The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Legend of the Spectral Seal

The Fiend of Gorupth

by neicie ()

Mindlessly, Alorna shuffled forward. Guided through the dark by her Master’s will, she was unaware of the cold damp stone beneath her bare feet; oblivious to the biting sea air against her naked body and the stench of the tide. Greasy black ick stuck to her. It stained the soft pink souls of her tiny feet. It coated and dripped from her once golden hair. The fair maiden of Northport was lost forever to the Fiend of Gorupth.

He had taken her body by force; this was his preference. He could have forced The Seal upon her before he claimed her body. It would have stripped her will away in a moment, bringing her to his command. He could have had her begging him to violate her in every way imaginable, or forced her to degrade herself publicly, shame her family and give her virginity to a dog or a pony in a show for all to see. This would have amused him and he did consider it, but in the end, he chose her screams of fear and anger above what would have been screams of passion. He wanted a taste of her will before it was sacrificed.

Now, as she stumbled through the dark tunnels of the hillside below his home, he mused at the difference. Soon she would arrive in his chamber, silent and soulless. Her once pristine form was now spoiled from the damp and sludge of the pit where she dwelt during the day. He still enjoyed the feel of her body. Her skin, if anything, was softer now. So, even though he mourned the loss of the radiant pale flesh and shining mass of golden hair, his cock stiffened with the thought of gripping her filthy hips and plunging himself hard into her unresisting cunt.

He loved the way she no longer reacted. She made no sound, not even during the hardest beating or fucking. It reminded him of her glorious fight and his ultimate victory over her. Her docile acceptance of his will never failed to excite him. She was his flesh to pound.

She entered the room. Looking up from his thoughts, he admired the way her eyes rested closed with her long lashes lightly brushing her cheek. Looking at her face, he considered that someone might think she was sleepwalking. He thought that, in a small way, she was. Only there were no dreams in her head. There was nothing but the ever changing chaos of the present. She no longer had the ability to understand her circumstances. He had given that to The Spectral Seal ... once his lust had been sated and he had grown tired of her struggles. Again he smiled to himself recalling that night. She fought right to the very end. He was quite proud of her.

Placing a hand upon her shoulder he pushed her down to her knees. He didn’t have to shove. The slightest pressure in any direction was enough to maneuver her listless body into position. A slight nudge of his boot and she spread her thighs apart. Her arms dangled limply at her side. He tilted her head back and caused her mouth to open, but her eyes remained shut and her passive expression never changed.

Gripping her hair at the nape of her neck, he lowered his cock to her waiting lips. Taking his time and rubbing his head against her silky skin. He teased her mouth open wider, sliding himself in just an inch and stopping there to enjoy the heat and warmth. He pushed in another inch and, again, he stopped. His head fell back as he closed his eyes, allowing himself to concentrate completely on the feel of his cock in her unresistant mouth.

He could feel her tongue resting beneath his shaft and her tiny dull teeth above and below him. Their smooth ridges caressed as he slid himself in and out. He tilted her head back farther and glided the head of his cock against the ribbed roof of her mouth, growing stiffer with every stroke, letting his need build.

In and out, again and again, he slid himself against her tongue and teeth, teasing himself and holding back from making that final ecstatic plunge. He could feel it rising up within. His hands gripped her harder as his movements lost their grace and the Fiend’s lust took over.

He spread his legs apart and leaned his pelvis forward, rocking her back and forth. He looked down to watch her sleepy peaceful expression as he fucked her mouth. Pulling and thrusting violently, he crushed her to him, forcing his cock down her throat. Bucking against her and grunting through gritted teeth, he watched her eyes for any sign of waking. She didn’t, she couldn’t, and it was this thought that sent him over the edge. He came fast and hard down her throat, pumping his seed and his will into her. His flesh to pound.