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Chapter Eighteen

‘Look at these!’ Bethy yelled, excited at finding some pretty coral shells on the golden sandy beach as she bounced along, running from one new and marvellous find to the next. I dawdled behind her as she went like a lost sheep, a bit. I was tired and wished I weren’t there at all, but rather, back in my bunk, fast asleep.

‘Must have missed those, too,’ I said for the tenth time, so far.

The warm morning sun shining gently down on the top of my head was slowly, but surely putting me to sleep on my feet as I walked. I knew it would be a lot hotter around midday so I’d have to convince Bethy to leave the beach and the never-ending damn shells and explore the cool of the rainforest, looking for new and different bird life she hadn’t seen before. Otherwise, I reckoned, my knees would eventually buckle under the weight of my frying brain and sleeping male mind, then I’d simply fall over flat on my face in the sand and that’s where I’d stay for a long, long while.

Bethy had woken me up that morning when she’d figured I should’ve been up, which was about an hour after daybreak, somewhere around five-thirty in the morning. It had taken her fifteen minutes just to get me to open my eyes, let alone get out of bed. But, somehow, she had managed to achieve both of those tasks, albeit, with me cursing her like an old mule all the way out of our forward cabin, along the deck and down into the tender, and then all the way through the morning swell and surf in the tender until we hit finally the beach at full throttle, which drove the tiny tender hard up into the soft sand. The brave and courageous little motor had only stopped because it wasn’t strong enough the screw it’s even smaller propeller through the actual sand, itself, even though it was very soft.

Nevertheless, she’d borne up to my morning wrath well, I had to give her that. I think it would have worn Shari’ down before we’d gotten to the tender. We’d have never made it to the beach, I was sure of that.

I was so tired now. I’d been dreaming of all sorts of weird and wonderful things that somehow seemed to be part, in relation to everything that had happened of late. Bethy and Shari’ had woken me up at two-thirty am and told me I’d been talking loudly in my sleep about master’s and slaves and desert islands and cousins and stuff, as well as flailing my right hand up and then down hard into my bedcovers. I could hardly remember it all now, but I knew it was all connected, somehow, to everything that had transpired between Shari’ and Bethy and myself, and the fact that we were first cousins.

All I really knew right then was that I needed sleep badly and that Bethy’s continually bubbling-right-over-the-top excitement and high-pitched shrieking enthusiasm over each new shell she found was starting to drive me right up the fucking wall. I had to get her up and off the beach before I left more than my size ten footprints in the sand. She just wasn’t strong enough to carry me, no matter how much she liked me as her cousin and master.

‘Bethy!’ I called to her as she began to squat down at a brand new discovery, ‘we’re going to miss all the pretty birds that only come out early in the morning if we stay here on the beach much longer!’

She looked up at me, bottom jaw dropped right down as if I’d told her she would never see another coral shell for as long as she lived.

‘Besides,’ You’re almost back up at your limit, did you realise that?’

I’d glanced in the storeroom at her amazingly large collection yesterday, after stowing my uncle and aunt’s snorkelling gear in the deck locker when I’d washed it all thoroughly. No wonder my uncle always told her she’d end up sinking the yacht and the lot of us with it. It looked like tons of the damn things. You could hardly walk around in there, anymore.

Bethy had lowered her head when I’d said that and was now staring at the sand. Then slowly, she raised her face to look at up me from beneath her eyebrows. Gone was the excited late teenager of only a few minutes before. Now present, was the softly smiling face of a submissive female, or of one who badly wanted to be, at any rate. She stood up then and walked slowly toward me, head bowed, eyes downcast to the golden sand. When she reached me, she stayed that way, waiting for me to speak. I did.

‘Let’s go!’ I said grumpily and I did, not waiting to see if she could keep up with me as I stepped it out up through the gripping soft sand with the last of my beach energy. I knew where I’d see her, though, if I had the strength and dexterity to turn around without tripping over my aching, tired feet-half a step behind me, hot on my heels like “The Shadow.”

Up we trudged through the palm trees and through them then on into the rich green and beneath the cool overhanging leafy canopy. I sighed with gratitude as I felt the cooler air swamp me from head to toe. Then I stopped to lean against one of the palm trees and regroup my energies for the walk inland. I’d decided to take her to the same little waterhole that Shari’ and I had visited and stopped to rest at. In my delirium and current state of fatigue, I was actually even considering taking a little sleep there, if I could talk Bethy into being brave enough to stand guard while I did.

She stopped with me, standing right in my six-o’clock shadow, if I’d had one. I was aware of her looking at me as my gaze travelled around, trying to find the exact route that Shari’ and I had taken. I didn’t feel like any sort of trailblazer at all, right then. I saw the trail and head off without a word, with “The Shadow” in almost unbearably close pursuit. I stepped it out a little faster, just for breathing space.

‘Slow down, Sir?’ She finally called behind me and I suddenly felt guilty. I did.

‘Thank you, Sir!’

She rapped it out like a soldier. I didn’t know whether I liked that or not. I sort of did and I sort of didn’t, but I was too tired to argue anyway. She could call me however and whatever she liked, as long as she didn’t call me late for dinner.

After an incredibly long while, during which I’d spent most of the walk sure I was actually going a different way, we finally arrived at the small pool.

‘Thank Christ for that!’ I said under my breath and flopped immediately down on my back beside it with my hand splashing into the cool water near the edge. ‘Ahhhhh!’ I soothed, allowing the chilly cold water to freeze my blood as it flowed back to my pumping heart for redistribution.

‘You should do more exercises, Sir,’ Bethy said, hardly even puffing as she sat down cross-legged beside me, too close for comfort, ‘like dad said we all should do. Shari’ should, too, I think.’

‘I’m not unfit, Bethy!’ I snapped grumpily at her, not opening my eyes to look at her with my answer, even though I wanted to look as angry as I’d sounded. ‘I’m just tired, that’s all! You woke me up, remember, at some ungodly hour when all I was having was a harmless dream. And then you did it again, just after bloody dawn!’

‘You were talking loudly enough to wake everybody on board, Sir,’ she said, again, very seriously. ‘And you were waving your right hand up and down like you were pumping out the bilge. What were you dreaming about, anyway, Sir?’

‘Ahhhh!’ I groaned, annoyed and defeated by my own tiredness. ‘I can’t fucking remember, now be quiet for a while and let me rest!’

I was rapidly becoming frustrated over a battle with her semantics I knew I didn’t have the energy to win, even if she said I could. I swirled my hand around faster in the icy cold pool water, instead.

‘Do you want me to rub your neck and shoulders, like I saw mum do a few times?’ She offered honestly. ‘I know how to do it. I was watching.’

‘No!’ I snapped and regretted it instantly. ‘I’m sorry,’ I quickly apologised and then opened my eyes to look at her. She was still sitting almost in my face to my left and looking directly down at me. I felt like a child and she, the adult. ‘I’m sorry Beth’. It’s okay, really. I’m just going to rest a bit, that’s all.’

Her eyes seemed to nod with her head, gently as she stared down sympathetically at me. I took advantage of that look, immediately.

‘If I nod off to sleep,’ I got in quickly, ‘you’ll be right on your own for just a little while, won’t you?’

Her eyes misted and her bottom jaw dropped open, so I guessed her answer would be no.

‘Sir?’ she said quietly, her soft imploring gaze drilling twin holes down through the very centre of my tired eyes. It actually hurt to look up at her. ‘Aren’t we going to... Aren’t you going to-to... you know? Do it? Like you-like you did to Shari’?’

I closed my eyes, knowing it might arrive and come to that.

‘Some other time, okay, Beth’?’ I pleaded without looking up at her. ‘I’m just so tired, that’s all. Okay?’

‘Okay,’ she said softly and nothing more.

After about three minutes had passed, although I wasn’t really counting the time passing, just enjoying the rest and the coolness, somehow I felt she had reached the end of her self-imposed silence. I was right.

‘You like Shari’ better than me,’ she muttered resentfully under her breath and sounding close enough to be speaking right down my left nostril. The words seemed to vibrate through my whole head. I refused to open my eyes or even dignify her stupid comment with an answer, so I didn’t. Instead, I went back to counting the passing minutes of silence, wondering how long it would be-a minute and a half. That was all.

‘You do, though, don’t you? You always have.’ She muttered in the same huffy tone.

I mustn’t have inherited the “huffy” gene, I thought then and I was glad. My eyes remained closed. I went back to counting and waiting-just under a minute, this time.

‘You always have,’ she muttered, ‘just because she’s the eldest.’

Again, I refused to open my eyes. I was just too tired to curse her or anyone any more that day. Back to the counting and waiting I went, but this time, not even thirty seconds, a new “Bethy” record.

‘She must have nicer butt to hit than I do, huh?’ She muttered, sounding even more resentful and huffy than she had on all previous occasions.

I noticed only then that she’d stopped calling me, “Sir.” It annoyed me a lot, for some reason, but still, I refused to open my eyes and look up at her. She sounded so close I figured I’d probably look right up into her beautiful white teeth. Back to my counting and wai-

‘You’re not a very fair master, after all, Billy, are you?’ She huffed angrily, not even trying to hide her obvious contempt for me now. ‘I think you’re a bad master.’

She almost had me that time, after interrupting my count with another new silence speed record, not to mention, forgetting her manners when she addressed me, and on top of calling me a bad and unfair master. Nevertheless, I gathered all of my remaining energy and quickly turned it into the last of my patience. I remained quiet and eyes closed, flat on my back, but with my hand formed into a tight, frozen fist beneath the surface of the small water pool.

‘Mum was right,’ she said then, getting up to her feet with a soft grunt.

Her voice had a disgusted tone to it that set my teeth hard against one another. I recognised the sound of her getting up from the cross-legged position, after hearing it all my life. My eyes flew in open in anger and stared hard at the green leafy canopy high up in the trees above my head. I began to count mentally to ten. It was all I could do to stop myself from throttling the living shit out of her. It was so unlike her to say all of this stuff-really out of character. One part of my tired, angry mind was puzzled. I knew that, but I didn’t quite know why.

‘I guess you’re still a little boy, and still playing little boy games, aren’t you?’ She muttered then, sounding further away than she had been. ‘Just a little boy, like you were before you left, still playing little boy games, just like mum said.’

‘Bethy!’ I yelled from my flat-backed position on the ground. ‘Get here! Now!’

That was it. Too much is too fucking much in any male’s language, and she hadn’t listened. I hadn’t liked the bit about my aunt, either, but I figured I’d get to that later, first things first. I turned to look for her. She’d walked off about five yards and was now walking back to me, eyes staring angrily at me. Then she was standing over me and looking right down into my face. Her eyes were hostile.

‘Get them off!’ I snapped up at her. ‘And your fucking underpants! Now! Go on! Get them off before I get up right now and rip the fucking things right off your body!’

‘YES, SIR!’ She barked loudly, right back down at me, not seeming at all afraid. In fact, I could’ve sworn I saw the hint of a smile begin to form at the corners of her mouth before she bent forward to slip her orange underwear from her ankles and step out of them. My thoughts right then, however, were suddenly immersed in the sensual sight of her forest of pubic hair that was almost directly above my face, but a little to one side. Then I remembered in a flash, everything she’d just said to me.

‘Get down on your hands and knees!’ I yelled up at her pussy forest. ‘And face away from me when you do! And don’t say a fucking word, Bethy! Not a single word! Understand?’

‘YES, SIR!’ She barked so loudly down at me with her diaphragm that her lower belly trembled from the force of it. Her pubic hairs seemed to rustle as I continued to stare up into them. Then she did exactly as she was told and as she knelt down facing me on all fours and then turned, just as Shari’ had done, I again thought I saw the hint of a smirk at the corners of her mouth. But again, my attention was suddenly immersed in the depths of her creamy white behind. It was large than Shari’s and firmer, probably because there was a lot more of it, I figured. But it wasn’t a fat butt, just a solid one.

The dark crease between her firm cheeks seemed to beckon me right on into it, just as Shari’s had done before my gaze dropped right on down and into to the dark, hairy jungle deeply between her legs. Her private pubic jungle wasn’t glistening, though. It was just dark, mysterious and seemed very hairy.

My cock jerked noticeably. I’d instantly felt the blood-rush from my brain. I felt a bit light-headed. Then I remembered what she’d said my aunt had said about me being a little boy, just playing little boy games and the anger surged within me. All thoughts of Bethy’s sexuality suddenly vanished from my male mind. I sat bolt upright, indignant and now smarting from the cutting things she’d said to me and about me. I felt embarrassed, too.

I looked quickly down at the belt in my shorts and was about to reach down at it when I felt myself becoming even angrier over the things she’d said. All I wanted to do right then was whack the fuck out of that bare backside until she begged me to stop. And even if she did, I didn’t know right then if I would. I felt like belting her forever and wanted to feel the sting of that successful mission in the throbbing of my right hand. I got quickly onto my knees and moved around to her left, just as I’d done with Shari’.

‘Every sound you make,’ I snapped angrily at her steady bare ass, ‘will double the whacks you’re going to get. Understand, stupid girl? And that goes if you answer me now!’

‘YES, SIR!’ She yelled stupidly at the leafy forest floor beneath her head.

I had two stupid first cousins, I thought right then. What a millstone to have around my neck-not just one of them, but two of them. I’d teach her the mistake of trying this boy’s strong male mind too far.


They came hard and they came fast as the punishing sound of my flat bare palm and fingers smacked heavily into each cheek of her butt, twice each. She shrieked and twisted like a banshee, bucking wildly with the landing of the very first one, but I was ready, somehow. I reached quickly, snaking my left hand high between her legs and grabbing a fistful of the soft flesh up on her upper inner left thigh and clenching it tightly in my fingers. She cried out loudly again between her sobs of pain when I squeezed it so I squeezed her harder there and held her more tightly.

‘STOOOOOOOP!’ She screamed at the top of her lungs and with that, she’d doubled her lot. She’d also twisted in my grip. I now looked almost squarely up her ass and between her spread legs at the dark bush that didn’t glisten and shine like her sister’s had.


Again, they’d peppered her ass hard and fast, mercilessly beating down on her quivering white cheeks, again, two evenly apiece. My right hand throbbed right to the fingertips. She screamed and shrieked more loudly this time then bucked and twisted in my grip more vigorously than the first time, as well, but I held her in an iron grip by her inner left thigh and she couldn’t get away without hurting herself even more so. She was crying hysterically, but I didn’t care. What she’d said about my aunt saying what she had was burning my face away with embarrassment. My anger surged strongly again.

‘NNNNNOOOOOO!’ She screamed at the top of her lungs and with that, she’d doubled her lot, again. During the course of that delivery, my right hand had landed on her pubic hair, right between her legs and not on her butt. I noticed my hand was damp, but I didn’t care. She shouldn’t have pushed my buttons.


Again, two apiece, my hand had rained brutally down hard and fast, as hard and as fast as any of them so far. They cruelly slammed down into her pitiful white cheeks, although now they were both bright red, very, very bright red. And they quivered and trembled while I held her tightly by the inner left thigh, as I shook and shuddered also from head to toe. My heart pounded. My temples pulsed and my breathed raced as it left my open mouth while my eyes remained glued to the dark crease in her ass. It was my vertical aiming point so I wouldn’t miss a one. My right hand throbbed terribly, still right to the fingertips as if I’d dipped my whole hand in boiling hot fat.

‘AAARRRRRGGHH!’ She screamed again at the top of her lungs and with that, she’d doubled her lot, again. During the course of that delivery, my right hand had again landed on her pubic hair, right between her legs and not on her butt and again, I noticed that my palm was even damper, but I didn’t care. She shouldn’t have pushed my buttons.


Pitilessly, I slapped her red ass right down into the ground while she shrieked and sobbed broken-hearted when I’d done. And then I stopped and let go of her left inner thigh, my right hand still in the air and ready to come down hard again, but frozen now, like a statue and not moving. She lay flat on her belly where I’d slapped her down on the leafy forest floor, crying hysterically, like a baby who hadn’t been fed for a week.

Her buttocks were bright red from top to bottom and they trembled and continually clenched tightly together while I knelt there by her knees and watched them. Her fists had balled up tightly by her face and she kept thrusting her hips into the leafy carpet floor of the rainforest. When she did that, the reddening cheeks of her backside trembled and clenched tightly together and stayed like that for several seconds before once more relaxing to tremble while I stared hard down at them, mesmerised. She sounded awful, but she said no more words and had stopped shrieking and screaming her protests. I had beaten her mercilessly and pitilessly, all the way down to the ground.

Suddenly, my heart went out to her as I realised that she’d goaded me on purpose, deliberately, just to make me lose my cool and spank her, like her sister had been dealt with. She ‘d been determined not to leave the island without getting punished like that, even if I half-killed her in the process. That was the smile I believed I had twice seen, her smile of victory over me in getting exactly what she wanted to get, and she had, in spades, and, right in the ass where she’d wanted it.

My admiration and respect for my younger first blood cousin then soared to new and immeasurable heights, high above where they had ever been before. Her deep, anguished sobs sounded pitiful as I listened, but my eyes never left the mysterious dark crack between her solid red quivering and clenching cheeks. I reached out tentatively toward the closest ever-reddening cheek of her quivering bottom and gently laid my cooler left hand down upon the crimson skin.

‘Argh!’ She jumped, forcing her hips down into the forest floor.

‘It’s okay, Beth’,’ I tried to soothe her calmly, although I felt anything but calm, myself. ‘It’s okay.’

She relaxed then and settled, but with another deep sob. Then gradually, over the next few minutes, while I gently began to try and smooth away the redness in her skin, she ceased to cry at all, which was a wonder, considering the force with which I’d spanked her, as well as the number of times she’d got it. But finally, she even stopped sniffing and just lay there, silent and nude from the waist down.

Just right then I suffered the most powerful guilt trip of my life. I was overcome with a shame so deep that I wanted to fall through the centre of the earth and never be seen again, even by me. I’d recalled my aunt telling me only the day before that Bethy had been having her period and that was why she hadn’t been allowed to come with Shari’ and I to the island.

‘Oh, god!’ I said without thinking while my face flamed and burnt with the deepest shame I could have ever imagined. ‘Oh, god! Oh, fucking hell!’

Slowly, I lifted my hand from the hot skin of her deep crimson bottom and brought both of my arms upward toward my face. I couldn’t bring myself to even look at my well spanked first cousin-my shame was so great and so utter. My hands fully covered my eyes as the tears of my heinous, despicable crime ran instantly down my cheeks the second I leaned forward and crashed my forehead down hard into my knees. And then I really began to cry, for the first time since I could remember. It just came out for several terrible minutes.

Then I was stopped from crying anymore, and suddenly, by a touch gentle touch on my shoulder. I shut up immediately and sat slowly up on my knees, lowering my hands from my face. It was Bethy. I hadn’t even heard her get up. She knelt beside me to my left and also sat on her knees. She had dressed herself. Her face was full of concern and puzzlement. Her eyes were wide and caring, beautiful and shiny. A half-smile half-covered her white even teeth. I tried, but I couldn’t look at her.

‘Billy!’ She said emphatically, but quietly, ‘what’s the matter?? Did you hurt your hand?’

I half-laughed, half-sobbed at her statement and turned even more away from her so she couldn’t see any of my face. I wasn’t really behaving like a strong-minded male at all, right then. I had beaten her butt mercilessly when she had been biologically vulnerable and weak and now she asks me if I’ve hurt my hand? Oh, the shame I was feeling. It was almost killing me. The lump in my throat threatened to choke the life out me any moment.

‘I forgot you were having your period,’ I said. ‘If I’d not been so damn tired I wouldn’t have, honest, but I did. I’m so sorry, Bethy, baby-so, so fucking sorry.’

Then, to my amazement and complete surprise, she began to chuckle, and then to laugh. I didn’t understand. The lump in my throat was frozen there. It hurt to swallow. I gathered my courage and turned to face her. She was grinning from ear to ear and carried a beautiful white smile to my eyes as a greeting after her suffering terribly at the hands of her stupid master.

‘’Billy,’ she said softly, squeezing my shoulder gently, ‘don’t be sad. My period ended yesterday. I always get bad cramps on the last day. But I’m fine today, really.’

‘What? Really?’ I repeated, just like she always did. I sounded like an idiot. The lump in my throat began to disappear rapidly as a gigantic wave of relief began to wash over me. Then I heard her chuckle again. I knew that chuckle. It was cheeky. Her eyes began to dance, but then suddenly, she lowered her head and face from my gaze and stared back up at me from beneath her eyebrows. “The Look” was down pat, but it was natural and not contrived. I felt as if I were melting as I knelt there gazing into her face and eyes, as I had with Shari’. But I was puzzled.

‘Besides,’ she said shyly, quietly, ‘I-I...err. Billy, you didn’t... you didn’t hurt me, not-not really. Well, you did, but...but I... I liked it.’

With that she lowered her gaze immediately and blushed from the neck to the top of her forehead. My mind began to clear. She liked it? I wondered, amazed. I beat her ass senseless and she liked it? And she’d finished her period? Why was I upset then, I wondered, squaring my shoulders while I looked at her profile as she stared at her knees? She liked it, I repeated to myself.

‘You liked it?’ I repeated verbally, sounding amazed. ‘Why?’

She didn’t look up, but kept on gazing down at her knees. Then she blushed again.

‘I-I don’t know,’ she said hesitantly, ‘but it made me feel... sort of if... Oh, I don’t know, Billy, I just feel all-all... sort of... funny right now, that’s all.’

‘Funny?’ I asked.

‘Yes... funny,’ she confirmed, only then looking up at me with “the look."’

‘Then you’re not angry?’ I asked. ‘That I hurt you in spanking you like that?’

She smiled softly. ‘No, I’m not.’ she said, ‘and you didn’t hurt me. I told you. You just... you just... spanked me and... and I-I deserved it because I made you do it. I made you angry on purpose so you would.’

I nodded. ‘I realised that in the end,’ I told her, looking down at her tanned knees, upon which rested both her hands clasped loosely together. The she chuckled again. I glanced up into her eyes then began to melt all over again. My eyebrows were raised in question, my lips grinning. ‘Well, smart-ass, I hope you’re happy, now that you’ve got what you wanted.’

‘My butt hurts like hell!’ She grinned back at me. ‘I’ve got to stand up.’

And she did, slowly, tentatively then rubbed it gently with both hands, still grinning down at me. I got to my feet and looked down at her. Then I grinned myself.

‘If you’re going to make a habit of making me angry on purpose, Bethy,’ I smiled down at her, ‘count on making pain your friend. Let’s go.’

‘Yes, Sir,’ she said demurely, looking up at me from beneath her eyebrows, submissively, but with a cheeky sparkle in her deep azure eyes. ‘I will.’

I smiled, and then I grinned at her grinning up at me. And then I turned and walked away, back down the way we’d come. My younger first cousin, “The Shadow” was quickly hot on my heels, sore butt and all. As I walked, images came and went from my mind, images of a thatched house, of a fireplace, and of two slaves with fat bellies. I wondered where they’d come from and then recalled it had been from the crazy dream.

‘Feel like a swim?’ I called back to her as we walked onward.

‘Yes, Sir,’ Bethy answered, sounding as if she was sitting right on my left shoulder, ‘I do.’

‘Me, too.’ I agreed, reflecting back quickly over her entire spanking episode and grinning at how she manipulated me into doing it. ‘Me, too.’

And the strange, but not unfamiliar images continued to come and go from my mind as we eventually walked out from under the rich green canopy of the rainforest’s roof and padded down across the warm golden sand to the cool, wet edge of the island’s natural mother-the beautiful Pacific ocean.