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Author’s Note: The following is a preview of my free Journeys into Passion ebook available Jan. 28th. As the title suggests, the story takes inspiration from the Amazon myths. This preview is quite the trip, so to speak, while it sets up for the rather elaborate core of the full story. To set up the scene, archeology student Jennifer is on an expedition in the Black Sea, with the goal of recovering any antiquities in their designated area before the construction of a new oil drilling platform. The team accidentally found an advanced civilization descended from a society some may describe as the Amazons. Jennifer, being the only woman on the team, was allowed to tour the underwater city with a guide.

The Lost Amazons

While the men were quietly ushered to their rooms, Jennifer requested to tour the place a bit.

“Is there anything you would like to see?” Arreta asked somewhat awkwardly. She did not know how to play tour guide.

“Well, maybe show me something unique to your city. What do you like to do when not dealing with uninvited guests, Arreta?”

The towering Amazon looked over Jennifer of humanly average hight with a subtle smile. Arreta did not mean to be intimidating, but she honestly was to Jennifer. “I was planning to meet with some friends. It was likely be what you call an orgy, but your presence may change things.”

“Change things? I’m not a lesbian …”

“You don’t have to be. I know we are a lot stronger than you, and naturally intimidate you … We won’t hurt you, if we treat this … tenderly.”

Like Arreta, all the women at the gathering represented the apparent epitome of the female form, making Jennifer feel rather short at five feet and eight inches. Arreta was the shortest at just under six feet, while some others there looked over seven feet. Their outward ages seemed to range from late twenties to maybe late thirties, but Jennifer was sure they could not be less than two-hundred. Their blatant musculature somehow enhanced their breathtakingly ageless beauty. Indeed, the only thing that Jennifer technically had that was better, maybe, was her breasts. Jennifer had an amble D-cup, while no Amazon she saw thus far had a chest much larger than a healthy B-cup.

Arreta spoke to them in their apparently quiet native language, which sounded like a breezy mix of Greek, Russian, and Persian. The women all looked at Jennifer like fascinated scientists, while trying to not make her uncomfortable.

Not all of them knew English that well, so Arreta often served as translator. They were all pleasant and gracious to Jennifer, even though she technically disrupted their plans. They were especially fascinated how “little” sex Jennifer had, and how sex felt with men.

“So … it was month since?” Akonea asked in blatant disbelief. She was the tallest at well over seven feet tall, and had the most striking features. She looked like some alabaster statue, with curly brown hair.

“Yes,” Jennifer confirmed, sipping at the best, most sweet red wine she ever tasted. “Well, with someone else.”

“Non with someone else? Mean you with … err … the word … You’ve had yourself more recent?”

“Uh, yeah … Self service, some of us Americans like to call it.”

“Ah, I see!” she exclaimed playfully. “We like to call that Avanicos!”

“Roughly … ‘Self Lust’,” Arreta translated. “We do that always, too! Who knows how to give one true pleasure better than yourself?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” Jennifer confirmed shyly, taking a large gulp of the wine.

A raven haired, dark skinned Revnei on the other side of the settee asked something in their language. Arreta comfortably translated, “Was it you that gave you your first orgasm?”

Jennifer almost spat out the remainder of her wine at the directness of the question, even though they’ve been just about that direct all along.

The three Amazons conversing with her patiently, politely waited for the answer.

“Well,” Jennifer began, feeling the alcohol. “… Yes, I gave myself my first orgasm. I guess I’ve had better since when with someone else.”

“Your first orgasm profound?” Akonea queried.

“It was,” Jennifer confirmed. “I guess it’s still the most profound sexual experience of my life. Yeah, my last lover gave me better orgasms sometimes, but I never felt anything like that before. I can still make myself feel like I did that first time. That’s why I like the pleasure myself, especially since I’m single right now.”

Revnei seemed to ask something that Arreta did not want to relay at first, before relenting. “Revnei would like to know if you want that profound feeling with a great orgasm.”

“I, uh, I suppose so … What do you mean?”

Arreta answered, “We call it Hedonikos, roughly translated ‘passion.’ It is a … compound that naturally induces pleasure while causing beautiful hallucinations.”

“Well, why don’t you use that all the time?” Jennifer asked jokingly.

Arreta smirked. “It is not addictive, Jennifer. It is just another form of pleasure for us … My concern is that you are not one of us, so it might affect you more strongly.”

With all this talk of sex — and all the wine, Jennifer was genuinely curious. Sure, she smoked marijuana occasionally, but she was never one try anything serious. “So, is Hedonikos smoked, eaten?”

Revnei smiled almost deviously with her full lips, and answered. “She prefer through scent.” Arreta translated, before Revnei took a vial from the canister on the ornately carved table behind her.

Revnei offered Jennifer the vial. Jennifer examined it ponderously. A semi-opaque greenish mist floated in it. “I just breath it in?”

“That is truth,” Arreta answered in the affirmative.

Jennifer could not believe she was about to do a sex drug with curious Amazons, but she was curious like they were. Archaeology was a form of anthropology after all, so learning about a form a fun and pleasure for these Amazons could not be passed up. She popped open the leather-like cap, and breathed it in.

It felt smooth and sweet and downright soothing. The alcohol certainly played a role, but she was finding herself just that more relaxed amongst living Goddesses. And they were beautiful Goddesses. Just looking at the three Amazons sitting with her, there was no doubt they deserved to be worshiped in their attaining of divinity. She had no idea how long she was lingering on the glowing Goddesses.

Jennifer found herself slowly looking around the room, feeling a growing haziness. Everyone around them were now in the throes of hot, naked, ecstasy. Some were alone, literally fucking themselves, while others were overlapping mounds of purely pleasure. When she eventually made her way back to the gorgeous Arreta, that Goddess had changed somehow. She was laying back happily, seductively with a come-hither smile. Her hair was now a shimmering crimson, as her once blue eyes shifted to a matching red. She implausibly now only wore what looked like a black latex bra and panties, along with pink stockings that looked like a cross between silk and shimmering latex.

A wave on ecstasy flowed over Jennifer. It was not really because all the women around her were the most beautiful women in this realm of near orgasmic passion; it was because of the potential and actual passion exuded. She soon found herself laying back in the profound pleasure. The ceiling now seemed sexually alive, presenting carved Amazons in the midst of ultimate passion. Yet, she somehow knew it was not a mirror image of the “real” world below, in spite of no longer being able to move her mind with any speed.

Nothing mattered but her own growing sense of ecstatic euphoria. Her whole body was coming alive in that same profound feeling she truly loved in pleasure, but no man could ever really give her. Soon, she became aware that a naked and orgasmic Revnei lay on the soft floor in mindless pleasure, while three vials lay next to her. Arreta and Akonea seemed to be lost in their own naked ecstasy, but instead sharing it between themselves gloriously. They looked almost like they were floating above, slithering all over their shimmering bodies. No, they were twisting and turning and cooing into each other, merging into the same orgasmic being with latex-like stockings. The single body seemed to phase from one Amazon being to another with their ever orgasmic coos.

Jennifer now felt her somehow now naked self being smothered by the orgasmic pleasure she always yearned for through the profoundness of self-love. It was everything. It was too much. It was what she needed. It was glorious. The whole room was alive and seething in the chaotic pleasures. Jennifer felt herself become consumed in it all. She cold taste, she could feel the pleasures surrounding her, as she excreted her own into the orgasmic mass. She eventually realized she had been in continuous orgasm. The profoundness of it made it feel unlike anything she ever felt before, but it was what she always wanted. Yet, it was somehow more than anything she ever knew she wanted. Her profoundly orgasmic state somehow connected her with all the orgasming Amazons in the room. She was one with the Gods for this everlasting moment. She could taste their hard earned divinity. It was all profoundly unreal, but she now knew the best pleasures always were. These perfect pleasures could only be divine.

“OH, FUCK …” Jennifer screamed in the continuous orgasm, the scream feeling like a lifetime. “MY GODDESSES! Oh, oh, AHHHH-HA-AHHHHH …”

Jennifer slowly opened her eyes, felling invigorated. She lay in a bed in a whole other room, her room, she supposed. Arreta slept quietly next to her. She slowly moved out of the bed, observing how naked she was.

“Good mourning, Jennifer,” Arreta said quietly behind her.

“Oh …” She quickly turned, covering herself with her arms.

Arreta smiled at her shyness …