The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 5, Nicole

“Very well. It appears that is the best choice, go ahead and do it. As this is one of our longer terms investments I see no reason to rush. You have done well Heather of the Green Lamp.”

Heather bowed to Rick and replied “Thank you Master, I am glad you are pleased. Shall I please you in other ways?” Heather licked her red lips and drew her left index finger down her ample breasts while she smiled at her creator and Master.

Ali chuckled. “Away with you. This is the time to complete household business. Pleasure will come later.”

Heather giggled and stood. She bowed again to them both and then gracefully walked away with her lovely hips swaying and her perfect ass on display through the see through green silk.

Rick watched her go with a sigh. “Business always seems to intrude. A good thing or otherwise I would become numbed with pleasure. I did not realize Genies were such sex addicts, I might have changed up how I created them.”

Ali chuckled again. “You lie poorly Master. And you are only the Master of three of them. Your plans require many more. I am glad indeed you are setting things up ahead of time otherwise you would indeed be in trouble with even more genies vying for you attentions.”

Rick nodded and then turned to his Grand Vizier and chief advisor. “Ali, things are going well for my house. Heather’s abilities, coupled with your abilities in scrying and seeing things without being seen has allowed a small amount of wealth to grow quickly and legally. At this rate, we will be able to gain all we need. The Condo on the beach is already purchased, and the mansion in Beverly Hills will soon be ours. By the end of the month, the household will have a monthly income of $1 million to keep itself. More than enough, but it will do nothing but grow.”

“Indeed Master. Your treasurer and curator both are doing well. Bridget has brought in many items that are worth far more than many people realized. Even with the ones you keep for you collection, the money earned from selling the others is substantial.”

“And I enjoy doing it as well. It’s very nice to have the doors of the most exclusive galleries and shows swung wide open.” Rick stated. Using Bridget’s mortal contacts and her magic Rick was now going to shows and displays at least 3 times a week. When he wasn’t going with Bridget, he was at the hottest spots with Lacey, the most sexual and beautiful of his creations and she turned heads. Even without her on his arm, Rick was turning some heads himself, his wishes to become a greater lover, a wiser and smarter man, and a financial wizard had changed his body and mind. He was bigger, taller, very attractive man that seemed to ooze male strength and power. Women checked him out wherever he went.

Which had led to the current problem and possible solution. The problem was security, and the possible solution was a woman named Nicole.

While out with Lacey, Rick had run afoul of some rich spoiled college frat punks who had tried to pick up Lacey with Rick right there. They had shoved Rick when he told them to back off, and had been trying to grab Lacey when Rick had smashed a bottle over one of the frat punks head. Security had just arrived and threw them all out. Rick and Lacey headed towards his car and the frat punks started to chase him when a police cruiser pulled up. If the cop had just stayed in the car they would have likely stopped, but instead a woman cop got out. When the frat punks saw she was a woman they started laughing and sent in their biggest guy to “teach the bitch a lesson”.

It had been quite a lesson. The officer had broken the guy’s arms in two places and put his head through a car window. She then roundhouse kicked one who tried to come up behind her and knocked him cold. The others had run off after that.

The officer turned out to be a stunning red-headed amazon named Nicole O’Shea. Rick had refrained from making any Irish jokes and gave her a statement along with Lacey. Rick noticed Lacey was carefully checking the officer out and was smiling. Nicole had given Rick and Lacey her card and copy of the statements and said that if anything else was needed he would receive a call.

At Rick’s apartment, Lacey had told her Master that Nicole was a perfect choice for the next genie.

“She is strong, beautiful, and would be an excellent slave, Master. Your household will need protection, she would be a perfect captain of the guard and personal bodyguard for you. Enslave her, bind her to a lamp and make her yours!” Lacey said with a gleam in her eyes.

Rick smiled at the memory and continued speaking to Ali. “The mansion in the hills is somewhat isolated. It is large and with the changes we want it will be perfect as my palace here. But you have seen the reports. What attracts us to it also attracts crime. It is up in the hills, it is isolated, and any aid will be at least 20 minutes in responding. Even with the best security systems, the place has been robbed many times. I agree with Lacey, my household needs a guard and Nicole will be a perfect Captain.”

Ali nodded. “Yes Master, I agree. After observing her and her skills I believe she will indeed be a fine choice. We must be careful though, she is well known in the local law enforcement community. Any sudden changes in her attitude will arouse suspicion.”

“True, but we can be careful and it will work. She is taking 3 weeks off starting tonight to go camping and then attend a training camp for free-style martial arts. We can take her and work the details. She has talked about taking a long leave of absence and going to study martial arts abroad. We can do this.”

Ali bowed to his Master. “Of course Master. I have prepared everything you need. She is getting off shift in 15 minutes. If her past history is any guide she will head out to a small beach to swim and work out prior to heading home.

Rick nodded and packed his things. He then headed out.

After a drive Rick parked near a small beach south between LA and San Diego. The beach had some folks there, but not many. It wasn’t good for surfing, parking was limited and it was a bit out of the way. But enough folks happened by that Rick wouldn’t seem completely out of place.

Rick quickly spotted Nicole in the water. Her fire engine red hair stood out like a flashbulb in a dark room. Rick watched her stride out of the water. She was tall, over 6 feet, and her body was a hard and muscled. Her tits were not the biggest, maybe a 34 at least, but her attitude and tone made her sexy as hell. This was a woman that only the brave would approach, never mind try to date.

Rick waited until she was starting to dry herself off and then called out to her.

Nicole turned and looked as he walked up. She seemed on guard and then a flicker of recognition came across her face.

“Hi Officer O’Shea. I’m not sure you remember me from the other night, but you saved me and my girlfriend from some frat punks.” Rick said with a smile.

“Yeah, I remember you. Rick right? Yes, well, what can I do for you?” she said not offering her hand and looking a bit wary.

“I wanted to thank you again for helping us out. I, uh, well we, made you this. I’m a metal smith by hobby and my girlfriend and I figured it would be a nice gesture. Everyone seems to be down on cops today and we wanted to just show you our thanks for what you did.” Rick said as he held out a new lamp.

Nicole looked at it and then at Rick. “Uh, thank you. Sorry, I’m not used to getting thanks or gifts for this. And you shouldn’t be giving this to me. In fact I’m not sure I can accept it.” Nicole stated and started to dry her hair.

“Oh. I can see that. Can you at least look at this and let me get a picture of you with it? I’ll tell my girlfriend I gave it to you and she’ll be okay with that. If not, she will likely try to catch you at the station. She is big on thanking people.” Rick said as he held out the lamp.

Nicole finished drying her hair and muttered something under her breath. “Okay, just one photo though.” And reached out to the lamp.

She stiffened the second she touched the lamp and Rick closed his hands on hers. Looking over his shoulders he nodded to where Ali and Lacey had been standing. They had turned themselves invisible and now began to wave their hands. The few other people on the beach all slumped or laid down in the sand and in a few seconds the entire beach was sound asleep.

“As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Nicole, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!”

Nicole immediately responded. “I,Nicole, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me.”

Rick pricked Heather’s finger and before pressing her blood onto the lamp, he spoke again. “I name thee Captain of the Household guard, bodyguard to you Master, and a harem slave. You will serve your Master in all respects to the utmost of your abilities.”

Nicole repeated it back to him and the smoke engulfed her. Just before completely fading away, Nicole’s face took on a look of rapture and Rick heard “Oh Fuck YEAH!”

Rick looked at the lamp in his hands and smiled. He picked up all of Nicole’s things and walked over to his other servants. They followed him to his car. Rick had Lacey take Nicole’s car and then headed back to Rick’s apartment.

Once inside and sitting in his chair, Rick rubbed his newest lamp. Smoke trailed out of the lamp and then his latest genie stood before him.

Nicole put her hands together and bowed to Rick. “I am Nicole, Genie of the Lamp, and your humble and loyal servant. I will grant thee three wishes and will serve thee afterwards in whatever function I can until you release me from your service.”

Nicole stood before her Master in a bright red silk harem costume. Unlike the others this one had some changes. Nicole’s red hair was done in a long braid that hung down to her ass and was tipped with a metal point. Her veil was more of red silk neck gator that clung to her face and neck. She wore little ruby studs in her ears, and heavy bracelets and anklets. Her arms and legs were bare and showed off the muscles. She was completely barefoot and her costume, while see-through red silk was tight on her body and only covered her tits and pelvic region. At her waist was a belt holding her pistol and a curved dagger set with rubies. Her green eyes flashed as they caught the light.

Rick smiled and though how familiar this was getting and laid out his rules about honestly, loyalty and fully answering questions and then charged Nicole with her duties.

“Nicole, you have been chosen to be the Captain of the Household Guard and to be responsible for the security and well being of the household and your Master. You answer to me and my Grand Vizier Ali only. When you are fulfilling the role of a harem slave, you will answer to Lacey of the First Lamp.”

“Of course Master, I exist to serve. I shall train a household guard that will be invincible and 100% loyal to you and you alone.” Nicole replied in a sultry voice.

“Very well, my wishes are as follows. I wish to be a proper warrior prince, to know combat and fighting skills of all types and be in the shape to do so. I wish you to add a workout and training hall to my special palace that we can train in and keep in shape. I wish for the materials to make more lamps.” Rick said and braced himself.

Nicole nodded with a hard smile. “Done, and with great pleasure Master.” She clapped her hands together and Rick fell off his chair. He stood up after a few seconds as Lacey helped him up.

“Ah, that is something I don’t think I will ever get used to, that sudden blast of knowledge.” Rick said as he stood. Nicole smiled at him and then lunged at him.

Without thought Nick parried her thrust with his hand and returned a punch which Nicole blocked. They circled for a few seconds trading blows and Nicole eased back and bowed low to her Master. “Very well done Master. You indeed have great skill now to go with your body.”

Rick looked in the mirror and cocked an eyebrow. He was taller, his muscled were much more toned and hardened, but not obscenely so. He had a definite air of command that mixed will with his sexual and intellectual airs. Lacey seemed to like the changes as she was chewing on her index finger with a big smile and seemed a bit breathless. Ali even seemed impressed.

Rick strode to his mirror portal and entered with Nicole following. He nodded in appreciation at the training hall. It was big, big enough for a 400 meter track on the outside. Weight machines and free weights were spaced around the walls, along with racks of weapons. One side had several ranges for guns and archery. The inside of the track had numerous treadmills and stair-master machines and a large area for sparring and fighting.

Rick nodded as he stepped into the center ring area. He looked at Nicole who had followed behind him and without warning pivoted and punched her in the face. She rolled with it and came up swinging. Rick didn’t hold back and kicked, punched, bit, tripped, slapped, and chopped away at Nicole who gave her best back. The spun and parried for nearly 20 minutes, and Rick was covered in bruises. He finally grappled Nicole and pinned her to the ground. He looked into her blazing eyes and her growling throat and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Nicole’s eyes widened and with a deep throated growl she flipped Rick on his back, jumped on him and kissed him back. She ripped off Rick’s clothes while Rick tore her veil off and pulled her head back by her braid. They thrashed and clawed and Rick got as beat up fucking Nicole as he had fighting her. He finally pinned her against the wall and fucked her from behind while she screamed like an animal. He and Nicole came together and collapsed in a heap.

Nicole recovered and bowed low to Rick. “Master, thank you for that! The mortal Nicole had always liked rough sex but had never found anyone who could go all out as you have. That was a wonderful workout and a wonderful fuck!” With a clap of her hands, Rick’s wounds healed and his bruises went away. He still felt tired though, and rose slowly.

Nicole led him into the bed chamber where Lacey, Bridget, and Heather awaited them. Under Lacey’s direction, the three other genies slowly stripped Rick and gave him a full body massage. They then bathed him, and dressed him in a fine silk robe.

Rick lay his head back onto Nicole’s lap and she rubbed his face while Lacey gave him a nice slow blowjob and then licked him clean.

“Sleep Master, we will wake you in the morning and we shall begin building your household” Lacey said with smile as the other genies nodded and kissed their Master.

Rick fell asleep and Lacey motioned for the others to leave. Nicole looked a bit reluctant but Lacey was firm.

“In the Harem, I am the mistress and only Master can counter me. You have business to discuss with the Grand Vizier about forming the house guard. While I am here, no one save by my word may enter. Master is safe.” Lacey said with a voice of command.

Nicole bowed and replied “Yes Lacey of the First Lamp. Forgive me, I forgot my place and your place. I shall do as you command.”