The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

Part 17

We enter the hallway to the large house slowly, hand in hand. Already my grip is clammy with sweat, and I have to concentrate to keep my breathing even and quiet. The lights are off and most of the doors are closed, keeping the hallway gloomy and imposing.

It’s quiet. Eerily quiet. Compared to the music and general noise of the party last night, the silence is suffocating, and there’s a growing sense of danger in my mind. But I tell myself that the silence is a good sign, as it means there is a good chance that everyone is passed out and sleeping off mega hangovers. I saw drugs being passed around more than once the previous night, so my real hope is that Aileen will have partaken in those and will pose no threat to me as I take the mask back from her.

The silence serves to amplify the pounding in my head, however. Nausea lurks at the edge of my stomach and throat like a bad stalker that I do my best to ignore. My legs still feel wobbly and the dizziness is ever present, though lighter and bearable. I’m far from recovered, but I grit my teeth, as I know if I don’t get my mask back now I’m not likely to get another chance.

I take my hand out of Stacy’s grasp and motion for her to wait. She nods intensely, staring at me with admiration as she tries to hide her own fear. Slowly, carefully, and with terror in my heart, I open the first door I come to and peer inside. It’s a small messy lounge, with discarded drinks and snacks littering the coffee table, but empty of people. Stacy peers in after me, but then follows me to the next door.

This one leads into the large dance hall that the band played in the night before. It too is messy, but devoid of people. Each subsequent door I come to becomes more nerve wrecking, as I keep expecting to open each one to find Aileen standing on the other side, a smile on her face and victory in her eyes.

Her eyes… I mustn’t look into her eyes, I remind myself severely. Stacy managed to escape last night by avoiding Aileen’s controlling gaze. Surely I can do the same. I can fix my gaze on something else, get close enough, and then grab the mask. I know the mask intimately. I’m not like everyone else. I won’t fall under its control so easily. I hope...

Outside the sixth door now, I feel sudden, intense foreboding. The mask is beyond this door. I’m sure of it. We still haven’t seen a soul in this place, but somehow I can sense several people in the room beyond. I figure a good portion of the party are probably sleeping in the many guest rooms upstairs, but I just know the mask is down here. My heart starts pumping so furiously now that I swear I can feel it vibrating my skull. I take several calming deep breaths, and once more motion for Stacy to wait. She stays on the other side of the door frame with wide eyes as my shaky hand touches the doorknob.

I can do this, I tell myself. I am a Goddess, and I will take my mask back. I repeat this mantra in my head as I slowly, reluctantly open the door. As soon as I push it wide enough for me to poke my head through, I do just that, carefully scanning the interior. The first thing to hit me is the powerful smell of sex, sweat, and stale beer. It’s pungent, and I silently grimace as my eyes adjust to the gloom. The curtains are closed, but just enough light is getting in to let me see the scene clearly.

Across the armchairs and sofas of the small lounge library there are six naked passed out bodies. Three guys, three girls. Clothes are scattered everywhere on the floor and furniture, mingling with more discarded drinks and food wrappers. My eyes instantly scan the girls. One of them is a friend of Aileen’s that I vaguely remember from last night. The next is Felicity! She looks passed out, curled up on top of Aileen’s friend on one of the sofas.

And there, in the middle of the room, on the plushest looking armchair, is a passed out Aileen. My heart freezes in shock and I catch my breath. She’s passed out, her closed eyelids present in the eye holes of the sleek mask sitting perfectly on her face, Her head supported by a cushion means she would be looking right at me. Aileen is definitely unconscious, yet I can’t help but feel a piercing gaze is drilling into me from inside the room. I check out the other sleepers. Everyone is passed out, lying naked all around. The guys’ limp dicks on full display would have made me blush had I been here before I discovered the mask, as would all the girls’ exposed breasts and cunts. So much skin on display made my own flesh prickle with excitement, but my eyes were drawn back to the mask, as I couldn’t let myself get distracted. Still holding my breath, I withdraw my head back out of the room and pull the door almost closed again.

I exhaled slowly and deeply, before moving over to Stacy. Looking at me with desperate curiosity, Stacy leans into me as I go to whisper in her ear.

“Aileen is in there with the mask, out cold.” I whisper. “I’m going in. You stay here no matter what, okay? I’m either coming out with the mask in my hand, or I’m not coming out as myself. If it goes wrong, you run, okay?”

“I didn’t come here to run, Tara!” Stacy hisses back at me. “I’m here to help you.”

“You already have.” I whisper back. “I never could have walked in here without you. Now I need you to wait for me, okay?”

“Tara, I’m scared.” Stacy pleads softly. “It’s not too late, we could just turn around and run together. Go somewhere we’d never be found...”

I shook my head softly. “No, I’m not running Stacy. The mask is mine, and I’m taking it back.” I whisper firmly. “I need to go...”

Stacy pulls me into her arms and squeezes me. I hug her back for a moment, but quickly pull away. Every second might matter here.

“It’ll be alright.” I say softly with a warm smile as I gaze at her worried face. “I promise.”

Stacy simply nods stoically, fighting back her tears and doing her best to keep her expression neutral.

Once more, I slowly swing the door open and peek inside. Nothing has changed in the few moments since I last looked, the soft breathing of the passed out naked guys and girls the only noise in the dank dark room.

I step inside slowly. The mask sits on Aileen’s face, less than ten paces away. I move forward as quietly as I can, my eyes flitting between the debris scattered in my way on the floor and Aileen’s eyes beneath the mask. The moment they look like they might open, I plan to shut my eyes and lunge forwards. But right now, I carefully step around drinks, bottles, and crumpled clothing, my balance on my toes. I breathe so gradually and so quietly I feel like I can hear my own pounding heart.

I’m halfway there, each step bringing me ever closer to my goal. I avoid a loud looking crisps packet. Just a few more steps to go. A noise to my left makes me freeze. One of the passed out guys is shifting slightly in his slumber. I watch him with furious eyes, willing him to stop moving and go back to sleep. Amazingly, he does just that, and in a moment, he’s completely still.

I turn my gaze back to Aileen, and suddenly gasp. The eyes behind the mask are open, and I’m staring right into them.

Close your eyes! Quick! Do it! I scream at myself in my mind to do something to break the spell over me, but I keep staring. I don’t feel the familiar rush of calm contentment though that I remember feeling with both Stacy and Alicia. Instead I feel a sudden intense pressure all around my skull, like my head is in a vice at the limit of what I can handle. Instinctively, I know that closing my eyes would be akin to closing the vice on my mind, so I accept that I have no choice in staring into those captivating eyes.

The eyes look different though, strange. Perhaps it’s the darkness of the room, or that my head still hasn’t recovered, but her eyes seem to be brighter than anything else I can see, almost like they’re producing light. Her light purple irises have gold flakes speckled through them... Those aren’t Aileen’s eyes. Her body is still collapsed on the arm chair, but it starts to move now as a smile slowly spreads across her face. Jerkily and even awkwardly, she sits up on the chair, like she doesn’t have complete control of her muscles. I can’t speak, I can’t look away. My breath catches in my throat, now quick and raspy as I struggle to move my arm, my hand, my pinkie. Nothing. I can’t even move. Fear overcomes me, and my eyes start to water.

Eventually, Aileen is sitting up in the chair, leaning forward and smiling up at me. Her hands are clasped politely in her lap and her feet are flat on the floor. But she’s so still, so lifeless looking, apart from that smirking smile, and those dangerous eyes. The mask shines with what little light is breaking through the curtains. I can feel it’s joy. I can taste it’s satisfaction.

“Hello, Tara.” Aileen says with a welcoming smile on her face. An enveloping chill spreads down my spine. Her voice is so distant and delicate... ethereal, almost. “I can’t express how much I’ve been looking forward to talking with you.” Her eyes glint with unwavering attention, drilling into me with unfathomable force.

“Hello.” I find myself saying, like the words were pulled out of my mouth. It feels like the cork out of a bottle however, and I find that I know I’m able to speak again. “You’re not Aileen.” I say gravely.

“Aren’t we observant today?” the Mask says softly through Aileen’s lips, the possessed girl’s mouth curling up into a sardonic smile.

“How?” I demand, staring into her gaze and doing my best to match it’s intensity. I know I can’t, because nothing can, but I feel I’m dumb enough to try.

“Aileen is still somewhat incapacitated from her illicit substance abuse.” she replies wryly. “Until such time as her mind becomes lucid enough, I’m in control. As I should be.”

My mind is racing now. The mask is possessing the passed out girl, making her sit up, making her talk. That’s pretty crazy... What else could it make her do? And why isn’t the mask affecting me the same way it has before. I still can’t move, but I don’t feel completely enraptured the way I did with Stacy, and with Alicia. Maybe, just maybe, the mask is using up so much of it’s power in possessing Aileen that it doesn’t have enough strength to completely control those caught in it’s gaze. Maybe I can fight it... Maybe I can win... “Kneel for me, Tara.” the Mask instructs softly. It’s far too easy to obey, and I can’t show that I’m planning to resist the Mask’s control. I sink to my knees and look up into the captivating eyes behind the Mask. I try to ignore how nice it feels to simply do what is asked of me, as I know that’s the Mask’s power at work. If I’m not careful, I’ll be helpless and enthralled, horny and desperate to obey. I know this, and I know I can fight it. I can resist.

“So what now?” I ask bluntly. “What do you want from me?”

“Kiss my feet.” The Mask said, seemingly ignoring my questions.

“Okay.” I reply plainly as I crawl towards Aileen, racking my brain if this should be the moment I make my move, resist the instructions, and lunge for the mask on her face. Before I know it, I’m planting pecks on Aileen’s bare feet, noticing her expensive black high heels discarded nearby. A warmth spreads through me as I do, from my mouth to my groin at first, but soon through all my limps and every nerve. It’s nice to obey, sure, but I need to keep myself in check. I’m playing along, I tell myself. I have to be convincing, and wait for my moment.

“Now work your way up my leg, slowly.”

The warmth in me intensifies, and I don’t resist. Not yet. It isn’t time yet. It feels good, and she’s letting me get closer, what’s not to like? My eyes flutter closed as my mouth and lips lay a delicate trail of affection up the inside of her leg, each soft slow kiss delivered with deliberate care. I moan lightly as my nose and cheek brush Aileen’s smooth shaved leg, shivers and tingles exciting my body and mind. I don’t know how much of my actions are compulsion from the mask and how much are my efforts to seem more under her control than I actually am. I imagine the legs belong to Stacy, or Felicity, or another good slave deserving of my affection. I want it to feel good for Aileen, as good as I’d want it to feel for me. The result makes the Mask breathe a contented sigh, and she slowly and awkwardly opens up her legs to me as I get higher.

Once past her knee, the scent of her sex fills my nose and makes my mind dizzy with arousal. I can feel my own wetness grow by the second. I’m still just playing along, aren’t I? Not fully, I’m sure, but I’m not under the mask’s complete control, surely... As I continue to delicately kiss her inner thigh, I see Aileen’s moist cunt getting closer and closer. It’s glistening wet and absorbing my focus. My kisses are bringing me within inches of it. My nose is almost brushing it. When I stop kissing, am I supposed to pull away, or...

“Do what feels natural, Tara.”

My tongue eagerly finds the entrance to Aileen’s cunt and pushes inside as my greedy mouth envelopes her. God it feels good. My own arousal washing away every other feeling in me. I’m no longer feeling fragile and hungover, nauseous and dizzy. Nothing exists except my arousal, and I feel a passionate urge to plunge my hands under my pants to sate the desperate need screaming for my attention.

And like that, my hand is there, frantically opening the buttons on my pants that are in the way and sliding quickly under my panties. I push two fingers inside myself and a passionate moan bursts from my mouth, sending vibrations into Aileen’s excited cunt.

“Mmmm...” the Mask softly moans in pleasure. “Yes, Tara, that’s it. Good girl...” Her words send me into a frenzy, pure pleasure and bliss exploding in my mind and body. My thoughts dissolve. Nothing matters except the movements of my tongue and fingers and the endless flow of involuntary moans they elicit from my busy mouth. All meaning of time passes from my perception and I almost black out with the perfect feelings of sexual ecstasy.

“That will do for now, Tara.”

I draw back from Aileen, her juices dripping from my chin, and look up into the smirking face that the Mask controls, a dreamy smile on my face. Those purple eyes with the dancing gold flakes are so enchanting, so unique… I place both hands upon my knees as I sit in anticipation of what the Mask will demand of me next.

I should make my move soon, I think, though with growing uncertainty. Am I sure I really want to resist this? It feels so good just to obey and not worry. I mean, I still want the mask back, I do… But trying to control it and control myself and control everyone around me is just exhausting. I keep on fucking up and there isn’t anyone to blame for it but myself. If I were to be controlled, to give up my free will, I wouldn’t have to worry about messing up my own decisions time after time, would I?

Yes, I think solemnly. To surrender my control is surely the right choice for me here. I’m not entirely certain though, I can feel a part of me still wanting to wrest the mask off Aileen’s face and go back to haphazardly enslaving my classmates and teachers, regardless of the damage I do or the fallout I cause…

Why am I trying to be a Goddess? I’m not a Goddess… The Mask made me feel like one, but that power came from it, not me. I’m a lowly pathetic creature compared to the power before me…

I feel like I’m approaching a decision. The mask doesn’t control me, not in this moment, but more and more I want it to. I feel like I could reach up right now and snatch back what I thought was mine, but that would be wrong. From the moment I put the Mask on, I arrogantly believed it was mine. But really, the reverse was true.

I belonged to the Mask the moment I wore it, well before I used its power on anyone else. That I kept fighting its control and pretended that I was the one with the power was silly, childish even.

I don’t feel the thoughts of the Mask swim through my head anymore; I just have my own lonely thoughts of how insignificant and worthless I truly am. I would be lucky to be enslaved by the Mask.

Yes. Clarity at last overcomes the nagging voices of doubt and the senseless idea that I should be the one in control. It feels right to submit. The Mask is more powerful than I ever was. I should surrender. I should obey.

“So docile for me, Tara…” The Mask purrs. “Are you still resisting?”

I consider this briefly. “A little.” I admit. There are still distant muffled voices in my head telling me that my thoughts are no longer my own, that the Mask is taking over, that I need to shake it off and grab the Mask like I had planned to… I’m finding them annoying. I want to submit, to feel the Mask’s control irrevocably bind my will to It. I can’t believe I ever wanted to try to take the Mask back.

“Please make the voices of resistance stop.” I finally say up to the Mask. “Please make me yours, and enslave me completely.”

The Mask smiles down at me, victory glinting in its eyes. Around the room more of the passed out bodies stir slightly, and I wonder what the Mask plans to do if any of them wake up. Enslave them instantly, I hope. It’s the fate I want, that much is clear to me.

“You want to be my slave, Tara.” It says. A statement, not a question.

I find myself nodding, growing need and desperation on my face, in my eyes. “Yes…” I say nervously. “I want to be your slave,” I take a deep, liberating breath, before I say with certainty “I need to be your slave!”

As I utter the words, waves of pleasure and contented bliss rush through me. This feels so right, so good! Why did I ever resist this? I curse my past self for being so stupid

“You’ll do anything to be my slave.” The Mask states calmly, looking down at me with satisfied amusement.

“Yes!” I plead. “Anything. I’ll do anything to be your slave!” The buzzing pleasure swarming through my mind is intoxicating. Nothing compares to this feeling of complete surrender. I feel ready to throw myself off a building or to plunge a knife into my chest if my Goddess commands it. I feel eager to offer my mind and body unconditionally. To be used, discarded, kept, beaten, chained, fucked, and brainwashed over and over again. I don’t care, I just want to serve. I moan and shudder, on the brink of the most intense orgasm. I’m so close… So close to losing my mind, body and soul forever. Please let me be enslaved… I will, I will do anything for the Mask.

“You don’t care that I’m making you want this. You don’t care that I’m manipulating your thoughts.”

“I don’t care!” I gasp through, and realise that it’s true. Those voices had tried to warn me, tried to help me resist, but the Mask has always been good at masking It’s thoughts as my own. It has beaten me, tricked me and overwhelmed my mind into wanting it to control me. I had planned to get the mask back when I had entered the room minutes ago, and now the thought of that revolts me. The Mask has won, and I’m happy it has. I will be It’s most devoted and faithful slave.

“Please…” I beg. “Please Goddess… Let me serve. Make me yours. Use me in every way you want.”

“I will…” The Mask says in It’s ethereal voice. “But first, tell me… Did you bring your little friend Stacy with you?”

“I… Yes. She’s outside the door.” I say, not taking my eyes off the incredible Mask, my Goddess, my purpose to live. I know I once would have fought to protect Stacy from the Mask, but now I wonder why? Shouldn’t she feel as good as I do now? Shouldn’t she also serve?

“Go and bring her to me. Have her kneel before me as you are now.” The Mask says, a coy smile on Aileen’s possessed lips.

“How, Goddess?” I ask as I get to my feet.

“You know how. Think about it. You know.”

I simply nod, and turn to leave. It’s true, I do know.

I open the door wide and step into the hallway. I’m not surprised to find Stacy still hiding pressed against the wall. Tears are streaming down her face and the moment she sees me she lunges for me.

“Tara! You have to fight it! You have to!” she pleads desperately, no longer trying to stay hidden and quiet. She grabs my hands and starts to drag me down the hallway, pulling me with all her strength as I throw my weight backwards against her.

“Stacy, wait!” I say calmly as she frantically keeps dragging me. I pull my arms away and shift my weight around to throw her off balance, but to her credit she keeps persisting.

“No! Tara, come on!” she cries. “Come with me! Fight it! You can resist it, you can resist it, you can!”

I can tell she’s tiring herself out. She’s been up all night and I can feel the exhaustion in her. My body feels exhausted as well, but my mind feels sharp and focused on only one thing.

I wait for my moment, for when Stacy’s grip starts to loosen and her pull starts to weaken. She’s managed to drag me unwillingly halfway down the corridor towards the front door, which I find rather impressive since I’m not making it easy for her.

But her time is up. It’s time for her to stop. Time for her to serve.

“Stacy,” I say firmly, then cup her face with my hand. She freezes, and looks at me with a heartbroken face. “Wait.” I order gently.

Stacy gasps as her entire body freezes up. I look deep into her jade eyes, and brush her short brown hair out of her face. She breaths raggedly, catching her breath, unable to break her gaze from my own.

When you go around wearing a mask, you start to become the mask. I felt last night when I ordered Grace to kneel and I felt it again with Alison and Tyler during the party, that I’ve started to absorb the Mask’s powers. I’m becoming it, or it’s becoming me, or both. Either way, I channel that energy into Stacy’s eyes, and she can’t do anything but stare back in mesmerized desperation.

“Tara… Please…” she whispers pleadingly. “You can fight this… We can run away together… Please… Please fight it for me…”

“I can’t.” I whisper back. “I want to be a slave to the Mask, and so will you.”

Stacy’s expression turns to outright panic. “No no no no no!” she starts to frantically shake her head before I stop her.

“Relax.” I say, and I watch as her panicked face slowly melts into a calm daze.

“Please Tara.” Stacy says in a neutral expression now. “You can fight this. You have to fight this…”

“You will obey.” I say gently, staring deep into those beautiful green eyes.

“I… Tara I can’t… I don’t want this, and you don’t either. Please resist, please come with me, let’s get out of here.”

“You will obey.” I repeat, slightly firmer now, my face inching closer to hers, our eyes still locked.

“I…” Stacy breaths slowly and calmly, but I can sense the desperate fight in her. “I will… No. Tara, it’s not too late. I need you to know something Tara, please just listen. I—“

“You will obey.” I interrupt, my voice stern now. I can feel I’m breaking her will, slowly but surely, and enjoying every moment of it.

“I will… I will… I…”

“You. Will. Obey.” I demand, our noses nearly touching now. Stacy lets out a slow, harrowed sigh, and can feel all the resistance within her crumble.

“I will obey.” She says, looking into my eyes with entranced reverence.

I lean back and take her in. Shoulders drooped, eyes glossy, a neutral expression stuck on her face. She’s under my power, and it feels incredible. I marvel that I never used the Mask to enslave Stacy when I had the chance, because having her ready to obey my every word feels indescribably wonderful.

Of course, there’s only one more thing I want to say to her.

“Come with me and kneel before your new Goddess.” I command with all the love in my heart. I’m so happy that Stacy and I will get to serve together.

“Okay.” She replies with calm acceptance. She smiles slightly as I take her hand.

Together, we go back to the room to kneel for the Mask.