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The Legend of the Spectral Seal

A Game of Cat and Mouse

by Mudak ()

Kyle grinned broadly as he saw the small brown package waiting on his doorstep when he returned from the day’s classes. Seeing a return address of a small unknown town in Mexico, he began to think about how, exactly, he would use its contents.

He carried the package into his kitchen and carefully unwrapped it, reminding himself of what Felipe had said when they met on that online auction site. “No lo toque,” he wrote. Don’t touch it.

Once he removed the brown wrapping, he saw a blue box with gold lettering, reading “El Sello Espectral.”

He opened the blue box and saw a gold medallion in there. Even though there was a woven rope chain attached to it, it seemed suspended in midair in the middle of the box. As he reached for the rope and extracted the artifact from the box, a small piece of styrofoam appeared in the box. Kyle noted that the face of the disc contained an engraving of an animal. He chuckled to himself. That wasn’t quite what I thought it meant by ‘spectral seal,‘ he mused. He didn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the animal he had seen at the aquarium playing the horns.

Still, if it did what Felipe claimed, it would still be worth it. Now he just needed to find the right time to try it out.

He glanced at his watch. Neither his sister nor her best friend would be home yet. He wasn’t about to try it on Diane, but Mandy, on the other hand ... Why did all of his sister’s friends have to be so smoking hot while simultaneously not willing to give him the time of day? Yeah, with any luck, that would change.

So he paced around the apartment, careful not to touch the object but trying out its other properties. He put the object down on the kitchen table and watched in wonder as the table itself disappeared. He felt for the table and it was clearly still there. The moment he picked it up, the table reappeared.

“Impressive,” he said out loud.

He decided not to push his luck with the object, so he put it in his bedroom and camped out on the couch to watch TV and think about a plausible story to tell Mandy to get her to put the seal to its first real test. He looked at the newspaper on the end table and knew what he would say. Now all he had to do, was wait.

After about an hour, Mandy came in the door, looking unbearably hot as usual. That white blouse and flowing skirt ...

“Whatcha watching, Kyle?”

“Just some cartoons. Nothing else on, really.”

“Five hundred channels and all you can find to watch, is Tom and Jerry?”

“Hey, respect the classics!”

Mandy laughed.

“Seriously, Mandy. I’m glad you came home before my sister. You know her birthday’s next week, and I think I found something she might like, but ... well, I’m not sure. Do you mind if I show you what I found, and you can tell me if you think she’ll like it, or if I should return it?”

“Sure. Where is it?”

“In my bedroom. Would you rather I brought it out or would you prefer to come with me?”

“Would you mind bringing it out?” Mandy tried hard to suppress her look of disgust at the thought of going into his bedroom. She tried to be polite to him because he was her best friend’s brother, but she always hated the way it seemed like he leered at her all the time.

“All right, but it’s your fault if she comes home and sees it.”

“I’ll take responsibility if need be.”

“Then I’ll be right back.”

He stepped out of the room for a minute and Mandy sat down, smiling at the game of cat and mouse on TV.

He returned a few minutes later with the spectral seal dangling from its rope.

Mandy let out a slight laugh as she saw the gaudily designed medallion. “Do you really think that’s something she’d like?”

“Hold out your hands.”


“You need to really get a good look at it. Let me hand it to you. Hold out your hands.”

Mandy scoffed, but decided to take a closer look.

She held out her hands and he gently dropped the seal into her palms. His mind started to race as she let out a gasp as all of the muscles in her body tensed up. She lifted the seal closer to her face and examined the engravings closely.

When she spoke, she spoke slowly, purposefully. “It ... looks ... much ... nicer ... closer ... up.”

“Yes, it does.”

“Yessssss.........” Her jaw slackened and her eyes widened.

“I don’t want Diane to see her birthday gift, so why don’t you bring it back to my bedroom.”

Mandy stood up and walked, stiffly, to his bedroom. He followed her.

She placed the object on his writing desk, which promptly disappeared. She didn’t notice this turn of events.

“I think it’s kind of warm in here. Don’t you, Mandy?”


“Why don’t you get out of those hot clothes?”

Mandy calmly took off all of her clothes, standing naked in front of him.

He recalled what Felipe had advised him. You never know how long your subject will be blank for.

“Why don’t you rub the seal on your tits and on your pussy? It’ll make you hornier than you’ve ever felt before. You’ll want to tell me this, because you know I’m the only one who will be able to satisfy you.”

She held out her hands. He fumbled for the rope on the invisible desk, lifted it up, and placed the item in her hands. She proceeded to do exactly as commanded.

Kyle made a mental note to send a special thank you note to Felipe.

Once she was finished rubbing the medallion over her body, she thrust the object into his hands, and he immediately went blank.

“Are you going to fuck me now, Kyle?” she asked in a monotone.

“Yes ...” he answered, blankly.