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Chapter 3, Bridget

Rick quietly finished carving the last symbol on the brass lamp. He grinned at his work; it was indeed very pretty and well done. Quality work, if he did think so himself.

“This lamp is ready and we shall test the theory I have then on the next woman. I still find it odd that there are questions not even a Djnn or Genie can answer.”

Ali shrugged as he stood by the wall of Rick’s living room. “Master, such things were never considered important before. As I told you, only 5 humans had ever been turned into genies prior to your creation of Lacey. That genies would have “focus areas” as you put it is something no one ever considered.”

“I think it is a correct idea Master. From what I remember of my transformation, a feeling of overpower lust and desire for pleasure and to please stand out clearly in my memory. That and the knowledge of all things sexual dealing with the human body that was shoved into my head whereas I have no knowledge of simple tasks such as cooking or cleaning.” Lacey stated from her knelling position against the wall.

Rick shook his head in amusement. He had ordered Lacey to prepare him a breakfast and found she was unable to as she did not know how. Serving him as a sextoy though was “what she had been made for” according to her.

After some questions to Ali and Lacey, Rick had decided that unlike the Djnn human genies could be focused into specialty areas. Lacey had been built with the idea that she would be the perfect lover, mistress, and courtesan for her Master, and would also control the Harem and its slaves to ensure Rick was always cared for as befitted her Master and creator. But she lacked the ability to do simple things as Rick hadn’t put a single thought into her ability to be anything other than a sextoy. She couldn’t even really use magic to do things as she simply had no idea how anything domestic would work.

She could learn certainly and he had taught her some basic things, but Rick was already planning for the next step and next servant.

Building on his desire to have a “proper household” as Ali put it required a staff as well as a harem. Rick would create his harem to double task. They would each be responsible for a regular duty, and would also be responsible for ensuring his pleasure sexually.

Rick’s lamp was geared towards testing his theory. It would, if his theory was correct, create another genie that could please him sexually, while also keeping house. A maid and an organizer, someone who would ensure his place was in order and protect his collection (including his lamps). He would create others as he went but first he needed to test his idea.

Rick’s careful research and questioning had also led him to believe that while he could make any woman into what he required it would work best if the woman had skill, training, or talent in that area already. Lacey had been the most incredible fuck Rick had EVER had, and he believed after questioning his slave more that a great deal of that came from her skills as a dancer, stripper, and gold digger. She had not fought the change but had embraced it. Lacey swore that she was glad Rick had enslaved her and turned her into a genie and enjoyed the power and the fact that she would be living her life as a sex slave to a wonder Master.

Rick’s focus on his collection and his concerns about keeping all his stuff safe had led to his first priority being the creation of a housekeeper and curator for his things. But the problem was who could he transform? Lacey knew dozens of beautiful women, both in her job and in college. But they were mostly party girls, strippers, or gold diggers like her and not brainy types that Rick wanted.

Rick was pondering this when his doorbell rang.

“Who could that be? Ali, Lacey, assume normal clothes. Lacey, you are my girlfriend, Ali; you are a friend from work if whoever is there asks. We were just about to leave to go eat if they ask.” Rick asked as he set the lamp down on the table and walked towards the door. He heard two “poofs” and looked back to see his Djnn and Genie now dressed as normal humans (although Lacey was wearing a tight white T shirt and shorts that were stretched to the limit).

Rick looked through his peephole and saw the top of a blonde head looking down at something. He opened his door and found himself looking at a drop dead gorgeous blonde in a business suit with her long hair done up in a bun.

“Oh, hello. I am looking for Rick Sanford? Are you him or do you know him?” the blonde said with a breathy voice.

“I’m him. You are?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Bridget Newls. Uh, I mean Dr. Newls. Sorry, just got my doctorate last week so I’m still getting used to the title.”

Rick smiled. “No problem Dr. Newls. What can I do for you?”

Bridget opened a beat-up leather briefcase and pulled out a picture. Rick looked at it and saw it was a printout of a picture of an old beat up tapestry. Rick looked closely and saw that in the center of it was a fairly accurate likeness of his Djnn Lamp.

“I’m sorry to bother you but I have been looking for you all week. Do you recognize the lamp in this picture? Please say you do!” Bridget said with an air of excitement.

“I do, I purchased something that looks a lot like it in SF last weekend. Why do you ask?”

Bridget was practically hopping up and down. “Oh My God! Oh My God! Can I see it? Please, please, please! I have to see if it’s the one!”

Rick frowned at her. “Hold on. Why do you want to see it so badly? Why are you here?”

“Can I come inside? I’ll explain everything, but let me see it!” Bridget was nearly bouncing off the walls and her hands were even twitching.

“Hang on one second.” Rick shut the door and walked back into his living room. He quickly picked up Ali’s and Lacey’s Lamps and took them into his special bedchamber where he hid them underneath the bar. “I’ll have to have Lacey put in a safe or two.” He thought as he came back out.

“Lacey, Ali, there is a woman named Bridget at my door who wants to see Ali’s lamp. I don’t know why but she seems like a booky type, says she just got her doctorate. I’m letting her in and we are going to find out what she wants. Ensure she cannot leave until I am satisfied we know what we need to know.”

Both servants bowed and answered yes. Lacey sat on the couch while Ali stood next to a chair that covered the entrance.

Rick opened the door and Bridget rushed in to the living room. “Do you have it here? Please, let me…”

“Enough Bridget!” Rick said forcibly and it caught Bridget up short. She looked startled, and Rick continued. “I let you in because you were going to explain to me what you want. I might show it to you IF I get answers. So please have a seat and explain. By the way, my girlfriend Lacey and my buddy Ali.”

Bridget nodded to both and sat down. She immediately started talking. “I’m a doctor of ancient Middle Eastern Cultures. I have been researching numerous legends of the Middle East and especially 1001 Arabian Nights trying to discover the roots of all the stories. I have been very successful and have published two books on the subject. In my last trip I found a very ancient manuscript that talked about the Aladdin and the Genie. It specifically named a man from Baghdad who had supposedly owned a lamp that that had acquired a somewhat sinister reputation. It was fascinating and just the piece I needed to finish my research. I dug more and after much research and excavation I actually found the man’s tomb! It was mostly destroyed by the war, but it had this carpet in it with this lamp pictured on it. I thought that was the end of it, but I then learned that the tomb had been robbed back during WWI and the things taken from it had been sold to a small museum in Mosel. It had gone out of business in the Great Depression, but had sold several items overseas to the US. And I found a packing receipt that listed a brass lamp that matched the description perfectly! I have been tracking it down through several owners over time, lost it somewhere in San Francisco and thought I was at the end of the line. But on a desperate hunch I started asking around in pawn shops and jewelers, and I found a guy who had just sold the lamp to you! He would only give me your name and said you lived in LA. I have been trying to track you down since then!”

Bridget was by now on the edge of her seat and bouncing on the cushion in excitement. Her eyes nearly glowed with excitement and Rick could tell she was worked the hell up.

“So you need to see this lamp to finish your work then? Or you want to buy it?” Ali asked from behind her.

“I need to see it first and then if you’ll let me, run some tests to date it. It’s a very unique design and style, a type I’ve never seen anywhere before. If it IS the lamp from the tomb, then I have a proven artifact that is linked directly to the 1001 Arabian Nights! I’ll be famous and I’ll get my dream job for sure! And you could sell it for a fortune or donate it to any museum in the world! You’ll have offers falling from the sky!” Bridget with an excited voice.

“What job are you trying to get?” Rick asked.

“Huh? Oh, curator for the LA Museum of Ancient Cultures and Art. I’m the bottom of the list but this will move me up to first no doubt!”

“Who knows about this lamp and your research? Just you, or am I going to have other banging on my door trying to see my Lamp?” Rick said as he stood and ducked into the kitchen.

“Only me. I have kept this part of the research all to myself. While I can use what I have up till now to write another decent book, it this lamp is the one I think it is then I’ll have a best seller on my hands!”

Rick walked out smiling. “I’ll let you see it, but first I want you to look at something else. You said the lamp was a unique design and pattern. Did it look similar to this one?”

Bridget’s eyes widened at the brass lamp Rick held out to her. “My god! It’s the exact same style! Different pattern, but…”

Bridget’s hand touched the lamp and she froze. Rick closed his hands over her hand and spoke aloud.

“As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Bridget, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!” Rick said with a steady voice.

The lamp pulsed and Bridget’s eyes glowed. “I, Bridget, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me.” Lacey responded in a monotone voice.

Rick pricked Bridget’s finger and before pressing her blood onto the lamp, he spoke again. “I name thee a curator and keeper of the household, and as a harem slave. You will serve your Master in both respects to the utmost of your abilities.”

“I am the curator and keeper of the household, and a harem slave. I will serve my Master in both respects to the utmost of my abilities.” Bridget responded.

Rick pressed the blood onto the lamp and just as Lacey had been Bridget was taken by the smoke. As her face started to dissipate she smiled in wonderment and whispered “Oh my! How Wonderful!”

Rick looked down at the new lamp and smiled. Without a word, he picked up his lamp and rubbed it. A cloud of smoke poured out of the tip and materialized in front him.

Bridget stood before him. Her golden blonde hair fell below her shoulder in thick waves, her eyes were a beautiful green, her skin was a nice golden tan and flawless. Her perfect 36 EE tits and rounded ass were barely concealed in a purple lace see through silk belly dancer costume with real gold coins dangling from around her waist, a belly dangle with a diamond in it, golden hoop earrings, thick gold bangles and golden anklets on her lovely bare feet. A see through purple veil covered her face beneath her eyes.

Bridget put her hands together and bowed to Rick. “I am Bridget, Genie of the Lamp, and your humble and loyal servant. I will grant thee three wishes and will serve thee afterwards in whatever function I can until you release me from your service.”

Rick nodded to Ali and Lacey who changed back into their regular clothing. Bridget looked at the other two and bowed to Ali and then Lacey in turn.

“I will ask for my wishes later. First as your Master I command that you always answer me truthfully and hold nothing back that relates to my questions, and that you obey my commands without question. Anything that you cannot do you must explain fully and truthfully as to why it is beyond your powers. Do you understand Bridget?” Rick stated.

“I understand Master and will obey.” Bridget answered with a big smile and bowed again.

“Bridget of the Purple Lamp, these other two are my senior servants. Ali serves me as my Grand Vizier and is second only to me. Any order from him is to be obeyed without question, unless it goes against any of my guidance. Lacey of the Lamp is the senior genie and the head of my harem. She answers only to me and to Ali. You will also obey her as befits a harem slave. I however also charge you as the head of my household. The domestic work will be your realm and you will control the day to day functioning of my household. This includes cooking, cleaning, organizing, and you are charged with the duty of watching, protecting and cleaning my collection of things. This will include the lamps of my servants and slaves. You may touch them only to clean and to protect them, never to command or control. Only you will have this power. Do you understand?”

Bridget lowered herself to her knees and bowed with her hands before her head. “Master, you honor me with these charges. I shall obey and I shall die before I fail in them! So swears Bridget of the Purple Lamp.”

Lacey and Ali were both smiling at the newest genie as Rick smirked.

“Sit up Bridget. I have questions of you. Just before the lamp took you, you said “Oh My! How Wonderful!” What did you mean by that?

“Master, deep inside the moral woman Bridget was a hidden desire that had existed since she had read 1001 Arabian Nights years ago as a girl. She had always hoped that the magic there in was real, and she had dreamed of finding it someday. She had also dreamed of being like the woman in the story who was wise and cunning, able to manipulate a great Lord into changing his ways, or being one of the ladies in the stories, swept away by a handsome prince or magician to be ravished in a palace. As the smoke took her and transformed her into me, she realized that her deepest fantasy had come true and her last moments of mortality were filled with absolute joy! Not only that, but as per your special forging of the lamp she has retained her knowledge and her love of art and antiquities and now she will be able to work with that field forever. You have created a very happy genie Master!”

Rick smiled at Ali and Lacey nodded her head as she listened. “Master, you were correct and this is indeed a good thing. She did not resist in the slightest and as such you have created a perfect slave, one that wants this. She will be a fine addition to your harem.”

Rick looked at Lacey and motioned to his cock. Lacey bowed her head and knelt in front of him. With a delicate touch she freed his cock and began to slowly suck. Rick signed in pleasure.

“Go easy, my stamina is increasing but go slow so I can speak. Bridget, is there anyone who will miss you? Anyone who will be coming to look for you? Family, friends, co-workers?”

“Master,the mortal woman Bridget had no family. She had few friends, none of whom will come looking. As for co-workers, she did have several who will be curious if she was to simply disappear. I should submit a resignation of the mortal Bridget with a story and then none will look for her. “

“Well, I command you to do so later today. Tell them Bridget took a job for private collector overseas.”

Bridget bowed and said “It shall be done as you have ordered Master.”

Rick grunted as Lacey’s slow pace gradually made it harder to think. Rick smiled and said “Lacey, it is time to show my latest slave her duties as a harem slave. To the bed chamber.

Lacey snapped her fingers and Rick was now sitting in a silk robe on the couch by the stage. Lacey was still sucking him and Bridget stood in front of him.

Lacey popped her mouth off and stood. “Bridget of the Purple Lamp, attend your Master.”

Bridget strutted forward and lowered herself onto Rick lamp and kissed him passionately. Rick returned the kiss with equal passion. Bridget’s hands opened his robe and rubbed all over his body, touching and caressing, petting and stroking. Rick gently pulled off her silk clothing and heard the jingle of the coins as her garments hit the floor. Bridget spun and mounted him on the couch. His rock hard cock slid easily into her smooth, wet pussy and she moaned in pleasure. She gently and slowly pumped up and down on him keeping a steady rhythm while kissing him deeply. Rick’s stamina had increased since his time with Lacey and he lasted much longer, but in the end he came hard and Bridget matched him.

With a glowing smile she slid off her Master and took his hand. She led him to the bed and she crawled up into the middle. There she turned and smiled as she wiggled her ass at him. With a growl Rick jumped onto the bed and took her from behind. He was more forceful this time slapping her firm ass and making her gasp, and then ramming into her. He pounded on her, grunting and growling, while she panted and moaned. Rick and her came together again and Bridget screamed in pleasure.

Rick was panting as he pulled out. As he leaned back, a slim beautiful hand touched his cock and began to jerk him off gently. Turning his head, he saw a smiling Lacey.

“Master, as head of your harem I must make sure you’re completely satisfied. Lean back and let me ensure you are completely taken care of.” Lacey said with a sexy, yet somewhat commanding voice.

Rick smiled at her and simply said “Continue slave.”

Lacey laid him back and began to lick his cock clean. She worked carefully, slowly, and didn’t miss a spot. Bridget moved behind him and pillowed his head on her lap and she rubbed his temples while cooing “Relax Master, allow your slaves to ensure your pleasure. Do not think, do not worry, relax and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and women’s charms.”

Rick smiled and let out a contented sigh as Lacey mounted his again hardened cock. She went slowly, her fabulous pussy pulling gasps of pleasure from Rick as she and Bridget shared smiles at the pleasure their master was enjoying. Rick didn’t last as long and soon orgasmed into Lacey who again came at the same time. With a final shudder and smile, Rick dropped off to sleep.

Lacey waved her hands and Rick was cleaned and tucked into bed. Lacey waved her hands and she became cleaned and clothed and Bridget joined her as she motioned to the door.

Ali stood in the living with a smile on his face. “I take it our Master is sleeping soundly and that he has been properly served?”

Both genies bowed. “Of course Grand Vizier. Hs body has become much stronger and he had much more fun than yesterday. As head of the harem I made sure that he was fully satisfied.” Lacey stated.

Ali nodded and looked at Bridget. “You did well for your first time. Lacey is the head of harem for a reason, learn from her. Your only reason to exist is to do your Master’s bidding and to ensure his pleasure.”

Bridget bowed and replied “Of course Grand Vizier. I exist to serve and I shall do so to the best of my ability.”

Ali nodded and looked at Lacey again. “Lacey of the First Lamp, you will watch over our Master while he sleeps. When he awakens, summon me. I must speak with Bridget of the Purple Lamp as to her duties as head of the household.”

Lacey bowed and gracefully minced back into the bed chamber to watch her Master sleep.

Ali and Bridget had a long discussion of what exactly the household needed and how it should be addressed. Bridget had a long list of what a “proper” Prince or Master should have and Ali was pleased that she was able to cover all the needed items.

After several hours Rick came out into his living room in a silk robe with Lacey following. He gestured at Ali and Bridget to stand before him with Lacey.

“Bridget of the Purple Lamp, I have my wishes ready. I wish for materials to make another lamp. I wish for wisdom and knowledge in my areas of interest. I want to know about the things I collect and I want to know all about them, to see what is fake, or rebuilt, or what is hidden. I wish for a great hall, linked to the mirror that I can display my collection in and that will grow as it grows. In it I want a place to keep the lamps, safe and sound against theft, fire, or damage, accessible only by me and you the curator and head of the household.” Rick stated.

Bridget bowed her head and clapped her hands together as she spoke strange words. A flash of light and Rick was pulling himself up with the help of Ali.

“Lord, is there a way we can do that WITHOUT the sudden pain in the head? Ouch.” Rick said rubbing his eyes.

Bridget looked crestfallen. “I am soooo sorry Master! Please punish me for hurting you!”

Rick laughed and kissed her. “Don’t worry about it. I have no problems in paying for knowledge with a bit of pain. My wishes are fulfilled then?”

Bridget beamed and nodded. “Yes Master, please allow me to show you.”

She led him to the mirror. “Master, simply touch the frame and think of the room you desire to enter and then pass through.”

Rick did and walked through the portal. A small room was beyond. His clock stood ticking away, highly polished and looked very good. His pocket watch was on display under a glass bowl. Other small items were neatly organized and displayed on the walls. On the far wall a cabinet holding three lamps was mounted on the wall. It was ornate, polished and looked beautiful. Rick tapped the glass and his eyes widened at the hard feeling it had.

“Stronger than steel, Master. No one can smash it, the lock cannot be picked. Only you or I can open it. It will grow as will this room as your collections grow.”

Rick looked at his watch and grinned at the knowledge he had. It was actually older than what he had thought, but had been rebuilt. It was more valuable than what the man selling it to him had thought.

“You have done well. Very well indeed.” Rick said as he looked around and laughed with joy.