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Chapter Eight

All through eating dinner, Bethy sat softly smiling, as if she had discovered a whole island of new coral shells. Shari’ looked at her strangely several times, but said nothing, of course. We were eating dinner. My aunt noticed Bethy, too, I saw, but she didn’t say anything, either. My uncle did, too, and asked her why she seemed so happy. Bethy looked at him really softly and said it was because he had brought her all the new shells.

That seemed to satisfy him. He said he’d get her some more tomorrow and she could come if she wanted. Surprising him, Bethy told him she’d see, but maybe would do some reading, instead. Nobody seemed to be paying attention to me, which was fine. I’d been in the hot seat enough, lately. Shari’ seemed a bit put out that Bethy was being noticed for a change, instead of her, but that was normal for Shari’.

And so, dinner came and went rather peacefully, I thought. After dinner, I went back up on deck. It was twilight, the most beautiful time of day to me. Sitting down, my gaze swept the endless horizon. Dolphins splashed far away in the distance, out past the far island reefs. I sighed and my thoughts returned to the conversations I’d had with both my first cousins earlier. I lengthened inside my shorts as the images of them both squirming beside me on the park bench came freshly to my mind.

Just then, Bethy and Shari’ came up on deck and looked at me. Then they turned and began walking slowly forward. This was their evening constitutional. My uncle encouraged all of us to walk around the deck of the yacht very slowly at least ten times after each evening meal. It helped in getting the digestive processes going after dinner, he said, especially after a large meal, which we often had. At sea, we mainly ate one very large meal each night then picked on fruit or biscuits, or maybe the odd sandwich throughout the following day. My aunt really loved to cook when she was in the mood.

Shari’ and Bethy’s heads moved toward one another and then came apart as they continued their slow stroll toward the long bowsprit before they would turn left and eventually start heading back toward the stern of the yacht and toward me. I smiled to myself, knowing those would be the times they would be sharing some secret or something deeply personal together. They would be hiding it from the rest of the world or anyone else who happened to be walking around the deck behind them.

I grinned then gazed around at the ever darkening Pacific Ocean, bored with watching them when they stopped at the bowsprit while Bethy climbed out to stand on it and face forward with her arms outstretched like the girl in the movie, “Titanic.” Shari’ stepped out behind her and held her steady by the shoulders. Both my uncle and aunt disapproved of them doing that, but it never stopped them, only when their parents were on deck.

I waited expectantly for the words I knew I would hear her speak, and, sure enough, they came, easily heard in the still of the night ocean air, as was her way whenever she did that. It was then followed by a hysterical giggle from both of them.

‘I’m flying!’ Bethy had called.

I grinned, even though I’d heard it a hundred times from one or the other of them. Then strangely, I began to get hard. The girls had only just begun their slow halting walk back toward me after stepping down from the bowsprit, coming down along the port side of the yacht. I wondered what thought I’d had that had prompted the sudden blood rush to my cock, but I felt it and it felt good, so I wasn’t questioning it too deeply.

Once more, I let my eyes roam around the now almost dark horizon. It was a peaceful thing to do for me. It always had been. I know my uncle felt the same way. He’d told me, once.

As they eventually approached the park bench where I was sitting at the stern of the yacht, Shari’ and Bethy’s heads came together more frequently and they’d look up as they spoke in hushed voices, directly at me. Twice, they had giggled while looking right at me. However, I was too relaxed now to be bothered being distracted by my two secretive cousins and their spontaneous stupid laughter. Finally, they reached me and stood together, arm in arm, like Bonnie and Clyde. I looked up and grinned.

‘Feel better now?’ I asked, grinning cheekily and knowing I could have meant anything by that statement. They both smiled down at me.

‘Yes,’ Shari’ replied then turned to Bethy and giggled. Then Bethy giggled, too.

‘Something I said?’ I asked, curious.

‘No,’ Shari’ answered with a smile in her voice.

I shook my head and looked at the black horizon.

‘No... Master,’ Bethy then said and followed it with a nervous giggle. Shari’ immediately followed suit.

I looked up at Bethy instantly, then at Shari. Then I looked quickly from one to the other while they stood there smiling down at me. Immediately, I began to become incensed at the thought of them making fun of the things I had told them and knew then that they and probably had been all the time while they’d been walking around the deck.

‘I don’t find either of you particularly pleasing right now with that attitude, so fuck off and leave me alone.’ Then I turned my head away from both of them and gazed back out at the now featureless far off horizon.

Silence ensued. I turned my head and looked back up at them. Both of them still stood there, still arm in arm, but the looks on their faces resembled those of two girls having gone into shock.

‘Bil—!’ Shari’ began, but I wasn’t having any of it. They had offended me.

‘Fuck off, the pair of you!’ I snapped then added, ‘and that’ll be the last fucking time I share anything with either of you to try and help you become happier. Find some other fucking idiot to laugh at for being honest with you!’

‘Billy!’ Bethy said quickly. ‘We weren’t laughing. Honest! We were—!’

‘I don’t give a damn! Got that, stupid fucking girls? Fuck off! Get it? Fuck! Off!’

They didn’t move so I did, standing up immediately and walking quickly around and then past them toward the bowsprit. I felt like getting up a fast run up and then diving right off the fucking end and down into the deep Pacific Ocean to cool off. I felt hot and bothered and very embarrassed. Actually, I think I felt very hurt, and, in fact, I was. Once I reached the bow, I stood there gazing out to sea and there I stayed for a half an hour, long enough for my uncle to come out and join me when he’d decided to have his constitutional.

I’d turned around at hearing him approach. The girls had now gone. He smiled as he stopped at the foot of the bowsprit, a look of genuine concern on his face and I loved him for it. I had loved him truly as a father ever since he had saved my dignity and I from the foreskin thing.

‘Girls get their own back on you for treating them they way you have been?’ He asked seriously.

I half-smiled. ‘Probably,’ I answered. My uncle smiled and stepped out onto the bowsprit with me. Then he looked me right in the eye and placed his right hand upon my left shoulder. I began to choke up. I always got like that at the times he actually touched me and I didn’t really know why. I don’t like getting choked up.

‘I’m always here for you, Billy boy,’ he said kindly, using his secret affectionate term for me.

I nodded and smiled weakly. It was the best I could do. Then I looked down at the deck. If I’d have kept his gaze, I don’t really know what might have happened. I felt like crying all of a sudden. He must have sensed it.

‘Well, I’m going to turn in,’ he said. Then he turned and withdrew his hand from my shoulder as he did so. My shoulder, where his hand had been suddenly felt cold, as if the warmth of his love had suddenly been taken away from me. I began to choke up even more so. Then he stopped and turned back to face me. His eyes were misty. I could see that, even in the dark.

‘Your father would be proud of you, Bill,’ he said quietly. ‘And I love you like he did.’ Then he turned and walked slowly back down below deck.

It was a good thing he did, too. I wasn’t having a good night at all, because then, and without being able to stop them, I gave way to my choking emotions and squatted down, letting them do as they liked as they left my eyes and splashed down onto the deck beside my bare feet.

And there I stayed for several minutes, squatting and wondering why the girls had laughed at me when I had been only trying to help them, in my own way, of course, but I’d been only trying to help. And being reminded of my father and of how much I knew my uncle loved me didn’t help me get to my feet any earlier than I could have before it felt right to do so. By that time, all I wanted to do was go to bed, and I did, as quickly as possible. I walked below decks. Everyone was playing monopoly as I walked by and I didn’t look.

‘Goodnight, all,’ I said, trying to sound other than that I really was.

One by one, they said goodnight as I passed. I could feel their eyes on me, especially my uncle’s, but I didn’t stop until I’d shut the door behind me. I just wanted to end the day and my mood and get to sleep before the girls came in for the night. The bunk felt good. It felt friendly and it felt full of love for me. Then, from past experience, and, against my better judgement, I tried to recall the images of my mother and father from the photos my uncle and aunt had shown me. It was a mistake, as it always was. Reaching behind me, I grabbed my pillow and covered my face, giving way to my emotions once again.

This was not a good day at all for a healthy young male, I thought ironically, several painful minutes later, after I’d lifted the pillow and had come up for air-not a good day at all. Sleep was coming upon me quickly then and I was glad. I closed my eyes and was suddenly happy and surprised to see the faded images of my uncle’s photo of my mother and father-barely a brief glance, but they was there-my mum and my dad. And then it was gone. I gritted my teeth and quickly reached for the pillow once again, but this time, in a happier frame of mind to meet my tumbling emotions head on.

‘Billy!’ A voice called urgently in a hushed whisper somewhere in the back of my dream about an old square-rigger sailing ship. I was fighting pirates. They had been losing badly because they only had swords and cutlasses while I had a sub machine gun.

‘Billy! Wake up, but be quiet!’ Came the voice behind me. Someone must be behind me must be fighting from the front, I reasoned dreamily, but I was puzzled. Nobody was allowed to address me by my first name on the ship. I was Captain Bill to everyone on board, even the cook who was my personal female slave and very good-looking for a six foot black Amazon female.

‘Billy, please! Wake up!’ Came my personal slave’s voice once more. It sounded urgent. I wondered what was wrong. Maybe she’d run out of corn flakes for breakfast? I puzzled and tried to turn around to see if she was really worried or just pulling my leg. But when I looked up and opened my eyes, all I could see were the two serious faces of my first cousins staring back down at me, their eyes glowing like coals in the semi-dark of the forward cabin. The only light shining was coming through the open hatch above our heads. Slowly, as I tried to focus, their faces became much clearer and so did my head.

‘Jesus!’ I snapped groggily. ‘Can’t you two just leave alone. For Christ’s sake, fuck off and go to bed, will you? I’m tired!’

‘Billy, listen, please! And don’t interrupt,’ Shari’ said firmly. I hated that tone in her voice. She only used it whenever she thought she had right on her side and couldn’t lose, even with me. I was about to tell them where to go again, and even offer them directions on how precisely to get there when Shari’ spoke again in the middle of my drawing a big breath to help them on their way.

‘Billy! Just lie there and shut up!’ She said quietly, but very, very emphatically. ‘We’ve got something really important to tell you!’

For some reason unbeknown to me, I did exactly that. I lay there and waited, not knowing what for, but I waited. It was an unusual feeling and not one I liked at all. I felt out of control.

‘Billy!’ Bethy whispered urgently, taking over. ‘We weren’t laughing at you up on deck, or anything you told us,’ she said in a hushed tone and leaned forward down to me. She’d been eating Shari’s chocolate. I idly wondered then as I lay there gazing up at both of them if Shari’ knew that. ‘We were just nervous and excited, that’s all, at what we’d both decided to do. And we were embarrassed, too. That’s why we came together to see you.’

I was none the wiser as I looked up, first into Bethy’s eyes and then Shari’s. I didn’t even wonder what Bethy was talking about. I just wanted them both to fuck off and let me go to sleep.

‘Billy!’ Shari’ took over and said quickly, whispering and leaning down as close as Bethy now was. They were both now almost in my face. I grinned, wondering what they’d do if I asked them if they wanted to get into bed with me, since they were so close to it.

‘Don’t laugh at us, Billy!’ Shari’s snapped angrily in a hushed whisper. ‘We want you to teach us!’

It didn’t register. It should have, but it didn’t. I just gazed dumbly up at them, wondering if we’d all fit in my bunk. It would be tight. I grinned again.

‘Billy! Don’t!’ Bethy took over. ‘We want you to-to train us... to be...submissive females!’

I watched then as Bethy looked quickly at Shari’s face so close beside her, both of them so close to me, I could tell now that they’d both been pigging out on Shari’s white chocolate. I could see them easily in my mind right then as two fat chocolate eating virgins, ninety years of age and sailing the oceans of the world, still looking for their first fuck.

Shari’ nodded in agreement to Bethy’s semi-questioning look. Then Bethy turned her face back to me and leaned down even closer to my own. Shari’ followed suit immediately. All of a sudden, I felt very chlostraphobic and started to sit up, but Shari’s hand pressed instantly down on my left shoulder. Fingers of steel, she’s got, I reckon. It hurt, so I allowed it. I hated pain.

‘Billy!’ She breathed chocolate angrily, right into my face from only a few inches away. ‘Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what we just said? We want you to teach us and train us to be female submissives! We really do! Please! Say you will!’

‘Please, Billy!’ Bethy chorused from close range with a second chocolate breath assault. ‘Say you will! Please?’

There was something about the last word Bethy said, or maybe I was spacing out from so much rich sweet chocolate breath at such close range. It sounded wonderful to my ears, as if she was pleading, or begging me for something, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought I did for a moment, but then it was gone and I didn’t. Anyway, I nodded and tried to turn over so they’d go away and leave me in peace. I knew I still had a dozen or more pirates left to kill who had no fucking idea what a sub machine gun was or what it could do in the hands of someone like me. But Shari’s fingers of steel immediately dug deeply into my left shoulder, pinning me painfully where I lay.

I closed my eyes against the white hot sensation of numbness creeping into my arm and wondered if I’d been stabbed by a cutlass from one of the pirates when I wasn’t looking, just because Shari’ and Bethy had come along and distracted me from the fighting, where I was in it and who I was killing, not to mention who was trying to kill me by cutting off my shoulder. I vowed right then in a flash that if I woke up fucking dead in the morning, I’d throw the pair of them overboard.

‘Okay,’ I said with my teeth clenched and my eyes wired shut with the pain. The blazing agony of Shari’s eagle claws eased instantly. ‘Now fuck off!’

‘Yes, Billy,’ I heard Shari’ say softly. Then her fingers left the deep indents in my shoulder altogether and went away. I sighed, wondering why the sudden change in her tone of voice from angry to soft. I knew they were together as I relaxed the tension in my eyelids now that Shari’ had removed her claws from my body, so I waited for Bethy too, to acknowledge being told to fuck off, as well. I heard Shari’ rolling into her bunk with a loud sigh, like she always did and figured Bethy must have left in sulking silence, which was unusual for her. Shari’ was the one who usually sulked when I swore at her.

‘Yes... Master.’ Came the soft and quiet, but unmistakable sound of Bethy’s beside my left ear.

Instantly, my eyelids flipped upward and open like two Venetian blinds. My gaze found my favourite spot in the dark on the bunk above my head. I replayed instantly the words I thought I’d just heard Bethy say and my eyelids struggled to open more widely, which was impossible. They felt like two big round saucers. I was a human owl. I snapped my head quickly round to look at Bethy, but no one was there. I looked up at her bunk and saw her panty-covered backside disappearing over the support rail of her bed, or I thought I did. I wasn’t sure a few seconds later as I stared at where I’d thought it had been for several long moments, replaying again and again in my head the words I now doubted she’d said to me.

After several minutes of drying my eyes out completely of their natural moistening fluid, I blinked, realised I’d been having a crazy mixed up dream full of pirates and sub machine guns and suffocating sweet chocolate breath and sharp painful swords that had cut my shoulder right off my body. I decided then that it was all too much for me. I blinked again and looked across at Shari’ who looked sound asleep. I quickly looked up again at Bethy’s bunk. I couldn’t see her, but I could see her right foot, which she always draped over the sea support rail of her bunk whenever she was seriously relaxed or fast asleep. Then I looked once more across at Shari’, confirmed in my mind she was really asleep and that I had indeed dreamed the whole thing, decided once and for all it had all been a fucking nightmare, more than a dream and lay down on my back, closed my eyes down with a sigh and a silent curse.

With a loud sigh then, I rolled over onto my right side, once more determined to empty the magazine of my submachine gun anywhere at all across the deck of the old square-rigger sailing ship at whoever was unlucky enough to be in my line of fire. And I didn’t care whom I fucking well shot-not in the slightest bit.

)to be continued(