The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 9, Jewel

Lacey frowned at her cell phone and the text message on it. “Make an appointment.” Was all it said.

“You’d think that after all we went through Jewel would be more friendly to an old friend.” She muttered as she tossed it on a divan near Lotus’ desk.

“Well, we did not part on very good terms. I guess she is still nursing a grudge against you.” Lotus replied as she typed away on a computer and noted some changes to Master’s schedule.

“I didn’t do anything terrible. Besides, she parlayed what I did into a huge success. I can’t see how she can hold a grudge after it got her a PHD. Now she is one of the most in demand psychologists on the West Coast. I would say she owes me quite a bit.”

After some thought Lacey finally gave in and called to make an appointment with Jewel. After doing so, she went to see the Grand Vizier.

She found him in the workout room, watching Nicole and Master working out. Unlike several weeks ago, this workout wasn’t degenerating into a violent fucking. It was instead a regular workout and Nicole played the part of personal trainer quite well.

Dominika looked on approvingly and nodded to Lacey and stepped away as she came up to Ali.

“Grand Vizier, I have an appointment to see a psychologist that I know. If she meets our criteria I will speak with Master on making her a slave.”

“An appointment? Not going to see her as a friend? What is the history between you two? I ask as the Grand Vizier.” Ali said not taking his eyes off his master.

Lacey silently cursed the question and then answered fully. “She was a dancer with myself, Dominika, and Lotus. She also was studying, and was a couple of years ahead of us in terms of work. She had already started on a PHD in psychology. She was working to be a sex therapist, and had some interesting ideas. We were close friends, but one night while I was drunk she was hit on by one of my regulars and it a fit of rage I pulled off her mask and exposed her face. Two of her professors were in the club at the time. It nearly ruined her PHD, but she was able to use her work at the club as source material and wrote a great study on the sexual drives of men and how being seen as objects of sex can effect women. She ended up writing a bestseller on it and is now very successful. But we have not spoken since. She apparently has somewhat of a grudge against me.”

Ali said nothing as he watched Rick finish his kata. Nicole ordered him to hit the showers before the staff meeting to be held shortly and after he kissed her deeply he headed to his room alone. One of Dominika’s orders was that unless it was a scheduled time for sex, no harem slaves were allowed in his bedchamber. The temptation of some of the loveliest women on the planet was simply too much in a chamber build for nothing but sexual pleasure.

Without turning around Ali spoke. “Lacey of the First Lamp, I am concerned by what you have told me. If this woman holds a grudge against you, she could be dangerous. She could attempt to harm our Master in order to get back at you. At the very least, she will have issues with you being Master’s second advisor and head of the harem. I do not think this is wise and I feel that we should choose someone else.”

“Grand Vizier, bad blood or not, I trust this woman and her expertise in matters of the mind. While she may not be friendly with me, Master can insure her loyalty and obedience. If I can speak with her I can determine if she is the right one. Just talking to her won’t be any danger. If I have any issues or bad feelings I will tell you and we will seek another specialist.” Lacey replied.

“We will discuss with Master at the meeting.” Ali said and dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

Lacey way annoyed by the dismissal but had no choice but to bring up her choice at the meeting for general discussion. Rick seemed indifferent at first but became more interested as his harem took sides. Lacey, Dominika, and Lotus supported, Bridget, Nicole, Heather, and Susan were against. Susan was especially vocal.

“As someone who initially was against Master taking me, I can say that having a genie that is potentially hostile is a dangerous thing. I have noted many things I could have done to bring this household down or cause it great harm. I have done none of them, but have informed the Grand Vizier so we can cover them for the future. But I fear I have not thought of everything, and if this one is to be in charge of the Master’s mental state I have much more fear.”

Grand Vizier Ali listened and at the end he offered a compromise. “Master, I feel that Lacey means well and does trust this woman’s expertise and skill. But she is certainly an unknown factor. I move we have Lacey contact her and determine her intentions while I scry and we observe.”

Rick thought for a few minutes in silence. “Very well. Lacey we will look at your recommendation. Grand Vizier, we will scry this meeting and observe. Furthermore, I think we need to try a different approach this time. Lacey, meet with her and schedule me for an appointment at her office after this first meeting. I want you to explain nearly everything about us here. The facts that I have become massively wealthy, handsome, powerful, and have a harem of loving slaves who are all exceptional beauties, tell her everything. Leave out the genie part, but given what you have explained about this woman I think she will be interested enough to come of her own free will.”

All the assembled genies and Ali agreed. Lacey was able to hide her annoyance at being scryed on while talking to Jewel, but still figured Jewel would be enough of a gold digger still to not look a gift horse in the mouth.


Rick shook hands with the woman he had come to meet and silently gave a wolf whistle.

Dr. Jewel Chambers; brilliant psychologist, author of two best sellers (one being her work while a stripper), considered to be a genius by many, early graduate of both undergrad and Masters programs, and a very discrete sex therapist to the rich and famous.

And a stunningly hot woman. She stood 6 foot even, great shape, hourglass figure, nice tan, a perfect 36-24-36 measurements all natural and brilliant red hair done up in a bun. She could easily have any man she wanted and she was looking Rick over with an appraising eye.

Rick was flattered but not surprised as his genies had all been adding personal touches to him as he made his wishes. He was pretty much a perfect Greek sculpture come to life and he knew it. But there was something else in that look that Rick couldn’t quite place but seemed familiar.

Lacey’s meeting had been interesting. Jewel hadn’t been mad at all, but had instead surprised Lacey with a bottle of her favorite wine and had cleared her calendar so they could have a few hours to catch up. They had ended up eating out together and Lacey had given her the whole story, excepting the genie part. Lacey had said that Jewel had been intrigued by her request for aid.

“I think that she is more interested in the man who can not only claim me but can make me share him. I was not someone who was known to share men as a mortal Master.” She had said when they had talked afterwards.

Jewel’s pretty voice brought him back to the place at hand. “Well Rick, I can certainly see why Lacey is so smitten with you. I have many movie star clients, but I will say you are probably the most handsome man I have ever seen.”

“Thanks, I hope that won’t be a problem for us working together. If you don’t mind me saying, you are one of the most beautiful women I think I have ever seen. And as cheesy as it sounds, that is saying something.” Rick replied

Jewel snickered. “Oddly enough I consider that a compliment and I also believe you. Lacey is a hottie and her descriptions of your other women certainly don’t leave much to the imagination. Please sit and let’s talk.”

Rick sat down in a comfortable chair and he began to talk about his women and the problem as he saw it.

“I’m a pretty easy going guy, very deliberate, and I try to make sure I am always thinking the angles through before I do anything. In my previous job it helped a lot. I also didn’t have much drive to be anything other than comfortable and to be able to indulge in my hobby of collecting…”

Jewel listened for the next hour as Rick told her the whole story of the lamp, his wishes, and how he had taken Lacey, and then Bridget, Heather, Nicole, Susan, Lotus, and Dominika. Jewel listened as he described the sex, wealth, the changes to his body and mind, and the simple power he now had at his beck and call.

Jewel normally would have marked this guy down as a freak and insane but there were a couple of things. One, he obviously believed everything he said. Two, she had checked out some of his women and she had discovered that Heather, Susan, Nicole and Bridget all matched women who had dropped out of public life and eye over the last several months. Three, it explained why that bitch Lacey was acting so funny.

Jewel hated Lacey with a passion. She had nearly destroyed everything she had worked for over a lap dance with some schmuck that she would drop like a hot rock in another week when the next big spender hit town. Lacey’s behavior had been odd when they had met, acting like she was being watched (which if Rick was telling the truth she had been), but trying to hint to her that if she played along there was a big payoff in it for her.

The girls at the club had a bunch of internal sayings and lingo, kind of like a pig latin, so they could talk about things in front of customers, and lacey had dropped some while trying to explain what she wanted.

Jewel had played along because she wanted to pay back Lacey HARD for nearly wrecking her life. And Rick might be just the ticket.

Rick however was enjoying the talk. He found it was putting his mind at ease to be speaking with someone normal, someone who wasn’t jumping at his every command or putting forth the effort for a big tipper. As he relaxed he mind started to clear and he found himself able to think clearly for the first time in a month.

After he had finished, Rick looked at Jewel who was giving him a poker face. He smiled and said “Yeah, I’m crazy right?”

Jewel snorted at Rick’s comment and caught herself. “Very funny. I’m not going to say that, but you do realize how that sounds. Genies, harems, Djnn advisors, wealth, power, and you coming to see me because your harem of supernatural beauties wants your mind healed so you can have heirs? Not a normal conversation.”

“I figured as much which is why I brought along some proof.”

Rick pulled out a lamp and rubbed it. Smoke poured out and Jewel found herself staring at a tall man dressed in a Middle Eastern garb. The man bowed low to Rick and then her.

“Good day Master, I, Ali your Grand Vizier, am at your command.”

“Proof us against any scrying by the other genies. I want this to be private.” Rick commanded.

Ali bowed and then spoke a strange word. “It is done Master.”

“Ali, assume your smoke form.” Rick ordered. Ali let his lower body turn to smoke and floated over Jewel who was staring open-mouthed. Rick had Ali levitate Jewel in her chair, turn her desk into a hot tub and back, had him conjure her a full set of Ruby jewelry, and then a silk dress with slippers. He then had Ali turn her chair into a divan in which she was reclined, dressed and perfumed and resplendent in her jewels.

Rick smiled at the stunned Jewel and said “Believe me now?”

Jewel stared at her reflection in the mirror by her desk. She looked like a Arabian princess, she felt amazingly sexy and powerful, and she knew right then how she was going to get back at Lacey.

“Rick, can you please turn me and my office back to normal? We need to talk.” Jewel said with effort.

Rick nodded to Ali who changed everything back with a wave of his hands.

Jewel gathered her thought for a minute. “You were going to offer to make me a genie weren’t you?”

Rick smiled. “Guilty as charged. Doctor, I need someone who can help me stay sane. The genies are sex goddesses made flesh, even with an actual doctor making me stick to a schedule, my mind is getting twisted around every time I get near one. Lacey can make into a sex fiend by just putting her hand on my shoulder and whispering in my ear. Dominika makes me hard with a pout, Lotus can turn off my brain by kneeling in front of me and saying “Master, is there anything else I can do for you to bring you pleasure?”

Jewel nodded and replied “Exactly why you shouldn’t make me a genie. Rick you need an anchor to the normal mortal world. Based on what you have told me, every genie had modified you to better fit their tastes. It has benefits certainly as I was not kidding when I said you are one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. But your head, your you if you will, is beginning to split apart. When you are near Nicole, you become aggressive and violent. Lacey, a sex fiend. Heather, a brilliant economist. Bridget, a expert on history and art. These are not all parts of you, the way the genies have been working on you, they are all separate yous. And will eventually split and fracture your mind. Multiple personalities at least, if not a complete breakdown. Wishing for this to be healed won’t really work. Any more genies you make will do the same to you and you will be right back where you started.”

Jewel stood and looked down at Rick. “What you need is someone who will put the genies in their places as servants. They are not human, they are creature who were created to serve. They are manipulating you and twisting you, not out of spite or evil intent (at least most of them Jewel thought as she remembered Lacey’s hints), but out of a lack of control. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, you need someone mortal who can keep you focused, someone who you don’t control as a complete Master, someone you can talk to and be human with.”

Rick sat in silence for a long time thinking through what Jewel had told him. He went over his actions since finding Ali and all of what had happened, what his genies had done, his wishes, how he had changed. And in the end made a decision.

Rick stood up and smiled. “Jewel, would you care to come to dinner with me? Right now? I saw a small café on the corner as I walked in and it seems a nice place to get to know each other better. Person to person if you will.”

Jewel returned his smile. “You know, I think that would be just lovely.” Rick extended his arm and Jewel took it with a smile. Rick looked at Ali and said “Ensure that we have privacy Ali.”

Ali smiled deeply as he bowed low. “Of course Master, you and the Lady Jewel enjoy yourself.”

Jewel felt a tingle when Ali called her “Lady”.

“This could be very interesting.” Jewel said as they headed out.


Lacey walked into the bed chamber and bowed low in front of Master Rick. “Master, I am here as you have commanded.”

Rick smiled “Lacey, my first and greatest creation. Come here, sit on this couch. I have called you here so you can be interviewed by Jewel. You will answer all questions fully, and truthfully. You will leave nothing out. Ali is warding this chamber so that none save you and Jewel will hear what is said.”

Lacey frowned. “Master, I understand your command, but why is she speaking with the genies. She is here to aid your health is she not? Why must she speak with us and why must we be so open?”

Rick stood and smiled. “Because there is more to my health than what is in my head. Do as your Master has commanded.”

Lacey bowed low as Master left the room and then looked at Jewel. She quickly tested the room for ease-droppers and discovered that Ali did indeed have a ward up that would block all from hearing that which passed within.

Jewel smiled at Lacey. “Well, I have to admit it’s never dull around you Lacey. This has to have been the most amazing week of my life. Rick has shown me so much and having heard so much from the others. Dear Lord! If I could publish this I would be so famous I’d never have to work another day in my life. Of course, I won’t be publishing anything. But damn, this is fascinating.”

Lacey stood and looked directly at Jewel. “I did not have a chance to speak openly earlier with you as Ali was scrying me when I met with you to set this up. I came to you because I needed your help. Rick is sick in the mind as you well know. But more than that I have a plan that I believe will allow a select group of genies to control him. If you help we can gain control of Master’s mind and his body and will be our own rulers! All the powers we have, plus freedom to do as we please. Rick is a fine lover and a noble Master, but I can have a harem of studs just like him for my own pleasure. Anything we desire we can have, but in order to pull it off I need your help.”

Jewel returned her stare. “Why? And I mean that several ways. Why do you need me? Why do you need to control your Master when he has given you all of this already? I have seen your jewelry collection, and your clothes, and your cars. You already have everything, why more?”

Lacey smiled and then giggled as she strutted around Jewel and picked up a wine glass. She waved her hand and a bottle appeared and poured her a glass. She then reclined onto a couch and looked at Jewel with a steady look. “Because I can. I have always wanted everything. With my looks and my wits I wrapped men around my fingers like rubber bands. I had a man divorce his wife and leave a family of 3 children destitute just to prove I could. He later shot himself after I cleaned out his accounts and kicked him out.”

Lacey sipped her wine and continued. “Rick was the first man to ever outwit me. Of course who would have thought he could use magic like this, but still I was impressed. He was smart, clever and made sure he had a great plan. But he began to slip up. In the end, they always do, carried away by sex, booze, pleasure, and decadence. Given my position it was easy to help him along the path to self-destruction. But I quickly realized that if he completely destroyed himself I would be in a terrible position. Who would get my lamp, if anyone? What would happen if no one ever found the doorway and I was trapped for eternity? I could not let that happen. So I had to find a way to control Master and make sure he has heirs to pass me to. Heirs I can twist as they grow, heirs I can influence and eventually control. With your help we can guide his mind, and with my help we can recruit mortal women to be his concubines. With my powers I can go down to the Grand Ball and enslave the 10 hottest strippers in a blink, bring them back here and breed them with Master. As harem slaves they will obey me and only me and I will ensure that the only thoughts they have are nice obedient ones. I don’t want Master dead, I don’t want him broken. I want him to be mine so long as he lives on this earth.”

Jewel kept her face expressionless. Inside she was boiling. “Of course Lacey would do this! She was never anything but a gold digging bitch who used and discarded anyone she felt like using. I knew she was that way then, and of course she is this way now. But joke’s on you bitch, this time you are getting the short end of the stick.”

“So you then went out and recruited Lotus and Dominika to assist you in this. With Lotus, you control his day, and with Dominika you control his body.” Jewel said.

“To an extent. He will obey her only if it’s an order given to keep him physically healthy. Other than that, he owns here. Of course, what one can consider necessary for physical health is open to opinion.” Lacey said with a dirty smile as she drank again.

“So I join your little clique and Rick makes me a genie. Then we together control Master and live as queens forever?” Jewel asked.

“That’s the plan. I know you and I had issues in the past, but I trust you. You were dependable and always had our back in the club. I’m offering immortality, power, wealth, beauty, and sex that will blow your mortal mind into orbit, and it will last forever. What do you say?” Lacey with an evil grin.

“You know that I never jump to conclusions. I need to think on it, and I will let you know tomorrow.” Jewel cut Lacey off with a wave of her hand. “Hold on, there is something else and you need to hear it. I have told the other genies this and you need to hear it too. Rick’s mental state is the way it is because of how all of you have interfered with his mind over time. The little changes each of you made have had a bad effect on Rick. He needs to be grounded, he needs to deal with mortals. Dealing with 7 sex goddesses who simper and bow to his every command and provide pleasure beyond any mortal’s dream is beginning to fragment his mind. In short he needs less time with genies and more time in the real world. If he doesn’t get that, he will at the very least develop a split personality with multiple selves. Worse case is that he will lose his mind completely and go mad. As in raging, talking to voices in his head and seeing things mad. And since all of you have to obey him, well, think for a minute about how crazy it could get having a madman with 7 genies and 1 djnn to makes his dreams reality. That is not something even you could control. We need to get his life under control before we take control.” Jewel said.

Lacey stared at her. Jewel could tell she was listening carefully and had caught the last sentence she had spoken. After a few moments, Lacey smiled evilly and stood. “You are wise Jewel, and have explained some important facts. Yes, Master must get his mind in order before we can take control. You will assist in this?”

“Yes, but you are going to have to listen to me and let me take the lead. Do not interfere unless you want a mad king as a Master.” Jewel responded.

“You have my word, Jewel.”


Jewel shuffled her notes and looked out at the assembled group. They were meeting in Rick throne room and Jewel still had to shake her head at the blatant wealth and power Rick showed sitting on a throne of solid gold with expensive silks and furs cushioning it. The genies were all at various states of ease on the stairs, lounging on cushions, being fanned by household servants (pretty brainwashed mortal women dressed as French Maids), and served fine wines. The only exceptions were Nicole who stood guard behind Rick and Lotus who sat behind her desk.

“Ahem, if I can have your attention please I can get started.” Jewel said as she opened her folder and put on her reading glasses.

Rick clapped once and the servants bowed and left without a word leaving on Rick, Ali, and the genies. “Doctor, please begin.” Rick said.

“I have interviewed all of you and Rick and have made some determinations and have several recommendations. First and most importantly, each of you has contributed to the decline of Rick mental state. This was not done out of malice or intention, but was the product of magic impacting other magic. Simply put, after discussion djnn and Genie magic with Ali and with each of you I have determined that unless a specific wish is made to directly counter another wish, that wish cannot have an effect on the magic in place already. Each of you made subtle changes to Rick’s personality and his core self when he wished for more skills, knowledge, or learning. Each of you have an ideal man, and each sought in your own way to shape Rick somewhat into that ideal. Since the wishes were limited, the amount of actual change you could make was limited. That was both good and bad. Good in that the effects are slow over time and were discovered before the breakdown. Bad in that the culminating effects of these changes will shatter Rick’s self and his conscious. At the very least he will have multiple personalities, at worst he will be a raving madman and completely paranoid, hearing voices, lashing out at anything and anyone, and with all of you at his command the results could be horrendous.”

Jewel paused for a minute to let it all sink in. Every genie, Lacey included had a look of shock and fear on her face and Ali actually looked pale. “Good, they need to be scared, especially that bitch Lacey.” Jewel thought to herself as she went on.

“I have also determined that this problem will get worse the more genies Rick makes for himself. Even if ordered, the genie is going to make some subtle changes without meaning too, it’s simply human nature, er, genie nature. For Rick to at least put the problem on hold, he can make no more genies for himself, maybe if absolutely necessary he could make one, but no more. His mind is already nearly at the breaking point, another slight change to his personality might push him over the edge, two certainly will.”

Jewel looked at her notes again and focused. Rick nodded to himself at her focus and her obvious attention to her job. Crazy situation or not, she was fully professional.

“Releasing any current genies will not undo any of the current situation. A wish made cannot be undone by undoing the genie. You could cancel some of the wishes by other wishes, but you will need to make more genies for that and that will lead to a breakdown. Even without the wishes, the influence of supernatural sex goddesses is profound and will impact on his mental state.”

Ali spoke up. “Good doctor, forgive me intruding but you sound as if there is no hope for our master. What can be done to help him?”

Jewel smiled. “I was getting to that. Contact with each of you brings out the personal part that genie imbued in Rick. Rick needs a balance. He needs to be among normal people more, treated normal, acting normal, interacting normally with society. The best cure would be for all of you to be sealed up in lamps and never again let out.”

Jewel waved her hands as the outcry burst and Rick silenced everyone with a “ENOUGH! BE QUIET AND LET HER FINISH!”

Jewel let out a breath and said “Thanks.”

She gathered he thoughts for a minute and then started again. “Sealing all of you seems cruel to me and after talking to Ali it seems that it is an undeserved punishment. None of you asked to be made into genies, none of you was trying to hurt Rick, so cutting you off entirely like that is not justice. But a reduction in your interaction with him must happen. Daily is too much for all of you. Ideally each of you should get a few hours one day a week, maximum of four. We could allow all of you to see him on special occasions, but Rick needs to be in a place, mentally speaking, that allows him to NOT be under the thrall of genies.”

“Look, I don’t know if any of you get this but you are all fucking bombs. I mean drop dead, more glorious than any supermodel, hotter than hell, and make the greatest lovers of all time seem like a 16 year old boy trying to get to 3rd base. You are not normal! Of course Rick is going nuts, how in god’s name can a mortal man relate to anyone when he has you seven serving as his slaves? For crying out loud, your SERVANTS are all supermodel hot and Rick never gives them a second glance. You are driving him insane from the pleasure you bring. If you care for him, you must, MUST, limit your exposure to him. Otherwise, he is going to crack and it’s all over.”

The throne room was silent for a long time as everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts. At length Rick spoke up. “Jewel, thank you for your honest work and recommendations. I need to ask you to step out for a few moments while we talk about this.”

Jewel nodded and stepped back, noting the glare Lacey shot at her. “Suck it bitch, damned if I’m going to help you get control of him.” She thought.

After the doctor left Rick looked at his genies and Ali.

“Well, you all heard her. I have been talking with her all week and have been reaching the same conclusions. I wasn’t going to go as far as the limits she proposed, but it makes sense. The head maid, she was a Victoria’s Secrets Angel and I don’t even know her name. You know why? I don’t care, she isn’t pretty enough to notice compared to all of you. Fuck me, just looking at all of you now is making me nearly mad with lust. I want to tear off my clothes and loose myself in the pleasure of seven genies. And if I do that, I’m a goner. The doctor is right, I need to limit contact with you. With all of you.”

Ali nodded. “Master, I believe the doctor is correct. You must ground yourself in the mortal world again and keep company with mortals. You need someone who can help you be you.”

Lacey coughed slightly and spoke. “Master, Grand Vizier, while I want Master to be well in mind and body, are we sure we want to do this extreme step? She is but mortal. If Master took her as a genie and made her the greatest doctor of the mind ever she certainly could find another way to heal him. Or perhaps the answer is even simpler than that. What if Master was to wish for one of his personalities to become the dominant one or the only one? While all of us would be sad that our little tweaks were lost, all of us would be happy with a healthy Master.”

Rick looked around quickly. Ali seemed neutral, Lotus and Dominika looked very much in favor of Lacey’s comment. Bridget, Heather, Nicole and Susan all seemed either hesitant or against it with Susan and Nicole being the most open on their faces.

Rick looked at Lacey. Lacey reclined back and struck her most sexy pose. And it was sexy, sexy as all hell. Rick actually stared to drool at the sight of her heavenly body, draped in black see-through silk, decked out in diamonds and gold. She was sex and lust in physical form.

And that decided it for Rick.

Rick stood and without a word strode to the door and out of it. His genies and Ali trailed along behind him as he went into his gallery. Without a word he strode up to the cabinet in which all the lamps were placed. He looked at all the lamps and without turning around he spoke.

“I command all genies to return to their lamps at once.”


Seven clouds of smoke streamed past Rick into the lamps. Rick closed the cabinet doors and turned to Ali.

“Have the doctor come in here. I need to speak with her.”

Ali bowed and left. Shortly, Jewel entered the room and walked up to Rick who was staring at the lamps.

“Doctor, I will try to limit my contact with the genies. I will need help in doing so. Can you assist?”

Jewel hesitated. “I would like to but I have some reservations.”

Rick didn’t turn around. “Go on.”

“I don’t know if I can be someone who can assist. I am having a conflict, a professional ethics conflict. I don’t know if I can do my job as required by my oath and keep my conscious clear.” Jewel replied.

Rick smiled but didn’t turn around. “How close were you and Lacey? Very close? I believe at one time you were best friends and shared many things. Men included. But it is obvious something happened and that split you apart. Is that your issue?”

“In part. It is not the action, or the original action. But it is what I learned about Lacey from it that is now the issue.” Jewel replied.

“Doctor, you were hired to help heal a mortal mind, mine. Not get in the head of a genie, or genies, or even a Djnn. I believe that you are the person who can help me fix this for several reasons. I believe you to be a kind soul, but also a just one. I don’t think you are motivated by revenge, but by a sense of honor. Being wronged requires restitution. I believe that the initial reason for taking this was to gain that against Lacey. And I don’t hold that against you.”

Jewel looked at her feet and was silent. Rick seemed to be waiting for her to say something. She weighed her options and finally sighed.

“I am going to be honest with you Rick. You are kind, and you could have taken me as a genie against my will and forced me to aid you. You didn’t, you instead were open and honest and showed me trust. I will repay that trust by breaking my oath as a doctor and the patient/doctor relationship.”

Jewel took a breath and began. “Lacey was trying to manipulate you. She came to me because she thought she could get me to aid her in bringing you under her control. With your physical health now in control of Dominika, Lacey felt that my influence on your mind would enable her to control you, mad or not. And she could control me if you took me as a harem slave. She was very clever and had been able to dodge the scrying of Ali. She was manipulating the other genies by demanding service as a harem slave when they were with you. She was going to make you a mindless puppet addicted to sex, alcohol, and pleasure. With the money already made, and the special household your genies created, she could turn all the genies into permanent harem slaves, her slaves, and keep you fucked, drunk, and stupid for the rest of your life. She would go out and enslave strippers or hookers and have you breed with them and then raise the children to be her servants and dependant on her orders. While she would be a slave to the owner of the lamp, she would insure that the owners were under her thrall forever.”

Rick simply said “And you decided not to do this because?”

“Partly because I hate Lacey for nearly ruining my life. I was stripping for fun, and to make money so I could follow my passion and dream. I know that eventually all strippers grow old, and that eventually they either become bitter as hell, or dead. I knew this, Lacey didn’t. She nearly wrecked everything over a fucking lapdance and a couple of hundred bucks. She was, and always will be a Gold Digger who cares only for herself.”

“The other part is that I actually do care about you. I know how that must sound. You’re rich, handsome, have everything anyone could ever want, so who wouldn’t want to be your woman. But you honestly care about your creations. I can tell, and so can they. All of them are happy and want you to be healthy and happy. Even Lotus and Dominika to an extent, although they are heavily under Lacey’s influence.”

Jewel stopped speaking and waited. After a few seconds, she heard Rick snicker.

“Lacey. She was attempting to manipulate me.”

Rick smiled and turned around. “Lacey was very clever. She understood how hot she was, how to control the other genies using the harem slave binding, and she was working with Dominika and Lotus to make me an alcoholic and a sex addict. But she forgot one thing. You know what that was?”

Jewel shook her head and Rick held up a small handheld tape recorder.

“Technology. She was so worried about you she forgot who turned her gold digging ass into a genie slave to start with. She was watching for Ali’s scrying, and the whole crystal ball magic thing. She flat out forgot that her target was just a regular guy who knows 21 century technology. I have been taping every little piece of her plot since she went to see Lotus.”

Jewel blinked. “You mean you knew? All along? Why all of this then?”

Rick smiled and grabbed her hand. “Because I needed you. You were the missing piece. I need a mortal who cares about me, who can help me with this, who understands Lacey for what she is and can make sure she is kept in check. And to do that I need someone who won’t mind being transformed into a genie and then released.”

Jewel gasped and stepped back. “What?”

“I need a partner. I have wished to stay the same until my dying day. I cannot allow my partner in this to grow old and frail as I stay healthy. To make that happen I need more wishes. When I am done, I will break the lamp and return that genie to mortal form to live with me and keep me straight. I hope you will be that one.”

Jewel stared at Rick. Her heart pounded as she realized what he was offering and what she could gain from this.

Rick smiled at her again and said “I won’t take you unless you ask, you can walk away right now and never see me again. But I hope you stay to help me.”

Jewel closed her eyes for a second, and then replied “Do it.”

Rick closed her hand over a lamp and began the ceremony. As Jewel became smoke she simply smiled at him and said nothing.

Rick looked at his (hopefully) final lamp and rubbed it.


Jewel stood before him and bowed low. She was dressed in a Platinum colored silk gown with a tiara set with large diamonds. Her perfect chest was hugged snuggly by the gown and it clung to her hips and legs. Her lovely feet were adorned with golden sandals and finally spun golden chains. Her skin was perfect, her lips ruby red, her hair done in a beautiful tower. She was more beautiful than Lacey.

“Master, oh Master? Did you hear me?” Rick blinked and realized that Jewel was giggling at him.

“Huh? Did you say something?” Rick got out after clearing his throat.

“Yes Master, I informed you that you have three wishes and that I am your servant. I am guessing that my figure pleases you?” Jewel said in a voice that sounded like liquid sex.

“Uh, yeah. Right. Wishes. Ahem. Okay, let’s do this. Uh, first wish is that when Jewel becomes mortal again she will remain stable in her age until her dying day like me. She will not become old, frail, or lose her facilities. Two, I wish for the materials for another lamp, just in case. Three, I wish that the mortal Jewel when returned to her human form will look EXACTLY like her genie form.”

Jewel bowed low and then spoke “I can grant these wishes Master, but is it wise to have a mortal as beautiful as I? Will this not cause problems?”

“I can deal with a mortal, it’s the damn genies that give me headaches. Make some magic Jewel of the Last Lamp.”

Jewel smiled and clapped her hands together. “Done Master.”

Rick smiled at his last and arguably greatest creation. He reached out and took her hand.

“Before I free you Genie Jewel, I am going to bed you. You are going to enjoy sex as a genie at least once before becoming mortal again. Come with me.”

“As you wish Master, I shall do my best to please you.” Jewel said with a gorgeous smile as Rick led her into his bedchamber.

Rick began to remove his clothes and sat naked on his bed. “Dance Jewel. Dance as you never have before. Make me cum by just watching you.”

Jewel snapped her fingers and slow sensual tune began to play on the speakers. Jewel slowly turned and rolled her perfect hips to the music and began to slowly strip her clothing. As she removed one piece she would drape it over Rick and pull the smooth silk slowly over his skin. She would brush her fingers lightly on his shoulders, neck and arms, and tease him with a light kiss on his lips before dancing backwards from his groping hands.

Rick was soon panting and sweating as his perfect creation danced for him. He was rock hard and he was ready to explode from the slightest touch. The music’s tempo increased and she spun and gyrated faster and faster, spinning like a top in front of him. Just as the music reached it final climax she suddenly stopped dead and gave Rick a passionate kiss on the lips.

Rick orgasmed on the spot and blew all over his legs and on the bed. Jewel laughed in voice of pure lust and waved her hands. The mess vanished, and Rick was in the center of his bed on his knees facing a reclining and now fully naked Jewel.

“Master, take me and make me yours. I am your willing servant and will please you as no other has ever.”

Rick crawled atop her and kissed her hard. His hands roamed over her perfect skin and felt the lovely flesh. He sucked on her nipples while she gasped and giggled. He licked her pussy a few times to pleasured moans, and then entered her with a growl that was returned with interest by Jewel. Rick lost himself in pure animal lust and rammed his slave hard and fast. Jewel wrapped her legs around him and thrust back with vigor. Rick and Jewel rolled all over the bed for nearly 30 minutes until they both came. Jewel screamed at the top of her lungs and Rick howled with lust. And then fell atop his slave spent.

For a few moments anyway.

Rick raised himself up and looked at his smiling genie and said “Make me hard again Jewel, the night is young and we will enjoy every minute of it until the dawn breaks.” Jewel smiled and with a wave of her hand they began again.

That night was truly epic in terms of sex for Rick. They fucked on his bed again, in the hot tub, on his bar, on the stage, on his couches, on the floor, on his throne, on the floor in the throne room, in his workout area, in his vault, in his jewel vault on a pile of gems, and in front of his cabinet where Rick’s other genie slaves lay waiting in their lamps.

As dawn broke, Rick looked at Jewel and smiled. “Truly epic, I do not think I can ever top it. And I don’t want to either. Thank you my greatest creation, I now set you free.”

Rick took the lamp and smashed it against the floor while he shouted “I the owner of this lamp hereby release the genie from her bonds! To mortal form and freedom is she sent!”

A huge flash and a clap of thunder followed and after a moment Rick opened his eyes to see Jewel standing there, dressed as before.

“Are you, uh, you? I mean, you okay?” Rick stammered out.

Jewel walked over to Rick and kissed him passionately. “Yes, yes to both. I’m normal again, and I can feel the changes that your wishes made.”

She stood and looked in a mirror at herself. “My God. Is that truly what I looked like as a genie?”

Rick came up behind her. “Yes, and it’s how you will look until your dying day.”

Jewel turned around and kissed him. “I know you have had a long night, but I was wondering just how much like a genie I am, you know, sexually…”

Jewel turned and began to slowly strut towards the bedroom. After a second a grinning Rick followed.


Lacey materialized in a puff of smoke. She immediately saw Rick seated on his throne, and then noted the Jewel was seated to his right on an identical one. Lacey frowned at a smiling Jewel, who was decked out in a designer dress of black silk obviously made to show off her great beauty, and a set of jewelry that was even more amazing than what she owned.

Lacey bowed low. “Master you have summoned me after a long period of time. I have missed you greatly and am pleased you have summoned me. I hope that I can provide you with some pleasure to make up for lost time?”

Rick smiled and Jewel mirrored it. “Well, Perhaps. You will need to clear it with the Lady Jewel, my wife.”

Lacey’s head shot up at the word wife and she stared from Rick to Jewel and back again.

“Yes Lacey of the First Lamp, things have changed while you have been gone. Rick and I are married nearly 4 months and have just returned from a long honeymoon abroad. Paris is a lovely place, as is Rome, Munich, Bangkok, and other locations we went. Rick is quite the lover and I have never been so happy as when laying naked next to him in the throes of passion.” Jewel said and she and Rick shared a quick kiss.

Lacey hissed and stood. She took one step towards Jewel when Rick spoke.

“Stop where you are slave.”

Lacey froze in place.

“You will obey my commands as follows fully, and without any attempt to work around them or to deceive. You will obey Lady Jewel as you obey me, she is your mistress and her commands are second only to mine as far as you are concerned. You are her slave as you are mine. You will be loyal, and you will obey without question or hesitation any order she gives. You will never attempt to usurp her position or place or power, or attempt to cause her harm in any way shape or form. Do you understand?”

Lacey bowed low and with a slight hitch in her voice replied “I hear and obey Master and Mistress.”

Rick smiled and stood. He took Jewel’s hand and led her down past a bowed Lacey. Rick turned back as they exited the room.

“Lacey, you will be a lesson to my heirs for a long time to come. A woman who literally had everything at her fingertips, and lost it because for her everything was not enough. Tonight my wife and I are going to fuck like animals. Not make love, not lay with each other, we are going to FUCK. And you get to watch. So come on along and enjoy the show.”

Lacey looked Jewel in the eyes and after one brief glance of hatred and anger, bowed low.

“As you command, Lampmaker.”