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Chapter 7, Lotus

Lacey frowned at the Grand Vizier. “Another conflict within the household in terms of scheduling. Bridget and Nicole are both mad at the other due to Master promising them both time at the same time. I was able to work it out only by pushing back Heather’s report which then led to Susan’s update being delayed. We cannot have this.”

Ali sighed. “You are correct, Lacey of the First Lamp. This house, especially the Master himself, requires a secretary or scribe to manage the time. Each of your genies does a fine job in their areas, but we have no coordination. I would have thought Bridget would have covered that but she has been focused too much on the internal running of the household and with such a large staff she cannot take this on. I will approach Master and have him create another genie to fill this task for us.”

Lacey smiled demurely. “Grand Vizier, I was hoping you would say that. It just so happens I know the perfect candidate…”


Lacey grinned as she strutted with Rick into a VIP room overlooking the main stage. The staff had been practically falling over themselves to take care of Rick. Lacey had briefed her Master well on the right words, tips, and who to see in order to get “the treatment” and as a result Rick and Lacey were getting treated like royalty.

“Good thing, my Master IS a Lord and Prince after all. He needs to be treated as such and learn that it is his due and place in the world.” Lacey thought to herself as the head waiter sat them in a booth and promised that the best wine in the house would be delivered soon.

Lacey smiled at some of her dimming mortal memories of her time here. Anyone who rated the balcony was THE score as far as the dancers were concerned. The rich, the connected, the powerful, the discreet; those were the whales who could drop thousands on a dancer for a single lap dance. Lacey knew girls who had gotten cars, furs, jewels, clothes, trips, even a boat once.

Lacey had already primed Rick on who to ask for after they had enjoyed the shows and dances. Lacey had used her powers to conceal herself. She was still a knock out, but didn’t look like Lacey to anyone here at the club. She looked like a gold digger taking her ticket out for some excitement and in a way that was correct.

Lacey used her powers carefully on Rick. His charge had been to see to his pleasure and not to betray him or hurt him and she wasn’t going to. But she was going to set some things in motion and make sure that her ultimate sugar daddy and fuck stud was under her control. Even she couldn’t brain wash him or magically hypnotize him, she had years of experience in manipulating men and Rick’s wording in creating her as the Genie of the First Lamp had left her some room to maneuver if she did so carefully.

Lacey used her powers to get Rick increasingly horny as he watched the dancers. She had told him that there was one in particular he needed to see and this was her night. It was, but she wasn’t on until after midnight. They had about an hour to go and just as she planned, she got Rick nice and horny and they fucked. Lacey used her genie and head of harem powers to give Rick such an incredible fuck that he passed out. Lacey quickly used to her powers to clean him up and keep him asleep. She would wake him when the time came with him none the wiser.

She slipped out of the private lounge and easily slipped backstage where she was able to find the woman she had come for.


That was her stage name and actually her real name. She had been a Chinese national going to UCLA with Lacey. She was smart and had been an administrative and teaching assistant in the Business School and had been really great at it. Lacey had made friends with her because she had tons of useful information and she was also a hottie. Lacey kept hot company and she made sure this Asian beauty was part of her clique.

After becoming study friends, Lacey had gradually introduced her to the party life. She invited her to all the hot parties, hung out with the in crowd, got her into some drugs (nothing to ruin her life, just enough for fun), got her into drinking (same idea as the drugs), and eventually got her to try out at The Grand Ball. She had been a hit and that weekend party had been epic. When she had sobered up, she was nearly $15K richer, had had the most amazing sex she had ever had, a new dragon tattoo over her ass, and a completely new outlook on life.

She had changed her name to Lotus the next Monday, dropped out of school, and had become one of the hottest dancers at the club. Her Asian looks, enhanced tits, tattoo, and British accented English (she was from Hong Kong originally), made her one of the top earners after Lacey.

Best thing however, was that she had been one of Lacey’s closest friends. Lacey had trusted her completely and had always made sure she watched out for Lotus. She had been able (with Master’s permission) to write her friends and give them a story about having a great boyfriend who was spoiling her rotten and that she had moved out of town, so Lacey knew that her showing up wouldn’t freak Lotus out.

Lacey knocked on Lotus’ changing room door and stepped inside.

Lotus was doing her makeup in the mirror and when she saw Lacey she gasped and let out a happy squeal. “Lacey! Oh how wonderful! I’m so glad to see you!” She jumped up and hugged her tight while Lacey smiled at her mortal friend.

Lotus had not changed. She was just under 6 feet tall, her long black hair glistened and was done up in a high tower on her head with little wisps hanging down by her ears. Her lips and nails were cherry red, and she was in a fax leather wet look halter and thong with a garter belt and black lace stockings ending in 6 inch black heels. Her tits were nice perfect 38 DD. She had surgery done by the best in the business and they looked real as could be.

Lacey smiled and sat down with Lotus and they talked a bit. Lotus was now THE top performer at the club and was thinking about breaking into porn due to the amount of money. At the mention of money, Lacey interrupted.

“Actually girlfriend that’s why I’m here. I’ve got a job offer for you from my Sugar Daddy, one that you can’t turn down. When I say that everything you ever wanted you can have if you take this job, I am dead fucking serious.” Lacey said with her business smile.

Lotus recognized that smile and a dirty smile crossed her face. “If that came from anyone other than you I would laugh, but when it comes to getting the sugar you are the queen. What’s the gig?”

“Before you interrupt, let me finish. The job is being a secretary for my Master’s Household. I know how that sounds, just hear me out. About 2 months ago I got enslaved by Master. He had powers that are amazing and he transformed me into a genie. Specifically, a sex genie to control his harem and I have been doing that ever since. I am the third most powerful in the house and literally everything I have ever wanted I can have: Sex with a stud, cars, money, furs, jewels and gems, mansions, trips, you fucking name it. I only have to serve as his harem slave and that fucking rocks! He has a total of 5 genies including me, but he needs someone to help him manage his time. That’s where you come in. I know how good you were in college, you’re hot enough, and best of all I trust you. I am a slave to the lamp; Master is the only one who can touch it so he owns me. But if I’m clever I can manipulate him. The other genies are all hogties, but have special tasks. I have been given power over them, but I can’t trust them like I can trust you. If you come with me and become a genie slave, then we can work on getting others we trust turned into genies and we can carefully control Master via sex, influence, and our household positions.” Lacey stated.

Lotus was trying hard not to laugh, Lacey could tell. She had expected as much and had prepared. “I can see you need a bit of convincing so here, let me show you.” She clapped her hands and her legs turned to mist and she floated in front of her friend.

Lotus blinked and gasped and backed up. Lacey clapped again and Lotus floated up off her feet. Lacey waved her hands and a silk scarf popped into Lotus’ mouth before she could scream.

Lacey strutted over to her friend. She was glad she had been able to do this. Rick’s charge to her as head of the harem meant many things, some of which he hadn’t really figured out but Lacey, with Ali’s help had. Ali, like Lacey, felt that only 5 harem slaves was not nearly enough (apparently in Ali’s reality, women out numbered the men by a large margin so a male had many wives or concubines), and that aside from more genie slaves, Rick also needed mortal slaves with whom to have heirs. Lacey, as head of the harem was in charge of providing women for Rick harem using her abilities. So long as her aim was linked to gaining Rick more harem slaves she could use her powers however she needed. Lacey definitely wanted Lotus in the harem and so her powers were working.

Lacey held up her hand, waved her other hand over it and Lotus’ eyes grew wide at the golf ball sized diamonds that appeared. Another wave and they became emeralds. Another and they became Sapphires, then gold coins, then jewelry, and then were gone.

“That was nothing Lotus. NOTHING. There is a room in the Master’s palace that had vaults that are filling with gold and jewels as we speak. Master has custom sets made for his genie slaves, and at the rate he spoils us we will have a different full set of jewels to wear for each day of the week. Only the finest silks and furs ever touch our hot bodies, we have slaves that serve us hand and foot. And out Master is a Sex GOD, he had been improved upon by each genie and you will have pleasures that no mortal shall ever know. Come with me, help me in my plans, and the rewards will be beyond your dreams.”

Lacey looked into Lotus’ eyes and saw no fear, only cold calculation. The calculation of an expert gold digger who was measuring up a deal. After a few seconds, she nodded yes and Lacey removed the gag.

Lotus looked at her friend and shook her head a bit. “Damn girl. I’m still not sure about this, but fuck me! I saw that stuff! I fucking floated! Even if you are punking me, you put so much effort into it I’ll play along and laugh if it’s a joke in the end.”

Lacey smiled. “It’s no joke Lotus. Here’s what you need to do…”


Rick staggered back to his limo. Lacey and Lotus were holding him up. He had drunk a lot of expensive wine and booze and had gotten to be the judge of a lap dance competition between Lacey and Lotus. Lacey had won, but she had suggested that a weekend at Rick’s place was a great consolation prize. Lacey had already called Bridget and one of the household had already picked up Master’s Ferrari that they had driven there in and another had brought a limo for them to ride home in.

Rick sat down with a “whuf” and laughed as a giggling Lotus plopped down on his lap and started kissing him. She was the hottest Asian Rick had ever seen and he had given Lacey the nod earlier that this one would do nicely.

Lotus started getting more passionate and as she dropped her hand to Rick’s crotch she touched a lamp Rick had pulled from the seat. Lotus froze instantly as Rick began the ritual.

“As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Lotus, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!” Rick said with a steady voice.

The lamp pulsed and Lotus’ eyes glowed. “I, Lotus, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me.”

If Rick had been a tad more sober he might have noticed that instead of the usual monotone voice a woman had when being taken, Lotus’ voice was actually very excited. While her eyes glowed, her face had also formed a huge smile. But Rick was a bit to blasted to notice as he was concentrating on not screwing up.

Rick pricked Lotus’ finger and before pressing her blood onto the lamp, he spoke again. “I name thee my household secretary, keeper of my daily routine and the routine of the household, and as a harem slave. You will serve your Master in both respects to the utmost of your abilities.”

“I am the household secretary and a harem slave. I will serve my Master in both respects to the utmost of my abilities.” Lotus responded.

Rick pressed the blood onto the lamp and Lotus’ was engulfed in the smoke. It was much faster than normal and Lotus barely squeaked out “It’s really happening!” before she was sucked into the lamp.

Rick frowned. “Huh, that one was a bit odd. I wonder…”

He broke off as Lacey kissed him deeply. She waved her hands over his body and his clothes disappeared and before he could take a breath Lacey had straddled him and eased his cock into her beautiful pussy. Rick gasped and began to slowly pump as Lacey used her powers to increase Rick’s sensation and pleasure. After the lap dances, kissing, playing, petting and messing around Rick lasted only five minutes and came hard. As he came down Lacey kissed him deeply and whispered in Rick’s ear “Sleep my Lord and Master. When we arrive home we shall enjoy your new slave, but rest now.”

Rick’s head tipped back without a sound and he fell asleep with the new lamp in his hand. Lacey waved her hands and Rick reappeared lying down in the back seat with his head pillowed on Lacey lap. She rubbed his hair and smiled at him.

“Master, I shall make you the happiest man on this world. You shall have pleasure that only the Gods have known, I swear it.” Lacey said with an evil smile as she looked at her Master and then at his newest lamp.


“I am Lotus, Genie of the Lamp, and your humble and loyal servant. I will grant thee three wishes and will serve thee afterwards in whatever function I can until you release me from your service.”

Rick grinned at his latest genie. He had fallen asleep on the limo ride back from the Grand Ball club and had awoken when Lacey had shaken him gently. He was lying in his bedroom, naked under the sheets with the lamp in his hand.

Before him knelt his newest genie, Lotus. She was easily the hottest of his genies, other than Lacey and maybe Bridget. She was Chinese (or had been), tall, slender, toned, hourglass figure, grace, black hair that shone in the light, dark almond eyes, and 38DD tits. She was decked out in golden see-through silk that covered her tits, wrapped her arms and legs, golden slippers, and a sort of lacey gold loincloth that was also see through. A belt of woven gold was clasped around her waist, gold bracelets and anklets adorned her arms and legs, and she wore a gold headband with her long hair done up in a tower. And most interesting for Rick was that she sported her Dragon tattoo around waist in flashing colors and reflected the light.

Lotus bowed low as Rick looked at her. “Master, what does thou command me to do? Your wish in my command, your pleasure is my duty.”

Rick grinned and slid out of his bed and faced her. “Lotus, I charge you with being the household secretary, scribe, and my personal assistant. You will coordinate my household activities and my personal calendar. You answer to me, Grand Vizier Ali, and Lacey of the First Lamp. You will also be a harem slave and as such answer to Lacey. You will ensure that my other specialists work in concert and harmony. Any issues will be resolved by the Grand Vizier. Questions?”

Lotus smiled and replied “None Master, the mortal Lotus was an excellent aide and adjunct, I will use my powers and skills for you and your house shall run as a well made clock.”

“Very good. I have my wishes. I wish for more materials to make more lamps. I wish for a legal office for Susan of the Yellow Lamp. I wish for a proper room for myself to conduct business, a place for me to work, or meditate, or meet with my servants and slaves. A throne room.” Rick said.

Lotus smiled broadly. “Very wise and kind of you Master.” She clapped and for once Rick didn’t have his head feel like it had been slammed around in a dryer.

Lotus gracefully stood and took Rick by the hand. She led him to his portal doorway and led him through it into a magnificent hall.

Rick gaped at the sight. It was easily as big as his bedchamber. Two rows of pillars made of white marble lined the sides. Polished Marble made the floor and a large red carpet led from the doorway up to a raised platform or 10 steps. Each step was a meter wide at least, and a huge gold throne covered in expensive silks and cushions sat at the center. Rick walked up to it and sat down, feeling very powerful and important.

Lotus remained at the bottom step and bowed low. “It is as it should be my Prince and Master. Someone of your power, courage, and strength should rule from on high.”

Rick glanced at her and almost replied with a “no”, but he didn’t say anything. He felt it might be a bit rude to his genie who had obviously put a lot of effort into it, and a little voice in his head was going “SHIT YEAH!” as he surveyed his throne room.

Lotus stood and gracefully strutted over to a large desk at the foot of the platform to his right side and sat down. She clapped her hands and several flat screens popped up, a couple of keyboards, and several filing cabinets appeared behind her and several phones appeared on the desk as she sat down and began to type.

“Master, I shall soon have a basic schedule built and I will call a meeting for all the genies and the Grand Vizier to flesh it out. Do you have anything specific I need to address in the meeting on your behalf?” Lotus said with smile.

“No, but before that we have one more thing to take care of Lotus of the Gold Lamp. Come here and attend your Master, I want to see if this throne can fit two.” Rick said as he stood naked and held out his hand.

With a smoky smile Lotus arose and glided over to him. She and Rick embraced in a long slow kiss. Lotus looked into Rick’s eyes and Rick could see undisguised lust burning in them. Lotus smiled and seemed to slither down to her knees. She began to daintily lick Rick’s cock with little touches and kisses. Rick got hard fast at the teasing and when he tried to shove it into her mouth; she coyly caught it and kissed it. She then said “Master, patience please. I will show you great pleasure but allow me to set the pace.”

Rick growled a yes, and she continued. She had him hard as a diamond and she then grasped his cock in her hand and used it to direct him back to his throne. Rick wasn’t even able to think straight by then but was lost in lust and horniness. Lotus sat him down and then eased off her silk garments while continuing to touch his cock with teases, caresses, and kisses. When she was at last naked Rick was a mess; sweating, panting, grunting, his hands white knuckled from grabbing the throne armrests.

Lotus then turned her back to him and gently eased down onto him. Rick actually howled when she sank completely onto him and began to pump slowly. Rick could take it no longer and grabbed her around the waist and began to pound her like a jackhammer. Lotus began moaning, then grunting, and then squealing as she was overcome by lust and they fucked like animals.


Rick and Lotus came hard and they both screamed. Rick gasped several times as he came down and his eyes simply rolled up and fell back onto his throne with a huge smile on his face.

Lacey and Ali entered the throne room as Lotus waved her hands and cleaned herself. She bowed low to both of them as they approached the throne and ascended to stand by Rick unconscious form slumped back in the golden throne.

Ali nodded. “Indeed, an excellent way to break in a throne room. Lotus, you have done well, I don’t think I have seen Rick this pleasured since he first took Lacey of the First Lamp. As a harem slave I think you have nothing to fear. But your job as clerk, scribe and secretary for the household is another matter. In one hour I am calling a meeting to set the schedule, you will lead it and get this household organized and on track as the mortals say.”

“As you command Grand Vizier, so shall it be.” Lotus said as she bowed.

Ali nodded and walked out leaving Lacey and Lotus. Lacey smiled evilly at Lotus. “You did your dick tease on him? It is good that these rooms are proof against spying or sounds, I think most of LA would have heard him if not.”

Lotus returned the evil smile. “Of course Lacey of the First Lamp, I know no better way to gain influence over a man than by that method. I think I nearly drove him mad with lust. But as you said, he has great strength and endurance. He was the best fuck I have ever had, as a genie or mortal.”

“He gets better all the time. I will see him to his bedchamber, he must rest poor thing. But after the meeting, we must ensure the well being of Master. And for that, Master needs more genies.”

Lotus nodded and bowed to her mistress. “Of course Lacey of the First Lamp, I Lotus of the Gold Lamp hear and obey.”