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synopsis: As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.

Losers Can’t Be Choosers

(by S.B.)

Chapter 6 — When a Princess and a Goddess Collide

“Welcome, slave Jonah. You’re just in time,” Princess Ashley said. “This is Goddess...”

“... Chloe,” Gail completed, with the first name that came to mind.

“Goddess Chloe. Today, you’ll be following our instructions to the letter. You’ll obey her every command like you obey me, is that understood?”

“Yes, Princess Ashley.”

“Splendid. Get inside so I can close the door!”

“Not so fast,” Goddess Chloe intervened, blocking the entrance with her left boot. “I think this worm deserves to sweat a little.”

“People may be watching...” Angela muttered, breaking out of character for a second.

“Let them!” Gail/Chloe replied, looking down. “He deserves the exposure.” Nonetheless, she placed her own body in such a way that anyone trying to take a peek would only see her gorgeous latex-clad ass and not the grovelling man at her feet. “Slave Jonah, strip right now but remain on your knees. You will not stand up again for as long as you’re with us today, is that clear?”


“That’s ‘Yes, Goddess Chloe,’ dogface!” she buried the heel of the other boot on his muscled back. “Dare to address me again without using my proper title and I’ll rub your face on my feces before you blink again. Then again, that seems to be something you would very much enjoy. Am I right or am I right?”

“You’re... wrong, Goddess Chloe...” he muttered, limits already wanting to come into play.

“Oh?” She applied extra weight on the heel, hoping to draw blood. The painful pressure traversed along his spine. Jonah bit his tongue. His upper torso was pushed to the floor. “Princess Ashley told me how feisty your try to be from time to time but those games you like to play will soon become a distant memory. And why the fuck are you still dressed? Didn’t I order you to strip?”

His body contorted in a strange angle, Jonah removed his purple linen shirt and ditched the shoes. He tried going for his jeans yet found both hands being crushed by his chest and ribs. Angela winced but said nothing. Gail’s confidence appeared to extend way beyond the boundaries of roleplay and was vital for the subsequent shock treatment to work.

“Stuck, are you?” The Goddess mocked. “Well then, let me help you with that. She kicked him thrice, doubling the intensity with each blow. The first hit only his ass, forcing him to crawl a little forward. The second grazed his ball sack and already intumesced cock. As for the third, it was a home run of pain. Jonah’s teeth clenched, his cheeks became red. The sound of her disdainful laughter muffled his own inner screams but not for long.

“You sure came out guns blazing, didn’t you?” Angela noted.

“You asked me how mean I can be. I’m only getting started,” Gail whispered. “Don’t worry, I won’t damage the merchandise.”

“You better not, it’s already damaged enough.”

Gail closed the door with a kick as well and then grabbed Jonah by the hair.

“Lead the way this time... Princess.”

Angela/Ashley cleared the path along the corridor and turned on the lights underneath. A scent of iniquity permeated everyone’s nostrils. The stairs leading down were steep and not at all appropriate for a kneeling, half-naked man, but Gail/Chloe ignored her plea.

“Crawl all the way down, pig. But do it fast.”

Jonah complied, the mental haziness becoming heavier. The way she had taken care of his feeble attempt at insubordination reminded him he was there to be played with and nothing more. He rushed down but was careful not to hurt himself until his sweaty hand missed the last step and he rolled into the improvised dungeon like an out-of-control bowling ball.

“Oh, shit!” Angela cried.

“The slave can take it, Princess!” Goddess Chloe grabbed her left wrist.

Jonah shook his head. “I’m okay,” he said. He wouldn’t escape a nasty bruise though.

“What did I just say? And it seems like his trance is holding.”

“You’re not in pain?” Angela queried.

“A bit, An... I mean, Princess Ashley. I’ll live.”

“Not holding as well as it should,” the therapist declared. “Jonah, eyes on me. You know what this means, don’t you?”

“I need to go ‘diaper’ for you.”

“That’s right. That’s what you need to do and you’re already an expert at doing that, aren’t you? ‘Diaper’ for your Princess, ‘diaper’ for your Goddess, ‘diaper’ into the awareness that...”

“... you’re a filthy and pathetic excuse for a human being who’s lucky enough to experience such humiliation at the hands of two powerful women. There are those who are nothing, absolute zeroes, but you’re even worse than that. You are a cock-sucking slave, Jonah. You have always been a cock-sucking slave, and you will always be a cock-sucking slave,” the Goddess intervened, spitting on his face. “I don’t have a real cock for you to suck today but, lucky for you, I brought an adequate replacement.”

As if by magic, Goddess Chloe produced a 25-inch black rubber monstrosity capable of turning a man’s gums into a bloody mess. An even larger dildo stood on a table of the improvised dungeon. It was made of hardened crystal and known by as “Ravasser”. “We’ll get to that one, soon,” she threatened.

It was only at this precise moment that Angela got a good look at all the kinky paraphernalia she had brought forth. Two of the floggers exhibited specks of dried blood on them, the smallest paddle was so big it could turn an ass cheek into a pulp with a single blow. Rubber masks stacked side by side resembled a dehumanized audience cheering for total mayhem and the violet wand wouldn’t rest until the electricity in the house came crashing in a storm of sparks. Jonah’s real persona gulped, yet the fantasy-driven slave manifestation remained.

“Are you ready to receive your Goddess’ cock, cock-sucker?” She thrusted the black destroyer forward and his lips parted in pain. “Take it, take it all in like you’re meant to do, and thank me in your mind for this magnificent honor. Thank me, bitch!”

Saliva dripping like a waterfall, Jonah gave in to the rubber rush. The taste was wonderfully thick.

“Good bitch. This is all that you’re good for, isn’t it? Being a cock-sucking thrall is the only meaningful thing you’ll ever do. There are other things I can use you for but this is the best one. You’ll become a cock addict in no time and when the moment is right, I’ll have you eat real men one after the other. If you’re lucky, perhaps they’ll find a use for your ass as well while you kneel in your pink frilly maid’s uniform. Jonah, the sissy cock-sucking bitch! How does that sound?”

“Is this what you really want?” Angela whispered in his ear. “Is this what you really are?”

Jonah listened to her queries although it was excruciating to assimilate them. The excitement was over the roof, the hormonal discharges beyond his threshold of resistance. He sucked, and gasped, “gail” force winds spreading his cheeks far and wide. Deepthroating a phallus until he could almost feel it wanting to pierce the back of his neck was intoxicating. He loved it so much... he wanted to...

“Fuck, no!” his real self screamed. “Get up, Jonah! Get up and smack that bitch, silly! You’re not your fantasies, you’re not a worthless slave. Get up!”

The muscles in his legs hardened, a labyrinth of blue veins pulsated in his wrists. He tried to stop sucking; he tried to stand, but Goddess Chloe crushed his balls as she revealed a syringe filled with a light-bluish liquid.

Angela’s instincts went into overdrive. “Gail? What the fuck do you think...?”

She couldn’t finish the sentence. It was interrupted by the secretary’s sudden advance, a motion that combined the elegance of a ballerina with the deadly intent of a ninja. The needle hit her right leg, leaving a tiny hole in the beautiful fabric. The sting hurt, the stupor that followed even more.

“This was not...”

“... part of the plan? Not yours, I know, but I like to play my way,” Gail kept pushing the syringe down, emptying its contents without mercy. In what seemed like an impossible anatomical feat, Jonah’s body bent backwards only to continue sucking the strap-on as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

“Jonah, I need you to wake...”

Gail covered her mouth with a gloved hand.

“He will not do such a thing, ‘Princess’. And in a moment, you won’t do anything I don’t want you to do, either. I will teach you to swing the right way and then the real fun can begin for all of us,” she smirked. “Go ‘diaper’ and ‘diaper’, slave Jonah. That’s your trigger, isn’t it? ‘Diaper and diaper’. Stop sucking and help me restrain Princess Ashley while the drug kicks in. Obey!”

“Jonah, you don’t have to...” Angela whimpered.

“Yes, he has to. You told him he had to obey my orders.”

In utter horror, Angela watched Jonah stand up and face her with his eyes glazed. Being a hypnotized puppet for her or dancing while their mother was watching was one thing. Seeing him behave like that under the influence of another on her watch was another. He didn’t look like her brother anymore, just a stranger hellbent in destroying her. This wasn’t therapy, let alone a fantasy. It was a living nightmare.

With a snap, he forced her arms into a locked position behind her back. Angela kicked frantically, hitting the air more times than his legs or any part of Gail’s anatomy. The hole in her catsuit looked bigger, an impression caused by the swelling building up underneath. Her thoughts were getting cloudy, the whole room fluttered before her eyes.

“This little cocktail will keep you docile and compliant, Angela,” Gail said, getting another syringe ready. “I knew you wouldn’t play the way I wanted out of your own accord so an extra reinforcement was in order.”

“B... b-bitch!”

“Yes, I am, and a proud one, in fact. It’s a shame your mother isn’t here today. Perhaps I should call her. I have enough ‘juice’ for her too and then you can hypnotize her for me.”

“I’m not... I won’t... I...” it was getting harder and harder to speak, harder and harder to articulate something coherent. Jonah’s grip remained as strong as ever while her strength and resolve waned. The insidious liquid was already spreading everywhere, heightening the narcoleptic state.

“What you think you will not do right now is irrelevant compared to what you’ll do when commanded. I know you’re a good hypnotic subject too, Angela. I may not be much of a hypnotist, I admit, but that’s why I let the drug do half of the work for me.” She injected the other syringe on her neck. “Just a few more minutes and you’ll be so out there you’ll hypnotize yourself for me, you’ll condition yourself for me, to become more obedient and more receptive to what I want for you. And then, we can bring your mother to the fray, perhaps even get your old flame in here, too. I remember you telling me how good Gregory was in the sheets. Will he be good at sucking my strap-on, too?”

Angela’s head slumped, her teeth clenched. There was cold sweat on her forehead and her eyes were droopy and red.

“You can let her go, slave,” Gail ordered. “She doesn’t have the strength to fight any more.”

Jonah dropped his arms to the side and his sister collapsed on the basement floor. The last thing she saw before the world melted away was Gail sticking a heel up his ass to make him kneel again.