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Malaking Suso Resort and Spa


Commissioned by CJ

Day 2, Part 2: The Salon

“Time for special after massage drink!” Baya said, shaking her awake.

For once, Meredith was happy to have Baya wake her up. She had the worst case of cotton mouth and had been looking forward to having that second drink ever since Baya had mentioned it. How long ago was that?

She snatched the drink from the petite Asian’s hands. She gulped it down in front of the attendant.

Baya laughed a complimented her as she had earlier in the day. “Oh wow, Mary! You do good! You drink whole thing! Good Mary! You such good girl!”

Meredith would have been more upset. She didn’t like being spoken to like a pet. Baya was even stroking her head as she said the words. Petting her.

But she was too thirsty to bother with it at the moment. And the drink was so yummy. And it actually did feel pretty good to have her hair and scalp pet like that.

With the bottom of the glass up in the air, there was at last no more of the bubbly goodness to drink. Meredith licked her lips, her thirst was quenched as it could be for the time being. Now was the time to tell Baya not to treat her like a stupid animal.

Baya didn’t give her a chance. “Mary you such a good girl! Almost no stress left in you! Nicole say you hold lotta stress in your breasts. You rub them, they no feel sore!”

The attendant gave a cheerful laugh and gently squeezed one of Meredith’s exposed breasts as she said so.

Meredith’s train of thought derailed. She was mad at Baya. She should be mad at Baya. But why?

The attendant was just tenderly rubbing the soreness away from her breasts. And, for some reason she couldn’t think about anything else as she did so?

“It feels good to have titty massage, Yes?” Baya asked as her flesh jiggled.

Meredith was nodding as she giggled. Titty massage. It did feel good.

“Good! Good Mary! Good titty massage!” Baya emphasized, squeezing a bit harder.

Yes good Mary…

Baya took her hand off her breast and walked to the doorway. “Nicole say you ever feel stress you just squeeze your breast! That help! You ever need help, you need more titty massage she say you call Baya! Okay, Miss Mary, you put this on! Time for salon! You already miss lunch!

It slowly dawned on Meredith that she was still naked from the massage. Hadn’t she been covered by a towel?

What had just happened?

Instinct took over. Meredith hurriedly grabbed the maroon two piece that Baya was offering and put it on. It was almost more revealing than what she had worn to the pool yesterday. But at least it looked like it was supposed to be worn in public.

The top was a little snug. Something she’d never had to deal with before. And the bottom was a little tighter than she liked as well.

“Baya…” Meredith started, but was interrupted once more by the attendant who had a new drink in hand

“Is okay though, Baya prepare special lunch drink for you so you no get hungry in salon!”

Meredith found herself drinking from the glass instead of asking Baya for a better fitting set of swimwear. She might not be much for service, but the Asian sure could make a smoothie. This time there was no discernable fruity taste to the concoction, though it was still sweet. Her lunch smoothie was more of a nutty flavor to it.

She was just unsure of what sort of nut it was...

“Okay! I leave you in good hands! You just point at what you want, they do the rest!” Baya said, taking the second empty glass from her. While Meredith was in a drink coma Baya had apparently walked her to the salon and got her settled into a plush black leather chair.

“Alright sweety, Baya told us you were getting the total package, so we’ve already got everything lined up for you. We just need you to pick a color and we’ll take care of the rest!” Came a high pitched voice with a New England accent.

Its owner was a skinny brunette with big hair. Her nametag read Cheryl.

The pleasant taste and aroma of her drink was fading. Meredith’s senses were starting to feel overwhelmed by the salon’s chemicals and dyes. Especially the bleach.

She didn’t want to be here. She tried to stand up, but instead found her head lolling toward Cheryl. Meredith tried to talk but her mouth felt numb.

Had Baya drugged her?

“Oh, right, total package!” Then Cheryl tittered an annoying laugh grabbing something from nearby. “Pick a color, hun.”

A wide plastic swatch was held in front of her. But not normal crayon box colors. Everything in front of her had a metallic tint to it. Metallic purple, blue, green and gold. In the center of was not quite stark white of platinum blond.

Her eyes quickly ran from it further down the spectrum. There was a darker and shinier orange, not much different from her own hair. But next to that there was a crimson red. Like she’d seen on the stylist the day before.

She gasped and her eyes widened.

Cheryl followed Meredith’s eyes and pointed with her long nailed finger. “The Parah Red?”

Despite her numbness, Meredith found herself nodding slightly.

“Good choice! Alright, Mary! You just lean back and relax. We’ll take good care of you, and when we’re done you’ll hardly recognize your old self!”

Meredith was excited. A numb smile crossed her face. She couldn’t help herself. She’d always wanted hair like that…

“You gotta look good to feel good, hun! And when we’re done you’re going to look so good!”

* * *

“You like pictures? She make good baka, yes? Almost have malaking suso and she go unga real soon! You no worry!”

Meredith’s eyes felt heavy. Almost as heavy as her breasts.

She blinked and felt her eyes were crusty. As she tried to rub them, Meredith found she couldn’t move her arms.

They had been bound to her sides just above her waist.

Her eyes widened. They hurt doing so. Almost as much as her breasts.

She tried to look down, but couldn’t move freely. It felt like there was something around her neck. She had to bend at the waist to see that her hands had in fact been cuffed to some sort of bond going about her waist. But her view was partially blocked by her breasts.

When had they ever been that big to block her view?

The nipples were erect and they looked swollen. No wonder they hurt.

At least having no top in this case meant less pressure on them.

“Oh, she awake. Here. I ask her for you.”

Meredith turned to where she heard the voice coming from. A tanned woman with an hourglass figure was approaching her with a phone. All she wore was a red string bikini.

She couldn’t tell if the sexy woman was Spanish or Asian. She had long dark hair and dark eyes.



She didn’t think the woman was sexy.

Did she?

The buxom woman walked up to her and held out her phone.

“Hey, Mary, is your owner. You like being stupid bimbo cow for him?”

“Mo!” She cried out. Her tongue was numb. She’d meant to say no.

“Haha. Almost unga. Mary cow, you want your udders make milky milk forever?” the woman said slapping one of Meredith’s bare breasts.

“Mo!” she cried. Her eyes starting to water.

“Oh. You no sound happy yet, Mary bimbo cow. Your owner pay good money for malaking suso happy cow. Here, Yolanda help him hear how happy you are.” The woman then started to walk away.

Meredith wanted to cry, but was distracted by the hypnotic tilt of the woman’s ass as she walked away.

At last as the woman turned the corner, she was able to let the tears fall.

What was going on? Why was she tied up? What had happened to her?

Around the corner she could hear the woman talking on the phone again. But she could no longer make out the words.

They were being drowned out by the hum of a small electric motor.

The sound was too far of from that of the electric toothbrush she had at home. The one she kept in her bedside table. The one she’d modified to use to masturbate with.

Her eyes closed and she felt her thighs clench at the pleasant memory she associated with the sound.


She didn’t have an electric toothbrush.

And she didn’t keep a toothbrush in her bedside table.

And she certainly didn’t masturbate!

What the was going on?

Meredith gave a tug at the bonds holding her arms.

She stopped when she saw the sexy woman walking toward her again. She was still holding a phone in one hand. But she was also holding a small plastic device in the other hand. That was where the buzzing was coming from.

It looked like a… was that a breast pump?

“Alright, Mary bimbo cow. Yolanda help you for now. You tell your owner how happy you are now!” The woman said holding the pump toward Meredith’s left breast.

“Mo! Mo!” Meredith said, tongue still numb, trying to keep the woman from using the thing on her. But the woman was too fast and the active suction of the breast pump only helped her quickly grab hold of the nipple.

The sensation was immediate.

“Moo!” she said as her knees buckled, but she maintained her balance.

Oh god! Had she just mooed?

“Moo!” she cried again as the pump squeezed her tit again. This time she fell to her knees.

Fuck! Why did it have to feel so good?

Yolanda laughed and let go of the pump. Letting it hang on by its battery powered suction alone. She then turned away to talk more on the phone.

“See! She almost ready! Not yet. But almost. She conditioned now. Soon she be trained. Oh, we do that! You no worry. Here, I give you bonus. This the sound of new Mary bimbo cow cumming!”

The dark haired woman turned back to Meredith who was barely paying attention to her now. Lost in the the relaxing titty massage of the breast pump.

Yolanda giggled as she knelt down and grabbed Mary’s free breast.


“Moo! Oh fuck yes! Moo! Moo! Moo!”

* * *

Meredith woke with a start. What the hell had she been dreaming about?

She looked down to make sure there wasn’t anything actually stuck to her breasts.

Nothing, though they felt like there was. They looked swollen, too. Even while hidden underneath the swimming bra.

Meredith shifted. They felt as sore as they had this morning.

“I was wondering when you’d come around!”

The redhead turned to see Alexis in the cabana next to her. At least, it sounded like Alexis.

“Yeah, it’s still me.” Alexis said running a hand through her hair, recognizing Meredith’s startled look. “I just couldn’t help myself, you know? I mean, I’ve never been blond before. And if, like, I’m going to go blond, I might as well go all out, right?”

The woman had been comely looking with auburn hair. With a heavy dose of makeup and platinum blond hair she looked she might be a cover girl. With they way her eyeliner was put on, one aiming for page three. Especially with the way her swimsuit seemed to enhance her bust.

If not for her same voice, and the fact that Meredith had seen Alexis only yesterday in her underwear, she might not have recognized the woman.

“I like your hair, too, by the way. It um… well it really makes you look hot!” Alexis tried to stifle her giggle and brushed a stray blond hair away from her face.

“Uh, thanks.” Meredith answered. Was this Alexis hitting on her? She shook her head dispMaryng the repugnant idea. “How long was I out?”

“You’ve been sleeping there for awhile. You were conked out when I got here!” Alexis licked her lips, looking down Meredith’s body then to her face again. “Your tits look awesome by the way!”

Meredith shifted her body away. She couldn’t imagine the Alexis from yesterday saying such a thing. She felt horribly uncomfortable about the way the conversation was turning. And, worse, by the way her breasts throbbed when she heard the word ‘tits’.

“That top really makes them look bigger. How do mine look?” Alexis asked, standing and nearing Meredith before putting her chest out for her to better check out.

Meredith had never been so startled. Even at his most forward, Chris had never made such an obvious advance at her.

Alexis just giggled and gave a twirl while she knew Meredith’s eyes were on her.

The feeling of repugnance was lost momentarily as Meredith caught view of Alexis’ lower back. “You… you got a... tattoo!” She held back from calling it a ‘tramp stamp’.

“I did! See! It’s my name!” Alexis said, bending over slightly to better present her assets for Meredith to read.

“It only says ‘Lexi’. I thought your name was Alexis?”

“It is... or, I mean, was.... If I’m blonde, why not right?” Lexi giggled and shook her rump in front of Meredith.

Panic crept up Meredith’s spine.

“I don’t have one do I?”

“An ass? You didn’t really yesterday, but today…”

“No! I mean a tattoo!” she turned so Lexi could see her back.

“No. Did you ask for one?”


“Then why would they give you one?”

It was an obvious enough question. But still one Meredith didn’t have an answer, too. None of this felt right.

“I don’t…”

Lexi didn’t seem phased by her lack of answer, instead eying the table next to Meredith. “You should thank me. I’ve been good. That glass has been sitting there full since I got here and I didn’t touch it once while you slept.”

Meredith turned her attention to focus on what Lexi was talking about. A fresh glass of white boba juice was on the table next to her. Condensation dripped down the side of the glass. Next to the glass was a hand mirror.

She didn’t think about it for a moment. As soon as she saw the drink, she had it in her hands and was gulping it down holding the straw to the side.

“I told you I’ve been good! I drank all mine before I sat down and Tetas hasn’t given me another

since!” Lexi pouted then moved over to sit down next to Meredith, grabbing the mirror as she drank. She held the mirror up so she could see both her and Meredith’s reflection in it. “So, what do you think of the new you?”

Meredith was glad she had chugged the drink. She might have choked from surprise and wasted some of the coconut goodness otherwise.

Alexis was, er… Lexi was right. She really did look hot.

“I wasn’t sold on the idea of spending vacation time in a salon, you know. But, like, I’m so glad Tetas talked me into it. I look so good right now! And I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this good either!”

Meredith was scarcely paying attention her. If it wasn’t her own hand she was watching in the mirror brush the crimson bombshell’s hair, she would scarcely believe it was her. Did she just call herself a bombshell?

She glanced down to verify that the mirror wasn’t lying. Maybe they didn’t look swollen. They just felt that way. Whatever the case, they looked big and they hurt. Maybe the swim bra was too tight?

A hand absentmindedly started rubbing a sore breast. It lessened the pain somewhat. It was also rather hypnotizing watching herself rub her own breast in the mirror like that. It even felt big…

“I told you your tits look awesome!” Lexi said giving one of her own a squeeze and pressing it next to the other. She angled the mirror so Meredith was forced to look at them. “You never told me how mine look!”

Her body flushed. She almost could feel it pulse in her hand as Lexi said the word again. Tits.

“They… um…” Meredith licked her lips. She couldn’t exactly look away with Lexi sitting right next to her like she was. And they did look good packed into the swim top. A healthy amount of cleavage that almost seemed like there could be just a little more to better compliment Lexi’s new look. Meredith could see Lexi’s hard nipples poking through the fabric, as if they wanted to be seen, too.

She licked her lips again. The flavor of the boba juice still hanging on them. “Uh, they look good!”

“Thanks!” Lexi giggled, almost in relief. “I mean they’re not as big as yours or anything but… God they feel so good! See!” Lexi said grabbing Meredith’s hand and pulling it to her own chest.

Were hers bigger? For some reason that thought seemed more important to Meredith as she held the other woman’s breast in one hand and her own in the other.

Hers did feel heavier. Fuller.

“Oh God! Like, that feels so good! You know, earlier today, the guy who was giving me a massage rolled me over and started rubbing them. I’d never had a titty massage! It felt so good!” then Lexi leaned in and whispered into Meredith’s ear. “I had the best orgasm! And then I had another! By the end of it I was cumming like a slut! David would be so jealous!”

Meredith felt short of breath. Her own hand on her own breast was getting her worked up. Her other hand on Lexi’s smaller breast was, too. And hearing about the woman’s slutty orgasms… She came like that, too. Didn’t she?

She bit her lip. Squeezing her larger tit. Then Lexi’s.

Lexis was firmer. But much lighter.

Hers felt fuller. More natural. And felt like they had more room to grow… She felt them start to throb under her hand.

“I… I need a titty massage!” Meredith said to herself as much to Lexi.

“Me too!” Lexi said looking her in the eye.

It was a look familiar to Meredith. One she’d seen Chris give her right before he kissed her. Specifically, right before he kissed her when he was sure he was about to fuck her.

The throb found its way between Meredith’s legs.

She quivered. Her mind dueling with what was clearly her body’s need and the revulsion that she held toward other women’s bodies.

She bit her lip. Her eyes tracing Lexi’s slender body. More curvy than she’d remembered. Hotter than she’d ever thought a woman’s body could be…

“Lexi! Time for your next session!”

Whatever spell they were under together was broken with the Spanish accented words of Tetas. Lexi ran over to her immediately.

Meredith couldn’t blame her. Tetas was holding a bright blue glass of boba juice for her.

She licked her lips. Her mouth felt dry now that she recognized her thirst.

“It’s okay, Mary, Baya will be by soon for you.”

“And I’ll see you later!” Lexi said after she’d finished downing her drink. Then she ran over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

Meredith’s mouth was flooded with the fresh taste of blueberry as Lexi’s tongue forced its way in.

Despite herself, Meredith found herself sucking on it. Almost like a…

“I can’t wait to hear what you think about my next tattoo! I want you to be the first to see!” Lexi said. Then ran back to Tetas, leaving Meredith alone in the cabana.

She wondered what tattoo Lexi would get. She was excited that she was chosen to be the first one to see it. She was jealous of seeing her walk off holding Tetas hand.

She was most of all surprised at herself.

Meredith had just made out with a woman. And she’d liked it.

She crossed her legs, feeling a warm pulse. She’d liked kissing Lexi. Or rather she’d liked Lexi kissing her.

Teeth found their way onto her lips. She couldn’t help but think of Chris. If only he could see her now, as hot as she was. She’d have him so wrapped around her little finger he wouldn’t be able convince her to do whatever he was trying to get her to do.

And if he ever found out about her making out with another woman.

She recrossed her legs just thinking about the kiss. Meredith closed her eyes as she started thinking about Chris…

“Mary! Oh good, you awake now! Good! You come now! Time for evening massage!” Baya said startling Meredith from her daydream.

The redhead gasped and immediately pulled her errant hand out from underneath her panties. Had she really just been doing that in public?

Baya gave a friendly laugh not even pretending not to notice. “Good! Good! You starting to relax! Is good! You relax, you feel good. Is okay! Here! Baya have more boba juice made special just for you!”

The previous thoughts of embarrassment vanished as soon as she saw the white glass in Baya’s hand. Meredith snatched the concoction and immediately began to satisfy her freshly recognized cottonmouth.

The familiar taste of blended vanilla and coconut flooded her mouth.

Funny, she didn’t used to like coconut. Especially not compared to blueberry. But the only way she could think of blueberry of any sort tasting any better than this was if she were sucking it off of Lexi’s tongue.

Her mouth watered at the thought.

“Good girl, Mary. You drink the whole glass again! Almost no stress left in you now! Hold on! Baya check to make sure!”

Meredith gasped in shock and startled pleasure Baya reached out and hefted her breasts.

“Oh. That too bad.” Baya said as she started squeezing her breasts.

A touch of fear washed over her face when Meredith perceived Baya’s disapproval.

“Nicole right. You hold lotta stress in your breast. Is okay though, titty massage take care of that! Right?”

A sigh of relief escaped Meredith’s lips as Baya continued to caress her breasts. She could feel the stress being squeezed out of them by the buxom attendant.

She wasn’t quite as hot as Lexi. But her boobs were just a bit bigger. Almost as big as her own.

Wait… did she always have bigger tits than Baya?

She found herself watching the shorter woman’s bust as her own tits were rubbed. She’d called them something different before, right?

Titties? Maybe that was it. She liked titty massages.

“Okay. I give you more later, maybe. Right now time for special titty massage! You get special double massage! Nicole and Matthew at same time! Very lucky! Not everyone get total package like that!”