The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

By Carefully Random

Part 3

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It was wonderful. It was delicious. It was… divine. Yes, I can see myself using that word a lot more now. Katie is currently curled up with me in my bed, her head lying lovingly on my shoulder. Our naked bodies are entwined in a sweaty mess and we’re both still panting slightly. The covers are half off the bed, our clothes are scattered over the floor. The mask, too, is lying on the floor somewhere, abandoned once the commands were given and the passion started.

I can’t help but stare over Katie’s naked body. She is my slave. She will always be my slave. Wearing the mask I told her as much, and she couldn’t help but agree with her whole loving heart. It makes me wonder what it must feel like to be given such a powerful, life altering command, and then to know that there is no choice in the matter.

I myself was given three commands under the mask. I was either able to justify my obedience to them there and then, or disbelieve my own intentions until I actually carried them out. After the commands ran out though, I was left to evaluate them... And I felt weird. Used. Like it was an uncomfortable dream in which I was just watching.

I wonder if that’s how Katie feels now. As I gently stoke her hair, I realize that there’s no reason why I can’t find out.

“How do you feel?” I softly ask as I gaze upon my slave.

“Good, Goddess.” She murmurs back dreamily. “I live to please you, and I feel I just have.”

“You have” I smile down at her, then kiss her forehead. “How did it feel when I gave you all those commands?”

“I was surprised at first Goddess,” Katie gently replies. She shifts slightly so her eyes meet my own. I can see the love, the desire, and the adoration in the way she looks at me. I feel I’ll very quickly get used to this. “But after a moment, it just made sense”, she continued. “Like I knew it’s what I wanted even when I didn’t want it a moment before. I dunno, it’s hard to explain, like a feeling deep inside that I couldn’t ignore, even when I didn’t understand.”

“I see” I reply, even though I’m not sure I do. Are new behaviors created or is the personality bent to accommodate the undeniable commands? I guess I’ll be finding out. It’s time to let Katie get back to her day; I myself have important things to be taking care of…

“Ok my sweet, you can go back to your studying now, unless you have any questions first.” I tell her.

“Thank you Goddess.” She starts to get up, flexing her naked body and slowly looking for her clothes, letting me enjoy the show like the wonderful slave she is. “I don’t right now, but this is all so new, I might have some later.”

“That’s ok.” I tell her. It’s new for us both, after all, and I’m confident we’ll be able to address any concerns she has about her eternal servitude. “Remember that you’re making dinner for me tonight.” I say with an eager grin. I’m tempted to add ‘every night’ onto that, but that feels a bit mean. And besides, I can enslave a hot chef for that purpose. Oh how I love these thoughts I have.

Katie leaves and I take a few moments to go over the memory of what we just did with each other. It was hands down the most intense sexual experience of my life. And I can’t stop myself from smiling because I know it’s just the start.

I reluctantly get dressed, though I leave my old clothes strewn around the floor in my room. No one is going to miss the dusty pants and plain top. I instead scour my wardrobe for something more befitting a goddess. Nothing is quite right, and I make a mental note to persuade a nice rich person to maybe replace one or two outfits. Or possibly buy me a warehouse of dresses… We’ll see.

I make do with my favorite summer dress that shows off my legs. I’m usually a bit insecure about showing off any part of me in general, but that was before I found my power, and confidence. That being thought, I’m not sure if I should take the mask or not. I won’t be needing it for what I have in mind, and I’m less likely to use it if I don’t give myself the chance. But another part of me urges me to keep it close, and I guess it couldn’t hurt to have with me. As I make to leave, I put the mask into my backpack and sling it over my shoulder.

It’s still light outside when I walk across the University’s green once more to get from my halls to the lecture buildings. Stacy and I were digging around in the old academy building just after lunch. That’s where we found the mask, and you know the story from there. We had been sent there to find a possible room for an extracurricular Philosophy club. Stacy doesn’t take Philosophy but was tagging along for the fun of it. And what fun this day turned out to be, I think giddily.

I had sent Stacy a text apologizing for what had happened with David on the green, and asked her to call me. As I wander into the building where my Philosophy professor is, I see that there still hasn’t been a reply. I decide I’ll have to go visit her. After I speak with my professor, that is…

I knock on his office and am quickly welcomed in. I close the door behind me and take a seat as I casually unsling my backpack. I unzip the top before resting it on the floor beside me, one hand left dangling over it.

“Tara, hello, take a seat, good, be just a minute” Professor Stevens murmurs in his normal distracted fashion as he pours over a dozen different books on his desk. I, like all of his students, am very used to the absent minded mannerisms of the professor. In his lectures he’ll suddenly trail off from his address and then frantically scribble something down in his pocket notebook, muttering how it would make a good footnote on a particular page of his book. Apparently he’s been working on this for most of his teaching career, so we’re all expecting a War & Peace size of tome to be produced. You know, eventually.

He’s an attractive man, I think, as I sit there waiting patiently. Mid-forties, a tiny bit of silver hair appearing amongst the untidy auburn. Behind his reading glasses are milky blue eyes that look alive with thought and intuition. His short beard is the one thing I don’t like, I think it hides his firm jawline too much, but it does work with his handsome features, so I can’t complain too much.

Julia, the quirky goth I sit next to in his class keeps telling me how much she’s in love with him and how hot he is. I could kinda agree with her but I was mostly too busy checking out Derek, the hipster I like that always sits in the second row. I was totally planning to ask him out next week, honest. Sure I’ve put it off a few times, but I feel that I’ve waited long enough. He should be in class tomorrow…

“Weren’t you supposed to check out the academy building a few hours ago?” Stevens asks eventually, without looking up from the books. “I was hoping if we moved with sufficient…” I wait again as he flicks through a few pages here, highlights a line there “… haste, that we’d be able to have things set up for tomorrow evening. Did you find a room that isn’t too dilapidated?”

“I found a room full of boxes that will probably be fine. I think I’ll be able to convince everyone to help out” I reply with a wry smile.

The professor looks up from his mountain of paper for a brief moment to give me an incredulous look. His face buried back in his work, he mildly scoffs “I would be impressed to see that, given how much you lot complain about assignment deadlines alone. It’s like you’re all allergic to hard work and effort.”

“Well, what if I told you I had the power to make them all contribute equally to the task?” I ask. Damn, I spoke before I thought there. I wasn’t planning to reveal the mask to the professor. Well, since I’ve gone down this trail of thought, I guess I am curious about what he might think about the application of persuasive power. “Would it be wrong to use that power?”

“Do you mean to propose that as a question of ethics?” Professor Stevens responds, looking up at me for more than a second with a look of curiosity.

“Yes.” I reply, staring back into his eyes and smirking.

The professor pauses for a second, peers into space, then returns his gaze to me and states plainly “You could argue that either way. Ostensibly, the room is to be prepared for the use of all the students in the class, so it would seem reasonable to use that power to ensure everyone that stands to benefit from it puts in the same effort in setting it up. However, when you point out the voluntary nature of the club, it becomes less fair to make a student who doesn’t want to join do the same amount of work as one who does. You could imagine that anyone wanting to join would be happy enough to contribute in the setup of the room, so the idea of requiring power to influence everyone is an unnecessary concern I would say.”

After a few seconds of silence and him giving me the same curious expression, I realize he’s not about to continue. “Interesting.” I say. “So the use of power only becomes necessary on the unwilling?”

“That’s a fairly straightforward, if aggressive stance to have. But keep in mind what Dalberg Action once said: that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Stevens replies, his curious glance still on me for now, his papers now left alone.

“I see” I reply with a grateful smile. “So, Professor…” my smile turns into a playful lip bite, and I gently thrust my chest out before saying “hypothetically, if I were to ask you to strip me naked and fuck me on your desk, would you be happy to contribute to that scenario… or would I have to ‘apply power’ on you, and be corrupted in the process?” My heart starts to race as I say it, and I fight the instinct to reach for the mask immediately. Where did that thought even come from? It was like a sudden urge just appeared and came out of my lips before I even had the time to consider it rationally.

“Tara…” he sighs, and I can hear a small range of emotions in his voice. Disappointment, yes. Weariness, sure. I’m not sure about the rest, but there’s more there.

“You’re a smart girl. You know that it’s against university rules for us to have any kind of intimate relationship.” He says this to me in a way that makes me think it’s been practiced and said before. Several times.

“I do. I’m saying I don’t care. I’m telling you, professor, that I want to fuck you right now and it’ll be our secret, that I can guarantee that you won’t lose your job, I won’t get expelled, we’ll just fuck each other and that’s it. This isn’t some bribe for better grades. I just want you inside me. Now.”

“You can’t guarantee anything Tara, and—”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to!” I cut him off, “Everyone knows you’d do all the girls in the class if you could!” As soon as I say this I realize that I have the means to make that possible also.

“I think it’s best you leave.” The professor states coolly, gesturing towards the door.

“Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?” I ask as my hand reaches down and grabs the mask from my bag.

“Nothing at all.” He states firmly. “Now please go. I’ll let this one incident slide but this is the only chance you’ll get.” I can hear the irritation in his voice. I’m pretty sure he does want me. I pull the mask out of my bag and put it on my face.

“What are you… doing?” Stevens almost immediately changes before my eyes. The grim, unfriendly expression has given way to rapt attention and intrigue, and the confrontational, closed body language melts away as his shoulders relax and arms open.

“Now then professor…” I say playfully from behind my mask of pure seduction, “… shove everything off your desk… Clear it for me.”

Without saying a word, Professor Stevens stands up and sweeps about a stone’s worth of books, papers, and stationary all over the floor of his office. Hopefully his dictaphone didn’t break… It all makes a delightful racket, and I smile.

“Good boy.” I say, and he smiles at the approval.

I climb onto the cleared desk, lay down, and motion him to join me.

“If there were no consequences, would you want to fuck me?” I ask him as he climbs on top of me and I draw his lips close to mine.

“Yes.” He replies, and I can feel his warm breath on my face.

“Then fuck me like there are no consequences.” I say, and as soon as I do, our tongues are dancing with each other and his hand is running up my skirt. It feels so different than Katie an hour ago. She was gentle, careful, tender, while Stevens is firm, rough, and deliberate. His caressing hands explore all over my body and run my dress off over my head. His tongue and lips tease and caress me in places that had never been played with before. His strength guides my horny body into every position I need to be in to create this incredible pleasure. He’s experienced, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well.

Over the next half hour he takes me on, against, and bent over his desk before my cries of pleasure subside and I instruct him to stop. God I want to continue, but between him and Katie I need a break from the stimulation. I know I can come back tomorrow though, and see what other stuff he’s able to do to me…

Tingling all over, I resume my place on the seat I was on, and instruct him to reconstruct his desk. I was wearing the mask the whole time he was doing me. It’s very convenient that it doesn’t cover anything below the nose, that’s for sure.

As Professor Stevens starts putting his working environment back together, I start to indoctrinate my second slave…