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Chapter 4. Heather

Rick stretched at his desk and yawned. Having two genies was wonderful, but hard on the sleep. Ali, Lacey, and Bridget had all voiced concern that their Lord and Master would demean himself by labor (other than that of study and combat, as befitted a true prince), but Rick was firm.

“I have no other way to earn money. At least not yet. I must finish something at work. Once done it will provide money for us to work with. And hopefully a new genie as well.”

Which would be a good thing. Rick knew his expenses were going to go through the roof. He had taken Lacey and Bridget out for a short trip each. He discovered that he couldn’t take Lacey to anything other than the most elite and expensive places. Anything less seemed so beneath him with a woman like Lacey on his arm. They had turned heads and had been ushered to the front of the lines wherever they went. Lots of men had tried to hit on her, but most had waved off when they saw Rick. He was much taller now, very toned and muscled, and had an air of command and wisdom about him. Bridget had been much the same although they had gone to galleries and museums and even a few garage sales. Using he newly acquired skills and knowledge of art and antiques Rick had picked up some impressive items that others had not even suspected. But even doing that would not make him enough money.

Bridget had produced a plan for a “proper household” and it would be hugely expensive. The staff alone would run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. None of them understood why he simply didn’t wish for wealth.

“You can lose wealth, you can be conned, be stupid, made a bad decision, or other things. I don’t want wealth; I want the ability to create wealth. And I know exactly how.”

The “how” was heading past his office towards the board room as he remembered. Heather Landis, investment broker, hedge fund manager, and all around Wall Street Wizard. Heather was a customer of the firm that Rick worked for and he had audited several of her accounts. She knew him in passing as he had caught several errors and saved her some money. Not much considering, but enough for her to know him.

Heather was a rising star in the large Wall Street brokerage firm and had turns several losing Hedge Funds and accounts into top performers. She would be a Senior VP in less than a year at the current rate, but the scuttlebutt was that she was going to jump ship and start her own business.

Aside from these excellent qualifications, Heather was about 27 years old and drop dead gorgeous. She had dark brown, nearly black hair that when hanging free nearly touched her ass. She was toned of course, top physical shape and did 10 km runs for fun. She had a nice set of tits and an hourglass figure that could kill any business suit. Her blue eyes had an intensity that was very appealing to Rick. And she had just dumped some lawyer in NYC and was sans boyfriend.

Rick had everything ready. He had found out that someone had been skimming money from one of her accounts to the tune of several million over 3 years. He had taken awhile to figure it out but had found it was a joint job with a guy in his company and her company working together. He had enough evidence to nail them both. But he had instead blackmailed them. For $2,000,000 of the stolen money he would cover their tracks and they could keep the rest. He had also promised that Heather would not ever find out.

Rick had worked late while Heather had been going over all her accounting on her various accounts with other auditors. Rick had been able to take the last time slot at 5:30 pm, and had been able to screw up some accounts to make the day go long. It was nearly 6:30 pm as he walked into the boardroom that had been set aside for her team’s use while here.

As he had planned, it was just Heather as Rick was normally a simple and quick brief.

“Rick come in. Good to see you, sorry it’s so late. A couple of accounts ran long on the review.” Heather said as she sat at the table and opened a folder.

“No problem. This actually works out better. I found something you need to see, but you only. I found out that a couple of people have been skimming your Limmerman Fund over a period of 3 years. One is definitely in our company but I am very certain that there is one more and that person works for you.”

Heather looked up at him with a no nonsense look. “Show me what you got.”

Rick carried a stack of papers over and started to hand Heather a file. She reached out and he quickly pulled his other hand from under a large stack of papers with a new brass lamp and shoved it into her hand. She closed her hand around it without thinking and gasped.

Rick intoned “As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Heather, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!”

The lamp pulsed and Heather’s eyes glowed. “I, Heather, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me.” Heather responded in a now very familiar monotone voice.

Rick pricked Heather’s finger and before pressing her blood onto the lamp, he spoke again. “I name thee treasurer and financier of the household, and as a harem slave. You will serve your Master in both respects to the utmost of your abilities.”

Heather responded and was engulfed by the smoke. As her face faded away a look of rapture crossed her face as she simply said “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!” in a completely relaxed sigh.

Rick picked up his lamp and grinned. He quickly rubbed it and in a puff of green smoke, Heather appeared. She was even more beautiful than Rick had thought she could be. Her hair was done in a lovely dark brown braid that hung down to just about her waist. A golden ban encircled her head and a green see through silk veil covered her lovely lips. Like his other genies, she wore silk harem/belly dancer lingerie that was completely see through and colored green. Little golden coins jingled from her wrists, ankles, and slim hour glass waist. Her skin was slightly tanned and it accented her blue eyes just a touch. A green emerald bangle hung from her belly button and golden hoop earrings hung from her ears.

Heather put her hands together and bowed to Rick. “I am Heather, Genie of the Lamp, and your humble and loyal servant. I will grant thee three wishes and will serve thee afterwards in whatever function I can until you release me from your service.”

“Very good, Heather of the Green Lamp. I will make my wishes later. As your master I command you to be truthful and answer all questions fully. You will obey without question or hesitation, and will be fully loyal to me. You will serve as my household treasurer and financier, in charge of my wealth and charged with increasing it. When not engaged in that you will serve as my harem slave and will do your utmost to ensure my pleasure and will insure that I am always pleased.”

Heather bowed low again. “Of course Master. Your wish is my command.”

Rick smiled as he picked up Heather’s cellphone. “You will call the mortal Heather’s assistant. They are all flying tomorrow back to NYC. You will tell her that something has come up and that the woman known as Heather will be returning later, probably next Monday. Then this Friday you will email Heather’s resignation to your company and recommend Mr. John Stoddard to take over her accounts. You will tell them Heather have taken an offer overseas with a start up and will be living abroad. You will then transfer whatever funds the mortal woman Heather controlled into new accounts in my name. That along with the funds in an Off-shore account will be your starting capital to grow my wealth. I want accounts set up everywhere as we grow my holdings. Any country I go to, I want to be able to access my money.”

Heather bowed again and said “It shall be done as you command Master. I shall use my powers to the utmost to make you wealthy so you do not have to sully your noble hands with simple work.”

Rick chuckled at that and watched her make the call. Once completed, Rick had her change her clothing into Heather’s old business suit. He then had her leave before him and he stayed at his office for another 15 minutes. He then left, went to the garage and got in his car. He pulled out and drove down the street several blocks until he was well away from his work and then pulled over. He called Heather, and had her meet him and he drove home after putting her in her lamp.

Rick entered into his apartment and was greeted by Bridget, who immediately took his things and with a wave of her hand transported him into his easy chair in a comfortable silk robe and slippers. Lacey was kneeling before him and began to rub his feet as Ali gave him a report on his household.

Rick listened and nodded. “Yes Ali, you are right. A proper staff for my household is needed. And now we have the means to have it. Attend.”

Rick pulled out the newest lamp as his servants and slaves looked on. He rubbed it and Heather materialized in front of them and dropped to her knees and bowed low.

“Heather of the Green Lamp, this is my Grand Vizier Ali. He is second only to me and you will obey him unless his commands contradict mine. This is Lacey of the First Lamp, she is the head of the harem and is the Mistress of the house. She answers to Ali and me only. This is Bridget of the Purple Lamp; head of the household and in charge of its daily functions and upkeep. She is your equal in the harem and her duties and hers are equal. If you have issues in your household positions, you will address them to the Grand Vizier. If you have issues as harem slaves, you will address them to Lacey. You understand?”

“I hear and obey Master.” Heather said with a bow to him, then Ali and Lacey. She smiled and nodded to Bridget who returned the smile and nod.

“I have my wishes ready Heather of the Green Lamp, hear and obey. I wish for the materials for a creating a new genie lamp. I wish for the intelligence, wisdom and understanding of finance and the making of money. I want to know how to make fortunes and grow them. I wish for a treasury for my household linked to the mirror where cash and valuables will be stored and where you will connect with the outside world to trade and conduct business. Connections to all the markets, banks, and engines of finance, as well as a safe house for my liquid wealth.” Rick said and braced himself knowing the knowledge input would hurt.

Heather smiled and said “It shall be done.” And clapped her hands together.

Another flash and Rick’s head spun. It didn’t hurt this time as much and Rick grinned. “I must be getting used to this.” He stated.

Heather smiled at her Master. “No Master. In this case, you actually knew quite a bit already from your experiences. This just refined it and helped focus it. But come, see your treasury.”

Heather gracefully stood and strutted up to Rick and held out her hand. Rick took it and let himself be guided towards the mirror. Heather touched it and led him through.

Rick blinked. While done up in a classical Arabian Style like his other rooms, this one had many modern features. An entire wall was covered in scrolling stock LED boards streaming along. Rick realized there was one for each major market and nearly all the smaller ones. A bank of computers was against another wall, while several desks were arranged around the room. Another wall was covered with filing cabinets and shelves with books and ledgers. On the last wall was a series of large safes with labels such as CASH, GOLD, SILVER, BONDS, STOCKS, BILLS, NOTES, CREDIT CARDS, and JEWELS.

Rick opened safe labeled CASH and saw that it had just a little bit of actual cash in it. “Master, I have just begun to work. I have divided your liquid assets into multiple types, but there is not much now. That will change though. In one week I shall have taken your $2 million and tripled it. Have patience Master.”

Rick turned and grabbed Heather and kissed her passionately. She wrapped her arms around him and returned it with gusto. “Oh, no problems there. Make me wealthy. A Prince such as me should not have to sully his hands with mere work after all.”

Heather’s eyes shown as she nodded. “Yes Master. Let your lowly slaves take care of such stuff, you must relax and focus on proper things. Thank you for taking me into your service Master, I have wanted to be allowed to run a fortune as I saw fit without others interfering and you have made my wish come true! Please, allow me to thank you by fulfilling my other role. That of a harem slave.”

Rick smiled and swept her up in his arms. He carried her into the bed chamber. Lacey entered behind him smiling and knelt in the corner to observe and assist.

Heather had been a powerful woman, but Rick wasn’t in the work for heavy power sex tonight. He had a sense (probably due to his earlier wish of being a great lover) that his new genie would be much more enjoyable if he took his time.

Rick laid the beautiful genie down and lay down next to her. He kissed her softly and let his hands gently roam over her lovely body. Heather gasped and moaned quietly and kissed him softly on his neck and lips. Rick slowly stripped her naked, teasing her and then using her garments to tie her hands and legs and then blindfold her. He then licked her tits and nibbled her nipples which caused her to cry out and thrash. Rick slowly worked his way down and began to lick her clean shaven pussy.

Heather was gasping and thrashing. “Master! Master! Please, don’t stop! Oh please Master! OHHHHHH MASTERRRRRRRRRRR!” Heather screamed out as she came hard. As her twitching body began to relax Rick straddled her and without warning slipped his cock into her slick pussy.

Heather’s body arched like she had been shot and her gasp was loud. Her pussy muscles seized up and seemed to give a huge long pull on Rick’s dick. The surprised react and the slow build of Rick’s desire caused him to come immediately and Heather did as well.

Rick caught his breath and untied his slave. He removed his blindfold and Heather looked at him with a warm smile. She pushed him gently over and put a finger to his lips. She then worked her way down slowly and gave him a lovely slow blowjob. He came, and she warmed him up again, and then straddled him. She pumped up and down on him slowly and gradually built up a bit of speed causing him to come a third time.

Rick lay back with a smile and Heather moved around a lay her Master’s head in her lap. Lacey glided over and slowly licked his crotch clean. She gently kissed him several times and whispered “I am glad your new slave pleases you Master. Rest now, your slaves will awake you in the morning.”

Rick almost immediately drifted off to sleep with a huge smile on his face. Lacey clapped her hands and he became clean and dressed in a silk robe.

“Heather of the Green Lamp, go the treasury and begin your work. Our Master’s household needs money, a great deal of it in order for Master to be properly cared for. Our Master needs a palace, cars, clothes, jewelry, scents, and other property as befits a prince. Go and fulfill your task. I will watch Master until he awakes.”

Heather bowed low and replied “Yes Lacey of the First Lamp, I obey.”