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synopsis: As much as he enjoys it, Jonah knows he’s addicted to femdom humiliation. Perhaps his sister Angela, a skilled hypnotherapist, can help him with that.

Losers Can’t Be Choosers

(by S.B.)

Chapter 7 — Happy Hypnotized Hypnotists Go ‘Diaper’

“Won’t you go... ‘diaper’ for me?”

Angela remembered all too well the first time Gregory had used those words on her. It happened on a cold Autumn day, in his apartment. Back then, they had already crossed the line between therapist and patient and she was well on her way to enjoy the wonders of hypnotic trance on a whole different level.

It happened after a glass of white wine as the sun set in the horizon in a majestic conflagration of yellow, orange, and red. Gregory started by complimenting her outfit of the day, with emphasis on the tight leather skirt that hugged her ass in all the right ways before going on a tangent talking about biological carrots and why he didn’t like corn flakes.

Gregory was a master storyteller and an even greater master of “disguise”. Seven out of every ten words he employed had double meanings, hidden layers, with the other three being used only for connecting purposes. Even if one perceived the seeds of an idea being planted in them, he subverted expectations in the next sentence until confusion became inevitable. Angela’s high level of intelligence was one of the reasons that made her such an exceptional subject, and confusion inductions worked like a charm.

The carrots jumped to corn flakes, the corn flakes became shaving cream and the shaving cream turned into a blanket of rain. After a dozen or more meaningless associations, he snapped his fingers and said the magic words. Angela’s brain registered the moment as the perfect opportunity to disengage and the real fun began.

Sadly, fun was in the past, for the present told a different story. She sat in front of a mirror, mumbling to herself while her brother had no choice but to be fucked in the ass by her secretary turned Dominatrix from Hell.

“Go ‘diaper’ for me, go ‘diaper’ for me”, she repeated, unable to stop. The face in the mirror was the one of a woman going mindless, just like Gail wanted. Though she was trying to stop, either she wasn’t trying hard enough, or the conditioning already proved too strong, no doubt heightened by the drugs coursing through her veins. Angela tried to move but her body was stiff, pupils frozen. Only her lips defied the stupor, yet their motion carried a death sentence. If only she could...

“You know you can’t resist, Angie,” the memories of Gregory whispered in her mind. “You want to ‘diaper’ snap is what you want, going ‘diaper’ snap is what you need. This journey is only beginning, these dreams are only beginning, your arousal is only beginning.”

Horny. Horny on command. One of the first things he had programmed into her subconscious. The trigger was long gone, she didn’t even remember it, yet the flood of emotions resurfaced, the orgasmic build-up as the hypnotic trance became inevitable. Was she a good subject because she submitted or was it the other way around? It didn’t matter just as long as the sensation existed, the wetness spreading from her labia, the tight hug of the catsuit increasing the desire ten times or more.

She couldn’t moan. She couldn’t. To do so meant accepting even more that her fate meant to let go. She trusted Gregory, but she didn’t trust Gail. Not anymore. She would never trust her again, and even if she did, her mind needed to stay off-limits, drugs or no drugs. Gail would not hypnotize her, she would control her, she would not have the satisfaction of seeing her become a groveling mass, curled at her feet.

“But it will be so good,” Gail said as if she had just read her mind. An exhausted Jonah now laid on the floor, tongue stretched out, a speck of blood on each ass cheek, and the secretary now focused on her boss, eager for the final bit of resistance to go away.

Her sweaty hands groped Angela’s breasts, her venomous tongue tasted her neck. The friction of the two catsuits caused a spark to fly. To a bystander watching the whole scene, it was almost as if a piece of the therapist’s soul had just escaped her fading body, and was being gobbled by a starving succubus lusting for even more sex.

“There are so many things I want you to be, my dear. There are so many delights waiting...” Gail continued to fondle her breasts, squeezing the hardened nipples, sending small ripples of pleasure through the aureolae. The doll had become a Goddess and Goddesses and worship go hand in hand. “Let go, Angela. Go ‘diaper’.”

The hypnotist moaned, drool dripping. It was hot like she was, one gentle spasm away from falling into the abyss. Gail kissed her right ear once and went for seconds on the left. Her restless hands continued assaulting the delicate flesh of her mind-fucked prey, now gasping for air and the sweet promise of release.

“G-g-g...” Angela gurgled, eyes rolling.

“Yes, I’m your Goddess too,” the secretary said, savoring the final wave of defiance. It was always the best moment, the true definition of power. Angela screamed and fell ‘diaper’, ‘diaper’, ‘diaper’.

“Good girl,” both Gail and Gregory said, present and memory, reality and imagination now indistinguishable from one another.”

“Good,” Gail repeated. “So good. A happy hypnotized hypnotist hears and obeys, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, Gail.”

“What’s it like l to be a happy hypnotized hypnotist, Angela?”

“I’m happy,” Angela conceded, her subconscious open from inside out. It no longer resisted the power of her suggestions, walking eagerly into each trap laid before her or rather, happily.

“Happy hypnotized hypnotists know what’s good for them,” Gail’s left hand slid towards her wet pussy. “Happy hypnotized hypnotists hypnotize themselves even more whenever they hear their trigger phrase. To go ‘diaper’ is cute but what’s even cuter is to hear you say ‘I’m a happy hypnotized hypnotist’. Say it for me now, my new horny lesbian pet.”

“I’m a happy hypnotized hypnotist.”

“And Gail’s new horny lesbian pet.”

“And Gail’s new horny lesbian pet.”

Gail’s fingers pushed at the fabric, her sharp nails trying to open another hole.

“Happy hypnotized hypnotists that hypnotize themselves more and more every time their trigger phrase is used are always horny, always compliant, always obedient. They’re good pets because they don’t know how to be anything else. It’s in their nature, a nature that’s meant to nurtured, embraced, accepted. When they’re hypnotized, they’re happier and hornier. Hypnosis makes them so much more open and more agreeable. An agreeable Angela agrees with everything her Goddess says. An agreeable Angela is just a happy hypnotized hypnotist, pliant and prepared to play as a powerless pet.”

Angela spasmed in her arms, suggestions and alliterations playing off one another. That too reminded her of Gregory, but he wasn’t there. The old doctor was the embodiment of a time that would never return, and the present demanded her submission. Intensifying her malleable state continued to be Gail’s utmost priority, lest pets tried to think on their own again. If Jonah could snap out for brief moments, then a trained therapist’s odds to do so were far greater, and that was anything but fun.

“Happy hypnotized hypnotist, meet your brainless brother,” Gail said. “He has a surprise for you. Slave Jonah, get over here.”

The gymnast crawled to where the two women sat. Gail lowered Angela onto the floor, and then towered over her, making sure her glazed eyes couldn’t see anything but her latex-covered twat. Then, she assumed her royal position, the face of her pet as a living throne.

“Lick your sister while she licks me, slave,” Gail commanded. “You’re not allowed to cum let alone have an erection though. And Angie, no matter how much pleasure you feel, there will be no orgasm for you either. You’re both my teased little puppets now. The only one that gets to have any semblance of true ecstasy is me. Understood?”

Both nodded, with Angela’s vacant expression already buried under Gail’s black latex paradise. Jonah inched forward, parted his sister’s legs and... stared.

“His sister,” Goddess Chloe/Gail had said. He was to lick his sister, tease her, deny her, all while being denied himself yet something was amiss in this whole picture. He had gone to see Princess Ashley. Angela didn’t play in such kinky games, right? How was he going to lick his sister if she wasn’t even there? And even if she was why would he do that? It was his sister, family, brothers don’t eat their sister’s pussies unless they share a very different relationship. He saw that in porn, and some HBO famous TV shows but in the real world? In his world? Why would he lick his sister? The contradictions were giving him a headache.

If anything, he would lick Princess Ashley. He would do that because Princess Ashley had complete control over his mind and body and obeying her was everything he wanted and needed. Though licking her would be divine that didn’t feel right either for there she laid, defenseless, serving another woman. His beloved Princess was a submissive toy to another and giving up control to someone who had no control only made his headaches worse. Unconsciously, he creeped backwards.

“Why are you fighting a direct command?” Gail moaned as Angela worked her magic through the clingy attire. Next time, she would have to bring the one with all the zippers but, for now, it sufficed.

Jonah didn’t respond, instead moving further and further away. Though only a few inches separated them, the mental distance grew like a bridge and the bridge was crumbling.

“Hmmm, I see...” Gail noted. “It’s because I said ‘your sister’ and that hit a nerve, isn’t it? It’s another one of your mental roadblocks coming into play. It’s my fault, I should have realized something similar to incest would trigger such a reaction. However, you are still conditioned to obey me so this is what will happen. You’ll forget I ever said those words and go back to seeing only the Princess of your wettest fantasies, the lovely Ashley who is also my slave. You know you need to serve us both, you have no rights. No rights and no memory. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’ snap, ‘diaper’ and ‘diaper’ snap. You don’t exist outside of complete servitude, snap. You don’t exist unless you’re being humiliated, degraded, put in your rightful place is under the heel of a woman, snap. Women own you. Princess Ashley owns you, I own you. Serve and obey. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’. Forget you were ever a free creature. And if I say ‘your sister’ again or call her by her real name, you are to ignore it. Your subconscious will take no notice of it and carry out its original programming. ‘Diaper’ and ‘diaper’. Forget and accept. Obey, slave. Obey me now and lick her whole!”

“Yes, do it! Do it now!” Angela screamed, the sound of her desperate voice muffled by the fact she was being queened and loving it. “Do it, slave!”

The slave of a slave moved towards his original Mistress again, unhindered by moral dilemmas and other trifling matters. That he had even fallen prey to them was now a motive of utmost embarrassment and shame. Slaves obey. They do not question superior orders. Slaves do not serve themselves by being given the chance to think on their own. His erratic thoughts fading away, Jonah fell ‘diaper’ inside the rabbit hole and the furry white beast was telling him it was time to work his tongue until it grew numb.

“Now, that’s more like it,” Gail laughed, lamenting at the same time she had left her phone upstairs. Nothing that couldn’t be remedied afterward for such a display of control needed something more substantial than a memory. It was not only powerful entertainment but also future blackmail material if needed be.

Jonah was quick and relentless, his shriveled cock responding to the previous suggestions like a charm. Gail looked at it and grinned. Though good for the occasion that was something to improve in the do-over. What good was a home made porno video if the only male in the scene didn’t have a hard-on the size of Texas? Unless she locked him in her favorite spiked cage that is. “I should have brought more stuff,” she thought.

Under her beautiful ass, Angela was becoming restless. The intense pleasure had to be savored, but that proved impossible if she was having a hard time breathing so Gail loosened the grip. This caused the happy hypnotized hypnotist to raise her neck like a giraffe looking for the next course of her tender meal. She hadn’t eaten enough, her stomach was growling.

“Please... more,” she begged.

“You want to please me more, little lesbian pet? You’re so sweet and so obedient when you’re programmed like this. We should have done this a long time ago. You don’t want to stop any more, do you?”

“No, Goddess,” Angela kept trying to reach the sanctuary between her legs. She mewled when Jonah’s tongue described a perfect circle around her pussy followed by another in her ass. “I will never stop serving you.”

“No, you won’t, because even when you awake today, the triggers will remain inside your mind. You will still be my bitch when you’re conscious and I will make sure you stay eager and horny the whole time. Whenever you tend to your clients, you’ll think of me. When you spend time with your family, you’ll dream of me. Every night you go to bed, you’ll think and dream of me. Happy hypnotized hypnotists obey.”

Angela moaned again, so close to the rapture her Goddess wanted all for herself. A memory of yore crept again, an innuendo locked in a question. If Gregory entered the basement and watched everything go down, would he be appalled or join the fun? The happy hypnotized hypnotist kissed Gail’s wet latex catsuit and went ‘diaper’.