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Chapter 8, Dominika

Rick staggered a bit as he walked out of the bathroom. Nicole caught his arm and said “Steady Master, you have not recovered yet from your workout. You are tired; perhaps a rest is in order? I can help you sleep very well.”

Nick grinned at his grinning slave. “Heh, I know you certainly could but I would think that after our workout you would have had enough for today.”

“Master, I can never have enough of you. Merely a suggestion, but please take care of yourself. Great Prince or not, you are mortal and have no heir. You must be careful; to lose you would be a terrible thing.” Nicole said as she escorted him into his throne room.

After he was sitting comfortably on his throne, Nicole bowed low and backed out of the hall. Lotus smiled as she left. “Ah Master, it always warms my heart to see you atop your throne with your slaves showing you the respect a great Prince such as yourself deserves.”

Rick nodded and stretched. “Indeed it does. I have had my daily briefs and the household meeting isn’t until later. Any business to discuss until then? If not, I am going to go to the den and watch some football.”

Lotus stood with a small folder and bowed at the base of his dais. Rick motioned her up and she soon had him signed various orders and forms. While Rick signed the important things in his section meetings, there was still a great deal of mundane paperwork to do. As Rick wanted his money above board so no one would be tempted to investigate him, it did require a great deal of paperwork, genies or not.

Lotus waved her hand and a glass of wine materialized in her right hand. She handed it to Rick and he sipped it. As he signed he kept drinking, and didn’t notice that the glass refilled slowly. After about 30 minutes of paperwork Rick was pretty hammered. His work out prior to this didn’t help and he was giggling by the time he was done signing.

Lotus smiled and sat in his lap. “Master, I don’t think you need to watch any football. I think we can find other ways to, entertain?”

Rick smiled as Lotus kissed him. He soon had her stripped and bent over his throne and was fucking her up the ass wildly. Suddenly Rick felt another set of hands on his shoulders and he turned to see Susan smiling at him with a dopey grin. “Master, I think two is better than one. May I?”

Rick kissed her deeply while continuing to pound Lotus. Susan soon was stripped down and was licking his balls. Rick didn’t last long and blew a load into Lotus. He staggered back and before he could blink Susan had waved her hand over Rick’s cock and he was overcome with lust again. With a growl he leapt on Susan and fucked her on the floor. After screwing her hard for nearly 10 minutes, they both came and Rick passed out.

Lacey appeared and clapped her hands. Susan and Lotus both stood. Lotus looked over at Susan who had slightly glazed eyes and still had that dopey grin.

Lacey nodded to Susan. “You have completed your task as a harem slave, return to your duties Susan of the Yellow Lamp.”

Susan bowed to Lacey and said “As you command Lacey, Mistress of the Harem. I obey.” She started to slink off and Lotus watched as her walk got less slutty and more businesslike as she got to the door. By the time she passed through it she was striding like a tigress.

Lotus shared a smile with Lacey. “Your theory worked then? When you call upon the other genies to fulfill their roles as Harem Slaves they must obey without question?”

“Yes. I tried in on Bridget earlier today before Master’s time with Nicole. She finished Master’s report with a rather enjoyable blowjob for the Master, leaving him tired for Nicole, who wore him down further, and then you and Susan finished him off. I doubt he will be up for today’s meeting, but it was worth it to ensure my power over the others. We must ensure that Master always makes any new genie a harem slave so can influence them.” Lacey said.

“I plan on bringing up Master’s health at the meeting. He is drinking too much, and having too much sex without aid. Even in the shape he is in, continually fucking genies will likely have detrimental effects on his long term health. He must use a wish or better, gain court physician to aid him in maintaining his health.” Lotus stated at Lacey with a wink and Lacey nodded back with a smile.

Again, Lacey knew exactly who they needed to recruit…


Lacey gracefully glided up behind Grand Vizier Ali. Ali was standing on a balcony looking down over LA. Lacey had noticed that he was often here just watching the city.

“Grand Vizier, I must speak with you.” She said bowing low.

“Yes, I believe you do. What is it?” Ali said without looking back.

“Grand Vizier, I fear I have made a mistake today and I felt I should let you know of it. I have been studying my powers as the Mistress of the Harem and discovered that if I call upon other genies who have been enslaved as harem slaves, they must obey my commands. I discovered this by accident with Bridget, whom I accidentally commanded to pleasure Master at the end of their art meeting. She ended the session with a fantastic blowjob. Master then had his workout with Nicole. I was not with them but Nicole and Master ended up having another brutal combat sex. After Master left he went to the throne room to do some paperwork. I had noticed what had happened to Bridget after my comments earlier and I decided to test them again. I sought out Susan and ordered her as a harem slave to become ditzy, horny, and slutty and then to seek out Master and have great sex with him. She did, but I did not realize that at the same time Master was fucking Lotus and that Lotus had provided him much drink. I have corrected her thinking on the drink as it is a holdover from her mortal days and that Master should not be kept constantly drunk in order to enjoy his life. Master ended up with three way fuck and passed out. I used my magic to give him some fluids and have placed him in bed to rest. I enchanted him to sleep until tomorrow morning as he needs much rest to recover. I did not realize my powers over the others or I would not have stacked so many women for him at one time. I did not mean to hurt our beloved Master! Please forgive me for my stupidity and mistakes!”

Lacey knelt and placed her head on her hands before Ali.

“Lacey of the First Lamp, you show that you learn from experience. That is called wisdom. And it shows you were wise to report to me. I know all about what happened here today. Nothing escapes my notice in this place. If had thought you were trying to manipulate Master or hurt him, you would be dead. Unlike you genies, Djnn have true understanding of this power we hold, and I can destroy your lamp at any time and will if I see a threat to Master. But you do continue to make me wonder. You were what the humans call a gold digger, why are you so loyal?”

Lacey didn’t raise her head but replied “Grand Vizier, I was a gold digger who used her charms, looks and sex to manipulate men and gain wealth and enjoyment. But when Master transformed me, he gave me everything I had ever dreamed of and more. Beauty to last the ages, a life of ease, power over so many things and over others. Sex that amazes even me. If having everything I ever wanted handed to me on a platter to enjoy requires me to be a slave to one man, then that man has my heart, body, and soul. I will not lie to you, Ali; I am in this for me. But Master is someone worthy of owning me and he can own me until his mortality claims him. I only hope his heirs are as wise and intelligent as he is.”

Ali didn’t say anything for a minute. Then he turned and looked at Lacey. “Our Master has gifted me with something that to him is simple, yet to me is worth more than all the gold on this world. Do you know what that is? Simple, he lets me wander free. Aside from when I have to return to the lamp, Master lets me run his household from a position of power and trust and he has even stated that I may venture into the city provided I do nothing that draws attention to him or his house. Every other human has feared me, and kept me locked away except in times of great need or danger. This one has realized that by trusting me and giving me some simple freedom he had made me more loyal than any wish ever could. That makes me his man, his servant, and his most loyal advisor.”

Ali reached down and gripped Lacey by her neck and lifted her off the ground with no effort. “I know how the powers work, I can smash you in a heartbeat and I will should I ever suspect you are working to betray our Master. But as of right now, you have shown wisdom in reporting a mistake and a concern. Master’s health is becoming something I fear for. A mortal, even enhanced as he is, cannot remain untouched by the charms and attentions of a harem of genies. He will become lazy and decadent and slothful unless we do something to counteract this. I have advised him but more is needed. He must have heirs; he must have mortal harem slaves to make heirs for genies cannot bear children. We must see to his health.”

Ali released Lacey as he spoke and she sucked air in as she fell to her knees. “I agree Grand Vizier, and I have an idea. Several ideas actually. First Master’s health must be attended to. A household physician is needed and I know of a woman who is perfect for this position.”

“Another woman? This does not seem to be a smart idea, the idea is to gain the Master mortals to enjoy and couple with.” Ali said as he looked at Lacey.

Lacey stood and straightened her clothes. “We need two more, a doctor and a psychologist. One to ease his body, the other to ease his mind and make him understand his responsibilities to his household. I have two women in mind, both are great beauties and very smart. They will embrace being taken as slaves and will be loyal as well as wonderful harem slaves. With their help we can convince Master to take mortal women and begin to work on his heirs so that his house will not be destroyed by his passing.”

Ali looked at Lacey for a moment. He nodded after a bit and said “It appears that is the best way forward. Speak with Master during a time of pleasure; he listens to you very well in the warm afterglow of sex with his favorite slave. Convince him and let us do this.”

“As you command Grand Vizier.” Lacey said, smiling as she bowed low.


“It has been a while Lacey. I’m surprised that you remembered me.”

Lacey smiled at the lovely platinum blonde woman sitting behind a desk. Dominika Ivanovik, Gynecologist in residency at the Beverly Hills General Hospital, foreign student originally from St. Petersburg, graduate of UCLA and ULCA School of Medicine, one time exotic dancer, stripper, and party girl who moved on once college was paid for. And a stone cold knockout; natural platinum blonde hair, hourglass body, beautiful ass, perfect tits (36 DD all natural), water blue eyes, white teeth and just enough accent to make her sexy as hell.

She had been one of Lacey’s friends during her senior year in college. They had met in a class during summer school and had soon discovered that they both worked as dancers on the side. Dominika had been stripping at a club named Cheetah’s until Lacey got her in at the Grand Ball. She had made so much money in one year she could completely pay for medical school and had stopped dancing soon after. They had lost touch over the last two years, but Lacey had found her easily enough.

Lacey also knew a lot about her mindset. She was driven because of where she came from. Back in Russia she was just another pretty chicky, and despite her grades unless she knew the right folks she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. So she had come over determined to be her own woman and to be in a position of power to ensure she couldn’t be taken advantage of. She had tried several times to marry a man of wealth and influence, but it had never worked out because they always ended up resisting her attempts to influence and manipulate them. Lacey had given her advice on how to do it, but her advice wasn’t really good for a long term relationship.

Which led to the present situation.

“Dominika, you were and are a great friend and it so happens that I am here with a job offer. I ask that you simply listen and watch. I am the property and slave to a great Master. In return for my loyalty I have been given power beyond that which most mortals dream. I answer only to him and have everything I desire at my beck and call. Money, jewels, furs, cars, art, clothing; you cannot imagine it all. In return, I run Master’s harem and other slaves. He has been taking women for several months now, building his household, and I have discovered how powerful he has made me. I can control all other women who have been made harem slaves and I enjoy it greatly. And here is how.” Lacey snapped her fingers and there was a “poof” and she hovered above the desk dressed in her genie attire with her waist down being a cloud of smoke.

Dominika had been frowning and rolling her eyes until Lacey transformed in front of her. She started and backed her chair up. She slowly stood and just as she jumped up the door opened.

Dominika spun and gapped as another resident doctor walked in, a guy named Steve, and started to talk. “Dominika, Dr. Jones needs us…”

He trailed off when he saw Lacey hovering and just as his jaw dropped Lacey snapped her fingers.

Steve froze and his eyes glazed over. Lacey said “Close the door.” Steve did and turned back to Lacey.

“You will go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet for the next 5 minutes. You will remember nothing of what you saw here. When that is done, you will take your time getting back here, and then you will talk to Dominika. Go now, and obey.” Lacey said with an air of command.

“I hear and obey.” Steve replied and turned and left leaving a gaping Dominika.

“How did you, how are you, what has happened?!?” she finally managed to get out.

Lacey told her friend about being taken and transformed into a genie and all its perks. Dominika’s eyes lit up at the picture of Rick and the descriptions of the sex. She nodded at the stories of wealth and power, and Lacey knew it was time for the final pitch.

“I need you to become a genie and here is why. I have a plan that if done correctly will allow us to gain control over Master and make him our servant. I have already recruited Lotus from the club and have one more friend of ours in mind to help. But if you come along and become his physician you can help me set things up in terms of his wishes which will allow us genies to control him. With your help and others we can dominate the other genie slaves and then take control of Master. I have to have you in on this ahead of time. The Grand Vizier will know of everything that happens inside the household, but unless he is actively scrying me he won’t know what we have set up. I arranged for Lotus to give him a long brief along with Heather on household finances right now so he is busy. This is a onetime offer Dominika. Are you in?” Lacey said with evil grin.

“Yes, I’m in. What do you need me to do?”

Lacey smiled as she started talking…


“Master, you must rest. Please, lie still.” Lotus gently pushed Rick back down onto the bed. Rick had been getting a brief from Bridget on several new items that were going for auction and had gotten horny and so they had of course started fucking. But Rick has passed out hard and fallen to the floor after cumming once, and the Grand Vizier had ordered him to bed while passed out.

Rick was now trying to stand up but Nicole and Lotus had been making him lie still until Lacey had returned with a doctor.

“Enough, as Master I order you two to get back and let me up.” Rick commanded. Both genies bowed low and moved back allowing him to crawl to the edge of the bed and stand. Or try to. As soon as he stood up he felt a bit dizzy and sat down harder than he meant to and both genies were on him immediately.

“Rick? I have the doctor here!” Lacey’s voice sounded from the entryway. Rick frowned at the relieved looks on his genie slaves faces and grumbled.

“I’m in the bedroom. Come on in.” Rick waved at the other two, “Disappear quick.”

Two puffs of smoke and Rick turned to see Lacey lead a knockout Blonde into the room. She looked like a porn star version doctor, skirt and business top, but wearing a white lab coat and carrying a doctor’s bag. Rick hid a smile, Lacey had found another lovely for him to enslave.

“You’re Rick? I’m Dr. Dominika Ivanovik, currently in residency in the Beverly Hills General Hospital. I’m not sure how Lacey pulled it off but I got authorization to come here and give you a check up and advise you on general health. I knew Lacey from college and she said you wanted someone she trusted, so here I am.”

Rick smiled and extended his hand and shook hers. “Name’s Rick. Lacey is my girlfriend and I trust her a lot. I don’t know a lot of folks here and I like my privacy, so thanks for coming. Lacey can be pretty persuasive sometimes so I’m glad she convinced them to let you come here.”

Dominika nodded and in a very business-like manner pulled out her stethoscope and ask Rick to take a deep breath.

Over the next 20 minutes Rick got a full checkup and felt like he was taking a verbal SAT. Dominika was hot as hell, but completely professional. When Rick tried to banter, she smiled when required but otherwise reminded him she was here to make sure he was in good health.

When she finished, she put her hands on her hips and stared down at him looking very imperial and commanding. “Rick, you are in great shape but you are not taking care of yourself properly. You are drinking too much, you are in my opinion addicted to sex (he had been open about the open relationship with Lacey, but had left out the genie part), you are suffering from exhaustion, and your diet is not good. You need some self-discipline, you need to cut down on the sex, and I recommend you see a psychologist for your sex addiction and I think some other possible mental issues. You sound somewhat mega-maniacal and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had some other issues in there. Nothing that can’t be treated if acted on now.”

Rick frowned as he looked at her. She was a fox, and truth be told her attitude was turning him on. Commanding, imperial, almost regal, someone who expected to be obeyed and listened to. Yeah, she would do fine as his court physician, but he would have to be careful taking her. He wanted that attitude intact.

Rick nodded and smiled. “Okay Doctor Dominika, I’ll do as you say. I think I’ll hire someone to make sure I take your advice.” He reached out to shake her hand and as she raised her hand he quickly pulled his other hand from under the blankets and shoved a lamp into her hand.

Dominika froze in place and Rick began to bind her. “As the maker of this lamp, and the opener of the gate, I name thee the gatekeeper. Dominika, I bind you heart, soul, and body to this lamp so long as it exists. You control its power, whoever controls it, controls you. You are bound as the genie of this lamp, so sayith the lampmaker!”

The lamp pulsed and Dominika’s eyes glowed. “I, Dominika, am bound to this lamp as its genie. I swear upon my soul to serve whoever owns the lamp as my master until I am freed or a new master takes me.”

Rick spoke again. “I name thee my household physician and a harem slave. You will serve your Master in both respects to the utmost of your abilities.”

“I am household physician and a harem slave. I will serve my Master in both respects to the utmost of my abilities.” Dominika responded.

Rick pressed the blood onto the lamp and Dominika was engulfed by smoke. Her last words were “Mmmmmmmmm, how lovely!”

Lacey smiled as Rick picked up and rubbed the lamp. Ali entered the room as the smoke formed into Dominika, who immediately bowed low to Rick. “I am Dominika, Genie of the Lamp, and your humble and loyal servant. I will grant thee three wishes and will serve thee afterwards in whatever function I can until you release me from your service.”

Rick slowly looked her up and down. She was another tall one, 6 feet at least, with long Platinum Blonde hair hanging down in a lovely thick braid, a perfect hourglass figure, a slight tan, perfect 36 DD tits and brilliant blue eyes. Rick was pleased to hear her talk, she had had a slight accent but it was now more pronounced and gave her an exotic touch. Her harem silks were see through white with some red trimming, and her jewelry was silver instead of gold, but she rocked the look.

“Dominika, you are named household physician and harem slave. As physician, you answer only to myself and Ali, as harem slave you answer to Lacey of the First Lamp. You will ensure the health of all household members to include myself.” Rick stated.

Dominika bowed low. “With pleasure Master, I shall gladly obey. The medical knowledge your binding gave me is wonderful. I feel able to heal the world. But Master, as the mortal Dominika said earlier you must change up your lifestyle. Sex with all these genies, the workouts, drinking and diet, this will cause your life to end much sooner than normal. You must adjust or perish.”

“She is wise and speaks truthfully Master.” Ali added. “You should heed her advice. Too much of a good thing can be as bad as the worst things.”

Lacey nodded and said “Master, we all are concerned.” And she clapped her hands and all of Rick’s genies marched in. Bridget, Heather, Nicole, Susan, Lotus, Dominika, and Lacey all stood before him in a semi-circle looking concerned and annoyed.

Bridget spoke up. “Master, you fulfilled my greatest wishes. I will not allow you to throw away your life because the noble man who enslaved me is a slave to his own desires. You are above this!”

Heather and Nicole both nodded and Susan spoke. “Master, you know that I was not happy with what you did, but you showed great mercy, compassion and caring. My sister will fulfill a great destiny and you have made me very happy. You MUST rise to this challenge!”

Rick looked at his slaves and after a moment he lowered his head. “You’re right. I need to take better care of myself. I lack discipline and the ease of my life will lead to my downfall. I resolve to work at this and fix the problem.”

Lacey spoke. “Master, trying is not enough. You MUST fix this. There can be no failing.”

Dominika cleared her throat. “Forgive me Master. I know I am the newest genie, but my I offer a suggestion? Wish to be guided in terms of health. A simple wish to stop one action will fix that one action, but what happens 10 years from now? By following your physician’s advice we can react to each problem as it comes up instead of having to create another genie in order to wish a problem away. This is a long term solution.”

Ali looked at Dominika and gave a hint of a smile. “Wise words from a new genie, Master I would listen to your loving slaves and advisors.”

Rick thought for a minute and then nodded. It would be a long term solution, and it had given him an idea. “I will take your advice, but answer me this Ali. If I were to wish to remain youthful and unchanged until I die what would happen. I read a Greek legend once about a goddess who asked that a mortal be made immortal, but since he couldn’t die he aged until he turned into a cricket. I don’t want that, but if I live to be 100 I want it to be worth it and enjoy my slaves and life until the very end.”

Ali bowed his head. “A good question. Most mortals asking to live longer usually stop asking when I reply they cannot live beyond their given time. Your own given time Master is to live to be 101 years old. No force on this world or mine can alter this. But we can alter how you age. Your body and mind can be kept at their current form until the day you succumb to your natural limit. And by keeping your mind at its current state I mean you will not suffer effects of aging, no memory loss, or such things.”

“Then I have my wishes. Dominika of the White Lamp, I wish to have my body and my mind kept at their current state until the day of my natural death, I wish that I would listen and obey your commands when given as my court physician for reasons of health and the household good, and I wish that I had the materials to make more lamps.” Rick said.

Dominika clapped her hands and Rick felt a twinge in his mind and in his body. He then relaxed and felt fine. Dominika bowed low and said “It is done Master.”

Rick smiled and all the genies slaves smiled back at him. Ali nodded and then bowed low to Rick. “Master, we will leave you with your newest genie. Come.”

All the other genies bowed low and filed out, Lacey being last. Lacey bowed low and smiled at Dominika. Dominika replied with a grin of her own and then knelt in front of Rick.

“Master, as your physician I command you to lie down and sleep. You will rest for the rest of the day and I shall awake you tonight. If you are better, you can claim me then as your harem slave.” Dominika said with a slight tremor in her voice.

Rick blinked and immediately climbed into bed without a word. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was asleep. Dominika lay next to him and watched him with a smile.

Rick awoke when Dominika touched him early the next morning. After she passed her hands over him, she nodded and said “You are better today Master. We shall see Lotus of the Gold Lamp and shall arrange your schedule to get you physically healthy. Nicole will be perfect as your physical trainer, but we must carefully monitor your sexual encounters. Only one a day for a week, and I’m the one for today.”

With that Rick grabbed her arms and jerked her to him and kissed her passionately on the lips. She responded with equal passion and Rick tore her silks off and mounted her. He thrust wildly into her like an animal in heat and Dominika responded. She soon was babbling in Russian and screamed as he came inside her. She rolled over on top of him and rode him to another orgasm at which point he fell back gasping with a large grin.

Dominika crawled on top of him and dangled her tits in front of Rick’s face. “As you court physician, I order you to sleep now until I awake you.”

Rick simply closed his eyes and began to snore. With a smile and wave of her hands Dominika was off Rick, dressed and clean. With another wave, Rick was cleaned, and tucked away peacefully. Lacey entered the chamber and crawled onto bed and sat beside her Master.

“It has worked. He obeyed the orders of his physician and he shall soon be in perfect physical health. But his mental state must be addressed soon. I fear that what I can do is not enough.” Dominika stated as she headed towards the entrance.

“I have already spoken with the Grand Vizier. He is happy with your actions thus far and agrees. After Master has gotten better physically we will take another slave to help heal his mind.” Lacey said with a very evil smile that was returned by Dominika.