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Light and Shadows VI: Blinded By The Light

by J. Darksong

Added 16 November 2013

Updated 14 December 2013

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Life is good. Katie and her girlfriend, Jessica, are moving in together, starting the next phase of their life together. They’ve even reconciled with an old rival from their past, becoming friends again. The future looks bright with no clouds on the horizon... but sometimes when things are so bright, you don’t notice shadows hiding just around the corner...

Chapter Length Added
Ch.1: No Better Place To Be 3971 words 16 Nov 2013
Ch. 2: Haven For Us 5686 words 23 Nov 2013
Ch. 3: When Things Were Once Beautiful 4589 words 23 Nov 2013
Ch. 4: Falling Out Of Darkness 3460 words 23 Nov 2013
Ch. 5: Losing the Light 4383 words 30 Nov 2013
Ch. 6: Becoming Fragile 4847 words 07 Dec 2013
Ch. 7: Remind Me How We Used To Feel 6849 words 14 Dec 2013
Epilogue: 2398 words 14 Dec 2013