The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

Part 7

Rebecca’s eyes snap open and we both involuntarily spin to face the door. I charge into her, pinning her to the wall as she gasps in surprise, my face inches from hers.

Our eyes meet. I can see the sheer panic in her gaze. We both know she can’t look away.

A fluttering “Oh” barely escapes her lips, and I watch her pupils dilate into wide pools of obedience.

I slowly stroke a loose strand of hair out of her face and smile.

“Good girl.” I whisper, “I am your Goddess now, and you will worship me.”

I feel her knees tremble as she seems to shrink beneath me, fixating on my gaze with pure infatuated awe.

“Do everything I tell you, understand?”

Rebecca replies with a slow nod, dreamily whispering “Yes Goddess”.

“Good girl. Now act natural, David’s at the door”

She falls into line behind me and I open the door to greet David.

He only manages to utter half a greeting before his eyes are inexorably trapped by my own. I usher him inside and have him kneel before me.

“You kneel too sweetie” I order Rebecca. My newest slave complies happily.

David looking up in a mixture of intrigue and confusion. Bless him, he doesn’t really understand yet what’s happening or why he’s on his knees.

Rebecca does, though I haven’t given her my full indoctrination yet either.

“Between the two of you, you’re going to make sure that Stacy wants for nothing. Rebecca, you’ll be the best roommate that you can be. You can speak to Katie when she arrives, she’ll tell you everything I’ve told her to do for me.”

“As for you David, you’re going to ask Stacy out sometime in the next few days and show her the romance of a lifetime. You’ll be attentive, devoted, reliable, loyal and unfailingly interested in all Stacy says and does.”

They both look up at me, drinking in my instructions, hanging on my every word. They’re ready to do anything I want. Warm tension ripples throughout my body as I feel a pull towards my slaves. What I could do to David right now…

Easy now… I can have any slave I want, David is meant for Stacy, there’s no sense in me getting greedy. Still, I ponder, how do I know he’s good enough for my Stacy? Does he know how to please a woman? Despite us both crushing on him for half a semester, is he really enough to make her happy?

Well, I know how to find out, certainly. It just doesn’t have to be me doing it. That would be too far…

Luckily, I have other bodies at my disposal.

By the time Katie arrives I’ve completed my full indoctrination on both of them. I seem to be getting better at refining my golden rules for slaves each time I recite them. Maybe I should write them down. They could be like my commandments or something.

Katie starts unpacking the food she has prepared back at our dorm while both she and I intently watch David and Rebecca making out on the floor. David’s hands roam all over Rebecca’s body, while her hands grab his ass with intense enthusiasm.

They are lost in a frenzy of passion, clumsily clawing at each other’s clothing to reveal their naked bodies. Rebecca’s breasts are small but firm, and I’m envious as David squeezes them together while biting Rebecca’s neck.

Katie hands me a plate of pancakes and a mug of coffee, barely taking her eyes off the action on the floor. I can’t blame her. As starved as I am, my wet cunt seems to be demanding more attention than my stomach. Why resist? I let my hand wander.

“Goddess, please may I pleasure you?” Katie asks as she notices what I’m doing.

I meet the gaze of her hungry brown eyes. I smile devilishly, tilting my head in slight nod of permission.

“Thank you Goddess.” she sighs gratefully while kneeling before me.

As if she had planned it this way, Katie helps me slide my jeggings and panties off in time with Rebecca relieving David of his pants.

Katie runs her hands up my thighs and gently opens my legs. She starts to kiss, sending teasing signals of irresistible pleasure all through my body. I let myself drink in the sensation as I watch David’s hard cock emerge in time to meet Rebecca’s eager mouth.

“Oh,” I gasp as Katie’s tongue stops teasing and finds the spot desperate for her attention. My eyes involuntarily roll up to the ceiling as pulses of pleasure course through me. By the time I bring them back down to the action on the floor, Rebecca’s horniness is taking over. She’s sucking David’s cock like she was made for nothing else.

“Don’t make… him cum.” I manage to get out between my growing moans. “I want… Ugh! I want to see how good he is.”

Rebecca stops and meets my gaze with a pleading desperation as she slowly licks her lips. “Yes Goddess.”

David grins at me as he throws Rebecca onto her back spreading her legs, sliding his head in-between. Hands still roaming her now naked form, touching and exploring her milky white skin.

“Oh fuck. Yes.” I blurt out, grabbing Katie’s hair and gripping tightly. “Yes keep doing that.”

Moans of pleasure burst out from both Rebecca and I, mutually growing in a crescendo of sheer sexual bliss.

Panting, I have Katie give me some space to recover, as I bask in the glow of post orgasm joy. I open my eyes and find Katie still kneeling obediently, head bowed as she waits for more commands.

“Slave,” I address her, and she looks up with those eyes of awe and devotion. “Do you prefer men or women?”

“I don’t know Goddess.” She replies, a slight frown forming on her brow. “I’ve never had sex with a man.”

“Really?” I ask in disbelief. “Holy crap Katie. How come?”

“I was saving myself, Goddess. And now I have you”

“Wow.” I say, slightly breathless from her gaze. She’s been an incredible lover, endlessly devoted to my pleasure the whole time, listening and doing exactly what I want her to do. And she was a virgin?

“So it was your first time?” I ask with only a hint of disbelief. I know she can’t lie to me, but, well, it feels rare in this day and age to be a virgin in college.

“Yes, Goddess.”

A prolonged moan from Rebecca on the floor brings our attention back to see her writhing with pleasure once more. David is slowing sliding into her while their tongues wrestle. I love slaves with stamina.

“Well” I say to Katie, my eyes locked on the naked bodies now. “If you want to know what a man feels like, here’s your chance to find out…”