The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Malaking Suso Resort and Spa


Commissioned by CJ

Day 1, Part 1: Drop Off

The drive had been quiet. As much as she had tried to pry it out of him, Meredith got no straight answer from her husband. He’d only told her he was treating her to an all inclusive three day weekend at one of the spa resorts on the coast. Every time she’d asked him why she was getting such a treat, Chris would only tell her it was “because she deserved it.”

She knew he was up to something.

As they neared the coast and the vista turned scenic her assumptions only seemed to be further validated. He’d never taken her to a fancy resort before, though she’d mentioned the idea to him multiple times over the years. And now he just all of a sudden bought her the ‘total package’.

Meredith was no fool. She didn’t need tea leaves to tell her something was up. Even if she couldn’t pinpoint exactly why it was he was trying to earn such good graces for this time.

Of course, she also knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth. She didn’t plan on being swayed by Chris in regards to something foolish any time soon. But if he was going to go this far as to do so, she was at least going to take full time to enjoy it. It wouldn’t be her fault if his gamble didn’t pay off.

Being concerned about whatever Chris’s ploy was could wait until the weekend was finished. And despite her skepticism as to all the why’s she had during the car ride, Meredith was rather looking forward to the experience.

It was going to be nice to have the whole weekend to herself, too. It had been too long since Meredith had last taken any amount of ‘me’ time.

By the time they had pulled into the lavish resort she did have to admit, if only to herself and not Chris, that she did deserve it.

Attendants rushed to the car and took her luggage from the trunk before Chris even had the chance to open her door. Meredith was surprised by their expediency. Even more surprising was how they hurried Chris away so swiftly after he dropped her off.

They’d just pushed a clipboard through the driver’s side window, got his signature and shooed him away. And he’d just accepted it. Giving a curt “Love you! See you on Monday!” Before speeding off.

It would have bothered Meredith more if one hadn’t immediately put a complimentary drink in her hands.

It helped that it was already past five on a Friday. Normally she wasn’t much given to fancy mixed drinks. Anything more than an odd glass of beer was uncommon for her. But if if was already paid for who was she to refuse? And it wasn’t like she needed to put out to Chris tonight, so she could just enjoy falling numbly to sleep if she wanted.

After briefly second guessing herself she took a sip.

Meredith couldn’t tell how alcoholic it was. The purple drink didn’t taste strong so much as it tasted frothy. She licked what felt like bubbles from her lips.

She might not know what it was, but she did know it tasted great!

“Excuse me, what is this I’m drinking?” she asked the attendant who had been leading her into the resort.

“Oh, is boba juice.” the young woman said.

Strange accent, Meredith thought. The woman was short with dark hair. She looked to be of some sort of Asiatic descent, maybe islander. But her most notable feature was her bust. Something Meredith didn’t often associate with the orient.

Though she couldn’t quite place the woman’s features, Meredith thought it would have been rude to ask. So instead enjoyed the exotic, foamy drink, repeating its name to herself. “Boba juice.” So as not to forget.

So took another drink, trying to better catalog it in her mind know that she had a name to place with it. The liquid tickled all the way down her throat. She laughed at the pleasant feeling before catching herself.

The attendant giggled along with her knowingly.

Yep, must be strong alcohol.

It was going to be a great weekend!

As they walked, Meredith took in the views of the resort. She realized she felt like she was walking through a movie set. Scarcely before had she even spent time in a place so luxurious. And by the looks of it, most of the people here were stunning. Even her attendant, though rather short, was quite becoming. Maybe not an ‘A’ lister, but with her body alone no worse than a ‘B’.

Part of her mind trembled at how much Chris had spent on this place. He must really want something big out of her. And how had she never heard of this resort before? She was sure she’d shopped around previously for all the in country resorts. There was no way something like this could have sprung up so quickly without major publicity.

And Meredith was sure she would have recognized the name: Malaking Suso.

Bad king Suso? She was sure she would have recognized it.

And how on earth had Chris found it without her knowing?

She shook her head. It might be harder to get through the weekend with complete peace of mind than Meredith thought. Too many needling thoughts that she knew she shouldn’t worry about. At least not until Chris came back to pick her up.

Taking a big sigh, Meredith tried to regain her composure and did what she always did to help her relax. Try and make a plan for the future.

“So, where are we going?” She asked the attendant.

“First you get massage. Work out stress and worries. No stress and worries here!” The short woman said, half wagging her finger half pointing to the resort.

Tongue in cheek answer. But Meredith knew she’d enjoy the massage more if she knew what was coming after. It was always less stressful when she knew what the schedule was. Almost calming even when everything was on track.

Just as Meredith was about ask what came next, the Asian stopped and turned to face her. Grinning widely and finger still pointing. “Then you get full treatment, the works. You get full package!” She said emphasizing the point by touching Meredith twice just in between her modest breasts with a pointed finger. Then it was the Asian’s turn to giggle. “Very rare. You must have done something!” Her finger giving a knowing wag before she continued leading Meredith through the spa.

Meredith politely laughed. Little did the Asian know she hadn’t conceded to doing anything. Yet.

“Okay, here massage room. You want boy or girl?”

“What?” Given context the question was curt. But Meredith’s mind had been wondering.

“For massage, you want boy or girl for massage?”

“Oh.” Meredith answered, frowning. She had no trouble with having foreign workers. But even with language difficulties they should at least be professionally concise. She fought back a small sneer at the thought of being massaged by another woman. She had never been a fan of being touched by her own gender.

“I would prefer to have a male masseur.” She said, being sure to properly accentuate each word to counteract her attendant’s bad English. She threw the redundant ‘male’ in front of ‘masseur’ in case the attendants language skills cause more confusion.

“Okay, I go get one. You get ready. My name Baya.” she said pointing to her nametag. “You need extra help this weekend, I assigned to you twenty-four-seven. You relax, get ready. Here I take glass.”

Meredith did a double take as Baya removed the empty glass from her hand. She was rather amazed she’d downed the entire purple drink during the brief course of the walk. It wasn’t something that she normally did. But it had been a long drive, and it was yummy, and she was here to enjoy herself damn it!

Mildly annoyed with herself for both binging on the drink and for feeling the need to defend herself against her own actions Meredith entered the massage room with another sigh. A nagging suspicion that she needed this weekend as much as she deserved it followed her into the room.

It wasn’t what she had expected, really. Given the near Hollywood presentation the rest of the resort seemed to offer, Meredith was surprised to find the room didn’t meet the massage room stereotype.

It was dimly lit. An orange light behind an elaborate stone sconce gave a feeling of warmth to one side. A calming blue light emanating from behind a glass orb that spinning atop a water feature no doubt represented cooling on the other. The sound from the small waterfall was the only one in the room.

With a sigh of relief Meredith went behind an exquisitely carved changing panel. She had been worried that she’d have to endure the obnoxious zithers that were so often associated with the spa scene.

The sound of flowing water was quite relaxing. Especially since she could find no trace of whatever motor was powering the water feature.

There was a fluffy white massage towel wrap for her behind the panel. She stripped down to her undergarments and put it on. Then she neatly folded her clothes to rest on the chair provided.

The comfy wrap donned, Meredith climbed onto the massage table and let herself sink face down into its cushions.

She had only done so for what seemed like a moment before there was a polite knock on the door.

Before Meredith could turn her to answer it, it was opened by a lean, muscular attendant dressed in all white. Meredith chuckled to herself and buried her head back in the table’s face portal. It really was like being in the movies.

The man said nothing as he approached her. Meredith was half worried about another conversation in broken English.

At last her worries were unfounded! She only caught a fresh citrus scent as she heard him rub his hands together with oil before he put them on her and got to work. And as soon as his hands got to work she could feel her stress melting away.

Maybe it was the combination of the drink and the massage. Meredith couldn’t quite tell if the drink had just kicked in or if the massage was really that good. Either way, Meredith at last started to separate from her own thoughts as she gave in to the man’s touch.

He started with her shoulders. Then her arms. Then her hands and fingers.

Then he jumped down to her feet and calves.

It felt as if he’d jolted her awake from a heavy sleep when he jumped back up to her shoulders. He wasted no time and asked no questions as he pulled down her towel wrap then unsnapped her bra.

Meredith yelped at the sensation but didn’t know whether to be insulted that he’d so callously done so without her permission or impressed that he had done it so seamlessly.

Her interrupting thoughts were only given a moment before his hands once again pressed into her flesh. Now into the sore area where her modest bra had always rubbed.

God that felt good! Why hadn’t she just left it off? Maybe he might have just started there!

A long relaxed groan escaped Meredith’s lips through the mouth portal. The masseur chuckled but otherwise continued his work in silence.

His hands worked their magic down her back. Pulling the wrap further and further away as he did so until he at last reached the small of her back.

Her mind had wandered into happy places as he began to rub lower and lower. It was when he was at last approaching her buttocks that he once again jumped across her body rather than working in a linear fashion.

He left her back exposed, the white towel bunched just above her tailbone. And then he went back to work on her calves.

This time working his way up. Her calves. Around her knees. Her thighs. Then he pulled off her towel leaving her topless on the massage table.

Meredith was about to protest when he got to work on her butt. How had she never gotten a butt massage before?

She happily groaned again as he pressed into the fatty tissue of her rump.

Besides, it wasn’t like he had taken her panties off or anything… And not like it would really matter if his hands continued to do what they were doing she’d be powerless to stop him anyway.

Such strong hands…

Her mind mind began to flutter back into fantasy. She could feel herself getting worked up to the masseuse’s touch.

No doubt he could see her getting worked up, too.

No. He could probably feel her getting worked up, too.

Meredith’s eyes shot open.

What had she been thinking? Was she really hoping this man was going to take advantage of her?

What if she had said no and he continued anyway?

Could she have said no?

No. She had to get out of this situation! Meredith pushed herself up and off the table, exposing her pale chest to an empty room.