The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


© by Mesmerr

Chapter Nineteen

‘Billy! Be quiet!’

‘Stop talking so loud!’

‘Sir! Wake up! You’re dreaming again!’

‘Why am I a master?’ I queried them back, after they’d asked me the same question. ‘Why am I a master?’

‘Yes,’ Shari’ confirmed,’ Why do you want to own us? Why do you want to control us and make the rules?’

‘Because I’m a male,’ I answered with a quiet smile, ‘and, because I can.’

‘Do you just... want to—?’

I cut her off on that track before she got going.

‘Look, Shari’,’ I said, but looking from one to the other, ‘here’s the secret: males want to dominate, or they need to, rather; to master, because the females who recognise that they are males and not men, allow them to. They need to control anything and everything that affects their lives. We just have a natural need to be sure that what we have today we’ll also have tomorrow. It’s just natural for us to need to do that, that’s all.’

‘I’ve never thought of that,’ Bethy said, with wonder in her voice. Shari’s eyes just narrowed, but her attitude wasn’t wrong. She was just thinking deeply, I could tell.

‘Isn’t it all about... about... sex, though?’ She said quietly then looked down at her feet.

We were sitting on the park bench at the stern of the yacht. Shari’ sat on my left while Bethy sat on my right. There was just enough room for all three of us to sit on it comfortably.

‘No,’ I said, ‘it isn’t.’

‘But don’t men want to have a... a willing woman available, any time, day or night?’ Shari’ then asked.

‘Men might,’ I answered, ‘but males don’t, not necessarily, anyway, unless they feel like it at the time. A male will need and want to find you next to him when he rolls over in bed in the middle of the night, but he also needs and wants to know you’ll be there tomorrow when he wakes up, and the next day, and the next. He also needs and wants you to be the friend he’s never really had and who’s always there; the one he can share his secrets with and the one he can trust.’

‘Oh,’ was all she said, not looking up at me.

‘Trust?’ Bethy queried softly, looking up at me from beneath her eyebrows with “the look.”

‘Yes, trust,’ I said. ‘Why so surprised? A male has to trust you, as well as you trusting in him. He has to trust you to keep his secrets, trust that you’ll be there for him, and trust that you won’t walk out or turn on him, like a black snake. He needs and wants his submissive female to spend a lifetime with, but he has that natural craving for control, to make sure everything is done his way, that’s all. And that’s because he knows he’s responsible. Males are very responsible people. We take our responsibilities seriously, that’s all.’

‘That’s all?’ Shari’ questioned. ‘That’s all? Billy, that’s everything!’

‘Well,’ I said with a patient sigh, ‘who can best answer that need? Someone who loves him, is devoted to him and wants to serve him, to take care of him? Yes, but also someone who will obey him and accept his judgement, whether it’s right or wrong; someone who can allow herself to become dependent on him, yet keep her independence, at the same time.’

‘What type of woman would be naturally like that?’ Shari’ asked then. ‘Nobody would like it, I don’t think-no woman, anyway.’

‘The answer,’ I told them both, ‘is this-it’s the submissive female, not the woman. I’ve told you both that before. You choose to submit to a master. You submit, knowing that it means you accept his unrestricted authority over your lives.’

‘Is that what he really needs? Or wants?’ Bethy asked seriously.

‘Yes,’ I grinned, ‘and don’t ever doubt it. Your willing submission is like a powerful drug to him. The more he gets from you, the more he needs and wants. It causes him to feel even more of the male you need him to be yourself. It’s what draws him to you in the first place. Don’t forget that. It’s a natural attraction that’s more powerful than you can imagine.’

‘Wow!’ Bethy breathed quietly. ‘I didn’t know any of this stuff. I wonder if mum does, Shari’?

Shari’ shrugged her shoulders, but still looked at me. I smiled and shrugged, too.

‘As a willing submissive female, it might seem at first that you get the short end of the stick,’ I said then, ‘but you hav—’

‘But we’re the ones who have to give him everything.’ Shari’ interrupted me, ‘What if he leaves us after a while because he’s tired of us?”

‘The reality is, Shari’,’ I said with a smile, ‘the more you draw him in with your femininity and natural female submissiveness, the more power you give to him through that female submission to remain exactly where he is... always with you. Understand?’

‘Sort of,’ Bethy answered for her.

‘That way,’ I continued, ‘the more he’ll need you and want you and desire you because you’re fulfilling dreams he’s probably had since his childhood. He would no more leave you than he’d cut off his arm.’

‘Wow!’ Bethy breathed quietly. ‘Really?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘and remember this, it’s very important: just as his dominance holds you to him, so does your submission hold him to you.’

‘I can see that,’ Bethy announced firmly.

‘To me,’ I went on, surprised at Bethy’s confident admission, ‘domination is not about what I actually do with you, but the potential of what I could do with you, if I wished, because I know you’d allow it through your submissiveness. If I wanted to, I could order my submissive females to crawl on the floor and bark like a dog, but I wouldn’t do that because it would be silly.’

‘It would be stupid,’ Shari’ agreed, but in the wrong attitude, I thought. My eyes narrowed and warned her. She looked down, immediately.

‘All I’m saying,’ I said, ‘is that I know I have the ability to make her do that, if I wanted her to. See the difference? That’s why a master isn’t a monster, because he doesn’t need to prove he’s in charge of you by always making a thousand rules. He just sees from how you willingly submit to him and obey him that his power over you is there anytime he wants it.’

‘I can see that,’ Bethy said again.

I looked at her and believed she honestly did. Shari’ looked quickly at Bethy and then back at me. I could tell that Shari’ felt a bit behind the starting gun-not that she was a stupid girl. Well, not most times, anyway.

‘What should a Master be, then?’ Shari’ asked seriously.

‘Only an honest female submissive can answer that,’ I told her. ‘It’s an individual thing with each slave. You and Bethy would each come up with different answers if I asked you that same question, separately.’

Bethy nodded. Shari’ did, too.

‘And that’s because you’re both different.’ I went on. ‘But generally, I feel that a master should be a strong male and a dominant one. He’s mostly always sure of himself and loves submissive females, especially those in his presence. He’s naturally giving, caring, loving and understanding.’

‘Wow!’ Bethy breathed quietly again.

‘When a master takes on a new submissive female,’ I said then, ‘he worships her and adores her, he loves her and he controls her. And in that way, he discovers her. And then, he utterly possesses her.’

‘Wow!’ Bethy breathed again, but not so quietly, this time.

‘He pushes her then,’ I said, ‘because he’s always ready to show her that she’s strong, that her limits aren’t what she believes them to be and that she can be taken farther.’


‘Bethy,’ I said quietly, ‘stop doing that, please. You sound like a little kid.’

‘Yes,’ Shari’ joined in, ‘you do.’

‘Who asked you?’ I snapped angrily at Shari’ then. She looked quickly at her feet. ‘And in this way,’ I went on, narrowing my eyes for Shari’ when she looked up, which she did right then, ‘he shows his submissive females their own confidence and their own levels of self-esteem. He knows that he only controls them and their willing submission because they allow him to in the first place.’

Bethy nodded. Then Shari’ did, too, demurely. She was learning, I thought then. She was learning. We all were.

‘Once a master learns,’ I continued, ‘about any of his new submissive females, a special understanding takes place. He just naturally senses her desires, her needs and her passions. And with this new knowledge, he takes care of her, always giving her what she needs, but not necessarily what she thinks she wants. It’s his responsibility to care for her and protect her and love her. That’s what he’s there for and that’s his responsibility. And he takes it seriously. Remember? That’s what his submissive females need and want and expect of him.’

‘Wo—! Oh, sorry! Bethy quickly corrected herself. Then she looked down at the deck.

I smiled at her. Shari’s eyes narrowed, suspecting, I think, that I was giving Bethy better treatment than she.

‘If she’s sick, he’ll care for her and feed her’ I said. ‘If she’s exhausted, he’ll allow her to rest and maybe stroke her hair when she does. If she’s scared, he’ll comfort her and if she needs affection, he’ll hold her and cuddle her until she feels good about herself again.’

‘Wow!’ Bethy breathed in a whisper. I narrowed my eyes and she shrugged, as being not able to help herself saying that.

‘All these things, he, the natural male master does willingly,’ I told them both, ‘because he has nothing to prove and because he knows her; but also because he understands her better than anyone else does. He’s seen into her soul and held it in his hands and her mind is his to read and to know-just like her body is his to touch and to feel.’

Both of my first blood cousins looked quickly down at their feet. It was a few minutes, and only after I hadn’t said another word did they both slowly look up at me again, and both did it from beneath their eyebrows. I smiled warmly at them and got harder as “the looks” had their natural effect on my male person.

‘A submissive female’s heart is her master’s to hold and care for, too,’ I went on. ‘She becomes his possession, but he doesn’t take away her identity, he gives her one-who she really is, a female, and, a submissive one, at that. He allows her to grow into her own being, her own female, and her complete submission to him isn’t a punishment or a hatred of women in general, but one of love and development for her and him, too.’

‘Wow!’ Bethy breathed slowly.

‘He gives her, as well as himself, the room to come into her own,’ I said, ‘but under his care, like a beautiful flower, and she radiates from his love and devotion. She becomes a rose: a beautiful being that knows she’s loved and cared for in a very special way.’

Bethy sighed and Shari’ smiled softly. I smiled warmly at them both and continued while I was on a roll and had their complete attention. Long gone, it seems, was the pain or resentment they might have felt toward me for spanking them both.

‘This is what a master is,’ I told them both, confidently, ‘strong, able, confident, loving, caring, encouraging, and gentle.

‘What about punishment and discipline?’ Shari’ asked quietly then. ‘Does he have to do that?’

‘I’ve told you this before.’ I said, ‘Punishment is handed out lovingly, but firmly and only when it’s needed. If he’s not angry then there’s no anger with discipline. He’s just teaching her, that’s all.’

‘Oh,’ Shari’ said quietly.

‘Punishment and discipline aren’t necessarily physical,’ I said then, ‘it can be psychological, too. But it’s not done out of harshness or hostility, it’s done out of love and forgiveness.’

‘Really?’ Bethy asked.

I nodded then nodded again to Shari’ when she looked up at me.

‘A master doesn’t mould a slave into what he feels she should be,’ I said, ‘because he allows her the freedom to live and grow under his loving care until she becomes the naturally submissive female she’s always been, only more so with him and from deep within her female spirit.’

‘Wow!’ Bethy sighed dreamily. I smiled while Shari’ just frowned.

‘But he takes her submission seriously,’ I said, ‘knowing that it’s not given lightly by her. And he always remembers how precious it is, how rare it is and how beautiful it is.’

‘Really, Bill-err, Sir?’ Bethy managed with some damage control. ‘Is that what he really thinks?’

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘He does and he feels it, too. Because you’ve given him something that he can’t take for granted; you’ve given him your natural soul, the submissive female of your complete femininity. You’ve offered yourself to your master freely, of your own choosing, and you give that complete female submission to him in exchange for his protection, his care and love.’

‘Oh, wow!’ Bethy sighed. ‘That’ll be great!’

Shari’ sighed and looked down at her feet for a few seconds then slowly back up at me from beneath her eyebrows.

‘That’s why you’re obedient and you want to be.’ I told them both. ‘You need to be because you choose to be-not because you’re forced to be, and your first priority is always pleasing your Master, otherwise, what’s the point of you even being feminine or female in the first place? What other use could you possibly have for being born? That’s why you’ll do whatever he asks of you, in order to meet his desires and please him.’

Both girls looked quickly down at their feet again for a little while-a few long seconds of silence. Then slowly, they both gave me, “the look.” I smiled at them both warmly then erected on cue like a circus tent.

‘You’ll come to him as a thinking woman,’ I said then, ‘not sure or never having known who you really are as a natural female. But, with his guidance, you’ll quickly learn what’s expected of you. And with his patience, which you’ll quickly use up, he’ll open your female’s petals, one by one. And in that gentle way, you’ll start to give more of yourself, of your natural submissive female, until you’ve given your natural female all to your master.’

‘Oh, wow! Oh, Billy!’ Bethy sighed deeply with tears in her eyes. ‘This is so romantic. I never knew! I never knew!’

Shari’ hung her head and sighed softly while I smiled at them both, at that moment, full of love for them in a very strong and strangely different way.

‘There’s no power given up, no control taken away.’ I said then. ‘You give what you need to and want to give and your master holds it for safekeeping in his heart, always sharing, always giving back exactly what you need, just when you need it. But you’ve got to trust him completely in order to give him so much of yourself. And I’ve got to trust you in order for me to accept it.’

It just slipped out. It wasn’t planned to put me into the scenario. Both girls sighed then and looked down again. I had the strangest and strongest feeling of family love right then that I’d ever felt for them both in my life. I felt very possessive of them, all of a sudden. Then I sighed, too, remembering how stiff and tired I felt, after dreaming all night long again, and talking in my sleep, too, so they both told me, after waking me up at the same ungodly hour of the early morning.

After breakfast, I’d struggled out of my bunk and then up on deck to the park bench where I’d remained until they’d brought me out a cool drink and wanted to talk some more about masters and submissive females. I had to admit, though, talking about it and looking at them both in their bikinis had now woken me up completely. I was aroused. My uncle and aunt had gone snorkelling just after breakfast. We were alone on the yacht. I looked at them both, one by one, and, one by one, they both seemed to give me their best, “submissive female,” look. I smiled lovingly at them.

‘Take off your bikini’s now then sit back down cross-legged.’ I said without thinking, holding each one’s eyes, one after the other. ‘I want to enjoy looking at the pretty bodies of both of you while we talk.’ Then, into their shocked, surprised faces, I added, ‘and sit with your hands behind your back, when you do.’

Two sets of eyebrows suddenly sat high atop two slightly wrinkled, tanned foreheads while the mouths of my two pretty first blood cousins opened as their lungs gasped, surprised. Then their faces followed, embarrassed. But, slowly, and, without looking at each other, only directly into my eyes, they both got up on their feet. I grinned warmly up at them and was immediately rewarded by a coy, embarrassed half-smile back from both as they nervously began to do, exactly what I had told them to.