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Malaking Suso Resort and Spa


Commissioned by CJ

Day 2, Part 6: Formula Change

Meredith’s arm was tingling. She felt the nerves in her fingers dance as she tried to wake up her hand. She must have slept on it funny.

A dim light filled the room, but Meredith wasn’t ready to open her eyes just yet. She rolled from her side to her back, unpinning her arm.

The motion didn’t feel routine. It was now harder to breath and Meredith felt an unfamiliar heavy pressure on her chest.

She reached up to find it was only her own breasts. Sore. Swollen.

Meredith kept her eyes shut as she shifted her body.

Yep. Light cramping.


Just her luck. There were few joys that came with her period.

She stretched her legs and toes. She felt her sex rub as she did so.

Well, one joy. If she could call it that.

Meredith felt the familiar need between her legs. Then she laughed to herself.

Shame Chris hadn’t taken the rare opportunity to fuck her before sending her away for the weekend. He certainly wasn’t going to get the chance when she got back.

Not after he’d sent her away. And certainly not before letting her on about whatever it was he was scheming about.

What day was it anyway?

Idly, Meredith’s hands started to rub her sore breasts. It felt nice to do so. But they certainly felt big. And sticky.

A vague memory of a lucid dream struck her.

Maybe it was sweat?

A fluorescent light cast dimly above her as she slowly opened her eyes.

Where was she?

Meredith licked dry lips. She was thirsty.

Where was her…

She blinked, clearing the last of the sleep from her eyes.

Blue veins contrasted with the pale flesh of her breasts. Nipples sorely alert at their peaks. She’d never seen them this swollen.

She took a moment to measure them. Never this big. Never this this heavy…

“Ah, you awake, baka!”

A sexy Filipino in a bright red string bikini stood over Meredith.

Dark hair, dark eyes, dark nipples.

Meredith could see them through the tight fabric.

She blinked hard and chided herself. Stupid period. She shouldn’t be horny about the woman! She shouldn’t be thinking of women as sexy!

The woman began to pull on a pair of long red latex gloves. Once donned, she reached out and grabbed one of Meredith’s sore breasts. “You got malaking suso now, yes?” she said, shaking her own heavy bust as she did so.

“What the hell?” Meredith glared after not being quick enough to prevent the violating touch. Her eyes following the sway of the other woman’s bust.

She licked dry lips again.

The woman laughed. “Don’t worry, baka! You halfway there! You like Yolanda’s big tits, yes?” She asked, swaying and turning in front of Meredith as she did so.

Meredith did want to watch. But she didn’t want the other woman to know that. She turned her head away.

“Yeah, baka like big tits. Like Yolanda’s big tits. Big nipples. Bet you want suck all the milk out of them like boba juice!”

Despite herself, Meredith turned back toward the woman.

Yolanda had peeled her top off. No doubt was left about the size of nipples, which she rolled in between her latex clad fingers.

White droplets turned into tiny streams.

From behind her the whir of an electric motor started. For some reason, the sound added to Meredith’s unwelcomed excitement.

She felt her pussy throb first. Then her nipples.

“Ha! You more than halfway there, baka! You already leaking milk from your big fat udders! They so excited to see Yolanda’s milky milk they make their own!” Yolanda said, slapping one of Meredith’s swollen breasts.

Again she was too slow to block it. This time, however, Meredith realized the fault was not entirely on account of her slow reflexes. Her wrists had been bound. Nylon cord kept them from moving too far one way or the other. She lifted her head to find similar restraints on her ankles.

Yolanda tsked. “It too bad you couldn’t stay good baka. You too greedy! Want to much control! Baka have no control!”

“The hell are you talking about? Let me go!” Meredith said. Now actively pulling against the cords.

“You fight too much Mary cow. Not enough.” Yolanda shrugged. “But still too much. Boba juice and massage no work on you. Just work on your big fat tits!”

Meredith moved to cover her breasts from any further slapping, but Yolanda had turned away to grab a nearby plastic bucket. The move was counterproductive. Without massaging them, her hands on her breasts only served to further remind her of how swollen they felt.

“They full of milk, stupid! That why they big and full. You need milked! But not yet. You were bad baka! Baya tell me what you did! You fight to much, baka! Now we got to increase dosage! More work for me!” Yolanda said standing over Meredith. Then she squeezed her own breast again, causing a stream of milk to fall over Meredith’s face.

Meredith turned away at the disgusting act. Some even got in her mouth!

She wanted to spit it out.

But she was thirsty.

And it tasted really good…

Yolanda laughed again as she continued to spray Meredith’s face. “But sometimes more fun!”

Too thirsty…

Meredith started to lick her lips.

Then she turned her head toward Yolanda and her thirst quenching breasts.

Yolanda stopped immediately. “See! You don’t need fight it Mary cow! But, too late now!” Yolanda then grabbed the straps at the side of the bed and pulled them tight.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Just getting you ready. Boba juice and massage alone no work on you, so we try something else.” Yolanda said, dipping her hands into the bucket. A clear gooey substance coated her gloved hands.

“Please don’t.” Despite the anticipation of pleasure, a genuine fear was growing inside of Meredith.

“Can’t be helped. You baka now. Maybe not all in brain. But definitely all in body! Look your udders already making milky milk!”

Glancing down, Meredith could see it was true. Thick droplets had formed at the top of her breasts.

“But you no happy yet. Your owner pay good money for happy bimbo cow. Not just control freak baka. Who need that?” Yolanda set the bucket nearby and climbed onto the bed over Meredith’s waist. Straddling her.

“Please… Get off...” Meredith had to turn her head away again. The sight of Yolanda’s dripping nipples would have been too much for her otherwise.

Yolanda laughed again. “See, you too smart! Too smart; no be happy! They say your red hair why chemistry in boba juice no work all the way. Like painkiller, something about red hair. So now we change your chemistry! No be too smart; be happy!”

The Filipino began rubbing the goo onto Meredith’s breasts.

“There nothing wrong. I just rubbing them. Just preparing you for milk machine!”

“Stop! Leave them alone!” Meredith said, trying to fight the pleasure.

“No point struggling, be happy! Feel good right? You like it when Yolanda squeeze your big titties?”

“Please.” Meredith said, still struggling. “Oh! Please… don’t…. want them… squeezed…”

“Why not? Yolanda already doing it! Besides, you like it! Your pussy likes it. Your titties like it. That what they’re meant for anyway right?” Yolanda asked squeezing them again. “We get them all covered up now!”

“Please… Let me out...”

“Look at your titties now!” Yolanda said ignoring the protest and giggling as she pinched a nipple.

“Please...” Meredith said, but her eyes betrayed her as she looked down her chest.

“Look how shiny!”

Her taut nipples were shiny. Iridescent even.

“I just getting you ready for milking machine, remember? You cow. You want get milked. Make your big titties feel all better!”

“Milking machine?” a bit of hope grew from Mary’s voice. That was what that electric hum was. That was why it had excited her.

“Yes! Oh yes! Suck, suck, suck and squeeze!” Yolanda said, squeezing Mary’s tits as she said the word.

Mary’s eyes were starting to glaze over. A happy numbness was beginning to soak in through her tits.

“You like milking machine!”

Mary did like the milking machine.

Didn’t she?

“No!” Meredith shouted in defiance.

“They’re getting ready for it now!” Yolanda said, her eyes directed toward the bound woman’s tits.

“No they aren’t!”

“Yes they are! And you are, too, Mary cow! You like it too much! You no fight it anymore!” Yolanda said, unbinding one of Mary’s hands just long enough to roll her over. She then quickly rebound the hand.

“It feel better on your knees, yes?”

It did.

“No.” Meredith lied.

“We get you ready.”


“Why you keep lying, baka? Your body no lie, look!” She gave a nipple a tug. “We got to get you ready for machine, huh teats?”


“Almost ready, I squeezing them until they are!”

“No…” Meredith felt her will fading away with each squeeze.

“I just squeezing them. Getting them ready for milking machine.”

“Oh!” Mary’s reaction was startled at first, but her body was giving into the pleasure. “Oh…”

“Almost ready.”

“No!” Yolanda’s words had stirred Meredith’s remaining resistance. “Let me go!”

“Too late! I need you, Mary cow. Besides, you almost finished!” Yolanda said as she began to tug and squeeze more firmly on both of Mary’s tits.

“Ow! Oh. Ohhh. Ooh.”

“Almost....” Yolanda said, giving a longer, harder squeeze.


“Good girl! You ready get milked now?” Yolanda asked, pulling away from the bound woman.

Without the distracting pleasures on her chest, Meredith found what sense was left in her to fight on. “No! Go away you bitch! Ow!”

“No bad language, bad baka!” Yolanda said slapping an udder.


“No point in moaning. Only mooing. Baka cow! I need train you remember?” Yolanda said stepping back. “This training. It okay, Yolanda did it once. Yolanda use milking machine!”

Meredith turned her head. Had this woman truly gone through what she had?

“I no like it at first… but after while…” Yolanda said, looking down at her own nipples, white droplets hung from their ends. “Yolanda like it now. Yolanda love it! You love it too, Mary cow!”

Her hands turned their attention back to Mary. “You love it! You love be naked! You love big titties! You love suck big titties! You love suck cock! You love drink cum! You love drink pussy juice! You love cum when told! You good cow! You good cow most of weekend! Drink all of Baya’s pussy boba juice!”

Mary bit her lip as the memories of the last few days began to wash through her.

“You love being milked… You love machine sucking on nipples! You love even more on floor like animal! You love be cow, Mary baka! You cum for me now if this true!”

Her hips bucked.

It was true. All of it.

“Yolanda think you ready now, stupid baka.” Yolanda said stepping away.

The electrical hum grew louder as Yolanda rolled a pump machine toward her. The numbness from her tits was creeping upward. The buzzing of the machine echoing in her mind.

“Yes?” Yolanda asked, nodding her head toward the machine.

Mary nodded.

“Good girl!” Yolanda said, undoing Mary’s binds.

Free. Mary crawled forward to the machine and took its suction cups in her hands.

A long electrical cord wound around the corner giving the pumping machine power.

On its own the machine was rather rudimentary. There was no doubt as to its singular purpose.

Meredith could see the suction cups alternating their pulls. The machine had been turned on for her.

As much as the thought of being hooked up to it frightened her. Meredith’s body was succumbing to its mechanical buzzing.

Her nipples were already alternating throbbing in unison with the machine, even though she wasn’t hooked up.

Not yet.

She could still fight it.

She dropped the cups.

She didn’t need to be milked yet.

She wanted to. Her nipples wanted to.

Okay, her breasts needed to.

Her big milky breasts.

Her big milky tits.

Fuck she needed it.

The buzzing of the machine was inside her head. Reminding her of her happy memories with a big vibrator between her legs.

She crawled forward.

Fuck it felt so good to be crawling.

Her tits felt so good just to be hanging there. They gently swayed, slapping against each other lightly as she crawled within arm’s reach of the machine.

Oh god. Was she actually going to do this to herself?

Her nipples wanted to answer solidly for her.

Was she going to submit herself in front of this foreign woman and be milked like an animal?


Not just like any animal.

Like a big titted cow.


She couldn’t even think the word without shivers of pleasure coursing through her core.

Especially in her big tits.

Her big milky tits.

She could feel her nipples throbbing in unison with the machine now.


They wanted to be milked.

They wanted her to be milked like a cow.


Even the thought of such humiliation wasn’t enough to stop the trickle of wet from falling down her leg.

Her body was betraying her. It wanted her to be a cow.


She had to find another word for it... But she was having trouble focusing on anything other than that word.


Meredith licked her only pair of dry lips.

She looked back to see the Filipina right behind her. She was rubbing her own massive tit with her bare hands. The red latex gloves discarded.

“Yes you like big milky titties, baka! Don’t worry, you get to suck on Yolanda’s titties soon enough if you good girl. Good girls get suck on big titties.” Yolanda said giving one of her nipples a squeeze, a fine mist of milk covering Meredith’s face.

She was to parched to even fight her tongue as it licked the milky misting from her lips. She wanted to be a good girl. She wanted to suck the milk from Yolanda’s tits.

“You like? Taste so good, huh? Good baka’s get to suck on Yolanda’s big titties.” Yolanda said, leaning over so her nipples were almost close enough for Mary’s lips to grab hold of.

Her head followed the sway of Yolanda’s tits as she teased her.

“Yes. You want be good girl and suck on big titties. Suck on her nipples like you suck on tiny cocks. Good girls like suck cock! Sucking cock make good girl so horny. Tell me you so horny, baka!”

“I’m so horny!” Mary replied. Tiny nipple sized cocks dancing in front of her face. She wanted to suck on them. She was a good girl.

“You such good girl! You do what you told! You such good baka!” Yolanda said as she slid a nearby pan beneath the woman’s sex. “You cum now!”

Mary’s body shuddered as she filled the pan on command.

“Good baka! Okay, Mary baka. Time for milky milk. Then you get to sucky suck, yes?” Yolanda said first pointing to the pump machine then hefting a tit toward the naked woman.

Mary nodded as she crawled the last bit toward the machine. She was a good baka.

When she got there she stared at the pumps. Even though it made that pleasant vibrator noise the machine was horrendously loud. And still a bit scary. She’d never been milked before.

Especially not like that.

But still her teats throbbed.

“Aw, you need help with milking machine? Huh, stupid cow?”

Mary looked down in shame. She didn’t want Yolanda to know that she was more afraid of the machine than confused by it.

“It okay. Cow supposed to be stupid!” Yolanda said petting Mary’s head.

She knew it was an insult. But with her head being pat like that, Mary couldn’t help but take it as a compliment. She did the right thing, didn’t she?

“Here, Yolanda help stupid cow.” the Asian woman said hefting Mary’s tits now.


She did the right thing!

It felt so good to have her big tits touched!

“Yes. Such stupid baka. Such good baka. No be smart. Be happy! You be happy now, yes?”

Mary nodded mindlessly as Yolanda played with her tits. They felt so silky smooth now.

Hadn’t they been covered with goo just a minute ago?

Meredith’s eyes opened wide.

This shouldn’t be happening!

She shouldn’t be happy from this! She shouldn’t be stupid! And most of all she shouldn’t be feeling any pleasure from this woman teasing her tits!

Her big tits.

Her big fat tits.

Her big fat milky tits.

They felt so nice in the sexy woman’s hands.

So much lighter in her hands.

A shame her hands were too small to form a proper hand bra.

“Oh!” Mary yelped as Yolanda dropped one her tits, using her newly free hand to attach a suction cup to her newly exposed teat. Just as quickly she did the same to the other.

If Mary hadn’t already been on her knees, the pleasure she was feeling know would have brought her there.







She felt like she was orgasming through her own tits.

“You such good bimbo cow now, Mary!” Yolanda said rubbing her hands around Mary’s ass and down into her wet sex. Then she held her hand in front of Mary’s face.

“Smell so good, yes?”

Mary only heard the word good.

Everything was good. She was good.

She nodded.

“Good girl! Love the smell of her own pussy juice! You love pussy juice! So yummy! You suck!” Yolanda said forcing her fingers into Mary’s willing mouth.

It tasted delicious. She loved pussy juice. It smelled nice. It tasted good.

She sucked Yolanda’s fingers in rhythm with her tits being pumped.

“Good girl, loves to suck!” Yolanda said, pulling her hand back and between her own legs now, pulling aside the bright red bikini bottom. Her fingers easily slid into her own sex.

She then held the thong aside from her nether lips.

“Good girl loves pussy juice. Good girl loves to suck.” Yolanda said, guiding Mary’s head toward her own clit.

There was no resistance.

Mary was in pure bliss. Any will power she had left had long been sucked from her tits. And it had felt amazing.

Sucking Yolanda’s fingers had been like sucking a slender cock.

And she loved sucking cock.

And now…

She was so thirsty. And she just loved pussy juice!

“Oh!” it wa Yolanda’s turn to cry out in pleasure. “What special tongue you have! Good girl! You drink all Yolanda’s pussy juice! Then you drink all her milk!”

Yolanda ground her sex into Mary’s face.

Mary brought a hand up from the ground to hold Yolanda’s ass. She wanted to drink all her yummy pussy juice so she could drink her yummy milk!

“No!” Yolanda said slapping Mary’s hand and stepping back.

Mary shrank at the reprimand.

“You cow! You no use hands! Stupid cow!”

Mary licked the juice from her lips and swallowed while she tried to process the information. It was hard to think as the pumps continued to pull on her teats.

She looked over at the machine that was causing her so much confusion and pleasure.

The clear containers were starting to fill with a white frothy mixture.

It looked yumy.

“Milk later, pussy now!” Yolanda said, pulling her attention back the the Filipina’s sex.

It was easier to lap away at her pussy now that Yolanda was holding her head. Guiding her. Telling her where to go.

It just felt right.

“Good girl! Such a good cow!” Yolanda praised.

Then she pulled Mary’s head away.

“Tell Yolanda what you are, Mary?”

Mary paused. The only noise in the room coming from the machine attached to her tits. Hadn’t Yolanda just told her?

“I’m a good girl.” Mary agreed before trying to move in and lap away more at Yolanda’s pussy.

Yolanda laughed. Then she tilted Mary’s head back and slid her mouth open with her thumb.

Mary let her. She loved feeling Yolanda’s hands on her face and lips. She loved the way she pulled her lower lip down and examined her like she was nothing but a piece of livestock.

Her livestock.

Yolanda then swished her tongue around and dropped a large spool of spit into Mary’s willing mouth.

Mary swallowed. Then opened her mouth again for more.

“Yes, you good girl, Mary cow. But you not just good girl. You got big milky tits! Big milky udders! You on all four like animal! You love it! You love be baka! You love be cow!” Yolanda praised, stroking Mary’s hair before spitting in her mouth again.

Again Mary swallowed. She was trying to take it all in. There was a lot of spit. And the pretty woman with nice breath was saying a lot of words. And her titties felt nice.

They were starting to hurt. But they felt nice.

“Hmm… Almost empty now, baka. Such good cow! Make milk for nice Yolanda! Now, tell Yolanda what you are, Mary baka?”

Mary wasn’t paying attention. She had started drooling as the pleasure from her breasts crested over her.

Yolanda grabbed her face, making sure she paid attention this time. “Tell Yolanda what you are, Mary cow?”

Mary scrunched her face. The pretty woman with big tits was saying words again. Mary really liked one of them.

“Cow.” She said smiling.

Yolanda pet the cow’s red hair as she praised her. “Good girl, Mary cow! You cow! You good cow! You got such big milky tits! Big milky udders!”

The Asian’s hands traced their way down to Mary’s massive tits. Blue veins shining brightly against her pale flesh. Yolanda’s expert fingers could tell that they were almost empty.

“You like when Yolanda play with your tits? All that milking make you horny. You horny cow, yes?”

Mary moaned in response. Yolanda’s hands in combinations with the suction was on the verge of too much.

“Such good, horny cow!” Yolanda said. Then she turned off the pump. “What horny cow say, Mary?”

“Moo!” Mary lowed as the suction cups fell from her udders. Her body quaked in orgasmic acceptance.

“Such good horny cow!” Yolanda said, tugging on Mary’s newly freed teats. “You keep on unga! Unga make you happy!”

“Moo!” Mary lowed again. She could hear the pan beneath her filling as her orgasm continued.

“You make Chris happy you unga like that. You like make Chris happy. You like be happy. You like be cow!”

“Moo!” Mary cried letting the last of the orgasm crest over her. At last collapsing on the ground, exhausted from the pleasure.

Yolanda laughed then pulled the pan full of the unconscious woman’s cum away from her. Then she took the fresh containers of milk from the machine and replaced them with empties.

She smiled. This would make a nice batch of boba juice for the cow in the morning.

Then Yolanda wiped the suction cups clean and applied them to her own breast.

“Too bad you no get. You good girl. Maybe later” she said to the resting cow next to her before flipping the machine back on.

Mary slept on. Her dreams reverberating with Yolanda’s moos.