The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Light and Shadows 8: Bright Pain

by Baltimore Rogers and J. Darksong

Added 21 February 2015

Updated 02 May 2015

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Suffering the pain and loss of the love of her life, Luminaire struggles to hold onto her light, and her sanity, searching for a way to cope with the crippling guilt of being unable to save her lover. When words of sympathy from family and friends bring no comfort, she searches elsewhere for a way to dim the overwhelming pain. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns to settle a score. Will Katie be able to stand strong against this new threat, or has the Light of Justice finally faded for good?

Chapter Length Added
Prologue 9888 words 21 Feb 2015
Ch. 1) Through Argent Eyes 12528 words 21 Feb 2015
Ch. 2) A Smile Dies 11679 words 07 Mar 2015
Ch. 3) Forget the Pain 9644 words 21 Mar 2015
Ch. 4) Thoughts That I Hide 6764 words 28 Mar 2015
Ch. 5) Just Fine 7038 words 04 Apr 2015
Ch. 6) Tears Drop, Moistened Eyes 6243 words 11 Apr 2015
Ch. 7) Doing Just Fine... 5283 words 18 Apr 2015
Ch. 8) Cold On The Inside 8866 words 25 Apr 2015
Epilogue: 6437 words 02 May 2015