The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


By Witchman

19 year old college sophomore Brenda Gomez grimaced as she made her way through the dense brush of the even denser forest that surrounded the Valley.

She laughed to herself. It had seemed like a no brainer; join the National Guard and only serve a few weekends a month.

A lot could happen on a weekend, as she had realized when she spent three days and nights filling sandbags during the heavy rains a few months earlier.

There was also this; traipsing around in the woods with about seventy five pounds of equipment, including the M-16 she was using more to keep the poison ivy away from her face and uniform.

The mission was to find a red flag that was somewhere deep in the woods, only you could use no radios, GPS, or even a compass.

Whatever. The flag was supposed to be somewhere in a two mile perimeter where Brenda was already pretty sure she was lost.

An odd noise off to her right instinctively brought out her combat mode. Was it one of her buddies?

Then she heard it again. It sounded like a moan. Had someone fallen or something?

Slowly, Brenda skulked through the dense woods, straining to find the source of the sound.

The woods were darker now, and cooler, and there were no sounds of birds, just the odd moaning.

As she inched her way around an old large tulip tree, the sound was clearer now.

Brenda crawled around the ancient roots and up the small sloped gully that ended at a grassy top.

Raising her head slowly, her eyes widened under her heavy helmet.

There was a small clearing that had all the earmarks of a crop circle, only it was one made of arcane and esoteric symbols.

In the middle of one of those symbols were a handsome couple, nude and unashamed.

The woman had short red hair and a modest but perky bosom, her pale skin offset with several bright tattoos.

She was slowly raising herself up and down on the rather impressive cock of her male partner, who looked as though he had stepped out of a fireman’s calendar; with bright eyes and blonde hair.

There were some candles and flowers too, and Brenda wondered whether she was watching some sort of pagan ritual.

Brenda bit her lip. Watching the two of them fucking like this made her realize just how long it had been since she had sex.

Her nipples were poking through her camo shirt as she watched, unconsciously grinding her body into the dirt as the erotic spectacle continued.

The sexy redhead continued to slowly tease her way up and down on her lover’s hard thick cock, their mutual moans mesmerizing as the erotic utterances drifted on the air like a hazy fog of sex and magic and arcane erotic arts.

Was that was this was? Were these two witches or something?

Brenda grunted softly to herself as she watched the male skillfully move his legs, his partner rolling on top of him like a sexualized dervish.

Brenda gritted her teeth, resisting the urge to reach inside her pants and jill.

At one point the redhead had leaned back and cried out in erotic orgasmic rapture, her lover breathing deeply, holding back his ejaculation in order to further prolong her pleasure.

It looked as though they were taking a breather. The sexy redhead was groping him now, pulling a red handkerchief from her small pile of clothes.

Brenda’s eyes widened. That was no handkerchief. It was the flag she was supposed to capture.

She suddenly stood up, without really knowing why, but she could not stand by and watch government property be used as a towel.

“Alright you two, hands in the air,” she said, pointing her rifle at the surprised couple.

The surprise soon turned to amusement, as they looked at each other, shrugging and giggling. “Whatever you say Lieutenant,” giggled the girl.

“She’s not an officer, she’s a private,” the man said, giving her the once over twice. “And very pretty too.”

“I am a soldier in the National Guard and that flag is government property. Give it to me and I will let you go,” Brenda said, not entirely sure what she could charge them with, but wanting to display an aura of power and authority.

The man leered. He was maybe a little older than her, but he seemed so knowing of something, as did the girl.

They were looking at Brenda so intently. Not staring; more like studying. She suddenly felt very awkward.

The man spoke. “You must be part of that patrol we saw earlier. No one has ever gotten this lost in the woods before. You are far from them.”

Then he winked. “But close to us.”

Brenda’s face flushed; even more so when the redhead winked at her as well.

Brenda was not bi in the least but there was something about these two that made her think that they could seduce her against her will.

There was also now a growing part of her that wanted that too.

The redhead spoke now. “You must be so tired from doing all that hiking. Carrying that heavy bulky pack, and that heavy rifle. You must be so tired of holding it out in front of you, you don’t even need to notice how the sweat is gathering under the shoulder straps of your heavy, bulky, uncomfortable back pack, making you itchy and uncomfortable.”

Brenda blinked, feeling suddenly woozy. The girl was right. Her pack was heavy, and she did feel itchy from the dried sweat that had coagulated there.

“And that rifle,” the man chimed in, “So heavy, soooo heavy. You can barely hold it out in front of you.”

“Heavy,” echoed the redhead.

“So heavy.”

Brenda felt herself swooning. Her pack was pulling her back and her rifle was pulling her forward. What was happening to her?

“So heavy, like your pretty eyes. So heavy now, so heavy and tired from your long walk through the deep dense woods. Your eyes and body are heavy and tired, and all you want to do is lay down your arms,” the man said, his voice soft in tone but as firm in intent as any drill sergeant.

It was all too much for her. Everything around her seemed amplified yet softer.

Brenda could hear the wind in the trees, the soft clicks and murmurs of the forest, the sexy, husky voices of her seducer and seductress, the mysterious mesmerizing magic that made her feel that there was something happening here that was beyond normal, all of it was weighing on her mind now, heavier even than her pack and the rifle that she was vainly trying to keep straight ahead of her.

Her training was failing her in this weird way, and her nipples were throbbing.

“So heavy. Your rifle is so heavy. You want to lay down your arms,” the girl said, sensually and huskily.

Brenda felt her body beginning to crumble. The barrel of her rifle felt like a metal dowsing rod as the barrel dipped down towards the inviting earth.

“Lay down your arms.”

“Lay down your arms.”

The man’s eyes glinted for a moment. “That’s an order, private,” he commanded.

Brenda moaned, and as her rifle barrel touched the earth, her heavy body fell beside it; down on her hands and knees on the green grass that was still slick with sex, sweat, and dew.

She shook her head, vainly trying to clear her foggy mind, only to look up as they looked down at her, the tantalizing twosome smiling knowingly. “Lay down your arms,” they said again, and Brenda’s arms fell to her sides.

Brenda tried to fight it, but her arms were heavy, and there were two of them, and now their hands were quickly and easily removing her pack and jacket and blouse.

“No,” she sighed, but it was all too much. Her muscles thanked her by relaxing as the heavy pack was removed from her back, her jacket following, the knowing fingers of the bewitching couple deftly doffing the befuddled Brenda of her blouse, then they raised her rubbery heavy arms over her head as they swiftly removed her tee shirt, the redhead then unhooking Brenda’s bra, allowing the spellbound soldier’s ample golden breasts to heave forward, the cool air furthering erecting her hypnotized nipples.

As the redhead steadied Brenda to her knees, her heavy eyes widened as the sight of the man’s thick cock only inches from her mouth. “Wha…” she said, only to be answered with the head of it.

Brenda felt the redhead’s hand on the back of her head, slowly pushing it down onto her boyfriend’s cock. “Suck it,” she said, as she rubbed her own smaller but sexier tits against Brenda’s back and head, her copper complexion a sexy contrast to the fairer skin of her wanton lovers.

The man moaned deeply, stroking her face as his girlfriend played with Brenda’s tits.

Now Brenda was being pulled onto her back, her lovers gently easing her onto the sex slick grass, her heavy body too entranced to think of resisting.

Now two mesmerizing mouths were licking and exploring her body kissing and licking and sucking and nibbling.

Brenda moaned in pleasure. Her mysterious lovers were erotically exploring her bewitched body in a manner no one that she had never experienced. Lost in the woods, with no one to hear her save her two mysterious mesmerizers, she surrendered to the beautiful sexy magic spell they were weaving around her, lustfully losing her inhibitions in the hypnotic heat of the mesmerizing moment.

Now the mean was slowly easing his long thick cock into her, Brenda’s eyes widening in lust and desire as he filled her so completely.

Now the redhead was on easing her wet pussy over Brenda’s lips, which were now shiny with the womanly arousal that was dripping down on her mouth.

Like a tempting tease, the redhead brushed her pussy on Brenda’s face, pulling it back when her carnally conquered lover’s virgin tongue helplessly dabbed at it.

Then with a sexy sigh, the redhead erotically eased her wet womanhood onto Brenda’s mouth.

She lost track both of time and her orgasms.

Now she was on her hands and knees, breathing in the intoxicating smell of the redhead’s pussy that was now only inches before her face as the man’s cock once had been.

As he slowly fucked her from behind, Brenda licked her first pussy with more confidence, the aroused redhead gently coaxing and encouraging Brenda’s virgin mouth, lips, and tongue.

The man was slapping Brenda’s ass in time to her licks now, as the redhead began to respond in quick, heavy tones.

“Yes…yes…that’s it…just like that…just like that…just…I…am…!”


Whether it was coincidence or fate, but as the sexy redhead came with a shout, grinding her wet pussy into Brenda’s dazed and hungry mouth, the man grunted, the began to pant, then to call out as well.

“Oh…Ohhhhh. OH!” he climaxed, his seed heavy balls heaving as he plunged into Brenda, sandwiching the spell bound soldier between their intense erotic orgasms, her own emanating around, over, and through her as she also came and came again, her panting sweating body now collapsing to the sex soaked earth, hypnotic darkness overpowering her as her exhausted bewitched body sank into sweet sleep surrender…..

“Wake up Brenda, Sarge is coming,” PFC. Wendy Barrios said.

Brenda looked up to see her buddy and best friend standing over her.

“Where were you, Brenda? We were looking all over for you. It is almost dark.”

“I..”Brenda began, then stopped. Her mind was fuzzy and she felt like she had had the best sex of her life, but it all seemed fuzzy and vague.

Wendy nodded. “It’s okay, I understand. You must have fallen asleep after hiking so far off the perimeter. At least you found the flag. Good for you.”

Brenda blinked, and noticed that the red flag was draped over her now dressed body.

As she slowly rose to her feet, she mechanically went through the motions of re-slinging her pack; joining the rest of her squad as they climbed into the trucks that would take them back to base.

As she eased herself down in the back of her truck, a slight pinch in her glutes caused her to sit up again, her right hand not so subtly reaching behind to see what was poking her in the behind.

It was a small piece of paper folded into a triangle. Puzzled, Brenda opened it, then quickly closed it, her face flushing.

On the front side of the paper was only one word, and in capitals.


Brenda did, her clit twitching as her mind recalled every erotic lick, touch, bite, nibble, scratch, stroke, and orgasm.

It would not be until lights out that she realized the sexy couple had left their phone number on the other side of the paper.

As she drifted off to sleep, her fingers already playing with her pussy, Brenda smiled, counting the days to her next weekend furlough.