The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

Part 13

Felicity and I walk through the quad on the way to the party. Our destination is on the far side of campus and a few streets down, but still a reasonable walking distance. The plan is to walk there but get a taxi back, as we imagine we may be slightly less able to walk by the end, especially in heels.

We’re dressed to our best, wearing make up like celebrities, and ready to take the party by storm. Felicity is wearing a bright red satin dress that clings to her petite frame. Her perky breasts have been pressed together by her bra meaning that she’s sporting unusually defined cleavage out where the dress begins. The lack of straps allow her to show off her delicate shoulders and slender arms. Her bare legs are freshly shaved and her scarlet heels make her almost as tall as I would be were it not for my own heels. Her hair has been gently curled so she has golden waves flowing down to her shoulders, and her makeup is subtle and elegant, save for a flare of glitter paint on the outside of her left eye, several silver swirling vines that add that extra touch of glamour to her already stunning beauty. She wears a small red velvet choker around her otherwise bare thin neck, insisting that she have some sort of secret symbol of her utter enslavement to my desires and will.

I would be jealous of her looks, but I’m currently the most gorgeous I’ve ever been. My amber blonde hair, usually frizzy and tied back to make it behave has been impeccably washed, de-frizzed, and straitened into a cascade of silk gold. My sparkling midnight black high low dress with a corset style torso that I sport is a treat I got from Julia. It has a gothic, burlesque feel to it, and I love that it pushes up my breasts into some wonderful looking cleavage. I wear thin black tights and shiny black heels, and carry a small sequined black and gold handbag that holds enough space for the mask and my phone and not much else.

We’ll both chilly in the cool night air, but I’m sure we’ll be warmed up adequately when we get to the party.

“I mean, she’s like the politest thing. Manners straight out of a poster for the 1950s housewife, respectful bows almost every interaction, never swears, keeps her room impeccable, everything!” Felicity talks beside me. I only half pay attention. Since we left my dorm she’s been obsessively repeating her surprise at how her flatmate has had a secret bdsm lifestyle as a dominatrix.

“Given your fantasy to be a slave, don’t you think it’s kinda funny?” I say with a teasing smirk. “I mean, potential mistress and willing slave living in the same dorm and not realizing the truth about each other... That’s funny, no?”

Felicity does not look amused. Instead, she starts ranting about social niceties and how you can’t just ask people what they’re into so casually. I feel relief when my phone rings. I take it out of my handbag and answer the call.

“Hi, mom.” I say with a smile. “Sorry I haven’t called lately, you wouldn’t believe the week I’m having...”

My mother asks all the expected questions. Are my classes going well? Am I eating healthy? Am I doing okay for money? Have I chosen a major yet? Have I met the man I’m going to marry?

“Oh, mother, you know me, I’m going to grow old and live with three dozen cats and one parrot.” I joke. “How’s Rosie getting on?”

Rosie’s my little sister. We spent a good portion of our time growing up at each other’s throats. Our relationship has mellowed with age, though. She’s now a high school senior, is on the cheer-leading squad, and is among the ruling class in her school. I had always been on the fringe, hanging out with Stacy and occasionally fraternizing with the mathletes. I love her, but it feels like she’s from a different planet sometimes. My mum tells me how after a training accident with the cheerleader captain, Rosie is acting captain, and by the sounds of it she’s on track to being both valedictorian and prom queen.

“Well, pass along my congratulations,” I saw with as much sincerity as I can muster, “Tell her that her big time college older sister is almost impressed.” The rest of the conversation passes in a blur, I’m too focused on my enveloping feeling of inferiority. My sister, the superstar.

Maybe next time I see her, I can use the mask and take her down a peg or two...

‘Now now’, I tell that particular thought in my head, ‘Jealously doesn’t suit you.’ With the mask, I am a real life goddess... Why on earth would I be jealous of anyone?

“Yes! I will try and call sometime next week.” I say to an insistent mother who’s rounding up the conversation. “Ok, you have a good weekend too. Love you, bye, bye.”

“She sounds nice.” Felicity says as I look at my phone screen. A message came in while I was on the call.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool.” I admit, though I hasten to change to subject. “I’ve got a message from Professor Stevens. He’s saying he’s inviting you, me, Julia and Derek for dinner, under the guise of taking his favorite students under his wing. His wife will be there and he’s also invited Dr Hudson, head of the social sciences division.” I put my phone back into my handbag, nestling it carefully beside the mask.

“Oooh, he would be a very useful slave for you, Goddess!” Felicity chirps with starry eyes. “You could use him to get to the dean, the University board, all the staff that you want to have under your control!”

“Yeah Steven’s thoughts exactly.” I agree. Rather than be excited about this, I find myself getting nervous. Is trying to enslave the staff of an entire university maybe a bit beyond my scope? Am I biting off more than I can chew? I guess I won’t know until I try it. I turn to Felicity, seeing that she has a happy smile plastered across her face. “Can you message Julia and Derek to let them know now?” I ask. “I’ll probably forget to later.”

“Gladly, Goddess.” Felicity acknowledges, digging into her own handbag for her phone. “Would you be able to hold my bag for me, Goddess? The strap is a bit short for texting at the same time...”

“Sure.” I idly take the bag. “How freaked out are you about Katie, by the way?” I ask as Felicity taps away. Tried as I have, I just can’t seem to shake the scary image of my roommate as a serial killer in learning. Even knowing she’s completely under my control, I still feel like I want start locking my bedroom door at night.

“Not very.” Felicity shrugs, not looking away from her phone. “I never interacted with her before you enslaved me, and she was already under your control by then. Whatever fantasies she has or had, she’s harmless now. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Grace, to be honest. I bet she’s having fun…”

“I don’t doubt it...” I murmur. Before we had left the flat, I had left my slaves that stayed behind there a gift. I had instructed them all to write down a fantasy they wanted to experience, with the premise that once they had finished writing, if they then kissed the paper it was written on they would live out that fantasy entirely within their mind, but it would seem as real to them as if it were really happening. The idea had caused some excitement, and I also made it so they could each experience each other’s fantasies. I only stipulated that I wanted to read them after, the curious part of me wondering what my slaves would be getting off too in my absence. What Katie’s paper would say was very much on my mind.

I had also left Grace in charge. I had given her the ability to drop my slaves into trance, give them post hypnotic commands, and generally command them for me in my absence. She seemed excited at the prospect, and had mentioned getting some rope and impact toys from her flat for the purpose of behaviour reinforcement. Again, the curious part of me instructed her of someone to take pictures, so I could enjoy them later.

We walk down a gap between two of the halls of residence buildings. There’s a narrow path and some grass either side but the walls make everything seem much more enclosed. The sound of some heavy bass coming from someone’s flat is the predominant noise, with gentle birdsong in the background. It isn’t exactly dark, but dusk is well underway, and the last light of the day is quickly fading. Dull lampposts create pools of murky light and islands of shadow all around us. We seem to be the only people out walking at that moment. Odd for a Friday night.

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and suddenly I feel very exposed and vulnerable. Then the rapid sound of someone running drums through my ears, and I turn to see someone sprinting towards me. They’re wearing all black, and a balaclava hide’s their face. Instant fear stabs into my heart.

“Fe- Felicity!” I stammer. She turns too late and suddenly the assailant is on us. We both scream as the handbag is ripped from my hands, and then the thief barges past us, sprinting off and disappearing around a corner in moments. It all happens so fast I’m left dizzy and terrified.

“Oh my god!” Felicity shrieks frantically. “Are you alright, Goddess?!”

“I think so.” I reply, though my hands are shaking. I frantically look around us, my eyes darting to every corner, every hiding place, and every shadow. Any moment the mugger could come back, or someone else could jump out at us. Felicity grabs me and I turn to see a look of complete horror in her eyes.

“Your bag! Goddess, did they take your bag?!”

Another does of panic slams into me with the force of a hurricane and I almost stumble as my legs threaten to give out beneath me. The mask is in my handbag. I quickly look down, blink in disbelieve a few times, and then allow a wave of numb relief to wash the immediate panic away.

“No...” I say. “They took yours.” My own handbag had been tucked under Felicity’s, and clearly the mugger didn’t see that I was holding two.

“Oh thank goodness!” Felicity heaved a sigh of relief. “There was nothing really important in there, just makeup, snacks, and some cash. Lucky you were holding it, right? Lucky I was on my phone!” she exclaims, wiggling her phone in defiance in the direction the thief had ran.

“Yeah...” I agreed shakily. “Lucky...” I continued to look around us, unwilling to continue walking down the partially lit paths anymore. “Look, Felicity, can you call David please? I think he lives close, have him meet us here as soon as he can.”

Felicity agrees and gets on the call straight away. I contemplate putting the mask on here and now in case the thief comes back, but surely they wouldn’t? They got a prize, right? Some cash, even a trek bar for their trouble. No… they won’t be coming back, yet the fear of just that wraps itself around my chest. We wait for a few minutes, the chilly air biting our skin with our lack of movement. In the distance we can see other people out walking at the other end of the quad. Where had they been a few minutes ago to deter the god-dammed mugger?

Soon enough, David emerges from one of the nearby dorm buildings, but he isn’t alone.

“Tara! This is my roommate, Graham. He overheard my call with Felicity and insisted on coming to make sure you were both alright.” David says urgently.

“Have you called Campus security?” Graham asks. He’s a big guy, definitely looks sporty. Chiseled jaw, beady eyes above a bulbous nose, and big arms. Good, I think. My plan was to just have David walk with us but some extra muscle is more than welcome.

Without even replying to Grahams’s question, I take out the mask and place it on my face. Stepping up to Graham, I realised he towers over my by a clear foot, but as his eyes look down at my mask fuelled gaze, the light within them quickly flickers out. I’m in charge now.

“I am your Goddess and you are my slave.” I say matter-of-factly. I normally savor this moment, but we’re running late already. “You will obey me in all things, put my needs above yours, and anticipate how you can best serve me at any given time. Understand?”

“Yes, Goddess.” Graham’s slack face replies in a drone.

“You will also act normal and not arouse suspicion with your friends, family, or anyone else who is not enslaved by me. You will make sure your studies go well, and you will let me know if you’re finding it hard performing your duties as a slave and blending into your previous life, okay?”

“Okay, Goddess.” Graham says, a slight bit of animation returning to his voice and expression now he knows his slavery isn’t entirely mindless.

“Lastly, you will obey me every bit as much when I am not wearing the mask as when I am. You will never try to take the mask or touch it, and you will not seek any way to end or escape your enslavement. Do you understand me, slave?”

“I understand you, Goddess.”

“Good.” I take the mask off my face and tuck it away. It has to be the fastest enslavement I’ve performed to date. The usual thrill of control and deep satisfaction I get from dominating a mind and overpowering it with my will is somewhat dulled by the lingering sense of danger. My hands are still shaking slightly even as I grip tightly onto my bag. I turn back to Felicity and David and do my best to not show my apprehension; fear and doubt aren’t becoming of a Goddess, after all. Felicity is smiling, deeply satisfied at seeing me acquire a new slave, while David seems to be taken aback at how instantly I sucked his flatmate’s free will out of him.

“That was fucking hot, Goddess.” Felicity bites her lip. I can see she is still shaken by the mugger but seeing me enslave a mind seems to be a particular treat for her.

“It was?” I ask in slight surprise, my lips curling into a smile of satisfaction. Just then, I notice a couple walking towards us from the quad. A boy and a girl. They’re holding hands and too absorbed in each other to be paying us much attention. “How about two more?” I smirk and motion towards the quad.

Felicity has to contain a squeal of excitement while Graham looks nervously at the couple and then me. David is indifferent. “We should maybe act a bit more natural then, maybe?” he suggests.

We form a small circle and I order Graham to tell us about himself since he’s the new guy. I barely pay attention as I watch the couple get closer out of the corner of my eye. Of course, I could just march up to them both and strip them of their will in the quad, but there’s a good change one or two students will be smoking out their windows and would see. The last thing I need is for anyone to witness the power of the mask without being able to take their control away immediately afterwards.

No, here is good, this passage between the two buildings is not only far enough out of the quad to avoid prying eyes, but there’s nowhere else to go. They’ll be like flies crawling into my web, and I grin at the thought. A part of my mind remarks that the mugger probably had a similar thought pattern when they decided to accost us, and I do my best to silence myself. My conscience is no fun sometimes.

Twenty yards away now, the couple take a turn instead of continuing towards us and head towards the entrance to one of the dorm buildings.

“Oh, no! Come baaaack!” Felicity pouts, though only loud enough for us to hear. “Goddess, maybe I could pretend to faint? That could draw them over...”

“Absolutely not.” I say bluntly. That would be asking for exactly all the types of attention I would like to avoid. I have two guys to help us now, although the simmering anger within me of being attacked makes me feel like I could beat up anyone who decides to get in my way. I don’t need to add to my slave ranks right now, I tell myself to stop being greedy.

“Shall we go?” I suggest, somewhat irritated. My slaves fall into line as we continue towards the party.

The rest of the journey is uneventful, though we all spent it not talking much and checking around us for constant dangers. I give David and Graham standing instructions to tackle anyone who comes at us will ill looking intentions, and to then pin them face up so I can get in their view with the mask. It will be my mugger rehabilitation program, a criminal off the streets for life. I’d be doing the world a favor, that would feel weird.

At the gated entrance to the mansion where the party is taking place, I instruct David and Graham to walk home and continue with their evening plans. They’ll be time enough later to find out how good a slave Graham can be to me I watch his impressive muscles as he walks away, and I definitely stare at his firm looking ass. He looks like he’d be able to pick me up and fuck me standing up with those arms of his. That might be fun...

Felicity and I walk up some stone stairs to the main doors of the mansion. Light and music spill out onto the impressively landscaped garden, though the fountains and fauna aren’t as eye-catching in the darkness of night. The house itself is huge, three stories tall and imposingly wide, with a large windowed exterior stretching away either side of the entrance. It looks like an old English estate house, and has turrets at the corners. It’s about a moat and keep away from being a full on castle, and the thought of enslaving the owners and making it my palace immediately jumps into my mind.

One step at a time, I tell myself. The thoughts of the mask are so intertwined with my own now that when I immediately think ‘Yes, fine, but quick steps’ I honestly don’t know if it’s me or it. Regardless, Felicity and I are greeted at the door by a bunch of fellow college students blowing smoke out into the night air. By the smell of it, not all of them are on cigarettes.

The interior of the mansion is even more fancy than the outside, with crystal chandeliers adorning the ceiling and expensive looking artwork on the walls. The building has kept it’s old feel despite the signs of recent renovations, but the details are hard to make out between the dimmed lighting and the strobe-light flashing from one of the large rooms off the main entrance hallway. Groups of people almost all around our age chat and drink animatedly,

Felicity steps up and becomes my official ambassador, introducing me to every third or fourth person as we tour a variety of large rooms, mostly lounges and recreational rooms. The reactions I get from the different small groups are somewhat mixed. All of the guys are friendly enough, with most of them stopping just short of panting and whistling like a cartoon dog as they blatantly check Felicity and I out. Some of the girls are pleasant and welcoming, while others put on a fake smile, and while they welcome us with words, their eyes are asking what the hell a pleb like myself is doing there. I find their flimsy masks of politeness rather pathetic, and make sure I don’t mimic their overly enthusiastic greeting. At least, I think, the mask that I wear is powerful. Maybe Felicity is onto something... Maybe I should just enslave the whole party here and now. Bolstering my slave count by around 60-80 people wouldn’t be bad for a night’s work.

No. No no no. I’m not falling for that. It was only a few days ago that I enslaved four people at once and was almost overpowered by the mask because of it. As it stands, I’ve already enslaved one person tonight. I’m here for Aileen, I repeatedly tell myself. All her snobby friends can wait. Although... Since I threw the mask into my closet and kept it in complete isolation for more than two days straight, it has been behaving a lot better, not trying to overwhelm my mind or take control of me once. I’m not sure if it’s because it learned it lesson, has given up on trying to wrest my control away after trying so many times, or something else. I guess I shouldn’t let my guard down too much, as it might be trying to lure me into a false sense of security, but another part of me is hopeful that the masks is accepting me as the one in control. Regardless, I’m determined to stick to the plan I made this morning. Enslave Aileen, and only Aileen.

Speaking of Aileen, I imagine that’s who Felicity is currently guiding me too in a new room just off the main hallway. There she is at the center of a small crowd of glossy eyed worshipers, mostly girls, all hanging on her every word every time she speaks. I should take notes, I think. Aileen’s poise is commanding, she’d be tall without the heels but with them she’s able to look down at most everyone. Her figure is stick thin, a jealously inducing slim frame if ever I saw one. The incredibly expensive looking blue sparkling dress looks like it was custom made for a film opening, never mind a college party. Her long, flowing Raven hair absorbs both light and attention, and I find myself equally admiring her vivid green eyes. Her makeup has been done with impressive elegance, liner, blush, and mascara all working with the tones of her eyes and dress, and giving subtle color to her pale, mildly freckled skin. Her beautiful face is long, with firm cheekbones and a pointed chin. She looks like she could be a fashion model, though for all I know, perhaps she is. When she spots us coming her sharp eyes scan Felicity and then fixate on me, and I can see calculations going on behind them even as her mouth forms a slight smile.

“Well well,” Aileen says loud enough to cause the existing conversation to fizzle out. Everyone looks to her, then follows her gaze to me. “So this is the girl that’s stolen our little Flick away from us? I’m glad you brought her back.” She chuckles lightly, and her posse mimics her. She extends her hand with smooth grace. “Eileen Murphy.”

“Tara Miller.” I reply with as much confidence as I can muster, offering my hand in return. I like Aileen’s grip, it’s somehow firm yet gentle. Being in the cross-hairs of Aileen and her small army is rather nerve-wracking, and I feel like the mask is no good to me facing so many at once. At least they hide their sneers, and Aileen, as commanding of the situation as she is, isn’t coming across as disrespectful at all. If anything, from her I sense intrigue. She withdraws her hand and immediately turns to Felicity.

“Flick! You’re looking gorgeous, babe.” Aileen grins, pulling Felicity into an enthusiastic embrace.

“Look who’s talking, Al.” Felicity smiles back. “Do I even want to know how many zeros was on the price tag for this dress?”

“Oh, just a few scholarships worth, no big.” Aileen waves her hand jokingly. More chuckles from her chorus group. “Oh, but where are my manners?!” Aileen suddenly turns back to me. “Let me introduce you!”

It’s a list of names I have no intention of remembering. I shake a bunch of hands, and feel the polite indifference that each of them holds for me. Rich kids. People who are dressed in brands so expensive I’ve not even heard of half of them. They’re so used to looking down at people like me it can almost feel them straining their necks trying to avoid that particular habit just now.

“So Flick, Tara, you must tell us” Aileen says animatedly. “Just what kind of whirlwind romance are you having?”

Uh oh. What exactly does she mean?

“Flick, I mean, just days ago we were thick as thieves, but for the last few days I’ve barely seen you.”

Felicity and I exchange a glance. I give her an intense stare while she looks apologetic and trapped.

“Uhh, well, it’s just” Felicity starts to say but I can tell she has no idea of what to say.

“It’s complicated. I shrug, just as an idea forms in my head. “Tell ya what, I wouldn’t mind telling you more about it in private.”

“Oh! You, me, and Flick all alone?” Aileen says, her eyes widening. I nod. “Well that sounds like a whole different kind of party!”

“It’d be a fun one. I guarantee it.” I say, meeting Aileen’s intense emerald eyes. I can see that she’s tempted. Come on... Take the bait...

“Maybe later.” Aileen smiles, “Right now we’re in full swing. Our band is about to start playing and then we’re tearing up the dance floor!”

Whoops and excitement burst out of Aileen’s posse. Damn it, did I come on too strong? Maybe I just need to bide my time, I’m sure once the party wears on or when people start to leave I can get her alone. Or, at the very least, I can use the mask when no one is really paying attention to us, as tricky as that may be the way Aileen looks and the way the mask draws in eyes.

“Jane! Get Flick and Tara some drinks!” Aileen orders, albeit in a friendly enough tone. A short red haired girl with diamond earrings and a green velvet dress asks us what we’d like and then disappears through the crowd to what I presume is a kitchen with more alcohol than most bars. She soon returns and I stand next to Felicity as she occasionally chips in to the conversation flowing through Aileen’s group. I actually had some choice words to say on the Game of Thrones topic but I find that I’ve become inexplicably shy and nervous around these people. Hating myself for it, I’m relieved when the music stops and a loud guitar strum from the next room indicates the band are starting up.

“Let’s get our dance on, bitches!” Aileen screams with a hand thrust in the air and she begins to lead her followers through to the next room. “Flick! Tara! Come on!” she beckons us.

Felicity goes to follow, but I grab her arm. “In a minute!” I call back over the growing noise. With full awareness of how it looks, I drag Felicity over to a corner where we have some measure of privacy thanks to the crescendo of background noise. The room we’re in, a tea room by the looks of it has bookcases lining the walls and though spacious enough for dozens of people, it is one of the smaller rooms I’ve seen. It’s emptying out as the large ball room next door where the band is seems to be drawing most of the party goers, so Felicity and I are left effectively alone. The band are admittedly awesome sounding, but that’s not my concern right now.

“Ok, I say, staring down Felicity intensely, her smoky blue eyes meeting my own intense gaze with fearful reverence.

“Goddess?” she says, feigning uncertainty. She’s avoiding the elephant in the room... How infuriating!

“Don’t Goddess me!” I snap. “You will clearly and succinctly explain to me why Aileen said what she said about me stealing you away and about whirlwind romances, despite the fact that you’re supposed to be acting natural around everyone you know and not arousing suspicion. And no bullshit, slave, seriously!”

Felicity’s expression hardens as she realizes she’s trapped into telling the truth. “I’m in love with Aileen.” she says bluntly. My eyes widen, but I don’t interrupt her. “I’d have thought that would have changed when I became your slave but it didn’t. I’m still helplessly in love with her, and she knows that I am. She’s never reciprocated, always claiming to be straight, I’ve only ever seen her steal a glance or two, or just sometimes look at me like she’s considering it, considering us, apart from...” she shakes her head, clearly a bad memory, before looking earnestly up at me once more. “But the point is I follow her around like a lovestruck puppy, doing anything she wants of me, homework, errands, I cook for her, I rub her feet, I do anything I can for her, including picking up drugs from her dealer so she’s never at risk of arrest.”

That one takes me by surprise. “Seriously?”

Felicity nods slightly, before heaving a deep breath, and continuing “At least, I did. Since you made me yours my priorities have changed, obviously, and I know you told me to keep to my studies and not do anything out of the ordinary. But in my mind I was able to justify pulling away from Aileen because I’ve done it twice before. Both times were when I got close to a girl I liked, once in freshman year for a couple of weeks, and once earlier this year for a month. Each time it happened before I pulled away from Aileen, determined to try and have something that will work, but each time she got inside my head, split up my relationship, and left me pining for her all the more with the hint that maybe one day we could be together.”

Felicity looks angry now, and I can see the hurt in her eyes. “So pulling away from her now is completely in character for me. It’s not fucking unprecedented! So Aileen will try to do to you what she did to my exes... Psyche you out, tell you just how much I’m in love with her, and drive you away from me. And I don’t want that Tara.” Tears pour from her eyes now. Angry tears that she’s clearly trying to fight back. She grabs both of my hands and looks at me pleadingly. “I love being your slave. It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, beyond my wildest dreams. But it hasn’t erased who I am, or all the fucked up feelings I have inside me. I’m sorry, I would never disobey you, and I’ve been acting within the letter of the law of your commands ever since you liberated my mind, but I know I’ve been selfish. I wanted you to meet Aileen because I knew seeing you would drive her crazy. She’ll want to corner you and humiliate you just like she did with Carla, just like she did with Ellie… Except this time, this time you have the mask. You have the mask and you can make her yours, and it’ll be over.” And with that, Felicity bursts into huge sobs.

“I’m sorry Tara, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” She manages between weeps. “I’ll do anything to make it up to you, anything you can imagine.”

I feel tightness in my chest. I want to snap at Felicity that she’d do anything I tell her to regardless of her feelings or her guilt or any other bullshit. Part of me wants to whip out the mask and obliterate her tear filled apologies into empty mindless obedience. Slavery without emotion, without memories, an obedient shell to command without having to worry about ulterior motives and hidden feelings... God, why couldn’t enslaving minds to my will be without complications for once?!

But then again, seeing Felicity so helpless and hurt gives me a strange twanging feeling in my heart. It makes me uncomfortable.

“Hey…” I say softly, placing my hand on Felicity’s damp cheek, “It’s ok. I’ll enslave the bitch and then you can do anything you want with her. Date her, fuck her, have her be your on call mistress, or if you like I’ll reduce her to a drooling insatiable slut and then she won’t have the brainpower to mess with your head.”

Felicity smiles, brushing away the tears from her other cheek. Her eye makeup is running and dark streaks now cover her skin. “You do what you want to do, Tara.” she says gratefully. “I am yours to command, after all.” She then looks around to make sure no one else is within earshot and sheepishly adds. “May I call you Goddess again now? It makes me warm and happy each time I say it.”

“Huh? Uh, sure.” I reply. “When did I tell you to stop calling me that?”

“You said ‘Don’t Goddess me.’” Felicity explains with a smile. “I took that to mean stop calling you Goddess.”

I laugh, and then pull her into a hug. “I just meant cut the crap.” I say softly next to her ear. “Never stop calling me Goddess, slave.”

I can feel her shudder with delight as I say that. She nuzzles her head into my neck and plants a kiss on my bare shoulder. “Always, Goddess.” I hear her muffled voice. I close my eyes and moan softly as Felicity starts to plant kisses of devotion all over my neck and shoulder. It sends waves of arousal all through my body, and I immediately think about how a house this size will have plenty of empty rooms...

“Mmmm no... You bad bad slave not yet we’re on a mission...” I half-heatedly protest, but Felicity knows me, and my tone is far from complaining. “And we’re so exposed you naughty, sexy slave...” my eyes flutter open just to make sure none of the party goers are leering at us, but then they snap open in surprise and in a sudden panic I push Felicity off of me. She’s stunned in surprise, and quickly turns to see who I’m now staring at as my face drains of all color. There, standing in the doorway with a look of complete astonishment on her face, is Stacy.