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synopsis: As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.

Losers Can’t Be Choosers

(by S.B.)

Chapter 5 — It’s Time to Play Again

The week went by at different speeds for everyone involved.

Jonah found the days moving at a slow pace as he desperately tried to piece together the memories of what had transpired earlier, to no avail.

Angela’s moments were faster for her time was filled with sessions galore. Having to adjust to each client’s needs almost on the fly was hard yet so very rewarding when things worked out the way they were supposed to. The way she was treating her brother was a risk, she knew it, but she also knew risks worth taking should not be cast aside.

Clarissa was in a strange limbo for a while. After seeing hypnosis in action for the very first time and enjoying the uncanniness of it all, she buried herself in books, hoping to learn more. When her thoughts focused on the printed letters, hours passed by in minutes. When they didn’t, seconds dragged like years.

As for Gail, she kept moving at trailblazing speed. Her excitement at what was to transpire was always present. She smiled a lot, imagined even more, and played with herself when no one was watching. It was quite the rush to masturbate to orgasm while people talked about their issues on the room next door. She had no issues of her own unless her extraordinarily libidinous nature counted as one.

Yes, the week went by at different speeds for everyone involved. And then, the weekend came.

Saturday morning heralded the dawn of a new game although some preparations were still in order. With extra lighting and some furniture rearrangement, Angela turned her basement into a dungeon. It was far from perfect but it didn’t need to be. It served only to punctuate the mood and give room for Jonah’s imagination to fill in the blanks.

When she was pleased with her work, she headed upstairs, took a shower, and texted Gail the address as planned. Including her in the proceedings still felt weird. Jonah would probably feel the same way, if he had any awareness of it all, that is.

“Let’s make sure you don’t, big brother,” she said, cell phone in hand.

“Hello?” his voice cracked on the other end of the line.

“It’s me, Jonah. Can you drop by after lunch?”

“Sure, Ange.”

“How are you doing? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“You think?”

“I have this strange feeling there’s something I should remember right now but I can’t.”

“I’m sure you mean ‘forget’, dear brother.”


“The best thing for you to remember is to keep forgetting on command. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’ snap. Forget what you said right now.“


“Yes, Jonah?”

“What happened just now?”

“Nothing. You would remember if something had happened, wouldn’t you?”


“You need not remember the things you’re meant to forget and you’re meant to forget all the things I don’t want you to remember. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’ snap. Jonah, are you sitting down?“


“Please do because I have some important things to tell your subconscious mind.”

“Okay, I’m sitting right now.”

“Good. Today’s session will be different. I will continue to reshape your thoughts but someone else will forcefully dominate you, too. This is perfectly normal to you. This is perfectly acceptable and desirable. Double the domination, double the excitement, don’t you agree? ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’, you want this. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’, you need this to happen. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’, you’ll crave this the moment I hang up this call. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Angela.”

“It’s good to hear you say that just as it’s good for you to keep saying ‘yes’ to me. Now, this other player is someone you know, someone you talked to many times in the past but, today, you will not recognize her. Your mind must not be distracted by things that may appear alien. You won’t recognize her and you won’t recognize me either. The moment you step inside my house, you’ll forget I’m your sister and you’ll see me as Princess Ashley once more. This is easy for you to do because you’ve done it before. Remember that it is easy to forget the things you need not remember and that it’s easy to remember only what my voice wishes you to. Keep listening to my voice, Jonah, and go even ‘diaper’ for me.”

Jonah exhaled as the trance state became even more pronounced. The pieces of the puzzle he had desperately tried to assemble in the last couple of days were pushed to the side, his mind once again becoming a blank slate, ready for even more programming. Angela resisted the temptation of slipping a few additional suggestions just for fun. She, too, needed to have her mind focused on the goal. As such, she merely reinforced what she had stated before.

“I will hang up in a few moments and when I do, you won’t remember we talked at all. Your conscious self will have no recollection of this but your subconscious will know what it has to do. The moment this call is over, you’ll remember you need to drop by my place after you had lunch and you’ll remember to forget it’s my place at all as soon as you step inside. You will see Princess Ashley and she has a friend that wants to play with you. Repeat.”

“I will see Princess Ashley and she has a friend that wants to play with me,” Jonah muttered.

“Again, dear brother. Let this idea become your reality.”

“I will see Princess Ashley and she has a friend that wants to play with me.”

“One more time because third time is the charm and you want to even more charmed and engulfed by this delicious fantasy of yours.”

“I will see Princess Ashley and she has a friend that wants to play with me.”

“Exactly,” Angela chirped. “And that’s wonderful, isn’t it? Such a marvelous realization now blooming inside your mind. Princess Ashley and her friend will wait for your surrender. The moment I hang up the call, you’ll wake up from your state of trance. I’m hanging up in three, two, one...”

Jonah blinked after hearing what appeared to be one final snap. The phone dropped on the sofa as if it had sprung from parts unknown. He was obviously confused, yet utterly exhilarated. He did not understand how the fact had slipped his mind but it was Saturday and a dream was about to come true. He was going to see Princess Ashley, and she had a friend that wanted to play with him.

* * *

Gail always suspected that her boss’ house would be strikingly beautiful both on the outside and the inside and was pleased to be proven right. Angela’s fashionable taste delighted her senses at every turn, particularly in the contrast of light and shadow. Every piece of furniture, every painting on the wall, every vase or candle filling the various rooms with sweet floral aromas had a meticulously defined place in the overall aesthetics. Eyes were drawn, attentions gained. Much like the corridor leading to her office, Angela’s house was filled with hypnotic nuances.

“Not bad,” Gail commented as she strutted towards the living room, four bags in hand, two on each one. “Not bad at all.”

“You seem to be packing there,” Angela noted as she tried to take a peek at one.

“A few trinkets, nothing more. I didn’t bring half of what I wanted to bring.”

“Does that mean you have quite the collection?”

Gail’s eyes glimmered. To her right, was a seven feet tall mahogany bookshelf filled to the brim with psychology textbooks and an occasional novel from yesteryears.

“Let’s say I have more whips and floggers than you have books over there,” she winked.

“Wow. The surprises never cease, do they?”

“Isn’t that why they’re called surprises to begin with? Is Jonah here yet?”

Angela checked her watch. It was half-past two. “He should arrive soon.”

“Good. To do this properly, I need to get changed.” Gail threw one bag her way. “And you should, too.”


“I don’t want to be the only one all dressed up. I have more than one catsuit and I’m sure that one is your size.”

Angela opened the ruffled paper bag and held the dark red latex temptation in her hands.

“It looks very nice, but I’m not wearing that.”

“Why not? Don’t you want your sweet brother to see how powerful and sexy you can be?” Gail teased.

“This is therapy and his mind is more than capable of filling the scenario on its own.”

Gail sauntered next to her and took hold of the catsuit, pressing it firmly against her breasts.

“Therapy can be fun, don’t you agree? It will be even better wearing this.”

“No, I really don’t...”

“Come on, Angela. It’s just the right color for you and you’ll look sexier than ever. Trust me, you never lived properly until you walked around in one of these barking orders to a powerless sub. If you don’t wear it, I will have to reconsider keeping my mouth shut about what happened at the office and you don’t want that, do you?”

“Oh, my God!” Angela escaped her grasp. “You’re blackmailing me again! Is everything a game to you, Gail?”

“Not everything, but today I’ll make an exception. Let’s play, Angela. I can’t wait to play!” She moaned.

“If you want to change, you can use that room over there,” the hypnotherapist pointed. “Leave the rest of the things on the basement. Just follow the corridor to your right and head down when you reach the second door.”

“Aye, aye, captain. I can’t wait to see how that looks on you,” Gail continued teasing as she disappeared from sight.

Angela sighed, regretting once more the deal she had made, but it was too late to change things now.

She left the catsuit abandoned in a chair, a genuine waste considering how beautiful it looked. Not only beautiful but also expensive. Surely such fetish extravaganzas didn’t come cheap and that got her thinking. How was she paying for them? Something told her her salary as a secretary just didn’t cut it and given her appetite for domination and submission games...

“Hmmm... have you been moonlighting as a Pro Domme by any chance, Gail? Because if you are, I bet you don’t want that to come out in the open either otherwise you would have stopped working for me already,” she thought.

She would have to look into it somehow even if she didn’t know where to begin. It that were true, she would have a “stage name”, perhaps a website or a phone line listed somewhere. Readily available pictures were probably out of the question to maintain the facade of perfect innocence and all, unless they were blurred or she wore a wig, some shades, or a mask. The more Angela considered the possibility, the more she believed it to be true, an exercise in self-brainwashing that, while not entirely fruitful, was entertaining at least.

Meanwhile, the fetish attire remained in waiting, silently screaming for acknowledgment. All it needed was a tag attached to the collar, like a remnant of a kinky version of Alice in Wonderland. “Wear me,” it would read, and those that did would experience the rush of fetish desires coursing through their veins like a psychotropic drug.

“That would be nice...” she mumbled before the sound became a mewl. She was getting aroused at the thought of having the slick material highlight every curve of her body. It was just therapy, an elaborate ruse, but Princess Ashley looked good when dressed to kill and she was about to impersonate her again, was she not?

“Oh, fuck it!” she conceded when the fantasy call became too strong. She took the catsuit in hand, ran to the bathroom and allowed the transformation to take place in the blink of an eye. Her favorite six-inch stilettos completed the look. The mirror looked at her with envy. Gail did it with salacious eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, Jonah rang the doorbell and was greeted by two goddesses ready to be worshipped. He was still his own self when he laid eyes on them, black and red shining against the afternoon sun, yet his expression became immediately vacant the moment his left foot crossed the threshold. Jonah stumbled and knelt without thinking, unfazed by the possibility a nosy neighbor could have just whipped out his old binoculars to feast on the whole scene.

The games were about to begin anew.