The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan

Chapter 15:

“Mary, no!”

My reaction was immediate and instinctive…but despite my harsh tone, my wife didn’t miss a beat.

“Once a day,” she pleaded, using—to my horror—our daughter’s ‘cute’ voice. “Once a day, Andrew. You promised.”

I realized I was still staring at my teenage daughter’s exposed flesh, and turned away.

“I promised once a day, but…honey, there have to be limits! You know there do.”

“I need it,” she repeated. “Honey, please. Please…I need it.”

“No,” I said firmly. “Love, no. I can’t. We can’t. Please, try to understand…”


I could hear the desperation in her voice, but worse; I could hear the wet sound of flesh on flesh.

Even as she was pleading for me to let her suck her cock, my wife hadn’t stopped playing with our daughter’s wetness.

From the sound of it, she hadn’t even slowed down.

“You were very good this morning,” I said, and she let out a loud moan in response.

“I’m so good,” she gasped. “Yes! Oh god, yes…I’m your good girl.

“I’m your good girl…”


I turned in shock, preparing to let my wife have it, to inform her just how unacceptable this behavior was.

I was met with the sight of my daughter’s legs, widely spread, as Mary showed off the pinkness between them.

“Oh, god.”

“Look at me,” Mary panted, and—god forgive me—I did. My daughter’s hand sped up, and her eyes bored into mine. “Look at me…

For the umpteenth time in six days, I was forced to watch my daughter’s orgasm. I wish I’d looked away, but I was transfixed. My wife’s skillful motions, my daughter’s soft, small hand.

I watched as Belle’s body twitched in orgasm, as her youthful legs were used to push her pelvis up, thrusting against the air, as she watched me watching her.

When she was done, I wanted to be sick.

“Mary,” I gasped.

“Oh, god, Andrew.”

“Mary, we…we can’t.”

At some point, I’d shut my eyes. When I reopened them, my daughter was standing in front of me, staring up at me. Mary had grabbed the blanket off our daughter’s bed to cover her borrowed body, and Belle’s wide blue eyes were full of love, full of concern.

“Andrew,” she said softly. “…we already have.”


Mary raised Belle’s hands to my cheeks, allowing the blanket to drop. Her firm tits with their long, hard, pink nipples came into view.

“We’re in this together, my sweet.”

A part of me wanted to cry.

“Now please. Please. Let me take care of this…”

My eyes widened as Mary skillfully undid my fly, and Belle’s hands removed my erection from my pants.

I hadn’t even noticed I was hard.


Mary ignored my unintelligible rasping, and made full use of her twenty years of experience.

“I’ve been so good all morning,” she said softly, and I suddenly realized it wasn’t love and concern in her eyes.

It was lust.

Even after what sounded like an earth-shattering orgasm, my wife was still horny.

She still needed me.

“I’ve been so good all morning,” she repeated. “Now please, reward me.”

I wanted to refuse, but my lips wouldn’t move.

“Reward your good girl,” she said, and slowly dropped to her knees. “I need it…”

A stronger man than I would have pushed her away. A stronger man would have walked out of that room.

Mary’s a good wife, and an even better mother. I know she would have found some way of overcoming the hormones, of making her way through the two weeks without…

…without taking my cock in our daughter’s mouth.

If I were a better person, a better husband, a better father, I would have walked away. But I’d just seen my daughter’s pink pussy clench in orgasm. I was in shock.

I was in shock, and more turned on than I was comfortable with.

And my wife needed me.

I didn’t make a sound as Mary slowly stroked our daughter’s hands up and down my erection. I just watched, unable to move, barely able to breathe, as my daughter’s wet hands wrapped around my girth.

My wife’s attention wasn’t on my face. She was staring at my cock, enthralled. It was a cock she’d seen hundreds of times before, but now…she looked fascinated


With a soft moan, she began to worship it.

My daughter’s lips moved to the head of my cock, and she spent several minutes just kissing it. Now my wife was the unintelligible one—she was whispering what sounded like gibberish, terms of endearment, with the occasional “Yes”, “Please”, and one or two “Good girl”s thrown in.

When my daughter’s mouth opened, and my wife filled it with half of my cock—that’s when I really should have done something.

Instead, I groaned.

It’s an unusual sensation, to have your cock be truly adored. It was obvious that my wife had been fantasizing about it for days and days—Belle’s eyes went hazy as it entered her mouth, and her entire face lit up.

She continued to swallow as much as she could, and when her lips reached the base, she looked up at me proudly.

A tear ran down her face. God help me, it made me throb.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Mary pulled my teenager daughter’s face back, until just the tip of my erection was resting on her lips.

“You have no idea how much I needed this,” she whispered.

For the second time that night, I was repulsed and unwillingly aroused. With a ferocity that genuinely startled me, Mary moved our daughter’s mouth down until it had once more engulfed my entire erection. Concern flashed through my body as she made a strong gagging sound—the concern faded as she pulled back and did it again, and again, and again.

The single tear was met by others. Mary sounded like she was literally choking our daughter on my cock. It was terrifying.

Terrifying, and far hotter than I wanted it to be.

It wasn’t until she’d aggressively swallowed my cock three times that I noticed—one of our daughter’s hands was on the base of my cock, while the other was between her legs.

Mary was getting off as Belle choked on my cock, mascara running down her face. Her lipstick was smeared on my cock—she looked like a porn star. My daughter looked like a dirty teenage whore.

“I’m cumming,” I gasped, and Belle’s eyes widened. I heard a buzzing sound—I have no idea when Mary had grabbed a vibrator, but even over the choking noise, I could hear the persistent hum as she held it against our daughter’s clit.

With a loud groan, I thrust forward. I’d intended to be gentle, but in the heat of the moment, I lost control. As I pumped a load of my semen down my daughter’s throat, a gurgling sound joined the gagging and humming sounds, and I watched as Belle reached her second orgasm in fifteen minutes, an additional string of semen flying out of my cock, mixing with her smeared makeup.

“Oh, god…”

“Oh, god…” my wife mirrored. “Andrew…”

“Mary, honey…I’m so sorry.”

I reached down and wiped the semen out of my daughter’s eyes.

“Honey, I’m…—“

“Andrew,” my wife interrupted. Belle’s eyes were shining with a mix of tears and pure joy. “Andrew…that was amazing.”