The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

Part 11

Alicia opens the door with a half scared, half annoyed frown on her face. She’s tall, bookish, but with that sexy librarian look going for her, with her thin glasses framing intense hazel eyes and her neatly tied midnight black hair. It shouldn’t take me long to muss that up, permanently.

“What the he -urk!” Alicia’s protest is cut short by my hand clamping around her throat.

“Hi Alicia. A word please.” Is all I say, before stepping into the room, pushing Alicia back via my firm grip around her neck. She stumbles backwards, just managing to stay upright. Her hands rush up to wrest away my grip but by the time they touch my fingers the mask is deep into dissolving her will. Instead of struggling, she simply moans deeply, almost like she’s trying to tell me that she surrenders. Her eyes, wide with fear now, are inflexibly fixed on my own behind the mask, and whether it’s in reaction to the anger I’m radiating, my hand clutched threatening around her airways, or simply a by-product of being dominated by the mask’s power, she’s trembling.

I smile. A wide, triumphant smirk that spreads across my face and stays there.

“I’ve missed this.” I say under my breath, before finding that voice of command that feels warmly familiar when I wear the mask. “Kneel for me, and then don’t speak, move, or think until I tell you too.”

With an obedient whimper, Alicia sinks to her knees like a wilting flower. No fight, no protest, no resistance. In this moment, I can’t remember why I ever stopped wearing the mask.

I turn back to the door of her dorm, and close it, briefly peering out into the corridor first. For the last few days I can’t help but shake this feeling that someone has been watching me, and I want to make sure that nobody in our group of dorms just saw me practically assaulting another student. If they did, I’d have to enslave them too. I mean, I know at this point I’m going to go door to door dominating at some point, but I’d like to do it at my own pace.

The door closed, I let the anger within me rise back up to the surface. I lean down to Alicia and cup her chin to force her fretful gaze back into my eyes.

“Alright, bitch. You’re going to be completely honest with me and do everything I say, understand?”

“Y—Y—Yes!” Alicia stuttered back. I could feel the overwhelming mixture of confusion and terror emanating from the bookish girl, and I was enjoying it.

“Good girl.” I say, before grabbing a large clump of her hair. “Now come with me.” I drag her across the floor and she scrambles to keep up. Looking around at the fairly messy lounge, I choose a spot on the tatty couch that isn’t covered in study books or a crumb covered plate and sit, guiding Alicia to kneel right in front of me. I stare at her for a moment, the smirk still involuntarily adorning my face. She looks back with wide eyes, unable to look away but desperately wanting to. She seems to be perpetually flinching, her head jerking lightly, as though it’s painful or at least deeply uncomfortable to be looking back up at me. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because this is the first time I’ve worn the mask while being so angry. Even if it is, I don’t care.

I realise almost at once that the mask is no doubt having its own input into what I’m thinking again, but right now I don’t give that a second thought. Once I deliver my vengeance upon Alicia, I can worry about how the mask might be tinkering with my mind. One thing at a time…

“Now tell me…” I say, savouring every syllable and enjoying Alicia’s feeble whimpers. “Did you write that message on my dorm door?”

“N—N—No!” she blurts out instantly.

Well shit. The flame of rage burning within me feels like it’s been doused with liquid nitrogen.

“Wait, really? It wasn’t you?”

“It wasn’t me!” Alicia replies pleadingly. “Please… Please stop.”

“Ok.” I say, my mind racing. She can’t lie to me, not under the power of the mask certainly. Therefore, she probably doesn’t deserve the punishment and ire I’ve been mercilessly inflicting on her. “Ok, fine.” I say, shaking my head slightly, but stopping short of actually apologising. I mean, easy mistake to make, right? “You can relax now. Breath deep and feel a calmness spread through you.”

Immediately Alicia’s uncomfortable twitches and anxious stare dissolve into a robotic stillness. She gazes up at me with docile, tranced out eyes. “Thank you.” She murmurs dreamily.

“So, do you know who did write the message?”

Alicia pauses, and hesitates. “No.” she says eventually, but something about it didn’t sound right.

“Why the pause?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Well… I think it might have been Mary, but I don’t know.” She replies slowly.

“Your roommate? What makes you think it was her?”

“Well, she was complaining about the noise last night.” Alicia says, her voice monotonous with the slightest hint of nervousness. “We both heard it coming from your dorm, and she said something like ‘Someone should tell that whore to can it, some of us are trying to study’ and she was holding and looking at a sharpie as she said it.”

“I see, so you didn’t see her do it, but you’re pretty sure she did.” I state, mulling the information over.

“Yes.” Alicia replies blankly, still locked in gaze with the mask.

“Well, then, it wouldn’t be fair to punish you like I planned to.” I say airily, glancing around the room. I wait for a beat and then look back into Alicia’s dreamy gaze.

“Punish me?” she squeaks in a barely audible whisper. Clearly the mask isn’t zoning her out as completely as it has done to most of the slave’s I’ve inducted so far. Interesting…

“Yes. I was going to…” I then stop myself. “Actually, why tell you now, when you get to watch. When will Mary get home?

“She has choir practise. She should be back in half an hour or so.”

“Well then, let’s be ready for her.” I say, staring deep into Alicia’s receptive hazel eyes. Time to have some fun. “In the meantime, Alicia, you suddenly find me irresistibly attractive and have the overwhelming need to pleasure me in every way I desire. Once I take off this mask you will again be able to move and think for yourself, but will find that nothing matters quite as much as giving me pleasure.”

I take off the mask and turn to face it. It stares back at me, and I can feel it’s satisfied that I’m wearing it again. And the fact that it didn’t try to take over my mind right now puts me at ease. I think my theory seems to fit, if I try and enslave too many people at once, the mask gets too much power from it all, enough to bend my will, or almost, as the case was the other day. If I continue to pace myself, and exert my control whenever I can, then I should build up a comfortable resistance to its influence. At least, I think so.

Now that I am no longer wearing the mask, Alicia starts to come out of her reverie. Her eyes gradually return to a sharp focus and I can see a thousand hurried thoughts go through her mind.

“Tara…” she says, drawing a deep intake of breath. “That mask… You… What have you done to me?”

“Oh, this?” I say teasingly, holding up the mask and stroking its edge gently. “It’s just the means through which I’m enslaving the campus. Next up is your judgemental flatmate. Then, once you’ve seen her fate, I’ll give you all the commands you need to be nice and obedient for me too.”

“I… I…” she stammers back. I can see the internal struggle written across all her features. She simultaneously wants to run, to scream, to somehow escape. But a warm flush is filling up her tanned cheeks and a growing lust is building in her eyes.

“You want me, don’t you?” I say idly, bringing out my phone. “More than you’ve wanted anything, ever?”

“Yes. Oh god, yes!” she breaths heavily, hands twitching, reaching for my jeans and trying to hold back at the same time. “But I don’t understand!” she gasps now, a bead of sweat trickling at her brow. “I mean, I’m not…”

“That doesn’t matter.” I say, flicking through my messages. “Not as much as wanting to pleasure me, anyway.”

“That mask…. When you wore it, you changed me?”

“Yes. Just a little. I mean, you’re still you. You’re just a you that finds me irresistible.” I smirk behind my phone, as I start a new message to some of my slaves. I want to see the moment Alicia cracks, but I’m enjoying the mere sounds of her struggles in the meantime.

“It can… it can change me back?” Alicia groans, her fingers now fumbling to undo my fly. I raise my hips and let her pull my jeans and panties down in one desperate motion. “I want… I need… I… I don’t understand why I feel this way…” she frantically says through gasping breaths of growing lust, all the while running her hands up my thighs and leaning closer, ever closer to my waiting cunt.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, sweetie.” I smile, still typing away on my phone. “Just give in, and soon you’ll be my hopelessly devoted slave.”

“Sl—Slave?” Alicia hoarsely whispers back, her fingers so close to my cunt now, ready to slip in, ready to stroke me. “I don’t… I need… I want… Change back…”

“Sorry, I don’t do reversals…” I grin, and am so absorbed in writing my message on my phone that I almost miss what Alicia does next.

Her hands, one moment teasing my clit and caressing my thighs, suddenly spring for the mask lying next to me on the couch. A sudden, heart wrenching jerk of panic breaks me out of my distracted texting just in time to drop my phone and grab a hold of her wrists when the mask is merely an inch from her face. I pull her hands and the mask towards me with all my strength but she pulls back as well, breathing frantically and concentrating incredibly hard.

“Don’t!” I cry in alarm. “Give it to me!”

“Change…. Back!” she strains through gasping breaths.

We struggle for a few seconds, each of us breathing heavily, none of us wasting energy on speaking. The panic rises in me as I imagine what would happen if she gets the mask on her face and looks into my eyes. Will the mask remove the suggestion I gave her instantly or will is stay in effect? Will she give me a command that I will be unable to resist, or will she be too busy wanting to pleasure me to think straight? I realise I have to do something, her face is so close to wearing it, only my struggles stop her from placing herself in the right place. I can feel the eyes of the mask drawing me in, wanting me to loosen my grip, wanting to be planted on a new host, one it can try anew to overcome and one who it will use to utterly and completely enslave me.

A growing part of me wants to give in. It would be so easy to lesson my pull, to let the mask slip into place across Alicia’s face. It would be effortless to surrender, and then as soon as I looked into her eyes, it would be impossible to resist. I would succumb like everyone does, just like I did on that first day when Stacy wore the mask. Would it be so bad? The mask has caused me a lot of grief as I’ve tried to master it, why shouldn’t I just let go of that stress, that responsibility, that overwhelming control and the challenges it keeps on throwing me? Let it enslave me. I could so easily become the mask’s next slave…

“No!” I gasp. “Alicia, the mask doesn’t matter as much as pleasuring me, remember!” I desperately plead with the bookish girl as she screws up her face in concentration.

“No… Tara no, I’ll resist you. I’ll use the mask, change me back…” Alicia moans, an impossible struggle going on between her ever growing lust and her desperate will to free herself.

I pull her wrists and the mask as close to me as I can, she leans forward with her face to follow, but is now inches above my waiting wet cunt. She has to break soon… She has to!

“Give in, Alicia, lick me, taste me. You need to, you can’t resist.” I grimace through gritted teeth.

“No!” she whimpers, and throws her face forwards and perfectly into the mask.

A sudden headrush of complete calm fills me up, paralysing every nerve in my body. Alicia’s eyes look up at mine through the mask, her mask, and I feel inexorably drawn to them. My grip around her wrists instantly loosens and I can feel the muscles on my face relaxing into a spaced out smile. What was I so worried about? It’s indescribably wonderful to feel her gaze upon me. Those intense hazel eyes seem infinitely powerful as they stare up at me, like the only light in a sea of blackness. The mask fits her perfectly, framed by her midnight black hair like a curtain of night sky, and I struggle to think why I thought it ever belonged on me. Why was I ever trying to stop this from happening? It’s so serene and perfect I only hope she speaks soon so I can hear her perfect, divine voice, and follow every command like it’s my life’s purpose. I let her wrists go fully now and my hands fall limply to my sides. They aren’t really my hands anymore, they belong to Alicia and exist for whatever purpose she wants them too now. Alicia’s own hands move down to my thighs, and I expect her to push herself to her feet to begin her complete and total subjugation of my weak, susceptible mind.

Instead, I feel an incredible wave of pleasure as Alicia’s tongue starts to gently lick and swirl on my moist and stimulated clit. She elicits moan after moan of pleasure from my gasping mouth as her hands grab and caress my milky flesh. Dreamily, I realise that when she lunged her face into the mask, she also buried it into my soaking cunt, dripping with my aroused scent. It must have been enough to overwhelm her resistance, even as she wore the mask. It doesn’t matter, I think. Soon she’ll break out of my suggestion and then she’ll give me the commands I so badly need. I stare longingly as she licks and grabs, cry after cry of intense joy emerging from me through no control of my own. It feels like an eternity of pleasure pulses through me as I stare into her eyes in the mask, though it can’t have been more than a few seconds. All thoughts and worries vanish from me. I don’t need to think for myself or come up with plans or schemes anymore. As soon as she’s ready to, Alicia will create a slave out of me, just like I planned to do to her. At least I knew the fate that awaited me, unlike all of my slaves who were as surprised as they were helpless when I enslaved them. Me, I welcome this lifetime of devoted servitude in front of me. Just as soon as she’s finished sending shockwaves of ecstatic lascivious bliss through my body…

But then she closes her eyes.

I immediately feel strange. Well, strange on top of the overwhelming pleasure that continues to bombard my senses each moment... The pull that had been there simply vanishes, yet I long for it still. Staring at Alicia’s closed eyelids through the mask is like looking at the world’s most dazzling disco light that happens to switched off; you know it can be the most intensely mesmerising and captivating thing at any moment, but right not it just isn’t. Still moaning in deep satisfaction, my eyes blink a few times and I feel a twitch in my fingers, like I have regained the idea that I’m allowed to control my own body. Instantly, I start to writhe and buck with the pleasure Alicia is tirelessly giving me. I clearly had been too entranced to even move before, despite the signals of erotic joy vibrating through my whole body. And words... It feels like I can do more than just groan, moan, and scream as the sensations of Alicia’s tongue shoot up my squirming body.

“Oh! Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me, keep going!” I gasp pleadingly, and Alicia responds by getting even more intense.

Yet it somehow feels wrong. It’s like I’m not supposed to be looking away, even though I’m not. I know I need to wait for Alicia to open her eyes, to lock me once more with that inescapable gaze. She has to command me, that’s what feels right. She is wearing the mask, after all.

Clearly she has lost herself to the need to pleasure me though, and shows no signs of stopping. She will if I tell her to, however, as by my own wording she needs to please me in any way I want. It’s only a matter of time before her incredibly eager tongue makes me cum, and when that happens I’ll need to tell her to stop. When I do, she will pull away, and open her eyes again. When she opens her eyes again, I’ll be lost to the mask forever.

Unfortunately, the knowledge of this only serves to heighten my arousal, and I can feel that ultimate rush of orgasmic bliss fast approaching. She’s so lost in her duty to pleasure me she wouldn’t even notice if I were to pluck the mask right off her face. The only thing stopping me is the feeling that I can’t take the mask away from her. On a conscious level I know she won’t open her eyes yet, but a deep, powerful feeling in me is expecting her to do so any second now. My mind and will is slowly filtering back to me after being completely obliterated by the momentary glance Alicia gave me just now. But my hands only twitch, and I can’t bring myself to take the mask from her.

It’s an impossibly peculiar feeling. I know I can take the mask now, and that I need to soon before I fall under its spell once more. But at the same time I feel like I can’t bring myself to do it, because my body is still under the mask’s influence. I’m literally fighting myself to move my hands a few inches to take back what I know is mine.

My time runs out, and with one prolonged scream of uncontained erotic delight, I cum for the next minute, waves upon waves of the orgasm shattering my thoughts and pulsing through my sweating body. Eventually, the sensations get too intense I and have to shove Alicia away. As I do so, I manage to wrestle just enough control of my fingers to hook one under the mask and pull it off her face as she sprawls backwards onto the floor.

Still panting with my release, I heave deeply in relief and immediately bring the mask to my face. That had been far too close…

Alicia opens her eyes moments later, staring up at me with fanatical lust overcoming her features. Her eyes meet my own behind the mask and her gaze fixates on mine.

“That will do for now, my dear.” I say as calmly as I can between my knackered breaths. “And you will not touch or try to take the mask from me ever again. Do you understand?”

“Yes…” Alicia reverently replies, her mind once more enraptured by the masks power. MY mask’s power…

“Now be still and silent.” I command firmly. “We have a little bit of time before your flatmate returns. Let’s be completely ready for her.” I say, taking the mask off and placing it safely beside me now. I’ll give myself a properly telling off later for my total carelessness, but right now there are things to do.

I retrieve my dropped phone and proceed to summon Felicity, Katie, Sandra, and Bruce. I then put my pants back on and freshen up slightly. Felicity arrives first, mere minutes after I text, and greets me eagerly, dropping to her hands and knees and kissing my feet. I can’t help but find these little touches endearing from her, I sure as hell didn’t command her to do it, but I love it all the same.

“Goddess? You’ve been wearing the mask again!” Felicity almost shrieks with glee.

“Yes, I decided it was time.” I say casually.

“So do we have a new slave here?” Felicity purrs as she appraises Alicia, biting her lip slightly as she does so.

“Not yet. I’m waiting to do something special to her roommate, then I’ll be enslaving her.”

Felicity crawls over to where Alicia is sitting perfectly still and silent. “Oh, you lucky girl. You’re going to love being a slave for your new Goddess.” Felicity strokes Alicia’s shiny black hair, twisting a few strands between her fingers before whispering in her ear: “First, she completely destroys your free will. Then, she implants total obedience and devotion to her happiness and needs. It’s the biggest weight off your mind you’ll ever feel, and then you’ll only feel what Goddess desires you to.”

Slow tears start running down Alicia’s cheeks, though she remains as silent and still as an otherwise lifeless doll. Katie and Sandra arrive soon after, shortly followed by Bruce. I’m especially pleased to see Bruce, as I’d given him a special task for him to complete for me recently, and by the looks of the shopping bag he’s carrying, it’s mission accomplished.

“I got the beers, wine, and cocktail spirts, Goddess.” Bruce announces to me, smiling hopefully at me as he takes out a bottle of sparkling wine. “It’s all in your room, as requested, and here’s the sparkly you wanted.”

“Good boy.” I smile gratefully. “Why don’t you go open it and see if they have some glasses or something.”

Katie and Sandra get to work tidying the room as Felicity massages my feet and Bruce brings me a mug of wine. Yes, not a champagne flute, but a bright mug saying “Hilary 2016!” I try not to laugh at my tragic lack of sophistication when it comes to being a Goddess. Oh well, we’ll get there.

Sandra is in the middle of telling me how the philosophy club room is coming along when the door to the dorm opens and Mary walks in.

The mask is on my face before she’s finished taking in all the extra people in her dorm and had a chance to process anything. She’s an average height redhead, her tanged fiery hair tied back with a black ribbon. Her face is mildly freckled, pointed, and beautiful, and her blue eyes are light but sharp as they jump from person, to person, to me. She’s dressed conservatively, in neat fitting skirt and blazer, only a badge and tie short of being a school uniform.

“What’s going on?” she asks, perplexed. The moment her eyes scan me they are inevitably drawn towards the mask.

“Hello Mary,” I say politely. “Please have a seat.” I motion to the chair directly opposite me.

“Ok.” She says plainly, and obediently.

She sits and continues to stare deeply into my eyes. I smirk, having a good idea of what’s coming next.

“So…” I say, “Did you happen to write a message on my door today?”

“Yes.” Mary replies blankly.

“I see. And what did that message say?”

“Umm… ‘Keep the noise down, whore’… I think.”

Katie, Sandra, and Bruce all gasp and look shocked at this. Felicity, however, looks like she’s ready to kill, and growls before blurting out a string of profanities.”

“Felicity, calm.” I say, before turning my attention back to Mary. “Now tell me, Mary. Why would you write such a horrible message such as that?”

Mary, not missing a beat and showing no emotional change simple replied “You were being loud and sinful, and I wanted to shame you.”

“So I deserved it, did I? Because I was being a bad girl?” I say with a smirk.


“Well, Mary, tell you what. I’m going to give you a little taste of being a bad girl, and we’ll see how you like the reactions you get…” I then glare at her before feeling my earlier wrath rise up in my like a waking dragon.

“Firstly, for the next twenty four hours, you’re going to do anything I say. Secondly, you won’t try to touch or take the mask I’m wearing. Thirdly, and most importantly, you will feel incredibly horny. You won’t be able to focus on anything, and if fall asleep at any point you’ll wake up within ten minutes feeling even more aroused and unsettled than you did before. You’ll feel the need to dress as sluttily as you can imagine and every chance you get to be alone with someone, you will feel the overwhelming urge to offer them your body, giving them everything and asking for nothing, only to be used. You will feel an endless need for sex and sexual pleasure, but not matter what you do, who you fuck, or how hard you try, you won’t be able to cum. You’ll ride on the edge of orgasm again and again, and your frustration and desperate need for release will only ever increase. You won’t be able to tell anyone what’s going on, that I did this to you, or even that anything is different than normal. Oh, and every time you hear an orgasm, you will feel like you’re so close to one too than you could make it happen by screaming louder than the screams you hear, but you still won’t cum. In 24 hours, you can come to me, and if you drop to your knees, you can either beg me to make you into a slut permanently and be my twenty four seven sex slave, or you can beg me to wipe your mind, erasing the past day from your brain, but also erasing every memory you ever had and your very sense of self. And even while being affected by this behaviour, you will otherwise act as normal and natural as you can, especially around me. Lastly, you will know that this is happening to you as punishment for being the fucking judgmental cunt that you are. Understand?

“I—I—I—understand.” Mary replies, her face rapidly draining of colour now. That seemed to get through the mask induced trance, and for good reason. I take off my mask and glance around at everyone else. Felicity is grinning malevolently at Mary, Sandra is staring off into space dreamily, Katie is frowning slightly, and Bruce is looking at his shoes. More tears are streaming down Alicia’s face. I doubt she likes the idea of what’s happening to her roommate… Or perhaps she’s terrified I’m about to do it to her.

“Tara, I’m sorry.” Mary instantly starts to plead. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it! I was just, I was… I didn’t mean it.”

“Don’t lie to me.” I snap angrily at her. “If I put the mask back on you’ll sing every truth you have in there, so don’t fucking lie to me!” I take a large gulp of my wine, and have Bruce refill me.

“Ok. Ok, fine, I did it and I meant it at the time! But I see how it was wrong now! Please don’t do this to me!”

“It’s too late, Mary. Just try and get through the next day with any shred of dignity you can, I guess.” I shrug at her growing distress, and then add. “Mary, are you homophobic? Remember, don’t make me force the truth out of you.”

“I… I… I’m not homoph—it’s just, I think that marriage… I… Ok, yes, I am.” Mary mutters, her cheeks flushing bright red.

“I thought as much. Sandra, take Mary into her bedroom and time how long it takes for her to break and beg to eat you out. Mary, last out as long as you can, and try to learn a valuable life lesson through all of this.”

An obedient Sandra leads a whimpering Mary into one of the bedrooms, and I kick back my feet. That felt good. Great, even. The feeling of uncontained power spilling out of me like a flame is intoxicating. I’m a Goddess. I can’t believe I’ve been moping around the last few days when I could have been basking in my power and bending more minds to my will.

MY will, not the masks. My own desires and my own decisions. If the mask tries to take over from me again I swear I will tear it off my face and snap it in two. Sure, I’ll lose my ability to conquer new minds, but I already have enough slaves to make my university journey a sex filled, pampered breeze. The mask stands to lose more than I do if it turns on me now. I hold the mask up to face me, and stare it down. It’s hard to place my finger on it, but it does feel like it’s not trying to exert as much power over my mind. In fact, the vibe that I get from it is one of encouragement, oddly enough.

“Finally falling into line, I see.” I smile smugly at it. “Good, because there’s a lot more dorms in this corridor, and I don’t want any other bitch writing on my door.”

I have my slaves strip Alicia, slowly, until she is kneeling naked before me.

“Don’t worry, Alicia.” I say warmly as she stares up at me, her expression blank but her face soaked with tears. “I don’t blame you for trying to steal the mask from me earlier” (Felicity almost faints when I say this), “I would have tried to do the same thing if I was in your position, and to be honest I’m more impressed with how strongly you resisted there for a time. I respect that, but I can’t have you doing it again. I’m going to take all of that resistance away now, and give you the gift of total obedience instead.” I then glance to the open bedroom door where Sandra is gently guiding Mary’s quivering hands to her exposed nipples. I grin, and turn back to Alicia.

“Actually, you’ve earned the right to choose. You can be my slave, or share you’re roommate’s condition for the next 24 hours. Which will it be?”

A flicker of activity appeared behind those intense hazel eyes, but it only lasted a split second.

“Enslave me, please.” Alicia begged, her voice sounding hollow and defeated.

“Good girl.” I beam at her, and putting the mask back on, I begin to indoctrinate my newest slave.