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“Long Red Nails”

By Sean Flynn


Vikki selected something sexy for work. Watching Jake jerk off last night had been revelatory. It had taken Jake to make her realize that simply being appreciated as a sexual object could be a great feeling. She had been alone for so long and now she enjoyed being at the center of attention with men imaging doing things to her body. The timing of her realization was perfect. That morning Vikki had a division wide meeting at work. So she dressed for her entire staff to spend the morning staring at her.

Vikki put on her a beige suit, with a skirt barely covering her ass and a top over which her tits poured. She put on a pair of Type Z Maddielyn heels, a muted suede pump with 4-½ inch checkerboard print heel and a peek-a-boo toe. She looked in the mirror. She was every male’s fantasy.

She also wondered if Jake had learned his lesson from the previous night. If he had, she could dress as she pleased without worry of encouraging his lecherous stares. But if he continued to check her out that meant she could tease even more mercilessly and could probably look forward to seeing more of his nice hard young cock. Win-win.

Downstairs, Vikki sat on the couch waiting for Jake. She wanted to be his first sight when he came downstairs all tired and sweaty. So far he had shown equal interest in her legs and her tits, but he must prefer one over the other, a preference she could exploit. Vikki continued waiting but he didn’t show. She listened closely and did not hear the sounds of his workout. He must be sleeping late after last night. Mmm, Vikki though, his discipline is slipping.

Vikki loved her walk into work. From her parking space to her office door, she got a lot of approving looks from the males in the office and a lot of shocked looks from the women. Laura seemed the most put off by Vikki’s style, but Vikki had learned to expect that judgment from such a bitchy ice princess. It didn’t help that Laura could probably smell her boss’s pussy juice. Vikki’s cunt had started dripping the moment her heel hit the office’s carpet and the first guy from the mail room had made eye contact before dropping his stare to her tits and then legs and ass as she walked by.

“Everyone is assembling in the conference room,” Laura said. “Are you sure you’re ready to see them?”

“What are you implying, Laura?” Vikki stood right up to her secretary. Laura wore a gray pencil skirt with back pleats, a white French cuff shirt, and Gabriella Rocha Danette 4-inch black pumps. In those perfectly proportioned pumps, topped with a decorative buckle, Laura stood slightly taller.

“I didn’t mean anything, ma’am,” Laura backed away but Vikki wasn’t ready to let her off so easily.

“Please, Laura, say what’s on your mind. After all, I want my underlings to be able to speak their minds. Is there a problem with my presentation that you wish to discuss?”

“No, Mrs. Winters. I have nothing to say.”

“Then why don’t you see if anyone needs anything to drink before I call the meeting to order?”

“Yes, Mrs. Winters,” Laura said meekly.

The division meeting went spectacularly well. Everyone on Vikki’s team pitched fantastic ideas. Vikki made short comments before and after each speaker, introducing them and leading the discussion afterwards. The last person to speak was a new member of her staff, a recent MBA grad named Alex. He particularly impressed his boss with his views on how to make the company more female friendly.

“Often in our society, women are made to feel guilty for wanting,” Alex explained. “But women must never feel guilty for wanting connection, meaning and intimacy. We should celebrate women obtaining their true desires. Once a woman vows to get what she wants, she becomes fully actualized; unstoppable and irresistible to men. That’s the message, I think, for our ad campaign. Thank you.” He sat down.

“That’s fantastic work, Alex,” Vikki announced to the room. “You’ve really pleased me.”

“I want to please you…I mean, I’m happy you’re happy…” Alex stammered. He was brilliant and fearless in his work, but he was awkward with large crowds.

“Don’t be so modest. Come up here.” He seemed frozen in his seat. Vikki tapped her foot. “Well, I’m waiting.” He slowly came up to the front of the conference room where Vikki stood next to the projection screen. “I want everyone to give Alex a round of applause. This company is going to be pleasing a lot of women thanks to him.” She brazenly kissed him on the cheek while he stood dumbfounded, basking in the praise of the crowd. Vikki saw Laura roll her eyes at the back of the room. The secretary had showed up just in time to watch the meeting wrap up.

After the meeting ended, Vikki had an urge really to show Alex her appreciation. But then she had a better idea when she noticed Rachel, a short but very buxom young marketing research associate. Rachel was very eager to get ahead. Vikki stopped her before she could leave.

“What did you think of the meeting, Rachel?”

“I thought it was great, Mrs. Winters,” Rachel answered. “I love the way you command a meeting. I love your outfit by the way. Where did you get those shoes? They’re so sexy!”

“Thank you, Rachel,” Vikki said. “I can see how they’d be your style.” Rachel always wore high heels to add to her 5′1 height. She still had a little baby fat, so the extra lift, mixed with her double D breasts, made her the perfect sex kitten. “Rachel, there is some advice I want to give you.” Vikki made Laura wait and watch.

“Yes, Mrs. Winters,” Rachel said. “Please tell me.”

“If you want to advance in this company, you have to focus your attention. You don’t want to just serve anyone. You want to find some one up and coming, a man who pleases his bosses, and do everything you can for him. And then if he raises, he’ll appreciate your talents and want you around. Understand?”

“I think I do,” Rachel chirped. “Someone like Mr. Davies, perhaps?”

“Yes, Alex is definitely someone to get close to,” Vikki answered. “He certainly understands what women want and need and that’s a skill set that’s always useful, in and out of the office. I think all the women in the room felt like he was talking directly to them. I am leaving this meeting very pleased with Alex. You could be part of some amazing things with him.”

“Have you worked closely him before, Mrs. Winters?”

“Me? No, I have my own special relationships. But remember, you’d still work for me. So I’d want to be informed of everything you and Alex put together. In case I need to get involved or offer guidance. How does all that sound to you?”

“Great. I’ll offer myself to Alex this afternoon.”

“Good idea. Now ran along. Oh, and Rachel.”

“Yes, Mrs. Winters?” she asked.

“Tell him I sent you,” Vikki said.

“Yes, ma’am.” Rachel left the room with a huge smile on her face. Vikki was grinning too as she walked back to her office with Laura in tow. Laura was giving Vikki her messages but Vikki wasn’t listening. She just wanted to reach her office. Closing the door on Laura, Vikki’s fingers immediately went to her pussy. She pushed her thong to the side, feeling the wetness drip out of her pussy. She used her nails to tease her clit. Then she dipped two fingers there. She loved the sensation as her cunt slowly gave way to the pressure and her wetness surrounded her two fingers. It was so fucking hot, whoring out Rachel like that. And the whore loved it! Vikki leaned over her desk and continued masturbating until she came.

She had barely finished when there was a knock on her door.

“Mrs. Winters,” Laura called. “You’re board meeting is starting.”

Vikki had only an instant to decide what to do. She pulled off her soiled panties and tossed them into her top drawer. Then she smoothed down her skirt and opened the door.

“What is the matter, Laura?” Vikki demanded.

“You’re late,” Laura said. “I told you Ian called an emergency board meeting to discuss the cost overruns on Project Jass.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll wait for me.” Vikki ignored Laura’s stare as she sauntered off for the upstairs meeting. Her hips swinging, Vikki felt completely recharged and ready to take on the world.

Driving home, Vikki reviewed the events of the day. Just before leaving work, she had seen Rachel emerge from Alex’s office looking quite pleased with herself. Alex had come out five minutes later looking even more dumbstruck than before but also wearing a large smile.

Vikki gripped the steering wheel as her pussy called out for more attention. No more joking around, she needed to get laid, and sooner rather than later. Maybe as early as that night. She felt a new wave of arousal as she passed her favorite bookstore. She pulled the wheel and made a sharp left into the parking lot. She sighed as she let go of the wheel. If she really wanted sex, she needed to take the initiative. No more whining; just get it done.

As she walked around the store, she spotted her friend in the Finance section. He was a medium built man in his late 40s, with just a little gray in his temples and beard. He was wearing a dark suit without a tie. She strolled past him, close enough that he could smell her mix of perfumes. He identified the odor at once and smiled at her. She stopped at a shelf close to him and pretended to browse.

“Can I be of any assistance?” he asked her. “Do you work here?” she ignored him.

“No,” he said. “Just being a good Samaritan. That book you have in your hands right now, the author, he filled for bankruptcy 6 weeks ago.”

“I see,” she put it back and moved on. He followed her.

“What’s your interest in finance?”

“What’s yours?” she asked. “Is that your job?”

“You could call it a job,” he said.

“What do you call it?”

“Being rich.”

“If you’re so rich, what are you hanging out in bookstores shopping for advice books? Oh right, you’re just a good person making sure women like me don’t get taken advantage of. Something like that?”

“Precisely,” he checked her out, from the tips of her toes to her amble chest. “I’ve seen you around. Try this one out.” He handed her a book. She traced the author’s name with her nail. “Mark Montgomery?” she asked. “He’s good?”

“He’s the best at everything he does.”

“And what does he do?”

“I’ll tell you over dinner,” he leaned in and whispered in her ear. “What’s your name?”

“Victoria,” she answered.

“Hi Victoria, I’m Mark. And you don’t have to buy that book now. I’ll bring you an autographed when I came over. Do you have a card?”

She nodded and opened her pursed. She retrieved a card and handed it to him. “I should go. My son is waiting for me.”

“I’ll call you, Vikki.”

Vikki returned home to a quiet house. She assumed the house was empty and then saw a light in the kitchen. She opened the door and found her son and Marie inside. Jake must have already eaten. Marie was scrubbing down the table. Jake stood behind her and watched her tight ass peak out under the shortest skirt Vikki had ever seen the servant wear. Vikki felt immediate jealousy. Was Jake already fucking their maid? She couldn’t dismiss it. Marie was naturally subservient so there was no way she could have resisted Jake’s advances. She probably encouraged them. It also made Vikki proud. That on her own she had raised a strong, confident, very handsome young man. There was no way all her hard work would be wasted on some maid. Vikki would reap the benefits of her toils.

“Hi Mom,” Jake acknowledged her presence in the room without lifting his gaze from Marie’s ass.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Vikki said. Marie, realizing the mistress of the house had arrived, straightened up and then dropped her head down.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Winters. How may I serve you?”

“You’re unneeded tonight,” Vikki said. “Please leave.” ‘ “Yes, Mrs. Winters,” Marie said. “Good night, Jake,” she said with a bow and a slight smile.

“So, what were you having our friendly little maid do?” Vikki demanded once she was alone with her son.

“Just cleaning up the mess we made,” Jake answered. “You know, from dinner. You’re home late. Where were you?”

“That’s none of your concern, young man.”

“You’re right, Mom, it’s not. And I’m late for meeting Nancy. I’ll see you later.”

She glared at him as we passed by. He stopped just long enough to enjoy a long stare at her tits. Her nipples hardened under his gaze. Then he was gone.

Vikki went up to her room. She stopped out of her heels and removed her jacket. She undressed and put on a mid-thigh length black sheer slip. She got until bed but couldn’t sleep. What was the point of being admired all day if she still ended up alone? She fueled men’s fantasies while other women reaped the reward. And Jake hadn’t learned his lesson. Worse, he thought he could ogle all the women of the household. He was very wrong about that, Vikki swore.

From the nightstand next to her bed she removed her vibrator. It didn’t seem enough though, one small piece of plastic. What I could really use is porn, Vikki decided. Luckily she shared a roof with a horny teenager she was sure must have an amble supply.

She moved quickly across the hall to Jake’s empty bedroom. She looked in the back of his closet, under his mattress, and other usual places but didn’t find anything of interest. Apparently boys had learned something. She considered giving up but really needed a fix of wet, willing bodies.

His computer. That’s where it would all be. And lucky enough, the computer was already on. She sat in his chair and began her search. It didn’t take long. Almost as if he was unconcerned about it being discovered, there was a folder right on the desktop marked “Videos.” It contained several subfolders. The first was marked “Old.” Hmm, Vikki thought and opened it. There were several video files. She opened one at random: “My First MILF”. Oh Jake, you naughty, naughty boy.

The first images were a pair of black pumps walking across the carpet. And then the audio began: Aren’t you my son’s friend, Jeremy? the Milf asked some stunt cock napping on her couch. Vikki grew impatient and skipped ahead but the “seduction” moved slowly.

“Is that what you want, Jake?” Vikki spoke to herself. “Some desperate housewife parody to hit on you, run her hands up your crotch and proposition you? Actually, that sounds fucking hot!” Vikki returned to her bedroom for her vibrator and brought it into Jake’s room.

If you’re going to crash here, you’ll have to let me suck your cock as rent. So the video greeted Vikki on her return. She turned on the vibrator and stuck it up her pussy as she watched a long, slow blowjob. She skipped ahead again and watched the older model take his cock from behind. She skipped ahead again and heard loud, fake moans. But her own softer moans mixed in.

I think the rent’s going up. I need your hot cum all over my face. There it was: the money shot.

Vikki opened another video. Two blonde women drank coffee in a kitchen. One complained about being bored on her birthday. Vikki skipped ahead but they were still talking. One woman had just hung up the phone. Vikki wanted fucking, not dialogue. She clicked on the mouse but before she could skip ahead one of the women said:

If his mother had any idea what I’ve done to her son, she’d never speak to me again.

How many times have you fucked him?

Just twice! They both laughed. You are really going to enjoy his cock. Just don’t tell his mom! They laughed again. Vikki enjoyed hearing them talk like that. Maybe plot could be hot! Vikki watched intently as the guy showed up. His mother had sent him over to move a couch. They women swarmed him, running their hands over his chest and crotch. One even had long red nails, just like Vikki.

Awesome, Vikki thought. More hot older woman seducing younger men. Jake would be an easy mark, conditioned by constant exposure to this alterative reality to crave seduction and dominance.

Finally, Vikki skipped ahead on the video. One woman was sucking the guy’s cock while the other fingered her pussy. Vikki skipped ahead again and now one woman got fucked from behind while eating the other’s pussy. The best is that it was all happening on a living room sofa. A house of sex anywhere, anytime.

Vikki leaned back and worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She would cum soon. Unfortunately, she realized she wasn’t alone. Jake watched her from his doorway. Vikki and Jake starred at each other. Vikki still held the vibrator in her pussy. Her other hand clicked open a new video.

“You said you were going out?” Vikki said.

“I was fucking with you,” Jake said. “Because you don’t like Nancy. I just picked up a DVD from Chris’ house. I see you found your own entertainment.”

“This is still my house,” Vikki answered, conspicuously removing the vibrator and letting her nightgown cover herself. “You’re not eighteen yet. You shouldn’t be viewing obscene materials. The video played on the background. There was a story about two students, one male and one female, getting caught stealing a copy of a test out of a teacher’s desk. Of course while searching they also found naked photos of the teacher.

“You seemed to be enjoying it,” Jake walked slowly over and then sat on the edge of the bed behind Vikki.

“I’m allowed. I’m a woman.”

“You certainly are.”

“Well, if you think this is appropriate, there’s no reason you won’t watch it with your Mom.”

“I guess not,” Jake smirked. The two students were half naked. The girl, a lithe redhead with long wavy hair, glasses and small, pert breasts sat on the lap of a Latino jock. Meanwhile, the 40 year-old blonde teacher with huge tits hiked up her skirt and played with her pussy. Vikki was trying to make Jake uncomfortable, to teach him another lesson, but the scene was turning her on again. The professor had a live show of horny teenagers performing for her own gratification. Kind of like Rachel and Alex at work. She began to rub her clit again as the jock licked his girlfriend’s pussy. Then Vikki heard a zipper being undone behind her.

She turned to see Jake’s hand clenched around his cock and starting to stroke. The girl had her teacher’s tits in her mouth now. Vikki turned the vibrator on and eased it back inside of her.

“You like that, Jake? Think you could handle two women?”

“Yeah,” Jake jerked as he stared at that computer, not daring to look at his mother, as the women on screen locked lips.

Word in the teacher’s lounge is that your boyfriend has a pretty nice cock the teacher said.

“Mmm, that’s pretty hot,” Vikki said, looking at the screen. “You could learn a lot from having an experienced woman teach you. But I don’t think your nice little girlfriend would accept that.”

God, I can’t believe your cock is in the professor’s mouth! What a nasty professor!

“Probably not, but, ahh…Allison, Allison always liked you.”

“Allison?” Vikki laughed. “That cute little redhead you used to see in ninth grade? Delicious. Which turns you on more? My teaching her how to give you the best possible blow job? Or my holding your cock and guiding you into her pussy? Which of those do you want first?

“Your house…you decide…” He closed his eyes. But then he felt a hand on his.

“Let me,” Vikk said. She sat on the bed and began to stroke, much slower than he had done on his own. He took his hands off and Vikki was completely in control. “Tell me what happens next…” Jake groaned in pleasure. She stopped. “Tell me!”

“Allison is sucking my cock…you tell her to keep my cock in her mouth as you spread her legs and lick her pussy.”

“Nice,” Vikki started stroking again. The image of her long red nails with a firm hold on her son’s dick was an image burned in her memory forever. “Keep going…”

“You keep eating her pussy...Allison can’t take it anymore…she moans…thanking you…calling you Mrs. Winters…while I cum on her face.”

“Oh god, she’s got a nasty little slut. But so polite. We’ll get along great.”

“You switch positions…Allison eats licks your cunt while I fuck her from behind. We’re looking at each other, we’re urghh…you’re looking straight into my eyes,” Jake wanted to cum but didn’t want this experience to end.

“I tell you to fuck that slut harder, son.”

“I’m fucking her so hard…her tongue gets pushed deepener in your pussy.”

“Oh Christ yes…” Vikki shuddered to hear that. “She’s get a wicked little tongue, doesn’t she?”

“Don’t stop,” Jake pleaded. “I’m going to cum.”

“Yes…YES...All that delicious, hot sticky cum building in your balls. Cum on my tits.”

“I want to fuck you so bad, Mom,” Jake moaned and then came. His cum covered Vikki’s hand as she finished stroking. As Jake calmed down, he began to realize what had happened. Vikki removed her hand from his dick.

Vikki brought her fingers up to her mouth. “And then Allison slowly licks your cum off me. Swallowing every last drop.” As Vikki did just that. “Well, son, that would be a pretty hot scene. Too bad I’m your mother and it’ll have to stay a fantasy. Good night, son.” Vikki kissed him and went back to her bed as Jake tried to recover.

* * *

Vikki woke up. As with the previous morning, her dream’s details stayed fresh. And just like the previous morning, she felt heat and wetness between her legs. She made a move to touch herself, but stopped. Yes, she had promised herself she’d get off if she woke up so aroused again. But walking around horny still seemed better than masturbating from a sex dream about her son. What the fuck was happening? And how could she make it stop? Thank god it was only a dream. Thank god!

But it wasn’t all a dream. That realization made Vikki sit up in bed. Last night, for real, Jake had seen her nearly naked. She had walked into the hallway in her underwear without thinking. If she could no longer control her actions she needed professional help. But who could she trust?

She considered calling in sick but she really did have a big presentation with her marketing group. The dream still had the details spot on. But she dressed conservatively. She chose a tasteful gray pinstriped pant suit. The shoes that went best were Stuart Wietzman Fever black patent lather pointed toe pumps with 4-inch stiletto heel.

Luckily, Jake wasn’t around downstairs. But she didn’t want to spend the next two months avoiding her own son. Vikki had visited a therapist immediately after her husband’s death, but that doctor was long retired. What was she supposed to do, ask her long-time primary physician for a referral? Excuse me, Dr. Diane, but could you recommend someone who specializes in mid-life, reverse Oedipal complexes? Because I can’t stop dreaming of fucking my teenage son.

Vikki walked from her car to her office with her head down. She still felt nearly overwhelmed with shame as took each carefully placed step through the office. She was positive that every pair of eyes in the office was on her. Go ahead, look at the freak who keeps dreaming of fucking her son. Well, not exactly fucking, but that wasn’t the point. What would all her co-workers think if they knew the thoughts in her head? How many of her employees would refuse to work with her? How many of the other mothers in the office would condemn and curse her? Would any offer sympathy?

“Good morning, Vikki,” Laura greeted her boss with a cup in hand. “I saw you coming in and poured your coffee.”

“Good morning, Laura,” Vikki took the cup. The hot caffeine did her good. Laura wore a simple gray plaid skirt, a white top and the same 2-inch black heels from yesterday. “Thank you. It is so nice to see that you are still you this morning.” Laura frowned at that.

“Was I not myself yesterday, ma’am?” Laura backed away but Vikki stopped her.

“Please, Laura, that’s not what I meant. I meant that when I’m stressed and overwhelmed with work, it is comforting to be around familiar faces. I depend on you for a lot, Laura.”

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any screws up like yesterday.”

“That’s not—” Vikki couldn’t bear for Laura to act any more submissive. “Ok, is everyone assembling in the conference room?”

“Yes, Mrs. Winters,” Laura said meekly.

Luckily the meeting went well. Vikki didn’t have the concentration to solve any problems herself. Her team had all come up with good ideas to roll out the company’s new customer website. Just like in her dream, Vikki realized with a little dread. And sure enough, Alex presented his research on appealing to women. Was there anything she could do to avoid reality from intersecting with her dreams?

“Our surveys confirmed what we all intuitively thought,” Alex explained to those present. He was an articulate and charismatic speaker. “Although women are equally as likely as men to visit a tech company’s website, women are much less likely to download a new program while there. But our focus groups suggested found a way to get women over that initial hesitation.”

“Good work,” Vikki said. “You’ve given us all a lot to think about it. Next is Jackie.”

“Thank you, Vikki,” Alex said. “I need to thank Rachel. She helped me a lot with the research.” The short buxom associate looked at Vikki.

“Good work, Rachel,” Vikki said. “Jackie, when you’re ready.” Alex looked at Rachel, disappointed, but returned to his seat. Vikki rubbed her eyes and struggled to concentrate on the rest of the meeting. The strain of making herself not think about something was wearing on her. She went to bed last night thinking the dreams were over. Instead they got worse. If seeing Alex and Rachel embarrassed her, what would seeing Jake do when she got home?

After the meeting ended, Vikki was relieved that both Alex and Rachel left quickly without approaching her. Vikki walked straight back to her office and dumped the meeting materials into Laura’s hands as she reached the secretary’s desk. Vikki collapsed in the chair behind her own desk.

“How did Alex’s presentation go?” Laura asked.

“He was fine,” Vikki wished Laura would go away and leave her alone. But Vikki didn’t dare tell her that. She imagined Laura might start crying and then Vikki would have to comfort the girl.

“I heard he’s been here late all week,” Laura said. Vikki wondered why Laura so interested in Alex, but she didn’t want to ask in case Laura answered. “Because, this morning, he sort of asked me out. I know you’re against office dating. And I didn’t say yes. But nice, smart guys aren’t a dime a dozen. What do you think I should do?”

“Go for it. Don’t waste any time. Run down to his office and tell him yes.”

Moments before, Vikki had just wanted Laura to leave. But the warm, pleasant feeling came back when Vikki told Laura want to do. It was a nice taste of her dream. “Alex is smart and successful. And very cute and in great shape. You’re attracted to him, aren’t you?”

“Um, yeah,” she blushed.

“You’re right that he’s a great guy and he won’t be on the market for long before some skanky gold digger digs her claws into him. Doesn’t he sometimes go to lunch with Rachel? You wouldn’t want that, would you? I can tell he’d be a great man to sleep next to and wake up with. Wouldn’t you like to find out how much he really knows about a woman’s needs?”

“Yes, Mrs. Winters,” Laura nodded her head.

Oh Christ! Vikki thought she could cum just watching Laura. She was leading her assistant exactly where she, Vikki, wanted her to go. She was whoring her out just as she had in her dream. And it felt so good. “So you’ll say yes?”

“Yes, Mrs. Winters,” Laura said. “I’ll go talk to him right now.”

“Good idea. Now ran along. Oh, and Laura.”

“Yes, Mrs. Winters?” she asked.

“Tell him I approve,” Vikki said. “And close the door behind you.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Laura left the room with a huge grin on her face. Fuck, why did I do that? Vikki thought. And why didn’t I wear a skirt? Vikki pulled down her pants and panties and began to rub her pussy. Teasing Laura was meant as a safe and innocent way to release a little steam. Instead, it had brought her to the boiling point. Never in her life had Vikki felt this urge to get off. She dipped two fingers into her pussy. She loved the sensation as her cunt slowly gave way to the pressure and her wetness surrounded her two fingers. Yes, she could do it. She could get everything she wanted. Just follow the dream. It was so fucking hot to be in control. She leaned back in her chair and continued masturbating until she came.

She had barely finished when there was a knock on her door.

“Mrs. Winters,” her secretary called. “Is everything all right?”

Vikki pulled her fingers out. She wouldn’t have been surprised to see long red nails. But they were normal. It was real. And she had just gotten off in her office. She pulled up her pants.

“Yes, but I’m late for the monthly board meeting, aren’t I?” Vikki asked from behind her door.

“Yeah,” Laura answered. “Are you ok? Want me to tell them you’re sick?” Vikki knew she was sick. She was very sick.

“No, I’ll be fine,” Vikki ignored Laura’s concerned stare as she hobbled off to her meeting. In the elevator, she ran into Rachel, who was going down. “Great meeting, Vikki,” Rachel said. “By the way, I love those shoes!”

Driving home, Vikki reviewed the events of the day. Just before leaving work, she had seen Alex and Laura walk out together, laughing and even touching hands. I didn’t really do anything wrong, Vikki told herself. She had simply given approval for her single female assistant to date a single male co-worker.

But she had done something very wrong. She had masturbated in her office! She would be fired instantly if anyone even suspected. Vikki gripped the steering wheel. Shame and embarrassment no longer mattered. She needed professional help before her life spun out of control. Before any of that though, Vikki had to face the person who had started all these feelings: her son. She didn’t trust herself yet. Passing her favorite bookstore, she made a sharp left into the parking lot. Anything to avoid home.

She planned to browse, get coffee, maybe read a magazine while she cooled off and calmed down. She was happy this wasn’t her dream. The Business & Finance section was empty. But then she saw her him in the Dating & Relationship aisle, just as he was in her dream, but sans facial hair. How could he be here on this night? But Vikki was desperate for her dreams to stop. A real date was worth a shot. She walked over.

“Hi,” he said as she got close. “I’ve seen you in here before, haven’t I?”

“Yes, I think so,” she smiled. “My name’s Vikki.”

“I’m Scott,” he shook her hand. “Wow, I can’t believe we are meeting here.” He gestured to the rack of books behind that were all about meeting new people.

“Is there anything useful in any of those?

“Most say just take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.”

“I’ve heard that before. Divorced or widowed?”

“Divorced,” he answered. “Two years ago. You?”


“I’m sorry.

“It’s been a while,” Vikki said. “But it’s still been a long time since I’ve been on the dating scene.” Scott seemed nice. Best of all, she wasn’t thinking about Jake or anything weird. “Once you meet someone, how do you tell the catch from the freak?”

“Finely honed instincts,” he said. “For example, I can tell you are a business woman near the top of your industry. You have brains and, something else, courage to succeed while retaining your natural warmth.”

“Lucky guess,” Vikki blushed. “What do you do?”

“I own an advertising firm.”

“So you have a way with words.”

“Yes, I do have a way with words.” They both laughed. “Vikki, would you like to get a drink sometime?”

“Sure,” she answered.

“Do you have a card?” he asked. “Or I could give you mine if you’d rather think about it. No hard feelings if you change your mind.”

Vikki opened her pursed. “Don’t be silly.” She retrieved a card and handed it to him. “Call me. But remember, I’m new to this.”

“I’ll call you. Good night, Vikki.”

Vikki returned home to voices coming from the kitchen. She opened the door and found her son and Marie inside. Jake must have already eaten. He was loading into the washer the dishes Marie cleared off the table. They were both smiling as if still laughing at some shared joke Vikki felt immediate arousal. Everything else she had done that day didn’t matter. It didn’t matter what happened with Alex and Laura. It didn’t matter what happened with Scott at the bookstore. The man of her dreams was the strong, confident, very handsome young man standing in her kitchen. The man Vikki had raised all on her own. The worst thing, Vikki realized, was that in just a few days she threatened all of her effort and sacrifice. The moral and psychological health of Vikki’s son depended on Vikki concealing her emotions from him. “Hey Mom,” Jake acknowledged her presence in the room. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Not long,” Vikki said. She was frozen at her spot, leering at Jake and hoping he wouldn’t notice. Or praying he would.

“Would you like dinner?” Marie asked as she finished cleaning the table.

“No, thank you,” Vikki said. “I ate at work.”

“Well then, there’s some laundry I should change over,” Marie said. “Let me know if you need anything.” Marie left the room.

“About last night,” Vikki said once she was alone with her son. “That was totally my fault. I am so sorry.”

“Well, I’ll be more careful next time too,” Jake said. “Anyways, I didn’t see…um…anything.”

“Are you going out again?” In her dream, we went out.

“No, Nancy’s working and I’m exhausted frankly. I’m just going to watch TV down here.”

He left the kitchen for the living room. Vikki finally took a deep breath. She had been afraid she would fall if she moved and that Jake would have to catch her.

Vikki went up to her room. Jake was already comfortable on the sofa with a baseball game on the screen when she walked up the stairs. She went to her bedroom and undressed. She was tired, but sleep meant dreaming. And her dreams were getting progressively worse. What would happen if she went all the way and actually fucked Jake in tonight’s dream? Last night she had touched his cock. In her dream, she had touched his cock, she reminded herself.

It had started with her looking at porn on his computer. Porn on a computer sitting in the room across from her. Did Jake really have that much porn? She got out of bed and quickly put on the first piece of nightwear she found in her closet. It was a black lace-trim satin slip, but she didn’t have time to care.

From the hallway, she peered downstairs and saw Jake still on the couch. She snuck into this bedroom. The computer was already on. She sat down at his chair and searched through all the folders she could find. Not many media files at all and the ones she did find were harmless movie or music clips.

Her dream had been wrong about that. Unless the files were better hidden. She couldn’t well by so naïve to think he wouldn’t hide them. Also, she should check his browser just in case he was that careless. She opened his browser window first. “No,” she covered her mouth to stifle the gasp. She wanted to scream. It was worse than her nightmares, or worse than her dreams. Jake had been accessing a site called Oh Jake…Jake…how could you do this to me?

She read the site’s own advertisement: Mature moms have been reborn. Sexually experienced and still horny, mommies do the things you’d hardly see anywhere. They are most anxious to get their cracks all stuffed with those hard shafts their sons have. And they really get what they want! Watch it all on video here!

Vikki needed to know exactly what her son enjoyed viewing so she clicked on the sample pictures. It was a lot less glamorous than what she thought of as traditional porn. No high heels, no bleached blonde hair. These were meant to pass as real women. In one photo, a mature woman in nylons kneeled on the kitchen floor with a cock her mouth.

When Vikki tried to go further she was asked for password. Vikki rose from the chair and retrieved her Visa Platinum from her purse. Back in Jake’s room, she typed in all the information and soon had a three month membership to the Incest network. She needed to know what Jake was into.

Oh son, you shouldn’t seen me like this. That was the first story she saw.

Accessing the site, she discovered that only about half the content was actual models. The rest were cartoons and comics. In particular there were a lot of 3D, computer animated stories. The very first she came to featured a teenage son and a very large breasted mother who been sun tanning topless by the pool.

Oh my, Johnny, you certainly like what you see. I never realized you had such a monster cock.

You’re tits are so large, mommy. Can I touch them?

Only if I can touch your cock, son. But Johnny just stared. A comically gigantic erection obvious from inside his pants. It wasn’t really explained how but by the next panel his pants were off and his mother was admiring him. The next panel she had him in her mouth. The fake, plastic expression on the boy’s face failing to capture anything close to the real sensation.

Vikki hiked up her nightgown and began to rub herself. It wasn’t meant to be real. It was an imaginary world without fear or guilt of real life. Of course, that was probably the best part. That delicious guilt mixed in, telling you how wrong it all was.

Wait, no! It was wrong. It was real life. And this wasn’t her office. Jake could return to his bedroom any time and Vikki would have no explanation. She had been damn lucky so far not getting caught. She covered herself as much as possible and left. The TV still flickered downstairs.

She peaked down and Jake laid there motionless with his eyes closed. She moved slowly down the stairs ready to bolt for her bedroom if he stirred. But he didn’t. Soon she stood over him, watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful and innocent. He could be corrupted so easily.

“What are you dreaming of, Jake?” she asked.

He twitched in response to that question. Vikki sat down on next to him, being very careful where she placed her weight. She needed to protect him as she always had.

“Jake, honey, wake up,” she put her hand on his shoulder. Jake opened his eyes but then turned away and sunk lower on the couch. “Come on, Jake, it’s late. You should be in your room.” He still didn’t get up. Vikki wrapped her hands around his and rocked him forward. “You can go back to sleep as soon as you get upstairs.” Finally, he lifted himself up. He nearly lost his balance and fell into his mother. She put her hands around his neck trying to balance him.

“Sorry, I didn’t meant to fall asleep down here,” he squinted as his eyes adjusted to the bright light of the TV. Vikki shut it off.

“Come upstairs.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s late and time for both of us to be in bed,” she moved to the stairs and held out her hand for him.

“Ok, Mom,” he took her hand. She led him up the stairs. She didn’t know if he was staring at his ass. If anyone had asked what she was doing, Vikki would have admitted she didn’t know. She was praying her dreams would stop but it seemed silly to believe the fourth night would be any different. She would dream of Jake again. And when she woke up in the morning, she would continue to act inappropriately until she got caught and helped was forced on her. That sounded ok to Vikki as long as her children didn’t discover the whole truth. Good thing Tanya away. Maybe Vikki should go away until she recovered

Vikki felt a tug of her hand as they got upstairs. She realized why. She had been leading Jake into her own bedroom. Vikki turned and led him back to his room. Once inside, Jake shook his hand free and rubbed his eyes.

“Are you awake now, sleepy?” Vikki asked.

“Yeah,” Jake answered. “Sorry about that. I was really out it. Didn’t mean to make you practically carry me to bed.”

Fuck me, Johnny. Fuck your mother with your big hard cock. Fuck mommy’s cunt like the whore she is.

“No,” Vikki saw the image she had left on Jake’s screen. He hadn’t seen it yet. “I think you’re still tired. So sleepy you can barely keep your eyes open.” She pushed herself into him so he couldn’t see around her. He closed his eyes and she looked back.

I’m going to cum, mommy! Yes, cum on me, baby. Cum all over mommy’s giant tits!

“Yes, Mom…I’m sleepy.”

“Yes, baby, sleepy,” Vikki eased him back into his bed. “Time to sleep. Actually, Jake, listen to me before you fall asleep. When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll find a gift that you’ll accept without questioning.” She referred to his new membership to the Incest Network. “You have a very naughty fantasy, don’t you Jake?”

“Yes, a very naughty fantasy.” His right hand had landed on his crotch.

“No, Jake listen,” Vikki insisted. This was very dangerous. She was turned on. She could easily lose control but it was worth the risk. “Fantasies are ok. But they are just fantasies. Tell me they are not real, Jake. Tell me!”

“Fantasies are not real…” he said. His hand went to his crotch again. “But they feel so good.”

“I know,” Vikki said. She didn’t stop him this time. His hand lay right on top of his dick. He rubbed the top of it and she realized he had an erection.

“Jake, what is your fantasy? Tell me, I need to know what you think of when you close your eyes.”

“A sexy older woman seducing me.”

“Yes, tell me more,” Vikki brought her hand to her own crotch. Her pussy was wet again. “Tell me what you like Jake. Do you like large tits? Do you like sexy high heels? Do you like long red nails?”

“Yes, sexy long red nails…” Jake answered.

“Oh Christ yes…” Vikki shuddered to hear that.

“I want to fuck you so bad, Mrs. Powell,” Jake said. Vikki froze. Natalie Powell did have large breasts and everything else.

“Fuck,” Vikki realized Jake wasn’t fantasizing over her.

Of course not; that would be perverted. Vikki had to leave. She would clear out Jake’s browser and he would never know.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Jake sat up. “How did I get upstairs?” At least he had no memory of everything that just happened. Vikki didn’t respond. She must have looked odd, bent over his desk in her nightgown, but she had to clear out the evidence.

“I woke you up and you walked up stairs,” Vikki said. “Go back to sleep.” She kneeled down and kissed him on the cheek. “Sweet dreams.” Back in her room, Vikki welcomed her bed. She closed her eyes. Her dreams might be wrong, but at least she didn’t realize it during the dream. She welcomed the escape from her conscience.