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Like Daughter, Like Mother

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Funny thing about recurring characters. You never think they’re recurring until you actually create them. Hope this leads to more from Jessica from “Goody-Two Shoes.” As far as I know, no one has ever done this induction method before, so I hope you like it. Enjoy.

When one could boast of being able to hypnotize people into sex before she was even in college, it’s natural to feel a confidence that borders on arrogance. Jessica got such a thrill not just over what she did but that no one ever suspected it, her exterior of wholesemness hiding the hypnotic predator within her. The power over all these people was so exhilarating and she kept finding new ways to have fun. Her encounter with Herman a while ago gave her a new twist. Letting him think he had hypnotized her, instead of the other way around, put her in a new position, being controlled while knowing what was happening. But Jessica still liked it the other way around, with her on top, in more ways than one.

She wasn’t quite sure when this idea had come to her but was definitely glad it did. She was now armed with a new method that would not only produce a willing subject but be very, very fun. She was walking back from school, headed towards the large home of Denise Russells. The senior was a voluptuous brown-haired girl with a rather ample chest and long, shapely legs, the kind of girl all the guys went crazy for. And Jessica too.

Jessica had been helping to tutor Denise for a while now. They were an odd match, the seemingly chaste Jessica and the supposedly boy-crazy Denise. The truth was that Denise had only gone all the way twice and wasn’t too crazy for it. And Jessica? Well, Jessica had experience that far outstripped most of the other girls in school. Jessica had managed to put Denise under that first session, very quickly, as usual but had bided her time a bit. She had made Denise want to schedule more sessions and become eager to please Jessica. By the third session, Denise was ready for love and Jessica was more than ready to participate.

As she waited for an answer to her doorbell, Jessica thought back to those afternoons of pleasure with Denise. God, the woman was great, a natural at pussy-licking and fingering that great ass was a pleasure for Jessica. The door opening interrupted her thoughts and she came face to face with the object of her desires. Denise was dressed simply in a loose white shirt and shorts, her long legs on full display. She smiled at Jessica, her hostility towards her long displaced by Jessica’s hypnosis and their lovemaking. “Hey, Jess, come on in.”

“Thanks,” Jessica said as Denise let her in. She stared at that great ass, already imagining holding it in her hands among the fun things she had planned. “So, just us today?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

“Actually, no, my mom’s here,” Denise shrugged. “Oh, hey, Mom.” Jessica looked up at her objective for the day. Theresa was in excellent shape for a woman in her forties, looking much younger (thanks to a bit of plastic surgery, no doubt), with strong cheekbones and an excellent body, dressed in a comfortable dress. She was relaxing on this, her day off and glanced up at Jessica, her light brown hair cut in a short style. She took Jessica’s hand and shook it without much enthusiasm, her attention more on the magazine she was reading. “Thanks for what you’ve done for my daughter,” Theresa said without much conviction. “Her grades have improved.”

“I’ve just opened up some avenues for her,” Jessica smiled. “We’d better get started, okay, Denise?”

“No problem,” Denise said as the two teenagers headed upstairs to Denise’s room. Jessica let her go forward, shutting the door behind her. “So, what should we start with?”

“I have an idea,” Jessica smiled. “Sleep in my eyes, Denise.” Instantly, Denise’s eyes shut and she fell back on the couch, deep in a trance. Jessica let her eyes roam over her body, the temptation to jump her then and there quite high in her mind. However, there was the chance that Theresa could hear them and besides, Jessica had something much more fun in mind.

Theresa sighed as she flipped through the pages of the magazine. All these designs and she still couldn’t decide which would go well with the new paint job for the house. It was difficult to be such a success, with her husband and herself working much of the time to set up such a comfortable home, both for themselves and for Denise. It was difficult raising a daughter but Theresa liked to think she’d done a good job of it. Of course, her school difficulties had been a problem, but Denise seemed to have gotten past them with some help so Theresa was more optimistic for her future.

Her attention was diverted as both Jessica and Denise came down the stairs, chattering to one another. “Oh, mom, could you help us out with something?” Denise asked as the two came up to her.

“Sure, honey, what?” Theresa hated to be bothered, but figured a brief break would be okay.

“Well, Jessica and I have been trying out some makeup,” Denise said. “We’re trying to decide what kind of makeup you’d like and maybe we might like it. So, look at my eyes.” Denise had dark purple shading around her eyes. “Now look at Jessica.” The other girl had a slight gold tinge above her eyebrows. “This is important, Mom, please, just look at my eyes, then look at Jessica’s eyes. My eyes and Jessica’s eyes. My eyes and Jessica’s eyes.”

“Just keep looking from one to the other, from one to the other,” Jessica said. “Just look at Denise’s eyes, then at mine, Denise’s eyes, then mine. Her eyes. My eyes. Her eyes. My eyes. Just keep looking at our eyes, one set at a time, Theresa, look at one set at a time, one set at a time, Theresa. Look at my eyes, then Denise’s eyes. My eyes and Denise’s eyes. My eyes and Denise’s eyes, back and forth, Theresa, back and forth.”

“Just keep it up, Mom,” Denise continued. “Just keep looking from one of us to the other, from one to the other. My eyes and Jessica’s eyes, my eyes and Jessica’s eyes, just keep looking from one to the other, from one to the other, my eyes and her eyes, my eyes and her eyes, back and forth, back and forth, keep looking at our eyes, mom, just keep looking at our eyes, from one to the other, from one to the other, just keep looking at our eyes, it’s so relaxing to look at our eyes, mom, it’s so relaxing to look into our eyes.”

“So relaxing, Theresa, it’s so relaxing to look into our eyes, from my eyes to Denise’s eyes, my eyes to Denise’s eyes, so relaxing, Theresa, so very relaxing, so very, very relaxing, Theresa, so very relaxing to look at our eyes, back and forth, back and forth, my eyes and Denise’s eyes, Theresa, my eyes and Denise’s eyes, look from one to the other, one to the other and you feel so relaxed, Theresa, so very relaxed, Thresea, so very, very relaxed as you look at our eyes, one to the other, one to the other.”

“You’re feeling so relaxed right now, Mom, so very relaxed, as you look at my eyes and Jessica’s eyes, my eyes and Jessica’s eyes, you feel so very, very relaxed, Mom, so very relaxed. In fact, mom, as you look at our eyes, my eyes and Jessica’s eyes, my eyes and Jessica’s eyes, you feel so relaxed that your own eyes are getting tired, mom, very tired, so very tired, mom, you feel so tired as you watch our eyes, one to the other, back and forth. Your own eyes are so tired, mom, so very, very tired, so very tired, mom, you can’t look anymore, you can’t keep your own eyes open anymore, you have to close them. You have to close your eyes, mom, you have to close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes.”

Theresa’s eyes fluttered shut. At the same moment, as per Jessica’s command, Denise’s eyes shut as she reentered her hypnotic state. Jessica stared at the hypnotized mother and daughter and felt herself growing wet in anticipation for the fun to come. “Denise, sit across from your mother.” The hypnotized girl sat on the couch, opposite of where her mother slumped in sleep. “Denise, Theresa, listen to me carefully. I want you both to open your eyes but remain deeply in this state.” The two obeyed, staring at one another with blank looks. “Theresa, I want you to look into Denise’s eyes, deep into Denise’s eyes. The more you look into your daughter’s eyes, the more deeply you will fall into this hypnotic state. The deeper you stare into your daughter’s eyes, the more hypnotized you will become. Deep, Theresa, stare deeply into your daughter’s eyes. Deeper. Deeper. Deeper......”

After about five minutes, Jessica was satisfied both Theresa and Denise were in a deep hypnotic state. By that time, Jessica was naked, her bush already wet with anticipation. “Denise, Theresa, listen to my voice. You hear my voice and you feel more relaxed. My voice is relaxing you further and further, sending you deeper and deeper into this hypnotic state. You must do what I say in this state, you must do whatever I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes...” the mother and daughter said in unison, their eyes still locked on one another.

“I want you both to stand up and undress,” Jessica commanded. She was used to Denise’s glorious body, with the tight ass and large breasts but was amazed by how well Theresa’s was, her breasts still quite firm, her pussy well shaven with a trace of wetness to it. Jessica looked at both and was pleased to see the resemblance between the two went beyond just faces.

Jessica moved over and kissed Theresa on the mouth, her hands snaking around and gripping the older woman’s ass, squeezing it for a thrill. Theresa slowly wrapped her arms around Jessica and held her in, slowly answering the kiss back with pleasure, her tongue sliding around Jessica’s mouth as they slowly sunk onto the couch. Jessica glanced over to where Denise stood, staring blankly into space, oblivious to her mother making love to her friend next to her. “Denise, lie on the floor with your head against the couch.”

A minute later, Jessica had things to her satisfaction. She sat herself partly on Denise’s large breasts as the other girl began to lick up at her pussy. At the same time, Jessica parted Theresa’s legs and let her pussy be exposed, swiftly moving in towards it. Immediately, she went to work, her tongue lapping away at the blondish patch while her arms moved up Theresa’s body and to her full breasts. She held them tight in her hands as she continued to lap at Theresa’s clit, sending the older woman into throes of passion. Below her, Denise slid her tongue around Jessica’s pussy, by now knowledgeable in how the young hypnotist wanted to be pleased. Jessica moved her hands around Theresa’s breasts, dragging her fingers across the nipples as her tongue slid around the pussy, Theresa’s juices flowing over it. Far sooner than she expected, Jessica felt Theresa come, her juice exploding onto the young woman’s face, splashing into her mouth. Jessica continued to lick away at the loose juices and was just finishing up when Denise’s own tongue hit paydirt and caused her to orgasm.

A few minutes later, they were stretched out on the floor in a unique train. Denise withered on the rug, her hands cupping her tits as Jessica licked away at her and rubbed her thighs at the same time. Meanwhile, Theresa had pushed her face into Jessica’s ass, her tongue sliding around her pussy from behind. She wasn’t quite as expert as her daughter was but she was still quite good, her hands squeezing Jessica’s cheeks as she went about her licking. Jessica grunted as she moved herself back and forth, letting Theresa get at her ass while licking at Denise’s pussy. Her breasts rubbed against the rug as she shifted between the two, part of her pussy rubbing against it as well, sending her feelings that soon exploded onto Theresa, who eagerly swallowed them as Jessica did the same to her daughter.

Another few minutes later, the hypnotized mother and daughter were sitting side by side on the couch, stock still, their legs spread. Jessica had inserted two fingers into each of their pussies and was rubbing both back and forth in deliberate motions. As she fingered both mother and daughter, Jessica was pleased by the way things turned out. Her mind suddenly shifted to thoughts of Denise’s father and how many traits he shared with his wife and daughter. As her two hypnotic slaves began to come under her touch, Jessica began to flirt with the idea of a family affair.