The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan

Chapter 17:

“Mary,” I said firmly, grabbing my daughter’s hand and moving it away from my genitalia. “I want to talk”

“Okay…” my wife replied, narrowing Belle’s eyes slightly.

“I know what you need.”

The sight of my daughter’s face lighting up made me pause. For several years now, that had been a rare occurrence.

“I know what you need,” I smiled back at her, “and I’m prepared to give it to you.”

“Oh, Andrew! Oh my god, honey, yes. Please! I’m so happy that you…—“

I held up my hand, and my wife fell silent.

“You need stimulation,” I said, looking into my daughter’s blue eyes. “You need stimulation, and…well, after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided: I can do that for you.”

Mary clearly wanted to speak, but I didn’t allow her to interrupt.

“You know how difficult I’m finding this, but I love you. I love you, and I know that you’re finding it just as hard.”


“I’m prepared to touch you,” I concluded. “I love you, and so even though it goes against everything I believe, I’m prepared to touch you. Down there.”

Mary nodded, looking at me expectantly. As the pause stretched on, she wrinkled our daughter’s nose.

“That’s it?”

I raised one eyebrow.

“‘It’? Honey, that’s a lot.”

It still surprised me, seeing my wife’s expressions on my daughter’s face. Her classic ‘unimpressed’ glare had appeared, and it was aimed at me with full force.

“Andrew, darling, I…I need more than that.”

I froze.


“Yes, honey. More.”

I grimaced.

“Mary, my love, I don’t think you…—”

“No, Andrew,” my wife interrupted. “I don’t think that you.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. We’d down this path before, so many times in just the last weeks. I didn’t want to get in another shouting match.

Especially since they always seemed to end in me losing.

“Okay,” I said, with a deep breath. “I…what do you want?”

Belle’s eyes sparked, and Mary’s wry smile appeared on her face.

Again, she reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants.


“You had that,” I said, wishing I sounded less whiny. “Last night…”

“More,” my wife said, Belle’s voice thick with lust. “Oh god, Andrew. Please. I need more.”

I silently counted to ten.

Mary was doing so much for us. For our daughter.

For our family.

I knew she was struggling. I knew she needed me.

But…I couldn’t.

Seven more days.

“Okay,” I sighed. “How about…twice more?”


The tone of disgust was back.

“Twice is a lot!” I said. The whine was back as well.

Mary looked up at me, and I could see Belle’s eyes were beginning to water.

“You promised once a day,” she said plaintively.

“Yes, but…—“

“I was back at school today,” she continued. “Honey. You don’t know what that’s like.”

“I know, but…—“

Now it was Mary’s turn to not let me speak.

“I didn’t wear a bra,” she whispered.

“What!? Mary, that’s…—“

“I know. I know. It was just so hot. God, Andrew. Our daughter is so hot.”

I glanced down at my daughter’s chest, and immediately wished that I hadn’t.

She was obviously still not wearing a bra.

“All those teenage eyes, looking at me. Lusting after me. Wanting me.”

“Mary, we’re trying to…—“

“I know what we’re trying to, Andrew. I really do. But last night…it got me so worked up. Your cock. My mouth. Belle’s mouth. God, it felt…—.”

“Mary, if we…—“

I know. But after Saturday, after the beach…the feeling of all those eyes on me. It’s intoxicating. Have you ever felt like an entire room of people want you?”

I was forced to shake my head.

“I’m in my forties, darling. Belle is at her peak. Look at her!”

Mary gestured to our daughter’s body. My eyes instinctively followed the motion, and immediately wished that they hadn’t.

My wife was right. Our daughter is absolutely stunning. I would have given anything not to have known that, to have spent the rest of my years without ever noticing what a looker Belle was. She was…she was sexy. I hated admitting it, but it was true. My daughter was sexy. It was as simple as that.

And now that it had been pointed out, now that I’d…seen her do things

I was worried that I’d never be able to un-notice.

“I got asked out three times today,” Mary said softly. “I could be on a date right now, getting all my needs taken care of by someone who doesn’t give a fuck about our daughter. But I’m here with you.”

“You don’t get points for not fucking a high-schooler,” I said weakly.

A huge grin slowly spread across Belle’s face.

“I know.” my wife said, and pulled my mouth to our daughter’s.

I gently moved my hands to Belle’s shoulders and pushed her away.

“Honey,” I said.

She rolled her eyes and balled her fists. I’m surprised she didn’t stamp her foot. For a moment, I could see Belle as she’d been as a toddler, threatening a tantrum if she didn’t get her way.

What?” she asked, gesturing around. “This is perfect. We’re a thousand miles from civilization…—“

“Sixty,” I corrected.

“…and no one knows that we’re here. We have zero chance of getting caught. What excuse can you possibly have for not wanting to fuck me?”

My eyes widened as my wife’s words sunk in.

“Wait. What?”

“No one will ever know,” she said, slumping against the doorframe. “And…I need it. God, Andrew. I need it.”

“Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait…Mary. Sweetie. We never talked about…”

“I know we never talked about,” Mary said, a desperate look in my daughter’s eyes. “But I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“We can never do that.”

“Why not?”

“I can’t do that to Belle. I can’t…Jesus! Mary, You can’t be serious.”

“I wish I wasn’t,” my wife said. Belle’s blue eyes were staring intently into mine. “I really, really wish I wasn’t.”

I stepped back into the cabin and sat down at my desk. My stomach was churning in a combination of hunger and horror.

“Mary, think about what you’re saying. You’re having trouble with our daughter’s hormones…”

“Understatement,” Mary muttered.

“…and so you want me to take her virginity?”



My eyes widened.

“Wait. Mary. Is…”

“No no no.” My wife used our daughter’s hand to wave my concerns away. “No, Belle is a virgin. If she wasn’t, I’d know about it.”


“Her diary, for one.”

I quickly decided that I didn’t want to hear what other methods my wife had.

“Then what do you mean?”

Belle’s eyes darted around the room, avoiding mine.


“What do you know about…hymens.”

I closed my eyes.

“I don’t think I want to know.”

“Andrew, I was…exploring.”


“Down there.”

“Okay. Okay.”

I tried very hard to think about anything else in the known universe.

“I couldn’t find Belle’s…hymen.”

“Right. Okay. Okay. Cool. Good.”

“I’m just saying!”

I opened my eyes. Mary was wringing Belle’s hands. My daughter’s eyes were still avoiding mine.

“She’s never had sex, but physically…”

I took a deep breath.

“When we switch back,” Mary continued, “she won’t remember a thing. She’ll have no idea what I did in her body. She doesn’t even know it’s me, remember?”


“If we were to…I’m just saying.”

“Okay. Okay.”

“She’d have no memory of it.”


“Think about it, Andrew. If we were to have sex, she wouldn’t know. As far as she was concerned, she’d still be a virgin.”


“She’d have no memory of having sex, and she’d have no physical evidence. She wouldn’t know.”

I’d know,” I hissed.

“I know! Andrew. I know. I realize how hard this is for you. But…”

I reopened my eyes. My daughter’s body was standing in front of me.

“Once a day. You promised me.”

“I never promised that I would fuck our daughter.”

Mary looked up at me. The grin was back.

“You don’t get points for not fucking a high-schooler,” she said softly.


“You’re not,” Mary said simply. She sat on my lap and put our daughter’s arms around me. “Honey, you’re not. You’re not fucking a teenager, our daughter. It’s still me. You’d be fucking me.”

I sighed.

“You’d be fucking me,” my wife said again. “That’s all I want. Please. I just want to make love with my husband. Just once. I need it.”

She looked me in the eyes.

“Just once?” I said, not believing the words coming out of my mouth.

“Just once,” she said. “That’s all I need.”