The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Light and Shadows X: Eclipsed

by J. Darksong & Gbrn32e

* * *

Ch. 3) Gods and Monsters

Tawnya Parkinson was no coward.

In her short lifetime, she’d gone through a lot, from losing her family in a horrific accident, being cast alone in the world before Nigel had taken her in, to fighting criminals on an almost daily basis, facing the city’s worst and most vile villains, risking her life again and again to save the lives of others. She was no stranger to danger or peril. Yes, she still felt fear now and again, but she’d learned how to push past it and do what needed to be done, and to never let it cripple her.

Standing now, at the well of Urdarbrunnr, surrounded by the Nornir, the goddesses of Fate, the all-powerful overlords that dictated the future of all mankind, the ones that created, controlled, and eventually brought about the ruin of her beloved Brunhilda, yet staring into a swirling mass of gas and glowing lights that had even THEM kneeling and shuddering in submission... it was all she could do to keep from losing control of her bladder.

Sensing the reaction from the beings at her sudden and strange appearance, Fate decided to make a change. The light flared brightly for a moment, before coalescing, shrinking down into a humanoid form. When the light finally faded, it revealed a naked young girl about the size of young Nadira with long straight vibrant red hair. “There. Perhaps this more familiar form will inspire more reverence and less terror,” the being quipped, lips twisting in a wry smirk.

Of the only two other persons still standing, one stepped forward, interposing herself between the others. “Mistress Destiny,” Lacie Frasier said formally, bowing her head slightly, “forgive my impudence, but just what did you mean before, when you said the time had come for a ‘Reckoning’? Is this about what is happening with my daughter Katie? And what are you planning to do about her?”

Fate smiled slightly. “Well met, Lacie Ann Gilbertson-Frasier, of the line of Verdandi,” she said formally. “While all your Sisters shudder and hide their faces, you and your two young friends have the stalwart fortitude to face me eye to eye.” She tilted her head slightly, quizzically. “Are you not afraid of me?”

“Oh, yea, I am terrified, Mistress Destiny,” Lacie admitted with a slight shudder. “I’m fairly sure we all are. But right now I’m more concerned about what ‘fate’ is to befall my daughter, and our world than my own fears. Please... tell me what you intend to do! Surely the situation is not so far removed that it cannot be salvaged! I know I can talk Katie down, and keep her from bringing about the destruction of our world—”

But Fate merely shook her head. “No, my child. While the situation is far from decided, you, Verdandi’s kin, will not be allowed to intervene. The events unfolding now are the results of the choices and decisions you have made.” The childlike being scowled. “Your previous actions to preserve the life of your husband have already proved that you value the lives of your loved ones above those of your charges as a Fatespinner of the Weave.”

“And that’s why you took away her powers?” Tawnya accused, stepping up next to her friend. “Because she acted to save the man she loves? She might be a goddess, and a Fatespinner, as you call her, but she’s still a person! How can you penalize her for that? If anything, that shrine sitting just a few yards away is a testament to NOT being an insensitive uncaring bitch!”

“SILENCE MORTAL!” Fate spoke, causing the ground around them to shake violently, getting a squeak from the dark haired girl. “While you may indeed have a point in your outlook, you have yet to even glimpse the larger picture!” The entity sighed softly, sounding entirely all too human. “Lacie, as well as the other Nornir, are changed with guiding and protecting not only all of mankind, but also in the preservation of reality as a whole. There is a very clear reason why my Nornir are granted visions not only of the past, present, and future, but also on other realities, other states of being, to best decide what course of actions will lead to the chosen path for this world.”

“So that’s why!” Angela Prentiss said suddenly, stepping forward to join her friends. “I think I understand now. With everything I’d witnessed since coming here, I was trying to wrap my head around why you would punish Lacie by removing her powers when what she did was such a small thing. Saving Eugene in and of itself didn’t cause any backlash, any dire or calamitous fate to occur. If anything, it was stripping her of her powers that prevented her from being able to help her daughter.” She crossed her arms. “It’s like you wanted this to happen... wanted Katie to have her meltdown, and not allow Lacie to go to her.”

Rather than lash out in anger again, Fate laughed ruefully. “Incredible. You, little one, are very clever, and very perceptive. All three of you... I indeed chose well.” She shook her head. “No, young one, I did not wish this outcome. Even though I am immortal, the destruction of all reality will affect me as well. I will still exist, but I will... change... becoming something far different from what I am now. And truth be told, I am rather fond of myself as I am. Nevertheless, once certain events have been set into motion, they must continue on to completion.”

“Even if it means the end of everything?” Lacie asked, incredulously.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Fate replied, again with a humanlike sigh. “Even for those such a I, there are rules that must be abided by. Katherine Frasier, though powerful, though possessing the powers of a Key, is still fully human, and a child of destiny. She is... as you would say, an immutable thread. This event was predestined to occur. It is a pivotal point in the future of not only this world, but all other worlds and realities connected to it. As such, only another such child of destiny may interfere with that chosen path.”

Suddenly, one of the Nornir let out a loud cry. Glancing back, the group turned to find the eldest Sister, Vurdra, on the ground, gasping and panting loudly, sweat dripping from her face like raindrops. “Grandmother?” Lacie yelled, as she and the others rushed to her side. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“It is the strain,” Fate replied solemnly, causing everyone to turn back to her again. “As one of the Three Divine Sisters that maintain the Great Weave, the strain of maintaining its integrity all on her own, as well as the added stress caused by young Katherine’s actions, is proving to be too much for her.” She gestured to Tawnya. “Which is why you, Tawnya Parkinson, were summoned here. You know the identity and location of the girl who is Skuld’s reincarnation. You must bring her here and reveal her true nature. Only then will she be able to aid Urdr’s reincarnation with maintaining the integrity of the Weave.”

“You want me to bring Devon here?” Tawnya asked, frowning slightly. “Well, assuming I can convince her that I’m not crazy, and actually get her to come here... what would be the point, anyway? Isn’t the Great Weave thingy about to be ripped apart by Katie anyway, since you’re not letting any of us try and stop her?”

Fate chuckled darkly. “Just because none of you are allowed to interfere does not mean that there is no one available to dissuade your friend. In fact, the two other chosen are moving to confront her at this very moment. But whether or not they succeed, without the support of Skuld’s reincarnation, the damage done to the Weave will cause it to unravel and bring about the end of all things regardless.”

“She’s right, Tawnya,” Lacie replied wearily. “Even without my powers, and with my connection to the Great Weave severed, I can still feel the strain it is under. If Katie causes a paradox, it will be the tipping point.” She forced a small smile. “Besides... I’ve been wanting to meet Jimmy’s girlfriend for a while now. It might not be the most ideal circumstance for it, but, well, beggars can’t be choosers.”

Tawnya nodded. “Okay. So um... how do I do this?” she asked, frowning, extending her wings. “I’m... not really sure how Sioban did that teleportation thing. Do I... click my heels together three times, or what?”

“I can take you there, if you wish,” Nadira stated, stepping forward to take Tawnya’s hand. “I’ve wanted to go out and visit the modern world for a while now instead of simply viewing it from afar.” Her smile widened. “Plus, I’ve really wanted to taste this ‘ice cream’ stuff I’ve been hearing about!”

“Now, Nadira,” Liliandra chided her gently, “this is serious. It’s not about venturing out to indulge your curiosity—”

”It’s not just about curiosity,” Nadira insisted. ”I’m supposed to go with Tawnya. I foresaw it happening. I’m the one that goes with her and meets our new Sister first! And... I even foresaw the ice cream! I really did!”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Tawnya said with a smirk, squeezing the tiny girl’s hand in her own. “I’d be glad to have you along. Besides, I could use the help.”

“Then be off,” Fate replied with a single nod, “for time, space and all of reality, is of the essence.” Nodding in reply, the dark skinned and her tiny companion vanished in a flash of light.

* * *

Jimmy let out a deep sigh of relief as he watched the squad of police cruisers drive by. He’d taken a moment to duck inside an empty store lobby to hide and catch his breath for the moment. After beating his Uncle Parker and Aunt Roni, things had actually gotten more complicated for him, instead of less. He was now a wanted man, with every Super and law enforcement person in the city after him. And they’re definitely taken off the safeties, he thought grimly, lightly rubbing his arm where he’d taken a hit earlier. As tough as he was, the fact that his arm still stung only proved that these guys were not playing around.

He sighed again, inhaling deeply, only to frown a moment later. He pressed his forehead against the cool stone of the wall before him and closed his eyes. A shadow from the nearby wall disengaged itself, moving stealthily across the room, pausing just behind the dark haired youth. A small flutter, like the tiniest puff of wind, breezed by, and with a sudden movement and a flash of metal, the shadow struck—

And imbedded a large steel tipped needle into the concrete wall where Jimmy had been standing a moment before.

“Ahhh! What the fuck?” the shadow cried out in surprise, finding herself held, the hand gripping the needle clutched tightly in Jimmy’s strong grip. Startled by the sudden movement and at being caught, the figure lost control over her powers, and became momentarily visible. Jimmy’s expression didn’t change, but he did nod briefly, bringing up his shadows, preparing to strike. His assailant, however, recovered enough, and, sensing what was coming, used her powers again to vanish, slipping free from Jimmy’s grasp just as a wave of tendrils flooded the area.

“Huh. Nice reflexes there, Ghost Girl,” he commented dryly, withdrawing his shadows again, allowing the room’s natural illumination to return. “Since I can’t see, hear, or feel you, I can only assume turning intangible allowed my shadow strike to pass straight through you without incident. That’s pretty new, I think... the last I was aware, turning intangible let solid objects pass through without harming you, but energy attacks still took a toll. And my shadows would definitely qualify as the latter.” Silence. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” More silence. “Look, you might as well give it up. I sensed your attack coming earlier when you were invisible, with my back turned, and you didn’t make a sound. Do you honestly plan to try your luck again now that I know you’re here and am fully alert?”

A short moment later, Rosella appeared again, scowling with frustration. “Fine. It looks like we’re at an impasse, anyway. I apparently can’t attack you, not without turning completely solid, and putting myself at risk. And you can’t attack me while I’m intangible. So... what now? Sit here and shoot the shit? I have all the time in the world...but then again, I’m not the one on a timetable, am I?”

Jimmy merely raised an eyebrow. “Huh. Well, you’re definitely Ghost Girl. With the new face, and body, and all, I wasn’t quite sure. But yeah... the voice and attitude match.” He yawned and stretched idly, flexing his muscles. “You’re right. I can’t spend all day sitting in here with you. I am racing the clock, and sooner or later, someone’s going to think to check inside the buildings in this area for me.” He smirked. “On the other hand, I highly doubt you’re willing to simply stand by and watch me walk out of here. And I doubt you simply decided to try and ambush me here all of your own out of boredom. Obviously, the person holding your leash is the one that sent you after me... the only question is, was it your beloved Goddess Aphrodite or my dear sister?”

Rosella’s eyes widened in surprise before narrowing again. “My my... you’re rather well informed, aren’t you?”

“I got up to speed during Aphrodite’s attempted take over of the Beautiful Gems,” he replied, scowling back at her. “And from what Jette told us all after the fact, we have you personally to thank for that.” He shook his head ruefully. “I should probably be pissed at you for that. But, well, whether you see it this way or not, you’re a victim in all of this as much as Jette and the others.”

You don’t know the half of it, Rosella thought grimly, struggling against the iron clad commands in her head. “Spare me your sympathy,” she barked instead, fingering the second hypodermic in her pocket. “You’d do better to worry about yourself! And you’re right. My Mistress,” she said, wincing only slightly, “has commanded me to make sure you do not interfere with what she has planned. You seem bound and determined to fight your way past everyone that gets in your way. Fine. Consider me in your way!”

Jimmy held up a hand as she moved forward, however. “I said you’re a victim in the events happening right now,” he clarified sharply, glaring at her, “but that hardly makes you blameless. You are the author of all this misfortune, after all.” His eyes narrowed. “And I hear there is a special place in hell set aside for traitors, Rose. I guess there’s an entire suite set up with your name on it then, isn’t there?”

Blinking in shock, Rosella faltered slightly. “Wha... what are you talking about?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jimmy continued on relentlessly. “You’re a traitor. You betrayed my father, the man that literally plucked you up out of the gutter and gave you a better life, tried everything in his power to help you. And you showed your gratitude by turning your back on him and siding with Goddess Aphrodite. And Jette? We both know how close you and the others became while you were searching for me in Austin all those months. Julie was your friend... and you betrayed her, serving her up to your Goddess like a sacrificial lamb, to be used as just another pawn in her plot to take over the world!”

Rosella winced, his words cutting deep. She had indeed done those things. Before, wrapped tightly in the cocoon of her Goddess’ blissful servitude, it hadn’t mattered, the desire to serve her in all things blotting out any reservations or guilt she might have felt. Now, that connected severed by Supernova’s tampering, the guilt had returned with a vengeance. Worse, she still felt her desire and need to serve and protect her Goddess, but was unable to, forced by that blonde haired demonspawn to betray her Goddess as well, adding her to the ever growing list.

“And let’s not forget your dearest friend, lover, and mentor, Chloe,” Jimmy continued. “A double betrayal with her. You betrayed her to the Confectioner all those years ago after all, nearly killing her as she fought to save you from his clutches—”

“Shut up!” Rosella growled, grabbing him hard slamming him against the wall in her fury. “You little shit! You don’t know what the FUCK you’re talking about!”

“Oh, but I do, Rose,” he shot back, giving no quarter. “YOU are the one who put her in the hospital. YOU’RE the one who caused her to end up brain damaged. And I’d be willing to bet that now that you’d freed Venus Satore and restored her to her former glory, you served up your poor helpless friend to her as well, as just another super powered pawn—”

“GODDAMN YOU FUCKER!” Rosella screamed, pulling her gun, placing the barrel against Jimmy’s temple. “You don’t know anything! I did that to HELP her! It was the only way to save her! The only fucking way!”

“So, going to shoot me now, Rose? Going to betray me now as well... the guy you’d been tasked to protect and save... the guy that actually took a bullet for you and saved your life?” Rosella winced again at the reminder. “Fine. Go ahead and shoot then. You’ve betrayed everyone else... I was starting to feel a bit lonely.” Jimmy said simply, without heat. “But you’re wrong about one thing. You said that this was the only way? Wrong! There’s always another way. My dad has been working on a way to help her for more than twenty years now. Not to mention his former protégé, the CEO of MedTek, who you violated and stole from. And just recently, he’d even convinced his new friends at GrimTech to help with the project as well. ” Rosella’s hand faltered, and the gun lowered slightly. “What? Did you think he simply gave up and moved on to other things? If there’s one thing you should know about my dad by now its that he NEVER gives up! He always keeps working at a problem until he solves it. You were just too impatient to wait!” He sighed softly, shaking his head. “There’s always a choice, Rose. But most times, the easy choice and the right choice, are rarely the same.”

Rosella struggled against her tears, keeping them in check. The boy’s words were cutting her to her very core. “Damn you! You don’t understand me at all! I did what I had to do! I had the chance to help Chloe instead of sitting around waiting for another twenty or thirty years in the hopes of MAYBE finding a cure! I’m the one responsible for what happened to her! So I had to be the one to help her!” She glared at him angrily. “What would you do if our positions had been reversed, huh? If Serpentina had made you put Devon in a coma whole you were under her control, would you have done any less?”

“Look. I understand your feelings only too well,” Jimmy countered. “You think I don’t know what crushing painful despair and guilt feel like? Not so long ago, I was set up for murder... utterly convinced that I’d killed an innocent family, a mother and her young children.” He sighed softly. “I... didn’t handle it very well at all. I tried to run from it, tried to deny my part in it... but that only made it worse. And I hurt a lot of people along the way. Even when I finally decided to stop running and face up to what I’d done, I nearly ended up getting my cousin killed in the process. And it was bitter pill to swallow, knowing that even if I went to jail and paid for crimes it could never undo the damage I’d caused. But in the end I accepted it. I accepted that I would simply live with that guilt forever and moved on.”

Rosella shook her head, but Jimmy cut in before she could protest. “Yeah, I know. I was proven innocent in the end. I’d been framed by Brainstorm and my uncle Duncan. I hadn’t really killed anyone. But the guilt and despair I felt the entire time was real enough. Being set up didn’t make my suffering any less real. I was prepared to pay for the consequences of my actions even knowing it would never be enough. My point is, even when I was at my lowest point, I tried to keep my friends and loved ones out of the path of destruction, not using them as stepping stones to get me to my goal! I even went so far as to shadowstrike my cousin Aurora and alter her mind, just to try and keep her from getting involved... as choice of which she quite painfully reminded me wasn’t mine to make. So yes... guilt can drive you to do come crazy desperate shit... but you can still choose to do what is right above what is not.”

Rosella stood there, staring at him for a long moment, the gun still aimed at his head. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, but she stood silently, making not a sound. Then, with a soft sniff, she lowered her weapon, took a step back, and vanished, going invisible and intangible, fading out of the room.

Jimmy let out an audible sigh, relaxing a bit as the tension of the last few minutes drained out of him. Well, that’s just great. I made her cry. A stoic, well trained, emotionless assassin and special operative, and I made her cry. I guess that really says something about me as well, then. Feeling more than a little depressed, starting to wonder slightly if HE was making the correct choice himself, Jimmy left the lobby, heading back out into the night...

* * *

Supernova cracked open an eye, letting out a loud groan of annoyance as she sat up. “I thought I told everyone that I didn’t want to be disturbed,” she groused, turning to glare at the intruder. “Apparently I wasn’t clear enough by what I consider a ‘disturbance’!” Her visitor, Larissa Fredriksson, swallowed loudly, but marshaled her conviction as she approached her mistress.

“Forgive me, Mistress,” she said humbly, bowing her head, “but we ran into some trouble with one of the intruders you warned us to be on the watch for. She basically took out Voltaire’s three person team, and two of my own before I managed to stop her.” She swallowed again. “And well, I... I mean, it was... I thought someone able to do all that by herself...”

“You thought she might prove to be an asset once she’d been converted,” Katie finished, nodding with a sigh. “You may have a point. And, frankly, I am a bit curious as to who was able to take out so many of my sentries so easily.” She nodded. “Very well. Bring her to me.”

“At once, Mistress,” Ms. Machina replied with a smirk. Tapping a button on her wrist gauntlet summoned a small hovering metallic pod, which floated over towards Katie, before unfolding to reveal its occupant. Katie blinked in surprise, grinning wildly as the young redhead inside groaned softly, eyes fluttering open.

“BONNIE!! It’s you!” Katie squealed, grabbing the barely conscious redhead in a hug, kissing her gently as she swung her around. “It’s really you! Wow! This is such a surprise! I thought you and Tawnya were still out of the country! When did you get back? Did you have a good time? Oh, there are so many questions I have for you... and of course, you probably have a bunch of questions for me as well.” She shook her head ruefully, forcing herself to calm down. “I’d love to just sit down and catch up with you... but I have something really important that I have to do first.”

“K-katie...” Sioban managed, shaking her head to clear it. “You can’t... I can’t let you... do this,” she said weakly.

Katie grinned at her beloved Sioban, the confused expression on her face strangely endearing. Truth be told, she hadn’t expected her redheaded angel to be here for this momentous occasion. It was fitting, however, considering the part she had played in helping to bring it all about. All this time apart had only emphasized how much she missed her. And despite her misguided attempt to stop her from bringing Jessica back from the dead, there was no one else she’d rather have at her side. It was only because her dear Bonnie didn’t yet realize the truth...

But now, there was no need to hold back the truth. Everything was already in place, and it was just a question of when she would start the ball rolling. Running her fingers lightly across Sioban’s lovely soft cheek, she sighed deeply, considering. It was tempting… very tempting, to use her newfound powers on her, to twist her mind and body into her obedient fawning plaything like the others—

No. NO. Not Bonnie. Never Bonnie. She means too much to me to play silly games with her that way. I can convince her to join with me again the old fashioned way.

Nodding to herself, she took a few steps back, and turned, gesturing with her arms wide open. “So, Dragonfyre,” she said formally, “what do you think of our city? There are still a few bugs to deal with, a few minor inconveniences to iron out, but otherwise, it’s a calm, peaceful city now, don’t you think?” She grinned, creating a leather couch out of thin air, leaning back on it comfortably. “It’s certainly much safer now. I’ve got the criminals helping law enforcement… and these days, law enforcement’s main duty is helping with public safety. Violent crime is virtually a thing of the past.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Sioban replied with a frown, trying to hide the shock and surprise of Katie’s new apparent and casually flaunted powers. “The so-called sentries you had facing me all seemed pretty violent.”

“Oh, them?” Supernova said dismissively. “They’re just... really really enthusiastic about protecting my airspace. I do need my privacy in order to concentrate and focus my powers, after all. Besides, you heal even faster than I do! So harm, no foul, right?”

Sioban sighed heavily. This was getting her nowhere. “Katie, sweetie. You have to listen to me. You can’t go through with this. I’m here to stop you. Back in Yggdrasil, I had a vision of the future. I saw what you were trying to do, what you were attempting, and baby… it didn’t work. Not only did it NOT work, you ended up destroying yourself and the city in the process. That’s why I can’t let you do this!”

Katie laughed gleefully, shaking her head. “Oh, sweetie... you always know how to make me laugh. Can’t let me do this... hehehe... oh, that’s just priceless.” She sighed softly, wiping a tear from her eye as Sioban continued to glare at her. “I’m sorry, Dragonfyre. Really. I’m not trying to belittle you or anything. I promise you I take you seriously. The fact that you got past my guardians shows how determined you are. No... I was laughing because... Bonnie, love, you’re the one who helped me come up with this whole plan.”

“WHAT?!?” Dragonfyre yelled in surprise. “What are you talking about? There’s no way I helped you do all of this! If I’d had any idea what you were up to—”

“But you did,” Supernova insisted. “Subverting the city’s heroes and villains alike, waiting until my family and yours was conveniently out of town, ‘convincing’ the city council to pass that initiative allowing me to legally do all of this without repercussions—it was all your idea.” She sighed softly. “Well, to be fair, it was mostly your idea. Patty, Connie and T-baby contributed as well.” At Sioban’s incredulous look, she rolled her eyes. “Fine. Don’t believe me,” she said lightly, walking over to grasp her friend gently by the hand. “I wanted to save you the headache, but if you’re going to be stubborn... then its time to step through the looking glass.”

Sioban, frowning, opened her mouth to respond, when the trigger activated. Her jaw dropped, her eyes went wide, and a soft gasp escaped her lips as the hidden memories of the past several months unspooled deep inside her mind. Suddenly, she recalled sitting with Katie, alone and with the others, discussing the best way for her to go about enslaving the city, and removing the violent criminal tendencies from its citizens. She stood stunned as she remembered in vivid detail the way Katie, or rather, Mistress Supernova, had brainwashed her, breaking her with a nonstop marathon of sex and hypnosis, using her Light to push her past the point of any possible resistance until she was a docile, eager, and enthusiastic pawn.

Ohhh... ohhhh goddess... she thought dimly, only now beginning to realize the scope of her own involvement in Katie’s mad scheme. I really did... help her plan this out. And it was my idea to have her hide our memories of all of this, to help keep the secret from prying eyes, or in the case of Eva Snow, prying minds! Everything... even the best way to use her resources to defend herself if some misguided hero or heroine were to find out what she was doing and try to stop her! And... if not for the enhancements the Goddess Tear granted me, Voltaire’s little group probably would have been enough to shut me down. Goddess Bless... I’d basically sabotaged myself before I even left Yggdrasil!

Shaking off her introspection, she turned to face Katie again. “Okay. You have a point. I’m not... entirely without fault in all of this. But no part of your plan involved trying to rip the Universe apart in order to bring Jessica back from the dead!”

“I know. That’s the best part!” Katie said gleefully, eyes shining. “All this time... I’ve been racking my brain, working myself to death, trying to make River City safe, a place without crime, where you can walk the streets safely at any time of the day without worrying about being attacked or raped or killed. But the closer I came to making it happen, the more... empty I felt. I mean... what was the point if the person that deserved to see it the most wasn’t around to witness the change?” She sighed deeply. “A few weeks ago I was pushed to my breaking point. I thought I was literally going to die. And I was forced to push myself and my powers past my normal limits... and discovered exactly what I’m capable of. Trust me, Bonnie... I can do this. I can bring Jessica back. And then... we can all be one happy little group once again!”

“But... but Katie, you can’t!” Sioban protested. “I told you—I saw the future. If you try to do this, you’ll end up killing yourself, and everyone in the process!”

“And? So what?” Katie yelled back, causing the scarlet tressed heroine to draw back a step. “So what if there’s a bit of collateral damage? Even if... even if it DOES kill me... it would be worth it to bring Jess back in my place!”

Sioban felt something inside her shrivel up in horror at the fanatical look on her dearest friend’s face. She could see it in her eyes—Katie absolutely believed it, without a doubt, that she could bring Jessica back, and didn’t care in the slightest about the cost. She remembered only too well the depths of Katie’s despair at losing her lover, how she’d drifted along listlessly for days afterwards, how she’d tried again and again to simply kill herself to end her pain. She’d thought for a time that the friendship she and Tawnya had showed her had helped ease her torment, but apparently she’d been mistaken. I’d hoped that I would be enough for you, she thought sadly, that I could help heal the hole in your heart...

“Katie, please,” Sioban begged, only to be shrugged aside.

“No.” she said, turning back around to glare at the redhead. “It’s not ‘Katie’ anymore, Dragonfyre. You should know that better than anyone else. It’s Supernova now.” She smirked slightly. “Actually, it’s been ‘Supernova’ for a long time now. Katie Frasier was too weak willed, too soft, and too sympathetic to make the hard choices, to do what needed to be done. So I had to step in.” She raised her left hand, which began to glow with a soft pale light which quickly darkened. “Katie was convinced that once you knew the truth, you would join her on your own... that you cared enough about her to want to help her achieve her dream. But I knew different. I knew you’d never do so on your own.” The pale shining glow coalesced into a tiny black dot, shimmering, hovering a few inches above her hand. “And, well... it’s kind of cliché, and all, but sweetie... either you’re with me or against me. And I can’t have you standing against me. Dragonfyre, it’s time for you to see the Light.”

Sioban gasped, finding herself suddenly naked, standing back in their room in the Prentiss Mansion. “K-katie? Wha... what is this?” she asked, stunned, as an equally naked Katie sauntered towards her, forcing her back slowly until she was against the wall. “How are you doing this? Is this... some kind of an illusion?”

Katie shook her head. “Nope. No illusion. This is real, Bonnie dear,” she purred, pressing her own sexy frame against her lover’s warm body. “Or, as real as reality ever is,” she added, as in the blink of an eye they was lying atop Sioban’s bed, the redhead’s arms and legs restrained in reinforced metal shackles. “Luckily for us, I have the ability to alter that reality as I see fit,” she stated, running her hands lovingly about Bonnie’s exposed flesh. The stalwart redhead shifted, struggling against her shackles as well as herself, trying desperately not to give in to the love of her life’s twisted ambitions.

“Katie... goddess bless... Katie, please,” she gasped, as deft and learned fingers found their way into her most vulnerable place, teasing and pushing her arousal even higher. “Please! Don’t do this... uuhnnn... don’t make me...”

“Make you what, baby love? Submit to me?” Katie taunted, sucking hard on an exposed nipple, using her light to send pulses of heat and vibration deep inside the writhing heroine. “We both know you want to... that you need to. You’re just being stubborn, Bonnie.” Shifting position, she straddled the redhead, gasping aloud herself as she used her powers once again, both impaled, joined at the waist by a her Light, throbbing and pulsing in time to her heartbeat. “Mmmmm... feel how good that feels, Sioban?” she moaned, her own head going back in pleasure. “Just surrender to me. Give in of your own free will. Please! It will be so good for both of us... I swear! I’ll be so good to you... and together, once Jess is back, it can be like this all the time... you, me, Jessica and Tawnya... loving, living, working together... all of us together.”

Sioban’s head was thrashing around wildly, her orgasm approaching like an tsunami wave, unstoppable. “Gaawwddd... no... please....”

“It will be so perfect, Bonnie... and I can love you like this...”

“Gaawwwdd... nnnnhhhn... nhhnnn... nooooo!”

“Over and over, and over again...”

“Uhhn... uhhhnnn... ohhh fuuuuucccckk!!”

“For all time...”

“YESSSS! OH GODDESS YESSSS!” Sioban came as she screamed here pleasure, cumming in a bright flash of light—

Supernova smiled softly, holding the shuddering heroine in her arms atop the roof, letting the brutal pleasure she’d given her obliterate her mind, and scatter her thoughts. Once she was settled, she would begin teaching Sioban her role, her place in the new world order. But for now, she simply held her lover, basking in the shared moment. In another time, another place, she would have been satisfied with simply that, simply being with her like this. But she’d made it clear before. Sioban had never felt the deep abiding love that Katie had felt for her. The only one that loved her that deeply was Jessica. And she was going to bring her back.

“And you’re gong to help me, won’t you, sweet Bon-bon?” she whispered gently in her lover’s ear.

“Mmmm... yes, Mistress Supernova,” Sioban replied in a soft sleepy voice. “Anything for you. Thank you... for showing me the Light...”