The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Little Orange Camera

by Lawrence Loft

Added 24 January 2015

Updated 21 February 2015

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A college girl and her friend stumble upon an ancient board game inside her late aunt’s home. Eager to try this piece of nostalgic entertainment they discover among its contents a little orange camera suffering from neglect and job disatisfaction. Can the two girls break free of the game before the camera uses them to reclaim its former glory?

Chapter Length Added
Chapter 1: Greeting the Ladies 4112 words 24 Jan 2015
Chapter 2: The Ladies Greet Back 3501 words 31 Jan 2015
Chapter 3: Friendly and Unsatisfied 7289 words 07 Feb 2015
Chapter 4: Unfriendly Satisfaction 5018 words 21 Feb 2015