The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

Part 12

I wake up the next morning feeling fresh and energised. For a change, none of my slaves are in bed with me, but I can hear a bustle of activity in the next room. I spend a few minutes stretching and yawning, then unlock my phone to look at the photos I took last night. Arousal starts to fill me up as I admire several images of my slaves kneeling before me, then many of them all fucking each other. My favourite by far is the one of Mary in tears as Bruce’s cum drips down her face. She’s naked and her body is covered in red marks from all the whipping and scratching she endured at the hands (and teeth) of my slaves. I had them fuck her, one by one, daring them to get inventive and cruel with it. I think Bruce won, however, taking her anal virginity and then deep-throating her immediately after. I know it’s a bit fucked up, but she publicly shamed me, and by extension, everyone who enjoys sex and their own bodies. She simply had to be taught a lesson… After all, aren’t we all here at college to learn?

Mary would be having a very interesting day today, as my commands will be compelling her to stick to her normal schedule as much as she can, all the while succumbing to her overwhelming physical aches at every conceivable moment. My slaves have actually started a betting pool on how many blowjobs she’ll give out before her 24 hour ordeal is over. I guessed seven.

A gentle knock on my door stirs me from my daydreams of Mary being overwhelmed by her lust, and I firmly command “Enter.”

The door opens to reveal Felicity carrying a tray full of breakfast and coffee to me. She’s wearing a red and blacked laced corset, with matching stockings and fingerless, elbow length red satin gloves. Around her neck is a tightly fitting metal collar with a small padlock clamping it shut. I don’t realise my jaw is hanging open until she’s putting the tray down beside me.

“Good morning, Goddess” she bats her eyes at me. “See anything you want to taste?”

“Fel- Slave… I’m… I’m…”

“Impressed?” she suggests with a grin. “Turned on, maybe? A bit hungry?” she then plants her lips on my neck and bites me playfully. I moan softly and close my eyes. “Or perhaps all three?” she says playfully when she emerges. She then goes about pouring me a coffee while smiling happily to herself.

“All three, definitely all three.” I nod, gratefully taking the coffee and sipping it lightly. She knows exactly how I take my coffee, and I don’t remember ever telling her. Felicity makes sure I’m sitting up and comfortable and then insists on giving me a foot massage. Her small hands are surprisingly firm and I moan softly every now and then as I eat my eggs and toast.

“You need to relax more, Goddess.” Felicity suggests after I let out a particularly grateful whine. “I promise I’ll learn how to give a truly wonderful full body massage for you so that you’re pampered the way you deserve.”

“Oh man, I haven’t had proper massage since that a spa weekend on my 16th birthday….” I admit. “I think I have been a bit tense with everything that’s happened this week.”

“You need to blow off some steam, Goddess” Felicity says gravely. Then her eyes light up. “Oh! I’ve got it! You should totally go to the party over at John Henderson’s place tonight!” she bounces excitedly. “I’m in that whole clique, and you should totally enslave them all!”

“A party?” I murmur. “Maybe I’ll go, but not to enslave everyone, Felicity… I need to be more sensible, more careful with how I go about enslaving and everything...”

Felicity looks up at me reproachfully. “Are you sure, Goddess? They have a lot more disposable spending money than any of your current slaves, and several of them have cars…”

I look intently down at my overly keen slave. She seems to know what I want before I do. It’s unsettling in a way, but also really awesome.

“Ok...” I say slowly. She instantly lights up but I interrupt her by saying firmly “One Slave from the party. I want whoever has the nicest car and plenty of spare cash. Do any of them have convertibles?”

“Thank you thank you Goddess!” Felicity beams. “Half of that whole crowd have convertibles. Would you like me to prepare a dossier to help you choose who to enslave?”

“That’s quite alright, Slave” I say airily, “I’ll leave the decision up to you.”

“Thank you, Goddess!” Felicity gratefully beams up at me. “Now that you’re coming to the party, we’ll need to get you a designer dress and some makeup. That will get you in the door, and then once inside you can enslave them all!” Felicity almost cackles as she says this last sentence, before quickly adding “You know, when you’re ready…”

“Wait, what?” I reply in disbelief. “I can’t just turn up? I have some nice clothes...” I do my best to not sound hurt, but realize I’ve failed when I see Felicity’s expression change.

“Oh my god, I’ve offended you!” she almost shrieks in horror. “Goddess I am SOOO sorry! I’m—”

I hold up my hand, and cut her off. “Relax, slave” I say kindly. “I know you can’t do anything but mean well, so believe me when I say I’m not going to take it to heart.”

“But Goddess,” Felicity insists, her eyes wide. “I should be punished for my lack of tact, you should discipline me so I never offend you again!”

“Haha, Felicity you are a better slave through your own enthusiasm than I could have programmed you to be. I said the exact same words to you as I did to every other person I’ve enslaved... How are you so different?”

“I don’t know Goddess, I’m just doing my best.” Felicity shrugs, keeping her head bowed reverently.

“Exactly, you’re doing your best. Why should I punish you for that? Now forget about it, let’s talk about tonight.” I say with an air of finality before sipping on my coffee. “Mmm, that’s good. Ok, I think between all the girls, you, me, and Julia especially, we’ll have the makeup we need. We must have something decent for me to wear between us all...”

I sigh briefly. Stacy is definitely my size, and has some lovely dresses that she would normally be delighted to share with me. But with her avoiding me so avidly I don’t feel like I can even ask. Maybe I should just use the mask on her after all, I think. I promised I wouldn’t toy with her free will but this rift between us is agonising. Not sure if this is my own thought or one the mask has planted in my mind, I put it to one side. The mask wants me to enslave my best friend, I know this, and that alone is reason enough to ensure I never do. If I can stop myself from crossing that line, then I know I’m still in control…

“It looks like you, Katie, and Sandra are a size or two smaller than me,” I continue, bringing my thoughts back to clothes “and Rebecca is a bit bigger, but Julia and Alicia look like they might be my size.”

“I think so.” Felicity nods in agreement, not noticing my distraction. “I can have Julia bring her whole wardrobe over after class if you like, and Alicia is right next door. Or we could meet at my dorm, and you could enslave my roommate... Grace is super good at doing nails, she does mine all the time.”

“You just want me to enslave her so I can stay over at your place.” I grin as Felicity squirms slightly.

“Maaaaaybe that’s one reason,” Felicity said with a cheeky admonished smile, “but she really is fantastic at doing nails.”

“Ok, how about you invite her around this evening so we can all get ready here before the party.” I suggested. “Invite all my girl slaves, let the guys have the night off or have them finish off the philosophy club or something. I’ll enslave Grace when she gets here then you and I will go to the party.”

“Sounds great, Goddess, I’ll take care of it.” Felicity beams

“Any chance the girls could crash it?” I ask. “I’d feel better in a crowd of strangers knowing I had a host of my loyal slaves at hand...”

Felicity mulls this over for a moment. “Maybe once we’ve enslaved the host, Goddess. They have been pretty strict with me in the past, I’ve asked them several times to let me bring Grace along but she’s not in their club.”

“So what’s different about me?” I ask, finishing my coffee and sliding the tray across the bed.

“You’re special, Goddess.” Felicity winks. “The fact that they haven’t met you means that they’re curious to see who this sudden “best friend” I found is.” She air quotes best friend and bites her lip afterwards. “I know I stoked Aileen’s interest, I may have said something like she’d fall in love with you just by looking at you.”

“Oh, so no pressure then?” I joke. “Who’s Aileen?”

“Why, Goddess,” Felicity coos sweetly, “She’s you’re newest slave. After Grace, of course.”

Just then the door opens and Katie enters, followed by Alicia. Katie looks fresh and contented, wearing a short vest top and tight jeans, most probably for my benefit. Alicia, on the other hand, is still in loose unicorn pyjamas, and wears heavy bags under her bespectacled eyes.

“Morning Goddess.” Katie says dutifully. “I hope you enjoyed the breakfast we made you.” Alicia just yawns a greeting.

“I did, thank you slave.” I blow Katie an air kiss. “Alicia? What’s up with you?”

“Oh, don’t mind her, Goddess. It’s just that Mary kept her up all night.” Katie says with a distracted smile. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear it through the walls. I did.”

“Oh!” I say in alarm. “No I slept right through that. Are you ok, Alicia?”

“Exhausted... Goddess...” Alicia says sleepily between yawns. “But happy to be your slave, and to serve, just like you forced me to be. How are you?”

“I’m good...” I reply cautiously, raising an eyebrow at her snark. “Feeling a little guilty, though. What happened with Mary?”

“Oh... Well she wouldn’t sleep, Goddess.” Alicia sighs with fatigue. " Each time she drifted off she woke up a few minutes later all hot and flustered. She was trying to get herself off all night, and kept on pleading me to fuck her. The couple of times I did fall asleep I woke up with her between my legs not long after.”

“Urgh, that sounds like it sucked, sorry Alicia.” Katie places her hand on Alicia’s shoulder sympathetically. “I mean, I love my obedient slave sex, but a girl’s gotta sleep.”

“Wait, why didn’t she just go out?” Felicity wonders aloud. “I mean, if she hit the town centre around closing time for all the bars, she would have had her fill til dawn, surely?”

“That would have been breaking from her routine.” Alicia said, stifling another yawn. “Goddess instructed her to act as normal as she could through it all, and going out late at night to look for men to sleep with is as far from normal as it gets for Mary. I think she may have taken your instructions to heart a bit too well, Goddess.”

“Oops.” I utter. “Maybe I was a bit extreme with her... Is she still in your dorm?”

“No Goddess, she left half an hour ago wearing a really revealing outfit. I think she’s in for a tough day, especially since she’s more tired than I am.”

I ponder this. “Tell you what.” I declare to all my present slaves. “If anyone sees her today and thinks that her punishment is becoming too much for her, let me know and we might let her off early. I just want her to feel as humiliated as I felt, and then some, y’know.”

“I think she really is remorseful, Goddess...” Alicia says. “Especially after the night she had. I know she hurt her feelings but she did write that message on your room door because you were fucking all your slaves loudly at all hours of the day and night. I think, respectfully, that you took your punishment too far.”

“Please!” I think you were far too easy on her, Goddess.” Felicity scoffs at Alicia’s assessment. “But I know you know best...” She starts to run her hands over my neck, and I shiver with warm pleasure. “How about you let your three sexy slavegirls take care of your before classes today, Goddess?” She then turns to Alicia. “You’re not too tired and crabby to serve our Goddess, are you, fellow slave?” Felicity asks, barely trying to hide her derision.

I can almost physically see the hackles rise on Alicia’s neck. She takes a sharp intake of breath and steps towards Felicity. “I’m more than able to serve our Goddess in any way she wants or needs, fellow slave.” Alicia’s voice drips with venom “No matter how exhausted I am. I’m sure if you’d had as little sleep as I’ve had you wouldn’t be able to function, let alone be so perky and endlessly ass-kissing!”

Felicity gets up from the bed, taking her hands off my skin, and steps up to Alicia so she’s completely in her face. The short, petite blonde stands six inches shorter than the dark haired Alicia, but they stare at each other with equal parts intensity and animosity. I watch in silence. This was new… Katie watches with mild interest from the doorway.

“You think that even if I were completely exhausted and you were well rested and energised, that you would be able to keep up with me?” Felicity asks mockingly. “That’s cute.” She smirks.

“Bring it on, blondie.” Alicia retorts, actively fighting back a yawn. “I’d just have to be careful that I don’t break you in two.”

“Why don’t you try it right now? We’ll see who breaks who first.”

Time to split this up, I think…

“Ok, that’s enough.” I tell them sternly. “Both of you, on your knees before me. Now.”

Both Alicia and Felicity drop to their knees facing me without another word. I pull the mask out from under my pillow and place it on my face.

“You will both listen and obey.” I say sternly, and watch as their expressions dissolve into mindless obedience. They stare, unblinking, ready to absorb my every word and command.

“You will treat your fellow slaves with respect, affection, love and support.” I order. “You will care about their happiness almost as much as you care about mine. If they are happy and well cared for, they are better suited to serve me. They are your sisters and brothers, and you will treat them as well as you can. Do you both understand?”

“Yes, Goddess.” They droned in unison.

“Good.” I say, removing the mask from my face. “Now kiss and make up.”

Felicity and Alicia turn to each other now, the life returning to their eyes and their expressions filling with lust. Felicity bites her lip and Alicia smiles warmly as they lean towards one another. Felicity’s hand gently cups Alicia’s face and while Alicia runs her hands up Felicity’s corset. Their lips meet tentatively, softly kissing and pulling back, Felicity teasing with her tongue. Alicia moans softly, then grabs Felicity’s short blonde hair and pulls her in.

Watching my slaves make out with such delicate passion elicits a shudder of arousal and lust within me. I want to join in, but at the same time I feel like the last few days have completely sexed me out. Never thought I’d think such a thought, but my cunt needs a rest day in advance of some sure fire weekend action...

“Very good, slaves.” I say, starting to climb out of bed. “Time to stop that and get on with the day though.” Felicity breaks away from the kissing and pouts, while Alicia looks longingly at the blonde’s moist lips. Katie announces that she’s going to get dressed and ready.

At her insistence, I let Felicity join me in the shower, and despite her multiple offers for her to sexually pleasure me, I manage to restrain myself and politely decline. She massages foam all over my body and gently exfoliates my face however, which feels heavenly. In gratitude, I command her to cum and leave her on the shower floor in a vegetative state panting “I’m a good girl for my Goddess, I live to serve her needs” over and over through increasingly relaxed sighs. She insists on keeping the collar on the entire time.

By the time Felicity emerges from the bathroom, flushed and dreamy faced, I’m ready to leave for class. She pleads for me to wait while she hurriedly throws on her ‘disguise’ as she calls her casual clothing. With the collar now tucked away in her backpack, she’s still looking super-hot in a miniskirt, suspenders and a tiny tube top, I find myself tempted just to drag her right back to the bedroom. For a refreshing change, my discipline continues to win out, and I instead head off to class with Katie and Felicity walking with me. I had ordered Alicia to go back to bed and get a few hours’ sleep, promising we’ll make sure she’s caught up on her school work over the weekend.

Katie is in her ‘I’m a good girl’ getup, as most of her outfits tend to be. Felicity and I both know though that underneath the conservative yet elegant long sleeve jersey and pleated skirt is lingerie that she recently bought so that I could enjoy unwrapping the virtuous exterior to reach the slutty, sexy flesh beneath. I’m wearing a combination of clothes that fit from my various slaves. Red fake leather leggings that hug my legs tightly from Felicity, a strapless black top that clings to my waist and hips, courtesy of Sandra, and knee high boots that Alicia so kindly donated to my fashion cause last night. I feel beautiful, and with a sexy girl striding either side of me, it feels amazing. Heads turn to face us as we march across one of the quads, and I smile as I subtly count just how many hot guys and the odd sexy girl check us out. This is the college experience I’ve been missing out on. The other experience is of course the massive and epic parties, and that will be coming later tonight.

Our little foxy trio splits up to go to our separate classes. I barely pay attention in any of my lectures, though I was more careful making notes of my future enslavement plans lest I have another creep like Greg looking over my shoulder and practically drooling over me again today. I still have to deal with him, I tell myself, but I can do that whenever I want. Tonight, I would party, and finally bag myself a slave that can spoil me the way I deserve without getting stressed about the money.

At some point my mind wanders to the near incident between Alicia and Felicity in the morning. They looked ready to start actually fighting each other. I never considered that my slaves could have such a personality clash even when they were both conditioned to serve me above everything else. I guess it’s another thing I’d have to keep an eye on. A part of me thinks maybe I have too many slaves at this point, that it’s getting hard to keep track of it all. I quickly throw that thought out, though, the act of enslaving a mind is almost my favourite part of everything, there’s no way I’m going to stop anytime soon.

I do consider the idea of having my slaves behave in a more consistent and uniform manner though. I toy with the thought of stripping away their personalities, having them self me with robotic like synchronisation. Or I could make them all have the same personality, whatever I want. Do I have them act like horny sluts? Maybe ditzy bimbos? Or maybe I could have them behave all innocent and delicate until I say a code word that turns them into insatiable sex addicts.

The possibilities really are endless, and I work myself up into a horny mess just thinking about it, so much so that I have Derek meet me between classes and fuck me in a bathroom stall. Oh well, I think afterwards, so much for giving my cunt a break… Though honestly, I feel good that I lasted as long as I did.

I spend most of my afternoon keeping an eye out for Mary, and I have the mask with me in case I need to intervene there. I don’t see her once though, and hope at least that she is learning her valuable lesson and will embrace her enslavement to me after.

I do, however, see Stacy, my heart jolting in my chest as I do so. She is in one of my classes talking animatedly with some jock looking guy I’ve never seen before. Seeing that smile on her face so freely given away to him when I haven’t seen it for myself in days and days feels like a dagger twisting in my gut. My mood sours for the rest of the day after this, but I feel better once I’m back at my dorm starting to get ready for the rich kids’ party. The fact that there is some wine left over from last night certainly helps matters, and we soon have a full blown pre-party party going. Alicia has gotten some rest and is in much better sprits. Julia arrives with a massive duffle bag full of clothes and more in a dress carrier. Katie makes sure there are plenty of snacks for everyone, and both Sandra and Rebecca get into experimenting with different hairstyles, and start fiercely debating what they should do with my hair for the party.

When Felicity arrives, everyone turns expectantly to the girl following close behind her. Grace is short, with small but bright hazel coloured eyes. Her petite pointed face is framed by perfectly straight midnight hair that falls to her shoulders. Her pale honey skin seems to be utterly flawless, and her smile is small and shy. Light pink lipstick, subtle violet eyeliner, and some skilfully applied mascara make her already beautiful face impossibly gorgeous. She looks like she should be on the cover of a magazine, especially with that shy smile.

“Grace, everyone!” Felicity gestures with a toothy grin. “Everyone, Grace!”

Grace waves shyly and says “Hello!” in the quietest voice you can imagine. Poor girl, I think. I’ll give her a bit of confidence and gusto no problem.

Felicity takes the time to introduce everyone individually to Grace, reciting a remarkable amount of memorised facts about my collection of slaves. Seriously, she knows more of their classes and hobbies than I do. Sandra draws a manga webcomic? I had no idea.

I suspect that Felicity introduces Grace to myself after everyone else on purpose.

“And this...” Felicity says with a reverent sigh, “Is Tara.”

“Tara, hi, so lovely to meet you.” Grace smiles widely at me, bowing slightly, and my heart can’t but flutter at how adorable she is, radiating such happiness.

“Great to meet you too.” I offer my hand. She takes it and I savour the feel of her smooth skin as we shake.

“That you for inviting me!” Grace says, “I’ve brought all of my makeup, I can’t wait!” she indicates her backpack that looks stuffed to the brim.

We all drink, dress up in various outfits, and play with all the makeup options on offer for a while. A part of me enjoys the straining each of my slaves is experiencing in behaving ‘normally’ around Grace. They call me Tara and avoid quite the same level of fawning that I’m used to. More than once, Felicity catches my eye and gives me a wide eyed head nudge towards Grace, and I take it to mean “Goddess please are you going to enslave her soon oh please this restraint is killing me!?”

I simply smile back at Felicity and turn back to Grace, who is deep in concentration creating mesmerizing marble patterns on my nails. I don’t want to interrupt her now, she’s so in the creative zone, smiling with each touch she paints upon me. It’s nice to be in the company of someone who I know if not just hanging out with me because they literally have no choice. She’s not very talkative but opens up a bit when I ask her about how she got into her elegant makeup. Apparently the resources on Youtube are enormous, and even a complete beginner can see some great results with just a few hours of practice every week. I ask her about her other interests and she murmurs a bit under her breath, seemingly embarrassed.

“Hey, you don’t need to be shy.” I say encouragingly. “We all have our strange interests here, right girls?”

My slaves all reply to the affirmative, and Grace seemed to feel a little more encouraged.

“Ok” I say with a grin, an idea having struck me like lightning. “Everyone be honest, no holds barred, what is the strangest and most twisted interest you have, sexual or otherwise? Julia, you go first.”

“Hmmm, I want to be kept as a pet...” Julia muses fondly. “I want to be kept in a cage, taken out for walks on a leash, fed food in a bowl on the floor, and be fucked like a bitch in heat. I also want to know what it feels like to be fucked by animals, but that one is more fantasy than anything I plan to explore”

“Nice.” I say, watching Grace’s eyes widen with amazement. “Ok, Rebecca?”

“Oh, geez...” Rebecca says with uncertainty. “I shoplift sometimes, I think that counts. It’s not because I need to or anything, it just gives me such a thrill. I’m sorry, that’s probably really boring.”

“Not at all!” I say, a surprised look of awe on my face. I can see Grace looking shocked at this, disapproval in her hazel eyes. “Illegal, but not boring. How about you, Alicia?” I keep things moving.

“Well, ok.” Alicia takes a deep breath. “So I have this fantasy where I’m kidnapped and taken to the middle of nowhere where I’m gang raped by a dozen or more men, and they each use and abuse my body for days and days... I think it’d be awful in reality, so I get so confused by why the idea turns me on so much...”

“Oh god, yeah that turns me on too!” Julia exclaims, and while Felicity nods her head and says “Same”, everyone else displays mixed reactions.

“Wow...” Grace murmurs. “Ok, who’s next?” I smile, enjoying how much she’s getting into this sordid exchange of dark desires.

“I’ll go.” Sandra volunteers. “I think Felicity mentioned that I draw manga earlier, but my real passion is hentai. It’s like manga but porn.” she adds when seeing the look of confusion on Rebecca and Katie’s faces. “So yeah, things like tentacles, monsters, aliens, robots, all fucking these hot but unlucky girls. It really turns me on, and I do fantasize about being in the situations I draw for myself, though it’s not exactly something I can experience in reality.”

“Interesting...” I say. My mind is racing with an idea of how I could let Sandra experience exactly what she draws. The mask works on the mind, after all...

“Ok, that leaves me then Katie, then you two” Felicity says, motioning to Grace and I. She closes her eyes while taking a deep breath, but them opens them and shares excitedly “My ultimate fantasy is to be a slave, to have no authority over my own choices. I want to have my life controlled by someone else and have everything I do dedicated to them. I want to wake up knowing that my sole purpose in life is to serve my master, or mistress. Or Goddess.” she stares at me with that last word, her eyes twinkling, biting her lip and her cheeks turning bright red.

Huh. I think I’m beginning to understand just why Felicity seems to be above and beyond in her efforts to serve me compared to everyone else so far. For her, I came into her life and delivered her the fantasy she had always dreamed of. Lucky gal…

“I see.” Grace says, her eyes wide. Of course, Felicity being the person who Grace shares a dorm with, she is undoubtedly taking extra time to process this information. I can imagine she’ll have plenty of questions for Felicity later.

“Ok, Katie.” I say, and then I see the look of panic on Katie’s face.

“I... I... do I have to?” she stammers?

“Well, yes.” I say, giving her a scrutinizing stare. “Everyone else has so far. Come on, spill it.” I say.

“I... I... I sometimes have these thoughts and urges...” Katie begins, trying to bite back on her words but simply unable to resist a direct order from me. “I would never do it, I swear, but I’ve had these thoughts where I want to kidnap someone, hold them as my hostage... I want to know what it’s like to torture them, have that power to break their spirit completely, and then, after I made them suffer as much as I wanted them to, I’d watch the life drain out of their eyes as I kill them. I would never, ever actually do it, but the thought sometimes comes into my mind and it scares me with how much I want to explore it.” Tears dripped down Katie’s face now, like it had caused her physical pain to reveal her darkest secret.

Everyone has stopped what they’re doing at this point, instead hanging on Katie’s every word. Grace sits frozen, part way through my left pinkie nail, her mouth agape at Katie’s confession and resulting distress. A powerful, unrelenting chill has crept up my spine and encompassed my entire body and mind as she spoke, and I still feel paralyzed, like a retroactive fear has overwhelmed me. My flatmate, everyone! The wannabe murderer... All these nights she was a thin wall away from me, two unlocked doors from my sleeping defenceless body...

“Do you have such thoughts about me?” I ask cautiously, cutting through the silence in the room with my shaken voice.

“Umm... I’ve had the thoughts about you more than anyone else since the start of term, Tara, you were such an annoying roommate...” Katie says, almost outright sobbing now.

I laugh. I’m surprised at myself for doing so, but I start to double over and the tension in the air seems to lessen. I glance at Julia and give her a subtle signal. I don’t want Grace to freak out and run away, and I think she might because that’s what I want to do.

“Heh, you know Katie,” Julia admits. “Apart from the killing part, that sounds sexy as fuck to me... I love pain, and though I’m sure actual torture would be awful, I do love to be whipped, to be shocked, to have hot wax poured over me... There’s a definite line that I know I wouldn’t want crossed, but otherwise, you should kidnap me sometime, we should play with it. Hell, I even enjoy being choked, though again only up to a point.”

Katie wipes her eyes and says “Really? You’re not all terrified of me?”

“Terrified? No.” Alicia says calmly, placing a hand on Katie’s shoulder. “Like we all know I’m not actually wanting to be gang raped for days and days, but we all have our secrets and I can understand your reluctance to share yours. I’m surprised Tara forced you to…” Alicia then glares at me for a fleeting moment, and her disapproval fills me with shame. I did force that darkness out of Katie, and now I can’t even imagine how she feels. Alicia hugs Katie, the tearful girl melting into Alicia’s arms. Rebecca joins them and says “It’s ok” over and over.

After a few moments, Katie emerges from the embrace with a smile on her tear streaked face. “I bet no-one expected me to be the most fucked up, right?” she half laughs, and we chuckle with her.

“Yeah, I thought it would be me...” Julia admits. “I feel like I’m not even in the top three though. Honestly, I’m kinda disappointed in myself.”

More laughs. My slaves start to make jokes and jibes, for Katie’s benefit but also to banish the tension that was still there. Although things took this unexpected turn, we seem to be back on track. I had been ready to spring for the mask to catch Grace in case she did try to leave, as I worried that was a possibility. A part of me still feels uneasy accepting the reality that my flatmate has intrusive thoughts of torture and murder, but I truly do believe that it’s nothing she would ever act on. Especially now that I control her mind, body, and soul. I can’t help but have a terribly dark thought, though. I know that I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have anyone I want desire me, do everything I say, and fuck me at my command, and that’s the reality I’ve made for myself since finding the mask. That first time I looked at myself in the mirror, I told myself to give into my urges. Well, almost a dozen utterly obedient and horny on command sex slaves later, my urges have been well and truly given into, for the most part. Had Katie found the mask and said the same thing, would she have given into her urges of kidnap and murder?

An image of Katie wearing the mask superimposes itself in the forefront of my mind. I’m helpless to resist as she commands me to write a note telling the world I can’t handle my life and I’m running away. She then leads me to an abandoned cabin in the woods where, paralized by the masks power, she can do anything to me, down to her deepest, darkest, desires.

This would have been a very different story were the mask hers. I’m beyond glad I found it first. I’m glad I use it and no one else. Until this very moment, I’ve never considered the full implication of just how dangerous the mask could truly be. Could I command someone to commit a crime? To hurt someone? To kill them? Could I make someone step in front of traffic or jump off a bridge? I don’t want to think about the answer, but I already know what it is. I shiver. At least I use the mask for a good cause, bringing pleasure and joy to all who obey me. My slaves are so lucky to have me as their Goddess, and I truly want to spread that feeling of wonderful pleasurable submission to my will as far and wide as I can. It’s only natural, seeing as I’m a Goddess, after all…

I come out of my thoughts and back to the room when I realise the laughter and chatter has died down.

“I’m blown away.” Grace finally says, her voice still quiet, but not as shaky as my own was. “Tara, are you next?”

“I’ll go last,” I say. “I want to see if you can top that… Though I kinda hope you don’t.”

“I don’t think I will” Grace chuckles lightly. “I’m so impressed and... and... I’m lost for words... You’re all so open and free from judgement, I want to share too now.”

Everyone leans in, curious to hear from the only unknown person in the group.

“This may surprise you, as I know I am small, soft spoken, and mild mannered.” Grace said with a sly smile, “But I am super into domination, bondage, discipline, sadism, latex, leather, the whole kinky scene. I love being in control, having my subs restrained and begging for my punishment. I guess when I am in that space a whole new me comes out.”

“That’s... wow...” I say. My surprise is echoed in the smiling and impressed looks everyone gives Grace. “I would never have guessed it. Do you have a sub right now?”

“I have two lovely good boys.” Grace smiles devilishly. “I see them throughout the week at different times, and we play in different ways...”

“No fucking way...” Felicity marvels. “I had no idea! I thought you had a part time job!”

“I do.” Grace continues her devious smile. “I just don’t work as many hours as I claim. Until now, this was my little secret.”

“Well, seems we all have out secrets.” I say, a wide smile appearing on my face as my eyes glint. “Now it’s my turn.”

I turn to face Grace. “I like power. I like being in control. Control of a situation, and control of people.”

I turn to look at Katie for a moment, and snap my fingers. A look of surprise envelopes her face as she drops to her knees.

“I like to dominate minds and bodies.” I snap my fingers again, this time glancing at Julia. She closes her eyes and purrs as she descends beside Katie.

“I like to take complete control.” Snap. Rebecca kneels slowly, wide eyed and nervous.

“I love having slaves who will do anything for me.” Snap. Sandra this time, her expression completely emotionless and blank as she positions herself on the floor.

“I love taking their choice away, replacing their will with my own.” Snap. Alicia drops, though her momentary frown betrays her reluctance.

“My secret is that I’m a Goddess, and I need to be worshipped.” One last snap, and Felicity sinks to the floor before me, a happy, contented sigh escaping her lips.

Grace sits stunned before me, looking to each of my kneeling slaves in turn before turning back to me.

“T- T- Tara, y- you…?” She stammers. “Th- th- they all, are your…?”

“My slaves, yes.” I say softly, standing up. Placing two fingers gently under Grace’s chin, I stare directly into her eyes. Her soft hazel eyes are full of awe, of fear, of confusion, of arousal. With my other hand, I snap my fingers while boring deep into her gaze.

I watch as her eyes instantly dilate, and she exhales deeply. Not looking away from my eyes, she slides off her seat and kneels on the floor.

“Good girl.” I say with a warm smile. I’m amazed that worked. It was the same reaction I get when wearing the mask, but the mask is still in my handbag.

Grace blinks a few times, her eyes returning to normal and looks around frantically.

“How?” she gasps.

Taking the mask out of my handbag, I place it to my face. I enjoy watching Grace’s will melt away in her eyes. Again.

“Blank for me, beautiful.” I say soothingly. “Don’t think until I tell you to.” Grace’s eyes glaze over, her thoughts ceasing entirely.

“I’ve realised something.” I say, looking around all of the kneeling girls staring up at me with obedience. “I’ve been a little selfish with the mask, with how I use it. It has the ability to imprint into your mind any thought, memory, or reality I want, yet I’ve only really used it to have you all obey me in all the ways I want. There’s no reason I can’t help each of you experience you’re hearts desires, or at least a fantasy version of it.”

Of course, for all my talk of helping my slaves explore my desires, my own urges start to well up in me. I feeling the growing temptation to have everyone simultaneously strip and have us all come together in an orgy of beautiful erotic flesh. But I know I need to finish getting ready, we have a party to get to, after all. All I really need to do now, is enslave Grace’s mind then finish getting my hair and nails done. The orgy will most definitely come later.

“Grace.” I say.

“Yes.” she answers, ready for every and any command I give her. Instead, I ask her a question.

“Who out of everyone here would you most like to be eaten out by?” I grin as I say it. Slave or not, some choices were still fun to delegate.

Grace smiled dreamily and looked between all of my slaves and then back up to me.

“You.” She says, her eyes fixing back on mine with longing and desire.

I laugh. “Thanks, but I meant apart from me.”

“Well, then, Felicity.”

“Great. Are you ready to become my slave?”

“Anything you want.” She nods. I smile, gently stroking her cheek with my fingers A secret dominatrix or not, her mind is no match for the mask’s persuasion.

We lie on the bed next to each other. With a simple order, Felicity starts to undress Grace. I have Alicia undress me. They both caress and kiss our skin, playfully teasing and licking. Soon, I’m awash with arousal and Grace looks to be the same. I pull Alicia’s head between my legs and softly moan as her tongue moves with delicacy and purpose.

Grace shivers with unrestrained pleasure as Felicity buries herself in her flatmate’s cunt. I turn my head to look at Grace, enjoying her beautiful awash with pleasure. Grace turns to me as well and stares into my eyes, becoming completely absorbed by the power of the mask.

“Now listen closely,” I say between gasps of pleasure. “I’m going to make you into my perfect slave now… But more than that, I feel like I could use a… Fuck, yes, yes! Sorry… more than that, I could use a slave trainer…”

Graces eyes spark with the same devious glint that I saw in her when she talked about her BDSM lifestyle, and her perfect rosy lips spread into an evil grin.

“As you wish, Goddess…”