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“Long Red Nails”

By Sean Flynn


Victoria Winters’ first dream was relatively mild. It came on softy and gently with a bright light.

It was a Sunday in early summer. Vikki was in her family’s sun room on the second floor of her house. The early morning sun filled and warmed the room. Vikki started on all fours with her chest spread wide open. Then she pressed on her hands and slowly extended her tailbone to her heels.

With that, Vikki’s weekend yoga routine got underway. She did a half hour of cardio every day before or after work and an hour of yoga on the weekends. Such a routine was how the 43-year-old mother of two teenagers kept her stomach flat and the rest of her body lean and tight. She stuck with the schedule with the same determination that had allowed her to raise her two children alone, after their father and the love of her life had been killed in an automobile accident 12 years ago, and at the same time rise to Vice-President for Marketing and Promotion at one of the nation’s top telecommunications companies.

On an inhale, she rocked forward and then slowly extended backwards into downward facing dog. She experienced a wave of mild euphoria. There was nothing better than achieving the life one always wanted. Throughout the turmoil of losing her husband, she had provided for her family. She had installed in her children empathy for others, a commitment to education and hard work, and a deep love for family. She had the respect and power of an accomplished woman. And she could afford to treat herself and her children when she wished. Her life was in her control.

On another inhale, she came into a low cobra. It was true what they said about one’s health. Right now, everyone was healthy and she thought happy. She came down on an exhale. On an inhale, she pulled up through the belly, shifted her hips over her knees, and pressed back into wisdom pose.

Wisdom. She felt wise these days. She knew to appreciate and acknowledge her good fortune. Life was short; happiness had to be savored. And if her life was missing one thing to make her truly happy, now was the time to pursue it.

Later, Victoria stood in her kitchen. Blue spandex clung tightly to her body. She opened the refrigerator to refill her water bottle. Marie, the family’s tall, raven-haired housekeeper was cleaning up from Vikki’s breakfast. As Vikki closed the door she noticed something peculiar about her hand. Her nails were very long and polished a dark shade of red. She never had her nails like that. It was difficult enough for her to be taken seriously in business with her curly blonde hair, blue eyes and large natural breasts on a tight 5′6 frame. Sure, she often wore powerful outfits, like commanding three inch heels and trim skirts, but she would never sacrifice her credibility completely with such gaudy long red nails. For a moment, she realized this was just a dream.

As she closed the refrigerator door, her son Jake walked in. He reached around her to open the door. Doing so, his forearm brushed against her nipple.

“Wow, relax,” she said. “Let me get out of your way if you’re that thirsty.” Her hand landed on his bare chest. What a firm chest it was, glistening from his workout.

Thinking of his social life next year, Jake had been waking up each morning before his last year of high school and working with the weights that had been put where his stereo used to be in the upstairs den. Vikki had originally offered to split the family’s sun room, but Jake had said there wouldn’t be enough space. Vikki had thought that silly; there was plenty of room. He just wanted to pretend his workout was too intense to share a space with his mother. Now she was glad. There was no way she could have concentrated on her own routine with such a hunk around, even if he was her own son.

What a naughty thought! Vikki blushed. Oh well, she would be missing him soon enough. Summer had just begun but come August he would leave for college three states over. His older sister Tanya had just completed her sophomore year in state but she had signed up for a six weeks long trip to Costa Rica so Vikki wouldn’t have her back until August.

“Um, Mom?” Jake said. “Could you move then?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey,” Vikki rubbed his chest just a little more. “Mmmm, I don’t know where my mind went.”

“Breakfast, Jake?” Marie cleared her throat.

“I’m taking a shower,” Vikki excused herself.

“Enjoy,” Jake said.

Vikki scampered off. She looked back once and saw Jake watching her leave. Finally Marie shooed him over to the table and took out the necessary items to prepare him a robust Sunday breakfast. Vikki knew he’d rather look at her. She could only imagine what sort of vision she presented to a horny teenager looking forward to four years of willing if not eager co-eds.

But those sluts have nothing on this body, Vikki thought. In her bedroom, she peeled off her workout clothes. She ran her colorful fingers over her bare breasts, once again appreciating her body before stepping into the shower. It had been a long time since she had seduced a man. She knew se could have any man pleasing her whims if she simply asked. But a long, slow seduction. That was something else.

She thought of herself lying on a soft mattress, in silky underwear and glamorous make up. The thought got her hot and she decided she had time for a little fun. Her fingers circled her pussy. Adding to her arousal, she only had one man in mind. It was very naughty but there was nothing wrong with using an easily accessible image in her fantasy. Jake would be the perfect candidate for seduction. Eager and nervous. Oh, it would be such fun. Joyous even. She savored that feeling while rubbing her clit.

* * *

Vikki woke up gently. The real world slowly replaced her dream: her bedroom, a real Sunday morning in the summer and heat radiating from between her legs.

Rising from bed, Vikki could remember something intense and maybe a little scary from her dream. Must of dreamed some forbidden fantasy, she guessed. But the details slipped from her memory before she could recall any of them. Too bad, she thought. It would be nice to remember what, or who, had gotten her so excited.

She began her Sunday routine by changing and hitting her workout. She really wished she could remember her dream because she couldn’t shake a sense of deja-vu that kept compounding her arousal. As she completed each yoga pose, she felt a mild wave of warmth. It was like every action brought her closer to living her dream and the sexual satisfaction that lay at the end of the rainbow. But she didn’t stop her routine. Her ability to commit herself to a task despite distraction was what propelled her to Vice President for Marketing and Promotion at one of nation’s top telecommunications companies. But then even that thought, acknowledging her accomplishments, made her hornier.

On an inhale, she rocked forward and then slowly extended backwards into downward facing dog. She wasn’t just pleasantly aware of her body or even slightly aroused. She was focused on sex. It had been years for her. With her friends’ encouragement she had seen a few men a couple years after her husband’s death. But it had never felt right and she had soon refocused on her children and career. Recently, she had started a flirtation with a man who frequented the same bookstore as her. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to date but maybe her subconscious was telling her something else.

On another inhale, she came into a low cobra. She missed the strong embrace of a man. She missed the passion. She knew she was lucky with her husband; he was sweet and respectful but aggressive and energetic in bed. She would give anything to have that back. Did she get fucked at the end of her dream?

Love. Lust. She knew life was short and these things needed to be savored. Her son would be off to college in a few months. If she wanted to date, she would have the freedom to do so. It was completely her choice.

In the kitchen, Marie made Vikki a fresh breakfast smoothie. Marie, now 34, had joined the Winters’ family around the time Tanya started high school. Marie had come from a bad domestic situation about which Vikki had never gotten the whole truth. Marie was smart though, and tough when needed. She was probably the best single hire Vikki had made in her career. Jake and Tanya both loved and respected her. And Marie loved being part of their family. Even though she had finally completed a degree in nursing over a year ago, Marie gave no signs of leaving the first floor guest suite. Vikki would always help her and she was welcome to stay as long as needed, but Vikki also thought Marie needed to take the chance of moving out for her own career and maybe a family.

Vikki sipped at the smoothie as Jake came into the kitchen. He had just finished his own workout and his t-shirt cling tightly to his body.

“Good morning, honey,” Vikki said. Jake brushed against her hips while moving around the island counter to the refrigerator. She watched him closely as he gulped a water bottle.

It made Vikki sad to think of Jake’s departure in just a few short months. She pledged to spend plenty of extra time with him while she could. She had already agreed to provide his spending money so he didn’t have to spend his last summer before college at some crappy job. He had never given her anything serious to worry about growing up so she was happy to take care of him. Hmm, Vikki thought. Take care of him. Why did that though make her feel weird? She looked at him even closely. Was there something different about him this morning?

Jake had been working out hard all year so he was in great shape, but then he had always been athletic. Both her children where top student athletes. While Tanya had been the champion debater and writer of poetry, Jake was the science nerd. He wanted to be a biochemist. She hoped all those eager young coeds didn’t distract him too much. My, what a naughty thought! Vikki blushed. Thinking of her son’s future sex life!

“Breakfast Jake?” Marie asked. “I haven’t made you French toast in ages.”

“Offering to make his favorite breakfast,” Vikki said. “Apparently I’m not the only one dreading an onset of empty nest syndrome.”

“I know we’re both going to miss him,” Marie said.

“Thanks Marie” Jake blushed. “But I’m meeting some friends for brunch.”

“Enjoy,” Marie said.

Vikki and Jake walked upstairs together. Vikki headed for her master suite while Jake went to use the bathroom in the hallway. In her bedroom, Vikki peeled of the spandex and disappeared into the shower. Still feeling more aroused than she had in long while, Vikki began to trace her pussy with her fingers. She had time to be a little naughty this morning. She began to rub her clit.

Those college sluts have nothing on this body, she thought.

“Oh my god!” Vikki exclaimed out loud and quickly removed her hands from her lower regions. And then she laughed. That was why she woke up horny. She had a sex dream about Jake! Well, it really wasn’t a sex dream. More of a flirtation dream, but it had felt real and definitely been her son. Her subconscious apparently really was ready for a man and was making its point in odd ways.

Vikki was an intelligent woman and realized psychology was complex, to say the least. One dream didn’t make her a pervert. But continuing to masturbate sure wouldn’t help! Her arousal deflated, she finished soaping up, rinsed, and got out. Luckily she had nothing else going on but a lazy Sunday reading and watching TV with Marie. But one particular thought festered in her mind all day. Why had her dream gotten all the details of her routine down except for those silly long red nails?