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synopsis: As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.

Losers Can’t Be Choosers

(By S.B.)

Chapter 13 — In Slow Motion

Gail’s car was parked close by to the hospital yet outside view. The conversation taking place inside was not for prying eyes but rather a surprise to be revealed at the proper time. The secretary tugged Jonah’s swollen balls as he gazed into oblivion, words of power ready at the tip of his tongue.

“Do you understand everything I told you, slave?” She queried, certain that this time her control over his world would not fail.

“Yes, Goddess,” he droned.

“Then you shall answer my questions and repeat my instructions as you do. Each time you give a correct answer, the joyful oblivion in which you’re in will expand, engulfing you more. While under my control, you have no need for anything else. You need nothing else except me. I am your past, I am your present, I am your future. You must obey me at all times. Repeat!”

“I must obey you at all times, Goddess.”

“Yes, my slave. You must obey and you will obey. Now, how will you behave when we meet up with your sister again?”

“I will act normally and be antagonistic towards you like I was back in her place. I will give her no reason to suspect I’m your loyal and obedient hypnotized slave.”

“Good slave. And if she asks why it has taken us so long to arrive at the hospital?”

“There was an accident, we had to take an alternate route.”

“Good slave. Now, what will you do if you find yourself doubting your allegiance to me?”

“I will take a deep breath, collect my thoughts, and repeat my new mantra until the bad feelings go away.”

“Correct. Say your mantra out loud. Five times will suffice for now.”

“Gail is my Goddess and I’m her bitch. Gail is my Goddess and I’m her bitch. Gail is my Goddess and I’m her bitch. Gail is my Goddess and I’m her bitch. Gail is my Goddess and I’m her bitch,” Jonah conceded, his conviction strengthened by each successful repetition. The secretary fondled his genitals again, a sharp nail piercing the flesh right under his shaft adding an extra layer of pleasure to the reprogramming session. He was ready to explode once more for her.

“Good. I want you to keep repeating it but this time only to yourself. You can’t fight your own inner voice any more than you can fight me. Remember, you are my slave, you are my bitch. You are mindless property and your only right is to submit. Questioning me is not an option. You will never question my dominion. You will pretend to do so, you will treat me like dirt to keep up appearances whenever needed but your balls are mine and so is your mind. I’ve wrapped both around my finger, my leash is unbreakable. Now do as I have said until I command you to stop.”

Gail unhanded his restrained erection and stepped out of the vehicle, pearlescent lighter in hand. It was an old keepsake, a souvenir from the days when she believed it was cool to smoke and also the one thing that still reminded her of the first guy she had dominated.

Trent Michaels was his name, wannabe professional athlete but lacking the one thing needed to succeed: true conviction. Instead of working hard at every turn to earn his coveted piece of the success pie, he would oversleep, party all night long as if day and night were the same thing and then play the blame game on anyone near. Dating him was the same thing as dating a brick wall despite the latter being smarter, so when honest love failed, twisted thoughts took its place, and a storm was born.

As it turns out, Trent was marvelous at begging and looked cute wearing nothing else except a woman’s leopard thong. Before he had the chance to process the transformations imposed on him, he was already the new mascot of the basketball team, dancing his lucidity away while everyone in the bleachers laughed. The home team was never more successful though, something she took great pride in.

Jonah wasn’t like Trent at all but he was a loser, too. Only a loser would be so easily indoctrinated, only a loser accepted everything he was told without batting an eye, mind control or not. His fantasies would always be his undoing so when she told herself she was doing him a favor by turning him into a helpless thrall, she meant it for now his thoughts would always be the right ones.

Angela was different. Her achievements were born of sheer perseverance and an incredible resilience. She was as strong as one can be and that drew her in. The first few months working for her had been of incredible gratitude for she had been the only one to give her an opportunity when things were tough. It was almost a betrayal to want her as a servant but that was the keyword. Almost. Her fatal sin had been to not want to play by her rules of her own volition when she had the chance, and that was something she couldn’t forgive.

As for Clarissa, well... the sexagenarian had proven herself to be quite resourceful and more of a nuisance than anything else. The fact she would be out of commission for a while was a blessing, one she would have to take advantage of. She had devised a new plan for her, but trying to control her mind for real inside the hospital was out of the question. In the off-chance she could be alone with her after the surgery, she would plant a few simple suggestions to make her more amenable the next time they were face to face on neutral grounds, but making her believe she was born to be a latex-clad drone twenty-four seven would have to wait.

“It will be fun though,” she thought, the dreaded three-letter word that justified every single one of her sinuous decisions. She glanced at Jonah as he continued to program himself even further as her slave and returned to the car, ready to get things rolling once again.

“That’s enough, slave. Remember your instructions and let’s be on our way.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

The engine woke up once again, its gentle purr under control. Jonah adjusted the rear-view mirror and made the vehicle speed up towards Ashton’s memorial main entrance where a pensive Angela stood in waiting, breathing the cool air and thinking of the young teenager who had seen her naked. Gail silently thanked the gods of kink for such a wonderful present.

“Let’s give your sister a good scare,” she said. “Slave, you’ll only hit the brakes when you’re almost at the point of no return, is that clear?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

Jonah stomped the pedal, burning rubber and sanity. The tires shrieked, the purr turned into a murderous scream. Yellowish lights lit up the path towards the unsuspecting Angela and when she turned, she didn’t have time to move or scream. She closed her eyes and waited for the blow that never came.

“Perfect,” Gail rubbed her hands when the car stopped so close to her trembling crotch that one could see the warm piss stain bubbling into existence. “Mechanical failure, slave, don’t forget. Now, go comfort her.”

“Oh my God, Angela, are you all right?” Jonah rushed towards her, hands and legs uncoordinated as if he had just woken up from a long slumber. Angela looked at him with teary eyes and two enraged fists out of control.

“What was that?” She blared. “You could have... Jonah, you could have... shit, I peed myself.”

“I... I don’t know what happened. That stupid old car is as good as its owner. I... I’m sorry, sis. I didn’t...”

“It almost look like you did, for fuck’s sake!”

Jonah guided her out of the way, had her sit on the sidewalk, his strong arms wrapped around her. “I know, I’m sorry. Everything seems to go wrong today, isn’t it?”

“Tell me about it,” she snivelled. “What took you so long to get here?”

“We ran into an accident just outside Marshall Avenue,” he blurted, his subconscious fabricating the details as he went along. “Three cars. Straight collision. It was all a big mess, and we had to... damn it, are you sure you’re all right?”

“I need to go clean myself.” Angela replied, still shaking.

“I think the new color looks good on you,” Gail sniggered as she left the passenger seat and walked towards the hugging siblings. “The smell is awful though. You should look into that.”

“Zip it, bitch, or you’ll get yourself a few more bruises before you step inside the hospital,” Jonah retorted like the perfect puppet he was.

“You’re all so violent... Mother beats the crap out of me, daughter shoots mother, now son wants to beat the crap out of me, too. I’m tired of being your favorite punching bag so I think I’ll pass. If you’ll excuse me...”

“This isn’t over, Gail!” Angela hissed.

“Oh, I know it isn’t, but you called for a truce so let’s honor it,” the secretary wiggled her perky ass and checked herself in.

“Can you believe the nerve of that skank?” Angela said the moment the two of them were left alone.

Jonah agreed. “You should have heard the things she said on our way here.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Worse than you might imagine, Ange. We should have dealt with her while we were still in the house.”

“Yeah, the more I think about it...”

“I’m worried,” Jonah whispered.

“That she will try something else against us?”

He nodded. “Despite what she said, she doesn’t seem the kind of person to respect a truce.”

“I don’t get it. She was always so quiet and polite before all this. I read people well most of the time but she fooled me well.”

“She fooled us all. Hell, I even considered asking her out once!”

Angela punched him slightly in the right cheek, a small token of affection that had her smile again. “Get out of here!”

“I’m serious. I guess I can be thick-headed, too.”

“You sure can,” Angela forced a laugh as the wetness spread beyond control. “Can you help me find a bathroom?”

“Sure thing. Here,” he offered her his jacket so she could at least hide the embarrassment away. The two of them got up and entered the hospital.

“I will need fresh clothes, too. I hate to ask but...”

“I’ll stop by the house to get them for you, don’t worry. Any word on Mom?”

Angela stopped for a moment by a vending machine that had nothing but healthy snacks on display, sunken words dripping like the golden fluid between her legs. “I... I don’t know. I got distracted by something else and... Geez, I’m such a terrible daughter.”

“No, you’re not. It was an accident. Don’t blame yourself, okay?”

“Too late for that,” she resumed walking.

“But now I’m curious as to what could have distracted you... do you mind throwing me a bone?”

“If you really want to know, it was him.”

As if he knew he was about to be the subject of the conversation, Nicholas Kendall stepped into view, all features lit up by seeing her once more. In a TV show or a movie, his entrance would have been punctuated by a deliberate slow motion effect blurring the surroundings, combined with a soft melody playing in the background, perhaps a mix of synthesizers and classical piano, a seed of a love theme waiting to bloom. In the real world, his steps were slow due to tiredness, there was no music at all but just a collection of random noises from sliding gurneys to doctors barking orders, and machines going haywire. Everyone was in a hurry playing games of life and death and, for a few, it would be the last round.

“Don’t tell me you fell in love while you drove here,” Jonah smirked.

“It’s not that at all. It’s... another complicated story.”

“Yet another thing that is happening a lot as of late. Too many complicated stories, including ours.”

“I haven’t forgotten our conversation,” Angela said, leaning against his right shoulder. “Bear with me a little longer, will you?”


“Hello again, Angela,” Nick said, stopping in front of them but deliberately choosing to ignore Jonah. “Your mother is getting ready for surgery right now. The last time I saw her she was all lively again. That hypnosis of yours sure worked like a charm.”

“Hi, Nick.”

“You hypnotized Mom?” Jonah asked, not as surprised as he thought he would be.

“She begged me too, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to relax on our way here.”

“I’m not even into hypnosis but I could go for that kind of relaxation myself right now. Do you think we can have our coffee now and you show me a thing or two?” Nick asked.

“Now is not a good time,” Jonah intervened, forcing the paramedic to confront him for the first time.

“It really isn’t, Nick. I’m sorry,” Angela agreed.

“Please don’t tell me he’s your boyfriend,” his puppy eyes whispered.

“I’m Jonah, Angela’s older brother. My sister is feeling indisposed. Can you point us to the nearest bathroom?”

“Hmmm... Nice to meet you,” Nick blinked, relieved. “Sure. There’s one in that corridor to the right if I’m not mistaken. Anything I can do to help?”

“We’re fine, thanks.”

“Okay,” he muttered, the conversation already gone downhill. “We’ll talk other time then.”

As he stepped out of their way wondering if things could have gone differently, he failed to notice the elegant woman with half a face turned to mush looking at him with scheming eyes.