lamp until summoned. She will have to return for at least 1 hour a day to her lamp. It is a requirement of any djnn or genie.”

Rick nodded as he walked to the mirror. It looked old and well built and Rick realized it was made in such a way as to blend in with his varied collection of stuff. “Very clever. Lacey certainly got the right idea.” Rick said as he reached out to touch the glass.

Rick gasped as his finger pushed through the glass like it was water. He pushed his arm all the way in and then stuck his face through.

Rick looked into his bed chamber and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. It was a huge room with columns holding up a center dome. The walls were all covered in mirrors, and the floor was polished marble. Beautiful rugs covered most of the floor. Under that dome was an enormous bed covered in silks and furs. In one corner was a large hot tube, nearly a small pool in size with a large sink nearby and a small door leading to a toilet. A large glass enclosed shower stood next to the hot tub, big enough to hold at least 4 people. A stage with several gold stripper poles was opposite the bathroom across from the bed. Along the wall was a bar stocked with a huge variety of what Rick saw was the most expensive liquor on the planet. A huge sliding door was pulled back to reveal a large walk in closet behind the bed. Sexy music played in the background and the light dimmed as Rick stepped the rest of the way through with Ali right behind him.

“Lacey has done a fine job for a first timer.” Ali stated as he looked around. “I would have been a bit older fashioned if it had been me, but as a chamber for the enjoyment of sex and women, this should do quite nicely. Master, I must insist that you try out this lovely creation with your own lovely creation.”

Rick nodded quickly and rubbed Lacey’s lamp. The smoke flowed out and Lacey, still dressed in her genie garb stood smiling in front of Rick.

“Have I done well Master? Has your slave properly fulfilled her orders?” she said with a voice that dripped sex.

Rick didn’t even speak, but grabbed his slave and hissed her with passion. Lacey kissed back with equal passion and entwined her arms around Rick’s neck. Rick shoved her back into the room and she tripped on a lovely Persian rug and fell back onto it. Rick was on her in an instance and she squealed with joy. Rick kissed down her neck, her breasts, stomach and down to her shaven pussy. Rick had a brain stuffed with everything on how to please a woman and he was soon touching, kissing and licking Lacey in ways that had her babbling with delight and had her eyes rolled back in her head. She spun around under Rick and took his cock in her mouth. Rick’s shaft was massive, thick and nearly 15 inches long, but as he found out, Genies are not your normal fucks. Lacey waved her hands and Rick felt his entire cock slide down her throat. It should have been impossible but she did it. Her tongue swirled around it like a snake and teased his tip while jacking him off at the same time. Rick blew his entire load down her throat and she took every drop.

Lacey popped her mouth off his cock and spun so she faced her master. She kissed him hard and wrapped her legs around his hard body. Rick’s cock became hard quickly and he entered her with a grunt and then a gasp and a sigh.

Lacey’s pussy was indescribably awesome. It felt custom made for his dick and every movement of his cock sent waves of pleasure jolting through his body. Lacey obviously enjoyed it too as she gasped and grunted and whispered fiercely in her master’s ear.

“Yes Master! Fuck your slave! My pussy is yours to enjoy and command! Thrust into me! Take me, fucking take your slave and fuck her brains out! Fuck your Harem Mistress! Fuck your Genie! I am YOUR SLAVE!!!!!!!” Lacey ended with a scream of pleasure and Rick slumped down on top of her gasping. He was able to grin at his slave genie for a few seconds before passing out.

Lacey gently rolled her master to the side and sat up. She smiled a dopey smile at Ali who looked down at the genie.

“I trust you enjoyed your Master’s attention?” Ali said as he crossed his arms with a smirk.

“Indeed Grand Vizier, I enjoyed it very much. I think I will greatly enjoy being in Rick’s service. But allow me to clean up.” Lacey waved her hands and spoke some strange words and with a poof Rick was in his master bed, clean and in silk pajamas.

“Much easier than actual work, I must say.” Lacey added as she dressed herself and stood beside Ali.

“I did notice that Rick has had some physical changes, darker skin, taller, more muscle. His wish did not require that. I take it you shaped him into something more to your tastes?” Ali said as he observed Lacey.

“Yes Grand Vizier, I did. I met his wish and requirements and did him no harm. He never prohibited me from shaping him into what I consider to be an ideal man. His personality is quite attractive as is. Polite, strong, and no one that is easily twisted by beauty or simple physical pleasure or a quick kiss. If I had known him as a human woman, I would have been very attracted to him. But we rarely crossed paths. I am very glad he enslaved me though. I will enjoy serving him.” Lacey said as she sat on a pillow and watched Rick sleep.

“Very well. For future be sure that YOUR tastes stay completely secondary to his. I will not impose but I will punish you severely if you attempt to manipulate our Master. He is the first mortal whom I consider to be a worthy Lord. In all the centuries, I have served fools and people so hungry for power it was enough to disgust me and wish death on this whole world. Idiots who wish for simple wealth or a whore for a night, or to win at a game of chance, or simple revenge. This is the first mortal to actually think and ponder and plan. Even more so, he is the first to treat me as an equal and an honored guest. In your time as a genie, you will learn how much that can mean.” Ali said as he turned to exit the chamber.

“Wait on Master tonight. When he wakes, return to your lamp until summoned again after ensuring his needs are taken care of.”

“As you command Grand Vizier Ali. I obey.” Lacey of the Lamp replied as she watched over her Master.