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“Long Red Nails”

By Sean Flynn


Vikki went back to Paradise Mall. She planned a full day romp through the shopping center’s most upscale and fashionable boutiques. But then she found herself lingering at Victoria’s Secret. She loved that she was buying underwear. Because after last night, she no longer had to play coy; there was no mystery of how she would present herself to Jake. She would simply step out of her room with her body wrapped to please, in the type of outfit a woman might wear, with some encouragement, on her husband’s 40th birthday or the couple’s 15th wedding anniversary. She wanted to be the embodiment of a male’s fantasy woman because she had promised Jake that every day would be like that with her. And it turned her on to see herself reflected in his adoring eyes.

She adjusted garters and considered her outfit in the dressing room mirror. The centerpiece was a red corset, luxe jacquard print accented with Venice lace, in halter style perfectly showcasing her large bust. Matching red g-string and garters with sheer red stockings. Red patent leather 3-inch pumps. And of course, her long red nails.

Definitely sexy. But was it decedent enough? Kinky enough for the occasion? Not quite. But since Vikki couldn’t tell what was missing, she bought the whole ensemble.

As Vikki walked her bags to her car, she decided the shoes were the problem. They were too bland. Jake had seen her in pumps like that before. She needed something more porn star worthy. She would hit up some other stores before returning to the house.

Vikki called home as she pulled out of the parking lot. She wanted to touch base with Jake, give him a little dirty talk over the phone. Nothing too explicit. Just a tease so he would be ready for her later. The phone rang and rang and then went to the home answering machine. Vikki hung up. Where was everybody?

She opened her contacts again to call Jake’s cell phone. She noticed the first name in her address book. Angela Carmichael. That was exactly the woman Vikki needed to see. She selected the number while she drove.

“This is a rare pleasure,” Angela answered the phone. She sounded exactly as Vikki remembered.

“It hasn’t been that long, has it?” Vikki asked even though she knew it had been too long.

“How can I help you?” Angela said.

“I need your advice. Not over the phone of course. Can I come by?”

“Well, I have some company right now.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Really?” Angela paused, considering the possibilities. “All right. I’ll be here.”

Vikki remembered where Angela lived. It was in one of the most exclusive areas of town, a gated community offering Angela and her husband the privacy they valued above all else. Angela’s husband, Sam, was an incredibly successful software developer. Angela did not work. She concentrated full time on the couple’s hobbies.

Arriving at the house, Vikki was lead into one of back rooms, what appeared to be a study. Vikki never could remember all the rooms in the house. The servant closed the doors and left Vikki alone. Vikki sat on the sofa and waited just a couple of minutes before Angela appeared. Angela was a busty redhead with high cheekbones and piercing eyes.

“Victoria, welcome,” Angela greeted her and took a seat on the love chair opposite.

“Thank you for seeing me,” Vikki said.

“You are always welcome here,” Angela said. “But don’t toy with me. You’re not here because you’ve finally changed your mind about joining us?”

“No, I’m not here to join you.”

“I thought not. Then now that I’m already disappointed, why are you here?”

“I need your advice. All of the people you and your husband play with, I need to know is any of them practice a certain lifestyle.”

“I’m confused,” Angela said. “You always said our lifestyle was too unstable for you. Now you want to experiment, but just not with us? Actually, I’m offended.”

“Please don’t be,” Vikki began. “You never had children. After I lost David, I had to focus on raising my children and couldn’t risk playing with you.”

“And now that, what, Jake and Tanya are leaving the nest, you’re ready to give up the vanilla lifestyle? Still, what can anyone else offer you that we can’t?”

“I’m here because of my family. Now that Jake is grown up, I want us to stay close.”

“I don’t understand,” Angela said. And then suddenly she did understand. She didn’t say anything at first. She just stared at Vikki, who had no choice but to sit there and smile back politely. “Well…it’s not unheard of. Oh, Vikki how you’ve certainly left the vanilla life behind.”

“I was never vanilla. Just celibate. David and I did join you once before.”

“Come with me,” Angela led her out from the door she entered through. It was completely different. It was one of their play rooms. And it wasn’t empty. Inside, two people lay bound, blind-folded and gagged. A man and a woman. They were both naked. And they were young.

“Who are they?” Vikki asked.

“Their names are Michael and Sally. They’re college students. They put an ad online. So naïve, such easy prey. It was Michael’s idea. He had no idea what they were getting into.” Angela removed the gag from Sally’s mouth. “Sally, I am not alone. Another woman is here. What would you like to say to her?”

“I am Mistress Angela’s obedient slave. I am a slut with no purpose other than to be used by Mistress Angela for her pleasure. May I please be allowed to lick your clit, Mistress Angela?”

“Not now, slave. But my friend would like to fuck you in the ass with a 12-inch black dildo,” Angela said. Vikki grinned.

“Hmm, yes please, Mistress. Please let your guest fuck me in ass with a 12-inch black dildo.” Angela put the gag back in her slave’s mouth and motioned to the male bound next to Sally.

“Hello, Michael,” Angela said.

He fought against his bonds. “Let us go!” he shouted.

“Must you still play this game?” Angela asked. “You know all you have to do is say the magic word and I shall release you. But you can never come back. And I don’t think Sally wants to leave.”

“Stop screwing with her head!”

“Oh, Michael. I didn’t screw with her head. You did. This was your idea. So, if I untie you and start having my friend here fuck your girlfriend with a…what was it again?”

“A 12-inch black dildo,” Vikki said.

“Right. Such a cliché. Anyways, if my friend starts fucking Sally’s ass with a 12-inch black dildo and your hands are free, what will you do?”

“I will jerk off to it! I love watching my girlfriend being used like the dirty slut she is!”

“Thank you, Michael,” Angela replaced his gag. “You don’t actually want to fuck Sally’s lovely ass, do you?”

“Not really,” Vikki answered. Though the whole scene had left her pussy wet. “What’s your point, Angela?”

“My point is that I’m one of the sickest women on the planet, but I have never seen the line you want to cross. You didn’t come here for information. You came here for permission because deep down, you still think it’s wrong to fuck your own son.” “No,” Vikki said. “I just wanted to make sure we don’t get caught. I’m ready to fuck him. I’ve sucked his dick already. He’s licked my pussy.”

“But has he put his cock in your cunt?”

“No,” Vikki admitted.

“Why not?” Angela demanded. “Because you do want my permission. Well, guess what? You have it. All that shame you’re hiding deep down, embrace it. You’re going to fuck your own son and you’re going to enjoy it.”

“Yes...But you’re wrong. I didn’t come here just for permission. I came for supplies.”

“Then let’s go to my closet. But hurry up, because someone has to fuck Sally’s ass. Unless you want to watch?”

“Sorry,” Vikki said. “Unless Michael and Sally are brother and sister?” Angela let out the richest laugh Vikki had ever heard from her.

It was 2 o’clock by the time Vikki arrived home. The house was empty. It was Marie’s day off, Vikki remembered. Jake would be home soon enough. She had to prepare.

Vikki stripped in her bedroom and opened the bag Angela had prepared. There was as assortment of toys, rub and oils and porn. The most important items were on the bottom. The perfect pair of red pumps. Vikki put them on. They felt amazing. A 5-inch pump without a platform, with white stitching detail down to a white bow, and open toe. She changed into the rest of her playwear and then waited.

Finally, she heard Jake come in. She heard his voice. No, not just his voice. He wasn’t alone. Vikki heard the high pitched giggle of a teenager girl. It wasn’t possible that Jake would bring that cunt home now. Vikki walked out into the hallway and heard more clearly. Not just voices. Moans. She walked to the stairs and peered down into the living room. What she saw made her ill.

Jake was fucking Nancy in their living room! He had her bent over the back of the couch. It looked impromptu. His pants were around his ankles and Nancy was still wearing her skirt. Vikki couldn’t believe her son was fucking another woman. Especially when Vikki had proven herself so willing. What was the problem? What could that little blonde slut offer him that Vikki couldn’t? Vikki was just as willing to debase herself, to swallow his cum, and take his cock anywhere he wanted to put it.

“Oh, that’s so good, Jake,” Nancy whined. “Stop holding back. Harder! Eeh! That’s it. Yeah!”

Her pussy twinged as this girl got her brains fucked out. That was supposed to be Vikki’s pussy engulfing his cock. The more she watched Nancy writhe in pleasure, the angrier she got. Why had she been wasting her time with this boy who would waste his time with such a little girl?

She needed a man. Luckily she had one’s number. She called Mark Montgomery. He picked up immediately.

“Hello, Mark. It’s Vikki Winters,” she said back in her room.

“Vikki?” he answered. “So great hearing from you so soon. I enjoyed finally talking with you the other night.”

“Me too,” she said. “I felt like we really made a connection. I know it is last minute, but would you like to come over for a drink?”

“I’d love too.”

“Fantastic. I’ll text you directions to my house. Just come over whenever you can. I’ll be waiting here patiently.” She hung up and finished dressing. She wore the outfit she planned for Jake, plus a black skirt on the bottom. Then she opened her door and walked downstairs. “Jake, honey, is that you?”

Jake froze mid-stroke. Maybe he thought he had imagined the voice. Then he turned his head around saw his mother starring at him from the top of the stairs.

“What are you doing?” Nancy asked. She hadn’t heard Vikki. “Don’t stop! Jake! Fuck me!”

“Hello Nancy,” Vikki said as she descended the steps. Jake finally pulled out of Nancy with an audible pop. He pulled his pants up from his ankles. Nancy stood up and pushed down her skirt. “Sorry to interrupt kids. I didn’t realize what you were doing.”

“We don’t know anyone was home,” Jake said, trying to zip up his fly. Nancy stood close next to him waiting to follow his lead. While she looked at the floor, she saw Vikki’s heels. She then gave Vikki’s whole outfit the once over and snickered at the way Jake’s mother was dressed. Like the slut had any right.

“I’ve been upstairs the whole time,” Vikki said. “Didn’t I tell you that I had the rest of this week off from work? Well, I’d been out all morning visiting my old friend Angela. You remember her, don’t you? Then I came home and was relaxing upstairs when I heard voices down here.”

“Um…” Jake just stared.

“Sorry to have embarrassed you,” Nancy regained her courage. “We just got carried away. We’ll go to Jake’s room. Nancy tugged Jake along. Once they were upstairs, Vikki followed. She moved up the stairs silently. They had no idea she could still see and hear them.

Nancy was still leading Jake towards his bedroom. “How long do you think she was watching us?”

“I don’t care,” Nancy said. “Do you? I mean, make a choice. Hang out with me or your Mom. I’ll give you a hint, only one of those choices gets your cock sucked.”

Oh, how wrong you are, Vikki thought.

“And what was she wearing? At her age? Taking the whole milf thing a little too far with the 5-inch heels.”

“Hey,” Jake nearly shoved her. “Don’t talk about her that way. I owe her everything.”

“Yeah, ok, I’m sorry,” Nancy said.

“Now if you want it hard, let’s go.” He pushed her into his room and slammed the door.

The doorbell rang. Vikki went back downstairs. Mark was eager, apparently. Vikki found Mark in a white shirt and black jacket, holding a bottle of wine. “My mother said never to go anywhere without a gift.”

“Well, you’re mother was right,” Vikki said.

“I’m so glad we met, Vikki,” he said while looking her over.

“It’s my maid’s night off. So you’ll have to open that for us. The kitchen’s right through there.”

She leaned against the banister until he returned with two glasses.

“The couch or the patio?” he asked.

“How about my bedroom?”

“I’ll follow you.” She led him up the stairs. This time clicking her heels as she went up. She wanted Jake to hear.

“Everything you have is gorgeous,” Mark told her inside her bedroom. Vikki smiled and sipped her wine. When she finished, Mark was taking the glass from her hand. She couldn’t protest before his lips covered hers. She held the back of his neck while he kissed her. She opened her mouth to let him in. She loved that moment when barriers are dropped, when she gave a man special access to her body and he took full advantage of it. Mark did take full of advantage of it, roaming around her ass and then her neck. But she stopped him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing,” Vikki said. “I just want you to know something. I like it rough and I like degradation. Hurt me and humiliate me.”

“I knew I was glad I met you,” Mark said. He paused to drink, moving away from Vikki. She reached for her glass and finished it. Suddenly Mark’s arm was moving quickly back towards Vikki. He slapped the glass from her hand and it shattered against the wall. She collapsed to the floor, clearly not expecting that. He knew just how to do it. She was stunned but not hurt.

Then he was lifting her back on her feet. He threw her onto the bed. She gasped. “You’ve down this before.”

“Let’s just say I know how to handle sluts like you,” Mark said.

“I can tell,” she said.

“I knew you were a slut the first time I saw you,” he continued talking as he moved closer to the bed. He removed his jacket and worked on his belt. “Dressing the way you do. You just want to get fucked, don’t you?”

“Yes. I need to get fucked so badly. Did my dressing this way get your cock all stiff? Because that was the point.”

“You’ve had practice, too. Everything about you screams please cum in me. Every time you jut out your tits. Every short skirt. Every time you step into a pair of red high heels, you’re begging some guy to stick a cock in you.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “I’m a walking sex doll. Now please fuck me.”

“You have a quite a mouth on you,” he said. “Why don’t you make it useful.” She decided to stop wasting her breath. She pulled at his pants and fished for his cock. She unhooked the button with one of her long red nails and then unzipped. He was wearing tight black boxer briefs. She slid those down and gripped his cock.

She opened her mouth and slid her long lips on it. She had gone years without even seeing a dick and now she was sucking her second in as many days. This one was different. Jake had been slow and seductive, about savoring the process. This one was rougher, more professional. She went down the length of his shaft a few times to coat it with her saliva. Then she wrapped her fingers around it so she could jerk him off while also bobbing up and down on the head.

She occasionally struggled to keep up. He wanted to fuck her throat. She liked the challenge of trying to blow him at her own pace. That’s what made it a blowjob. He finally settled down and she thought she had won when he pulled her hair and yanked her off of him. He forced her head back about an inch from his cock. He was about to cum. Then he was cumming and the first stream hit her cheek. She closed her eyes as warm, sticky goo covered her face. He released his grip when he was done. She wiped his cum off her eyes.

“Do you always mark your whores like that?” she asked, his cum dripping into her mouth.

“Shut up and strip.” She stood up and unzipped her skirt. She removed her panties but nothing else. She knew when he said strip he didn’t mean her garters and certainly not her shoes. She stood there posed for him, waiting his next order. “Against the wall.” He said but didn’t leave her anytime to comply on her own before he spun her around and pinned her against the bedroom wall.

“You really are a slut, aren’t you?” He shouted into her ear. “This isn’t just a game or dirty talk. You’re a fucking whore.”

“Yes…Yes,” Vikki panted. “Don’t stop.”

“Stop?” Mark snickered. “We’re just getting warmed up.”

“Ow!!” Vikki exclaimed as she felt a sharp sting on her ass. Mark was using his belt on her. Whipping her ass. He hit her again. “Hey, that hurts!”

“It’s supposed to,” Mark answered. “Here’s the deal slut. I want to hear just how nasty you are. When I’m satisfied, I’ll stop. Understand?” He hit her ass hard.

“I want to eat your cum,” she said and felt his belt again.

“You’re already wearing my cum.”

“I want to share you with another woman. I want to eat her pussy while she sucks your cock. Argh!” Another sharp sting,

“You think I haven’t had threesomes before?” he asked.

“I…um…want to fuck you in public. I want an entire crowd to watch. All your employees. No, just the female ones. Show them you know how to handle a slut and if they step out of line, they’re next. AHH! SHIT!!” It hurt as he whipped her ass again.

“Tie me up,” Vikki said. “There’s a whole bag of shit. Gag, blindfold me and then fuck me. Cum on me. Invite friends over and have them cum on me. Pass me around. NOOoooo!” It hurt so bad.

“So unoriginal,” Mark shook his head.

“My son…” Vikki breathed.


“My son Jake is across the hall, fucking his girlfriend I think. She doesn’t deserve him but he’s fucking her anyway. I invited you over to make him jealous. I want him to hear us fucking and realize what he’s missing.” Vikki braced but nothing came. Mark turned her around to look her in the eye. “I want him to be jealous it’s not his dick making me cum.”

Mark threw her on the bed.

“Then I suggest you don’t hold anything in.” He put two fingers in her and found her pussy quite ready for him. He ploughed his cock into her.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” Vikki cried while Mark grunted behind her. Then Vikki saw Jake enter the hallway. Mark hadn’t closed the door fully. Jake had a direct line of sight. She put even more into it. “Fuck my pussy harder!” She rolled her tongue around her lips. She wanted Jake to appreciate exactly what he was missing. “I’m such a cock slut,” she told Jake. “I need to be fucked hourly.” But no matter how good the cock sliding between her pussy lips felt, it wasn’t Jake’s. His was the one she really wanted. Jake watched for a moment and then turned back to his room.

Later, after Mark had cum in her, Vikki walked downstairs for water. Jake was watching TV. He was naked except for his boxer shorts. Vikki’s heels descending the stairs altered him to her presence. Her hair and make up were disheveled, her tits were exposed, her stockings were ripped and her panties were holding in Mark’s cum.

“You look like a high class whore,” Jake said.

“You’re just jealous,” Vikki said. “You’re finally realizing what you could have had if you weren’t wasting all your time on Nancy. What do you see in her? Do you just like a woman too young to appreciate the difference?”

Just then, Nancy came bouncing down from upstairs in her bra and panties. “Where’s that gorgeous cock? I want you at least two more times. Oh,” she stopped as she saw Vikki. “Hi Vikki,” she giggled. “You like nice. I love the shoes. So, um, what are you up to?”

“We know what she’s up to,” Jake said. “We both could hear everything, Mom. Sounded like you appreciate age.” “I was enjoying myself,” Vikki lied. “Because he’s a man and not a boy too afraid to use what God put between his legs on a real woman.”

“Stop!” Nancy said. “We’re all adults here. There’s no reason this has to be a fight.” She put her arms around Jake. “Right, Vikki? We’re happy, you’re happy. Let’s just all go back upstairs.” Vikki just stared, paralyzed with rage.

“You’re right, Nancy,” Vikki said. “This doesn’t have to be a fight. Thank you for putting everything in prospective. I almost made a huge mistake.”

“Why don’t you get a drink and then we’ll go back to my room,” Jake said and slapped her ass as she walked into the kitchen.Nancy squealed, looking at Jake and then Vikki as she left the room. “I warned you that I wasn’t giving her up.”

“You gave her up last night,” Vikki said. “Does she now that? I’d understand if just didn’t want to fuck me, but you proved last night that you do. I know what happened. You got scared. So you ran back to that girl. Like a coward.” She braced for Jake’s response. He gave none. The silence was worse.

“Vikki?” Mark called out.

“He’s calling you,” Jake finally said.

“Yes he is,” Vikki said. “Good night, Jake.” Vikki felt the shame in Jake’s low held head as she walked away. She felt the shame in herself for talking to him like that. Mark met her at the top of the stairs.

“Is that your son down there?” he asked. “Wow, you were serious.” They both watched as Nancy returned. She sat on the couch next to Jake. They didn’t speak. Then Nancy slowly started stroking Jake’s cock. Soon he was ready to go. Nancy knelt and began to lick the head. After a few minutes, she straddled his lap and eased Jake’s cock up into her.

“Should we go back to bed?” Mark asked.

“Take me again. Right here.” She leaned against the wall and arched her back, offering him access to her cunt. This was new even for him. But she looked so wanton. He grabbed hold of her hips and slipped his cock into her pussy. Vikki watched as Nancy cried out in pleasure. Mark pulled Vikki head back by her hair and proceeded to fuck her too.

* * *

As Vikki opened her eyes, her bedside clock read 10:15 AM. Good thing she wasn’t expected at work. She smelt of sex and was covered with sweat. She had cum repeatedly and recently. The sheets were a mess. But what happened? She looked at her hands. Long red nails glistened in the sunlight. That made it harder to tell what was real and what was just a dream. Had she just fucked a near stranger? No. She wasn’t crazy. She could still tell reality from fantasy. In fact, she found her vibrator tangled in the sheets. The reality was she had a quiet dinner with her son, kissed him goodnight, proceeded to get herself off by picturing her son fucking her, and then dreamt about fucking a near stranger.

So what to do next? She had learned by now. She would follow the dream. The dream would lead her. That meant the mall. It meant buying red lingerie and red stockings and not finding the perfect red pumps. It also meant calling Scott and inviting him over to her house. But did it have to mean Jake fucking Nancy?

Just as Vikki was willing to submit to her dreams, her dreams had failed her. The latest had ended with her and Jake at odds. Were her dreams masochistic? Giving her perverted desires which would never come true?

Vikki prayed that wasn’t the case. She would follow the dream because it was her only hope. After showering and dressing, she went to the mall. Most of her adult life, Vikki had lived with people associating her name with lingerie models. Now she stood in the store’s dressing room cherishing the most sinful secret of her life.

After buying the outfit from her dream, Vikki walked her purchases to her car. She opened her cell phone while exiting the parking lot. She called home but no one answered. It was Marie’s day off and Jake was apparently out. Vikki’s clit buzzed as each small piece fell into place.

She liked that her pussy was on fire. It made sure that Vikki didn’t chicken out. Talking to the real life Angela was going to be tricky, though. But don’t think, Vikki reminded herself. Follow the dream. She dialed.

“Hello, Angela,” Vikki talked as she drove towards her friend’s house. “It’s me…Vikki.”

“Vikki?” Angela answered, sounding very unsure. “Sorry, it’s been a while. How are you?”

“I’m ok. I’d like to see you,” Vikki stated.

“What for? When?”

“Right now actually. It’s tough to explain over the phone. Please!”

“Ok. I’m here alone. Come on over.”

“I’m on my way.”

Vikki remembered where Angela lived. It was in one of the few solidly middle class neighborhoods in town. Angela had moved there after her husband Sam, a successful software developer, had divorced her. Vikki had fallen out touch with her former best friend soon after that.

Arriving at the house, Vikki rang the doorbell. She wasn’t sure what she would say. She just knew that she needed two things from her friend. First, a pair of red high heels. Second, she needed Angela’s permission to fuck her son. Vikki wasn’t sure the middle aged divorcé could offer either.

“Hello, Vikki,” Angela opened the door. She wearing jeans and a low-cuut black top. “Please come in. Would you like some coffee or tea?”

“Thank you for seeing me,” Vikki said as they went into the living room.

“Well, I owed you that at least,” Angela said. “I was really mad at you for a long time after Sam left. I blamed you.”

“I understand why you did.”

“But it was the shittest thing I ever did. Vikki, I’m so sorry.”

“It was my fault. I should never have told you not to marry him. Especially how happy you were when he proposed.”

“But you were right. He was a cheater.”

“That’s why I shouldn’t have said it. Because I’m a bitch either way it turns out. I should have been there for you.”

“So we both apologized,” Angela laughed. “Can we have some coffee now and catch up? How’s Tanya liking college? Jake must be starting soon too.”

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about Jake. Well, not really about him. I have a date and I think it could really change my relationship with Jake.”

“You have a date?” Angela came back from the kitchen without any coffee. “Wow, that’s big Vikki. This is your first since David, isn’t it?”

“Yes. But I’m having cold feet. I may not go through with it.”

“Maybe this isn’t about how Jake will react to seeing you with another man. Maybe, after all these years alone, you still feel guilty about this new man taking David’s place in your life?” Vikki nodded truthfully. She liked seeing her old friend so warm and understanding. Angela was a great friend. “Come with me, Vikki.”

“Where are we going?”

“I want to show you why you shouldn’t feel guilty,” Angela answered. She brought Vikki into her bedroom. “I’m sorry but this is where my computer is.” It was already on. “I was writing an email when you called. I joined a dating site.” She typed in an address.

“Which site did you join?” Vikki asked.

Then she saw the address Angela had typed in. Angela signed on with the username RedStilettos46. She pulled up a photo of a young looking guy. “His name is Michael. He’s an engineering grad student. He’s 25, and smart and funny and nice. And his ass looks even better in person.” Vikki grinned.

“You’ve met him in person?” Vikki’s mind swirled with images of Angela with her young lover. Angela nodded. “Wow, I’m really happy for you. I mean, we all want a young stud.”

“You say that, but we’re conditioned not to act on those feelings, even as men trade in for younger models,” Angela said. “I bet you’re new guy isn’t in his 20s.”

Vikki thought about her dream man. “No, he’s not. But that doesn’t mean there are not complications.” Vikki watched as Angela finished typing her email. Apparently, Michael was coming to Angela’s that very night.

“If we avoided any complications, no one would date,” Angela said.

“So, who cares what people think, then?”

“Absolutely. There’s never a reason to be alone all the time. If you think you can be serious with this guy, great. If not, that’s great too, as long as you have your needs taken care of. Being happy is all that matters.”

“You really believe that?”

“Yes, I do. You’re an incredible person. You raised a wonderful son and daughter all by yourself. You deserve someone. I deserve someone and all I had to deal with was my husband fucking his secretary.”

“She was a slut,” Vikki said.

“Right,” Angela said. “Right! She was. The moment I saw Sally at that first office party, I knew she was a slut.”

“What was she wearing? Some tight black dress, 5-inch heels and tits on display for everyone in the office?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Angela said, her hands on her lap. “She was probably giving head in the supply closet. Or getting bent over the copy machine.”

“Keep talking like that,” Vikki said. Her pussy was churning. “Tell me how you caught them”

“I surprised Sam at his office. Thinking we’d do lunch. She was on top of his desk with her legs wide open and Sam’s head between her thighs. I was pissed because he never went down on me but was eating out this slut.”

“Well, in his defense, you rarely went down on him. I bet you’ve made up for that. I bet you lick Michael’s cock and he eats your pussy?”

“Yeah, he does,” Angela grinned.

“Now tell me want to do,” Vikki said.

“Be naughty, Vikki. Go out, dress up, get his cock nice and hard and then fuck him if you want. The only rules we live by are the ones we make for ourselves. So, have fun and then come back here and tell me all the details.”

“Thank you, Angela. That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Why don’t you go make us coffee.”

Vikki went for the closet as soon as Angela left. She found them. The perfect red shoes sitting at the back of Angela’s closet. Vikki quickly slipped them on. They fit.

“Sorry,” Vikki told Angela when she emerged, her friend’s red high heels hidden in her purse. “I got a call and have to go. We’ll do this again soon.”

It was late afternoon by the time Vikki arrived home. She parked her car on the next street over and walked back to the empty house. This was reality and Jake couldn’t know his mother was home.

Vikki stripped in her bedroom and changed into her seduction clothes. After hooking her stockings to her garters, she examined the heels she had stolen from her friend. The problem had been that Vikki kept insisting on a pump while an open-toed shoe worked so much better with the stockings. RSVP Hana: a satin sandal with covered midsole, a silk rosette on the vamp, a quarter strap and still a 4-inch stiletto heel.

There she was, just the like in her dream, horny, nearly naked and waiting for her son. The only problem was she knew what would happen next. She wasn’t sure why she needed to watch Jake fuck Nancy and herself fuck Scott. She had to hope it was all for the best. Finally, she heard the door open and two voices in the living room. She gave them some time before peaking down. What she saw made her stomach drop.

Jake wasn’t fucking Nancy in their living room! They were on the couch but doing nothing more than kissing. They were acting like teenagers, or freshman, or something. If he didn’t really fuck Nancy, did that mean he wouldn’t really fuck her?

Vikki didn’t know what to do next. She didn’t want to interrupt them but she couldn’t watch all night. Wait, they were going further. Nancy was guiding his hands to her chest. Yes, Nancy really was a slut. Jake was responding too, getting aggressive and now kissing her neck.

“Do you want to keep going?” Jake asked. “We can go upstairs. Come on. Nobody’s home. It’s safe.”

Vikki’s pussy twinged as Nancy got ready to fuck her son. It wasn’t exactly like her dream. But then it never was. The important thing is that they’d fuck, she could fuck Scott, and worlds would collide. Jake would see her not as his mother, but as a wanton whore ready for serious fucking.

Vikki got out her phone and noticed that, funny thing, she had a missed call from her friend. She called him back.

“Hello, Scott. It’s Vikki Winters. Did you call?”

“Yes, Vikki,” he answered. “I wanted to invite you out to dinner on Saturday night.”

“Wow, I was just thinking of you,” she said. “But I’m busy Saturday. How about tonight though?”

“Um, yeah. That’d be great.”

“I was thinking why go to a crowded bar or restaurant? Why don’t you just come over to my place? I’ll text you directions. Come anytime. I’ll be here.” She hung up and finished dressing. She wore the outfit she planned for Jake, plus a black skirt on the bottom and a red blouse. Then she walked to the stairs. “Jake, honey, is that you?”

She watched Jake and Nancy jump apart and look at each other with brief panic. Jake turned on the television and Nancy adjusted her tank top.

“How long have you kids been here?” she said as she walked down the stairs into the living room. Jake and Nancy looked guilty sitting on opposite ends of the couch.

“We just got in,” Jake lied. “Have been upstairs this whole time? I didn’t see your car in the driveway? Why aren’t you at work?” Vikki watched Nancy while Jake tried to cover their tracks. She realized, woman to woman, that Nancy wasn’t fooled.

“I’ve been upstairs the whole time,” Vikki said. “Didn’t I tell you I had the rest of this week off from work? I’ve been shopping all morning and was just lying on my bed, drifting off, when I heard noises down here and I wanted to see what was happening. What are you watching?”

“Nothing, just some stupid MTV reality show,” Nancy answered. She looked to Jake for back up but he just stared at his mother. Nancy realized she was on her own. “Do you want the TV, Mrs. Winters? We were going to watch a DVD in Jake’s room anyways.” Nancy tugged Jake along.

“Why are you so dressed up, Mom?” Jake asked.

“I have a date,” Vikki answered. “Do you mind giving us some privacy when he shows up?” Jake nodded and Nancy pulled him along. Once they were upstairs, Vikki followed. She was amazed that when she wanted to be, she was nearly silent in her heels, even going up stairs.

Nancy was still leading Jake towards his bedroom. “Wow, I can’t believe my Mom has a date.”

“That’s what you’re worried about?” Nancy laughed. “I can’t believe we almost got caught by your Mom. But if she’s going out, then we’ll have privacy.”

They were really going to fuck in her house, Vikki realized.

“But I don’t want to make you do anything,” Jake said. “We can just go to the movies like we planned.”

“No,” Nancy put his hands around her waist. “We’ve waited long enough. I want you now.”

“We should at last wait until my Mom leaves.”

“We’re all adults here; she’ll understand.” She kissed him and they backed into his room, Jake closing the door behind them.

The doorbell rang downstairs. Showtime. Vikki found Scott in a tan pair of Dockers and a navy sports coat. He looked cute and nervous. And he was noticeably pleased by her outfit. “Wow, you look amazing. Am I underdressed?”

“Not at all, please come in,” Vikki said.

“I’m so glad I didn’t wait to call you,” he said while looking over the room.

“It’s my maid’s night off. So we’ll have privacy. Let me get us a drink. Red wine ok?” He nodded.

She filled two glasses and returned to Scott.

“Have you always lived here?” he asked.

“Yes. Let me give you the tour.”

“I’ll follow you.” He smiled but was surprised when she led him upstairs. Vikki clicked her heels as she went. She needed Jake to hear, after all.

“You have amazing taste, Vikki,” he said as he looked inside from the doorway. Vikki smiled and walked in. She beckoned for him to follow and then she closed the door behind him. He looked even more nervous now, standing in the middle of her room unsure where to hold his hands or where to look. So he sipped his wine. Vikki was very confident. She walked directly towards him, swinging her hips. She reached him and in one continuous movement took the back of his head and pulled his lips towards hers. She opened her mouth to let him in.

“That’s quicker than I imagined,” he broke the kiss.

“Is that a problem?” Vikki asked. “You should know something. I like you and want to get to know you. But this was a booty call.”

“I knew I should have asked you out sooner,” Scott said. He put his drink on her bureau and kissed her again, this time right. He swept her hair away from her face and took her in his arms. His nervousness continued to disappear and Vikki learned he was a great kisser. She had truly forgotten this moment, when both people drop their shields and meet in the middle. But he also too respectful, not touching the rest of her body.

So she pushed back, putting her hands around his waist and trying to rub her breasts against his chest.

“Am I going too fast?” Scott asked her.

“You’re going to slow,” she said.

“Really?” he smiled but she wasn’t sure what he thought. But instead of telling her, he showed her. He kissed her again, this time placing a hand on her chest. He also began to nibble down her neck and his other hand was squeezing her ass.

“Ummm,” she licked at his ear. “That’s nice. Don’t be afraid to be rough. I like it rough sometimes.”

“You really are amazing, aren’t you?” he asked. She didn’t answer so he moved her over to the bed. She liked being moved by him. She showed her appreciation by moving her hand to his crotch. He was hard, thank god.

“Someone’s excited,” she breathed. “Don’t stop.”

“I have no intention of stopping,” he said. He kissed her more and unbuttoned her blouse. Vikki got a jolt from his hands making contact with the skin on neck and the top of tits. Scott paused to admire the view. She pulled his hand up her skirt into her crotch so he could feel her desire. She also continued rubbing his erection.

But it wasn’t going fast enough. She didn’t need to be seduced. She didn’t need foreplay. She needed his hard cock in her tight pussy. Or someplace else. She broke away from Scott. She stood above him and finished removing her blouse. Then she snuck to her knees and began unbuckling his belt. She didn’t need to say anything. Her actions spoke to only one possible activity. An activity that required a different use of her mouth. She freed his cock from his pants. She really wanted it.

She opened her mouth and slid her lips onto it. She had gone years without even seeing a dick and now she was sucking her second in as many days. No, that wasn’t right. This was her first blowjob since Jake’s father. With her long red nails wrapped around the shaft, it was easy to think this was another dream. But it was real. As she went down the length of his shaft a few times, her real salvia was coating it. We she took him deep, the hardness of the invading member was all too real. When he came, she would taste real cum.

“Do you want me to keep going?” she asked during a slight break. “Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“I want to make you come,” he actually stood her up and sort of pushed her away. Damn, she thought. He wanted to satisfy her needs. But he didn’t realize she needed to be treated like a slut. It was ok, though, because she did need to be fucked while swallowing his cum was just a perk. She stripped down to her garters and stockings and stood there posed for him, hoping he’d be inspired.

“You really are a dream come true, aren’t you?” he asked while admiring her. “You are certainly the sexiest women I’ve ever met.”

“I know,” Vikki said. “Now fuck me.”

“All right,” Scott said. “Come over here.”

“Ok,” Vikki walked back to the bed. Scott laid her down and climbed on top of her. He reached to remove her shoes. “You really don’t want to take those off, do you?”

“I guess not,” Scott answered. He inserted two fingers into her and proved her readiness. But he was also staring at her heels. “Do you always dress so provocatively?”

“Yes. It helps keep me horny all the time.”

“Is your warm, wet pussy ready for my hard cock?”

“Yes, it is Scott. I am a sex obsessed nympho. I will do whatever you want…as you long as you don’t stop fucking me no matter what!”

“I think I can handle that,” he said as he finally slipped inside her.

“Oh god, that’s fucking good.” Her pussy was like a vice around his cock; she forgotten the true feeling of being stretched. “Harder. I want you to use me like a whore. That’s why I invited you over. I was just desperate for cock.”

“Tie me up,” Vikki continued. “There’s a whole bag of shit. Gag me, blindfold me and then fuck me. Cum on me. I want to lick your cum off my tits. I want to do it in public where people can watch. Yeesss!”

“That’s so hot, don’t stop,” Scott said as he pumped.

“My son…” Vikki breathed.


“My son, Jake, is across the hall, fucking his girlfriend I think. She doesn’t deserve him but he’s fucking her anyway. I invited you over to make him jealous. I want him to hear us fucking and realize what he’s missing.” Scott’s face was utter confusion mixed with some disgust. “I told you not to stop!”

Scott’s face turned to determination and he continued to fuck her.

“Yes, it’s crazy,” Vikki moaned. “But it also means I’ll live all your fantasies. Nothing can be nastier than my fantasy.”

“Now fuck me as hard as you can so he can hear me,” Vikki cried while Scott grunted into her. Vikki heard Jake’s door open. He was in the hallway. “I’m such a cock slut. Tie me up, gag, blindfold me and fuck me. I want to share you with another woman. Invite friends over and pass me around! Have them all cum one me! I want it all! But mostly I want you to Fuck. My. Pussy! HARDER!! Of course, Vikki knew that no matter how good the cock sliding between her pussy lips felt, it wasn’t the one she really wanted. But that wasn’t the point.

Later after Scott had cum in her, Vikki went downstairs for water. As she came back up, she met Jack coming out of the upstairs bathroom. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Vikki pulled her robe close. But her make-up and hair were still disshelved. Also, she was wearing her red stilettos in the middle of the night.

“Mom, are you alright?” Jake asked.

“No…I mean yes…I mean…I’m embarrassed,” Vikki said. This was the hardest part; she had to pick a fight with her son. “You probably heard us. How could you not, we were so loud. It happened so fast.”

Just then, Nancy came out of Jake’s room wearing of one his t-shirts as a night gown. “What’s taking so long?” She froze when she saw Vikki. “Oh, hello Mrs. Winters.” Nancy took in the full scene immediately but Jake didn’t acknowledge her presence. Vikki had an audience.

“It’s ok. I’m not a kid anymore.” That was both so true and a total lie. “You’re allowed to have a boyfriend. How long have you been seeing him?”

“A little while now,” Vikki lied. “I’ve been meaning to tell you.” That was the difference between reality and fantasy. In real life, Jake assumed the best.

“Go back to bed I’ll be right in,” Jake finally said to Nancy. Nancy nodded and disappeared. “You deserve to be happy, Mom.” Vikki stared at where Nancy had stood. That bitch acting so goody two-shoes when she was taking his cock. “You deserve to be happy too, Jake,” Vikki said. “But not with Nancy. Why didn’t you break up with her like we agreed you would?”

“Mom!” Jake said. “Be careful; she could hear you. Yes, I thought of ending things, but then…then…we…umm…” Vikki had bent over to adjust the straps on her shoes. Jake stopped talking.

Vikki straightened up. She put her fingers on the sides of Jake’s face. “I want you to break up with Nancy. You were going to break up with today. But then you realized she’d fuck you so you went for her pussy. That wasn’t smart was it?” Jake shook his head. “So you won’t be with her again.”

“Jake?” Nancy called out from the other side of the door.

“I won’t be with her again,” Jake said.

“That’s right,” Vikki said. “If you change you’re mind, you’ll think of my long red nails. You’ll think of my sexy red stilettos. And you’ll realize you don’t love Nancy, you were just using her for sex. And I raised you better than that. Understand, baby?”

“I don’t love her,” Jake said. “I was just using her for sex. I won’t be with her again.” Vikki traced his bottom lip with her nail. “I will tell her right now. I don’t love her. I love your long red nails and red stilettos.” Jake turned and entered his bedroom. Vikki walked back to her room thinking of what she did.

“What’s going on out there?” Scott asked.

“Nothing important,” Vikki said. She dropped her robe and turned around against the wall. “Fuck me, again.” He hesitated but she looked so wanton he couldn’t help himself. He grabbed hold of her hips and slipped his cock into her pussy. A few minutes later they heard raised voices and slamming doors. Scott pulled Vikki’s head back by hair and proceeded to fuck her.