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Warning: This part contains a scene with some (non mind controlled) non consent which some readers may find disturbing. Reader Beware.

Little Pink Pills

Part 3

April sat awkwardly in an uncomfortable chair in her boss’s office. Shame burned deeply within her from her blushed face down to her soaked pussy. The silence that hung in the air was strangling her, broken only by the clacking of her bosses keyboard and the occasional click of a mouse. He typed away without breaking eye contact from the screen, making a very concentrated effort not to look at her. April was an inch from tears, and her heart ached with fear of whatever was coming next. She felt tiny, worthless, and pathetic. Worst of all, she felt utterly, utterly powerless, the man on the other side of the desk having complete control over April’s fate.

Dr Morrison had turned bright red upon walking in on April getting herself off. He had turned away sharply, taken a deep breath, and then said loudly “My office. Now.” April had obediently pulled her pants back into place and walked slowly to her bosses office. Each step had been a painful effort, like she was being scrutinized by unseen forces, and she felt like she might fall over at any moment. She had closed the office door behind her and sat meekly onto the chair. That had been ten minutes ago. The relatively small, and rather drab office had a single small window to the outside, so was mostly lit by a gently flickering fluorescent light. The cream walls had been stained by years of smoking prior to it being banned inside, and the drab brown carpet looked like it had been there since the seventies. It suited Dr Morrison, April thought spitefully, a drab office for a drab and boring man who barely did any work while his team of actual scientists earned him effort free renown. The fact that April was the smartest and hardest worker in their lab never seemed to matter to Dr Morrison, which was why April was so worried.

She was fired, wasn’t she? Her mind raced about what she would do next. She still had a ton of student loans, not to mention a fair amount of credit card debt. She was only just staying afloat on her reasonable salary. If she was let go under gross misconduct she wouldn’t receive any severance. She’d struggle to make rent next month. And the pay that she forwarded to her mother every month to keep her afloat since her father passed away... She couldn’t afford to miss even one of those, things were even tighter for her mom.

What would she do? She wouldn’t get a reference, so getting a job at another pharmaceutical might be tricky, the market wasn’t exactly hot right now. Maybe she could get in touch with Harvey, her old boss. He worked at Kensington Hart, the main competitor to Pegasus Pharmaceuticals, and might be able to pull some strings for her. Maybe she could even take some of the pills over to Kensingston, and let them unlock their secrets in vengeance to Pegasus.

The pills! This was all the fault of the pills! If Lorraine hadn’t been infused with almost a week’s worth of the pheromone producing pill, then April would never have been so incredibly worked up in the first place! Another reason to hate Naomi, April thought. But wait... What if she came clean about the pills to her boss? She could tell him the whole story, about Naomi receiving them, and the handful of women in the company taking them. She could let Dr Morrison take it to the top floor, let him be the hero that scoured the company of it’s illicit practices.

But would he even buy the story? Would he care? Although April had the evidence sitting in her desk, Morrison could have her escorted from the building with a single phonecall. And besides, just because April had some little pink pills in her desk, it didn’t mean he’d go along with her idea. Hell, he might add illegal drug use to her now smeared record, and that would really be the final nail in her career coffin.

April knew the best thing to do would be to wait to see what Dr Morrison actually said. Maybe it’ll be a slap on the wrist, or another official warning letter. She might not lose her job over this. Maybe he didn’t care and just wanted to make her squirm, although that felt unlikely.

“Do you like working at Pegasus Pharmaceuticals, April?” Dr Morrison said suddenly, making April jump. He was still looking at the screen, still intentionally avoiding any eye contact with her completely.

April had been so lost in her thoughts and apprehension she found her voice had stuck in her throat.

“Well?” Morrison said impatiently.

“Of cou- Yes! Yes of course! Sir.” April blurted out, her heart accelerating again. She couldn’t help but think that the coming conversation may determine the entire path of her life for years to come. She couldn’t lose this job, she just couldn’t.

“Can you explain your behavior you demonstrated just now at all?” Morrison asked.

The Pills, April thought. It was because of the influence of the pills. She just had to find a way to explain that these mysterious pills made her uncontrollably horny because of the pheromones that they created in a sales rep that she had never met before but still to this moment wanted to fuck endlessly.

Ha. Yeah, right.

“No, sir. I can’t.” She replied with her head hung.

“Do you know that such behavior is a massive breach of company policy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you aware of the penalties for such a breach in company policy?”

“I think so, sir.”

“I could fire you on the spot, April, and I’m seriously considering it. Tell me why I shouldn’t.” It was now that Dr Morrison broke his staring match with his computer screen and switched to staring sternly and disapprovingly at April. April immediately felt like she had shrank in her seat to the height of a mouse. She couldn’t help it as tears began to drip down her cheeks. She felt worthless, she felt pathetic, and above all, she felt desperate.

“I’m... I’m... I’m really good at my job, sir.” April managed to plead between sniffs and sobs. “Please, I’m really good at my job and I will never do that again, I promise. Please... Please don’t fire... me.”

“You’ll never do what again, April?” Morrison stared even more intently at the sobbing scientist now.

“What... what I was... was doing... in the supply closet.”

“What were you doing in the supply closet, April?”

“I was... I was... Being inappropriate.” April was sobbing freely now. It felt like being stabbed with a knife of humiliation, and Dr Morrison was now twisting the blade in her gut.

“What were you being inappropriate by doing in the supply closet, April?”

He was going to force her to say it, April thought. A sudden, paralyzing chill over her skin seemed to freeze her to the chair. She felt the tears stop, replaced by a dry dread. She couldn’t bare to look up, she could barely manage to speak.

“I was mmbtn...” She mumbled, feeling nausea join the cocktail of horrid feelings circulating her body.

“I can’t hear you, April.” Morrison said, a now predatory grin on his face.

April exhaled deeply. Shame and humiliation were swallowing her up, to the point that she worried that there wouldn’t be any April left in a moment. Surely he couldn’t do this? Could she storm out? Go to HR? Tell them what, though? That she was caught getting herself off by her boss and now she wanted to make a complaint? They’d laugh at her all while pointing to the door.

She was powerless. She was scared. And she was desperate to keep her job.

“I was masturbating.” the words tasted like bile in her mouth. The hatred for her boss was eclipsed only by the hatred for herself.

“Yes, yes you were.” Dr Morrison said in an overtly judgmental tone. “You were masturbating like a dirty slut, weren’t you, April?”

An electric jolt shot through April as Morrison uttered those words. The shift in energy from reprimanding boss to... something worse, was now causing a cold chill to spread through her heart and a whole new type of fear to wrap around her throat.

“Ex- ex- excuse me?” she rasped, her eyes wide and her hands trembling in her lap.

“You heard me. Do you want me to have you escorted from the building or would you like to finish this conversation? Now, tell me what you were doing in the closet.”

April arrived at the cold, harrowing truth that she would do anything to keep her job. She could feel the panic and fear start to melt away from her, steadily being replaced by a twisted, shameful calm of defeat and acceptance. For the first time she looked up into Morrison’s leering face, her eyes dulled and her expression wooden.

“I was masturbating like a dirty slut, sir.” she said in a monotone. It almost felt like she was no longer in her body, that some other entity had taken over to drive April through the rest of the conversation because she couldn’t stomach to do it herself.

“Yes you were.” Dr Morrison said, a lecherous smirk spreading across his face. “Now, what I want to know, is what the dirty slut is willing to do to keep her job.”

“Anything you want me to, sir.” April heard the words come out of her mouth, though she barely believed she was saying them. She felt more and more like she was just checking out, her mind becoming foggy and her spirit extinguishing with each flick of Dr Morrison’s tongue across his lip. His was a slightly overweight, balding man with blotchy pale skin, a dark grey-streaked neck-beard, and a shirt and tie so tight against his throat that April had often wondered how he breathed. Now she wished he didn’t.

“Good. You may yet leave this office with your job intact, slut. Now stand up and come here.” Morrison ordered.

Slowly, April stood up, and walked around the desk. Dr Morrison got out of his desk chair and motioned April to stand where he had been sitting moments ago. His fat fingered hands grabbed April’s waist and shoved her into position. His hands then wrapped up around her and cupped both of her breasts. April had to fight the urge to flinch or squirm, and she did her best to mask the revulsion emanating from every inch of her. Her body stiffened and her breathing became deep and sharp.

Dr Morrison’s hot breath trickled down April’s neck like wet slime, and he spoke into her ear. “Look at the screen, slut.”

April looked. On the monitor was a transcript, with April’s name next to several lines of dialogue, and Dr Morrison’s next to his presumed responses.

Dr Morrison started a voice recording on his phone and pushed April’s head towards the screen, a clear order to start speaking.

Her throat dry and her voice shaky, April never-the less started to read aloud the transcript.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, Dr Morrison.”

“I’m not sure I understand, Dr Lawson.” Dr Morrison replied, speaking clearly for the microphone as he read from his part of the transcript.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you, to touch you for a while now.” April read stiffly, feeling beyond hopeless, beyond defeated. Morrison’s hands ran under her shirt, his rough, strong hands feeling invasive on her smooth skin. “Please,” she added, wondering if the hollowness of her tone would be captured on the recording.

“April, you know that’s inappropriate.”

“I know, but I don’t care. I need...” April took a deep, harrowed breath. “I need your cock inside me, Dr Morrison.”

“April, that’s completely out of line. You should face disciplinary proceedings for saying such things!” Dr Morrison feigned outrage, even as he roughly groped April’s breasts.

“O- O- Okay then, sir.” April continued to read from the screen. “We can discuss it more at your place. I’ve followed you home a couple of times so I know where you live.”

“That’s it, April, get out!” Dr Morrison said loudly, though gripping April firmly to keep her in place. He leaned over her and switched off the voice recording.

“There we are,” he said. “Now all that’s taken care of it’s time for you to get fucked like a dirty slut should.”

He pulled and tugged at April’s clothing, yanking her lab-coat off and pulling her top up above her breasts. Each jerking motion caused April to flinch and inhale sharply, though she did her best to not react at all. At one point she noticed drops of water falling onto the desk from her chin. Was she crying? Strange... she hadn’t noticed. April wasn’t really there anymore. An empty husk that once was April was the one being bent over Dr Morrison’s desk. She stared into nothing, the side of her face pressed onto the cold wood, and kept repeating in her head that it didn’t matter, it would be over soon.

Her pants and underwear were pulled down and off, and Dr Morrison’s rough hands forced her legs wider apart.

“Remember.” He hissed into her ear. “You said you wanted this, and I have it on tape.”

April could hear him removing his own pants now. She waited like a corpse for what she knew would come next. He felt around her crotch, his fingers getting ready to part her so he could thrust inside. Wishing she could vanish from her mind completely, but not able to, April squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself.

And then the door to the office opened sharply.

“What the fuck!?”

Dr Morrison recoiled from April, as if he could make it look like he wasn’t about to shove his erect cock inside her. April opened her eyes and looked up to see who had interrupted them. She felt all her emotions and thoughts crash back into her at once, but mostly an overwhelming feeling of relief flooding through her at the timely interruption.

It was Joanne. April had only gotten to know her very slightly as she often visited to go over data entry for laboratory statistics and technical entries that weren’t clear to a non-scientist. She was curvy with curly black hair, a rounded face, and large breasts. April remembered Joanne always dressing in baggy, unflattering clothing, and always having her hair tied back into a tight bun. The woman in the doorway right now was... different.

Joanne’s hair tumbled freely over her shoulders, looking shiny and full of volume. She wore a cream blouse that hugged her curvy figure and strained to contain her full breasts, her generous cleavage showing above the last button that was done up. She was clearly wearing a hard working push up bra under there, though that remained hidden. Her sleeves stopped in frills at the shoulders, her arms were creamy skinned and had a jangle of silver style bracelets on both wrists. She wore black tights and a fairly short grey skirt, her legs large but also long.

The last time April had seen her, she had worn large clunky glasses. Now she was clearly wearing contacts, her emerald green eyes taking in the scene in Dr Morrison’s office with keen interest once she had gotten over the surprise. The mascara and eye liner she wore made her eyes an irresistible focal point on her face, competing for attention with her lush bright red lips. After a moment, her mouth flickered up into a curl, and she entered the room, closing the door behind her.

April knew Joanne was on the pills, she was one of the people Naomi had named in her office yesterday. But even if April hadn’t known, she would have guessed. Joanne had entered the room like a predator, ready to devour everyone in sight.

“Joanne! Didn’t you get my email to reschedule our meeting!?” Dr Morrison stammered in a mixture of frustration and embarrassment.

“Oh, I got your email, Sam, but I refuse to have my schedule messed around with when you only give me 5 minutes notice of the change.” Joanne said coyly. She took a seat where April had been sitting a few minutes earlier. “I can see why you wanted to reschedule though, it looks like you have some important matters on your desk to take care of.”

April was still leaning over the desk. She had gone full deer in headlights, not sure what she should do or what she was allowed to do. She was struggling to believe that what had almost happened was real, and not some waking nightmare she was having.

“Look, she came to me, ok?!” Dr Morrison snapped defensively. “I have the slut on tape saying how much she wants me. This is entirely April’s doing, alright?”

“I see...” Joanne said, simply looking at Dr Morrison with a critical gaze.

“April, put your clothes on, for fucks sake!” Dr Morrison ordered in disgust. “Then get the hell out! I’ll deal with you later.”

April felt her entire body tense up and she shuffled away from both the desk and Dr Morrison. As she hurriedly put her clothes back on, she was surprised at her lack of embarrassment at being seen mostly naked by Joanne. She quickly realised that she was indeed embarrassed by this, but it was just such a small splash in the roaring storm within her that was dominated by her growing feeling of utter revulsion at the idea of what had almost happened to her, and what had happened prior. She felt a wave of nausea overcome her and realised that she needed to escape the office and the entire situation. Mixed in with everything else was amazement at what she was willing to put herself through to keep her job, and then quickly after that a heavy sinking feeling as she imaged how easily Morrison could have fired her anyway despite how she had been willing to submit to his twisted demands. It felt like her full awareness was pouring back into her with each item of clothing she fixed, and part of her resented it, still wanted to be somewhere else, somewhere with no care or emotion or chance of being hurt. She shakily finished redressing as Dr Morrison watched her with disdain, and she avoided eye contact with both him and Joanne. She went to scurry out the door, feeling on the complete verge of a torrent of tears, but Joanne held up a hand..

“April, wait please.” Joanne requested. It wasn’t a firm command or direct order, just a polite instruction. Yet April found herself freezing to the spot and her heart-rate increased. She really wanted to get out of there, but something in Joanne’s voice made her want to comply.

It’s the pills, she instantly realised. She was aware of their influence, so she theorized that she could overcome it. She had to... resist.

“I... I have to go.” she said, her glance only managing to make it as far as Joanne’s knees. She felt disgusting, and the last thing she wanted was for that feeling to be washed away by artificial pheromones. It didn’t feel fair that her own feelings and emotions could be so easily cast aside, she was determined to hold onto them.

“Please, April. Stay a minute, I want to understand what was going on here.”

“I’ll tell you what was going on, she was—” Dr Morrison tried to interject but Joanne was sharp in cutting him off.

“Not another word from you Sam!” Joanne snapped with venom. “Even if what you say is true, you’re the one in a position of responsibility that should know better. However, I want to hear from April first, and if you have a problem with that then we can call up HR right this god-dammed second. Now, sit down and be quiet for a moment.”

Dr Morrison looked at Joanne with a mixture of hatred and dread, but kept his mouth shut as he sank into his chair. April figured it was only part due to the pheromones Joanne was filling the office with. The other part was that she now had his balls in a vice, the same way he had caught April red handed.

“Come here, my dear.” Joanne instructed kindly.

Joanne’s soft voice soothed April; she wasn’t asking anything unreasonable, was she? Why shouldn’t April simply tell her what happened? Then she could escape and find a space to breathe and decompress from the thoroughly horrible situation she had escaped. And that was another thing, she supposed: Joanne had come in like April’s knight in shining armor, so complying with her request seemed like the right thing to do.

She reached Joanne, and the sitting woman guided April to her knees between her legs. She cupped a hand under April’s face with one hand and gently stroked her hair with the other. April barely registered the speed at which her mind melted in to calm contentment. Try as she did to hold onto the anger, the shame, the assorted collections of feelings she had within it, it just seemed so easy to let them all slip away. She knew they were still there, she knew she could grab ahold of them if she really wanted to, but right now it just felt so nice to be there. With a few calm breaths, she was soon forgetting all about the stress of the last half hour entirely.

“Now dear, tell me exactly what was going on here. Don’t be shy, and don’t be scared. Let me help you.” Joanne spoke softly but insistently.

“Well, it started after I got back from a short trip with Lorraine... I was super worked up and went to the supply closet...” April found it so easy to relax and let the words flow from her mouth. She trusted Joanne. She barely knew Joanne, but somehow she trusted her, she liked her, and she wanted Joanne to like her in return. She found herself recounting the entire tale with ease, not leaving out any detail of how Dr Morrison’s reprimand morphed into an ugly blackmail and exploitation. It was strange to recall it, and doing so with a calm indifference to how it had made her feel at the time, or rather how it had caused her to shut down. But as she calmly kneeled before Joanne, she was mostly aware that the thing she had dreaded most didn’t happen, and that she was safe. Knowing that, her mind allowed her to relax, and she was vaguely aware that the pink pills had wrapped their influence thoroughly around her mind.

Near the end of her recounting, April smelled the faint scent of Joanne’s sex; the tale was clearly a turn on for her. And why wouldn’t it be, April thought. A part of her mind wondered why she had been so averse to the idea of her boss fucking her over his desk. She had been a bad girl, and she totally deserved to be fucked in punishment, maybe even tied up and flogged... The idea was such a turn on that she imagined she wouldn’t need much convincing to jump back behind Dr Morrison’s desk and beg for his cock, but for real this time. Then again, she was kneeling so close to Joanne’s wet, intoxicating pussy. She would only need to tuck her head under that short skirt and pull down those tights slightly and then she could bury her head into those irresistible juices and lick away feverishly until she had to come up to eat or sleep.

A part of April’s mind, the analytical part that had been firmly pushed away from the steering wheel in April’s brain, observed the sensations with utter fascination. How she had done a 180 from being repulsed by her boss to eagerly picturing being used as his fuckdoll was a testament to just how powerful these pills were. Even though Joanne was the one creating the pheromones that were swirling around April’s body and mind, the intense arousal and attraction was for everyone in the room. But ultimately, she knew that she wanted to do whatever she could to make Joanne happy, whether that be fucking her, or Dr Morrison, or both of them. She eagerly waited to be given her instructions, her mind now mostly a fog of arousal and growing carnal need, her cheeks brightly flushed and her tongue fidgeting in anticipation inside her mouth.

“I see.” Joanne said, looking from April to Dr Morrison. “Sam, you naughty man!” she said in a scolding voice. Dr Morrison shifted uncomfortably in his chair. April imagined that the pheromones weren’t affecting him as much as they were her, but the other aspect of his situation was that Joanne held the power now, the same power he flagrantly abused for his own gratification. April felt herself getting more aroused and wet the more she thought about it. It was like a pyramid of power, and there she was at the bottom, ready and willing to be used and fucked by everyone. A calm contentment seeped through her even as that small analytical part of her mind tried in vain to petition her to escape before it was too late.

“April, please return to your desk and finish off your work for the day while Sam and I have a little chat...”

April whimpered as she looked up pleadingly at Joanne’s determined expression. “Are you sure?” she bargained. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. She was so horny... Too horny. She needed to be fucked, she needed to release all this sexual energy before she exploded...

“Yes I’m sure. I’ll come and see you soon.” Joanne said, gently encouraging April back to her feet. April slowly walked to the office door, opened it, and turned halfway through, gazing longingly at Joanne’s full bodied curves and Dr Morrison’s uncomfortable blushing. She then left the office and closed the door behind her.

Walking the few paces back to her desk, April felt numb, confused, and most of all, disappointed. She sat back down and buried herself in her work, firing through her overgrown pile of reports with especially high swiftness and efficiency. Gradually, the fog in her mind lifted, the arousal ebbed away, and she felt herself returning to the state of rational mental clarity she had been in before lunch.

Wow, she thought. What a fucking day... She had wanted to fuck a sales rep she had just met, she got caught masturbating in the supply closet and was almost raped by her boss, and then just a few minutes later she was back in that mindlessly horny state and wanted to fuck him consensually... Although the mental clarity had returned, she felt all of her emotions were tangled up in an impossibly large snarl of confusion. There was so much guilt, excitement, anger, joy, shame, contentedness, curiosity, and an overwhelming plethora of others all mashed together so chaotically that April wasn’t able to feel any of it at that moment. She knew that later, when she was by herself and in a safe place, everything would start pouring out and she would have one hell of a turbulent weekend, but as she sat at her desk she just continued to feel numb.

It wasn’t long before Joanne left Dr Morrison’s office and came over to her. The other few desks in the office were vacant, so after peering around, Joanne relaxed her tense expression and said kindly. “Well that was intense. Are you ok?”

“I can’t do this right now.” April replied matter-of-factly. If Joanne pulled on any of April’s loose emotional threads, the entire tangle could unravel and April would fall apart as she sat.

“I get it,” Joanne nodded briskly. “So I’ll stick to the important cliff-notes.”

April looked up at her quizzically. “Ok?” was all she could manage.

“I’ve deleted the voice recording on Sam’s phone. I’ve also recorded a complete confession from him. If you want you can have him fired or even arrested, but I’ll leave that with you. I also have some compromising material on him so he can be the one coerced and blackmailed if you’d prefer to go down that route, I’ve not gotten to know you well enough to know yet what you’d like. However I think it best that you take the rest of the day off and use the weekend to figure out what you want to do next. I have that disgusting little man twisted around my fingers completely now, thanks mostly to our mutual pink friend. So you tell me on Monday what you want to happen, and we’ll take care of it, together.”

April just nodded with a blank expression. All of that was going to make the coming turmoil of facing her emotions even more complex, but for now a sense of relief managed to detach itself from the tangle and send waves of calm through her. She wasn’t going to lose her job, she wasn’t going to be broke by the end of the month. She was, financially at least, going to be okay.

“Thank you.” she said hoarsely to Joanne.

“You don’t have to thank me, April.” Joanne urged. “No one should have to go through what that pig was doing to you. So, one last thing...”

“Ah, this is where you tell me that your condition of helping me is that I’m to do as Naomi asks and study the pink pills, right?” April injected. “And to definitely not flag their use to senior management, yes?”

“What?” Joanne looked quizzically. “No, not at all. April, you need to do what you need to do, I totally understand that. I’ll be sad to see them go, but I’ve already had such a good week with them. They’ve shown me I can be a better version of myself, and that has been truly irreplaceable. And I know you have issues with what Naomi did. I almost refused them myself, because we don’t know everything they might be doing to us. It feels like it’s worth it but maybe we should stop while we figure it out. I’ll respect your decision whatever it is, alright?”

“Oh... Ok.” April said, not hiding her confusion. “So, then, why...?”

“Christ, April!” Joanne’s eyes went wide. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep with myself if I took advantage of you in the situation I found you in, no one deserves that, no matter how good it may have felt to you at the time.”

“Well...” April felt herself blushing again. “Thank you.” she said.

“Forget it!” Joanne insisted. “We ladies gotta look out for one another, right?” Now, I’m going to go before my, erm, scent, shall we say, starts doing its thing, okay?”

“Okay.” April said, a grateful smile now stuck on her face.

“Good. Now go home! Take an early weekend, believe me your boss has approved it and probably can’t even look at you after what I did to him.” Joanne grins with evil joy at this, before returning to a more friendly smile. “I’ll see you on Monday.” and with that, she turned and left.

Strange, April thought. Her mind hadn’t gotten all fogged up being so close to Joanne for those few minutes they talked. There was just so much they didn’t know about those little pink pills...

Something clicked in April’s mind just then. She picked up her phone and tapped a few numbers. It was time to go home, she felt. She needed an early weekend. Just one quick phonecall and then she was done with this whole bizarre week...

* * *

Naomi was sitting at her desk when the phone rang. Being preoccupied with her task, it was few seconds before she leaned back in her chair and looked at the caller’s name appearing on the information panel. Hey eyes lit up as she picked up the receiver.

“April, hi!” Naomi chirped enthusiastically down the phone. “Uh-huh. Okay. Uh-huh. Great! Well, have a great weekend. Okay, talk to you Monday.”

She put down the receiver and looked up at Cheryl. The young administrative assistant was sitting on Naomi’s desk, her bare silky legs resting on Naomi’s desk chair and spread wide.

“That was April.” Naomi said, biting her lip and letting her eyes slip to Cheryl’s exposed clit. “She’s agreed to start studying the pills first thing on Monday morning.”

“That’s good. That’s very good.” Cheryl replied. “You made the right choice letting us try these pills, Naomi. I must admit, I only really realized their full potential this afternoon. April will be useful for us to understand them better.”

“Yes... I think so. The right choice, yes.” Naomi replied, her eyes welling up with desire. She started to fidget in her chair. “As long... as long as I can stop all of this if it gets out of hand, right?” she asked with uncertainty, glancing nervously up at the younger woman.

“Of course. You’re in charge, Naomi.” Cheryl said, her ruby lips curling into a wide smile.

“Yes, I’m in charge.” a dreamy vacantness overtook Naomi’s face.

“That’s right Naomi, you’re in charge” she agreed softly, running her hands through Naomi’s hair.

“I’m... I’m in charge...” Naomi sighed as her head was guided forward. She started licking, her tongue making soft, delicate passes at Cheryl’s wet pussy. Cheryl moaned softly as the pleasure surged inside her. Between gasps and words of encouragements, she took one hand from it’s place grabbing Cheryl’s hair and let it move to her purse. She took out a small bag containing several of the pink pills, and took one out, placing it gently on her tongue.

After she swallowed, she let her hand move to stroke Naomi’s cheek as the junior executive got more and more lost in Cheryl’s pleasure.

“That’s right, little Naomi.” Cheryl smiled. “You’re in charge.”