The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Mask becomes You

Part 8

A few hours later, I’m sitting towards the back of the hall in Economics feeling so much better about the world. I’m well fed, washed, and wearing the best clothes that Stacy and Rebecca’s dorm had to offer. I’m barely paying attention to the class. I am, however, paying attention to all the people in it.

Dr Hardy is a graceful woman, her hair starting to grey, but keeping a certain elegance about how she moves and carries herself. She has a friendly demeanor, but can show a fiery temper when dealing with a disruption to her class. As she talks about the negative impacts of government controls on rent and wages, I consider how best to go about enslaving her.

Professor Stevens was an easy mark. He only teaches a few dozen students each year and so long as his TA isn’t in his office typing up notes from that Dictaphone he rambles into all the time, you’re pretty much guaranteed to catch him alone and with zero chance of interruption.

Up until a couple hours ago, I wasn’t sure if the mask would even work on two people at once, let alone more. Now I have a much better idea of how the mask channels its power through me. It’s all very much in the eyes. When I wear the mask, my eyes become the source of irresistible seduction. If I were to hide the mask under fabric or something but keep my eyes visible, I think the power would still work. I remind myself I have to test this sometime.

But the full effect of it only works when I’m focused on one potential slave at a time. I was able to indoctrinate them both at the same time, but I had to snare their full attention first, commanding each of them while in eyelock to drink in all my following words like it was the dogma through which they would now live their life.

That initial moment, where the mask has to independently enslave a single individual might make it a liability were I to ever try and entrance an entire crowd. Some might look away, or see what was happening to their peers and react out of panic.

As much as I want to step to the front of the class, put on my mask and enslave the entire room, I knew it just wasn’t going to be that simple. A small group of three or four I was reasonably certain I could ensnare easily, maybe even six or seven if I was deadly efficient with my words and sharp with my gaze. But that’s theory, and it’s too risky to try right now.

I had to keep switching my gaze between Rebecca and David to ensure my indoctrination was sinking in properly, otherwise I could sense that they were slipping out of the deep receptive state that staring into my eyes creates. It’s one thing to tell someone to listen up and then ramble on about all the things you want them to do. It’s another to stare deep into their soul and see them absorb your words like they’re taking their first breath in the world.

So this professor was a tricky target. No matter, I’d come back to her. Plenty of my fellow students here were so much more accessible to me. A study partner here, a casual invitation to grab a coffee or hang out sometime there, and soon my collection of followers would grow and grow and grow. I don’t know why I kept having thoughts of limitation over the last few days. I’ve found that the act of entrancing a mind to be the most exhilarating experience in my life. I’m not going to stop at a few obedient boys and girls to make my life comfortable, no way. That would be sensible and boring. I want my control to spread like a virus across campus, into the city surrounding, hell, across the country. The only limit is my ambition, and right now I feel limitless.

I take out a notepad and start planning. I want to do this properly, after all, no sense in making silly mistakes because I don’t think of something early on. I scribble down a rough order of events as I see them occurring. I’ll need somewhere to coordinate everything, and keep track of all who I’ve converted so far. It’s a big campus, and if I miss a couple of people while everyone around them start treating me like the goddess I am, that could draw some unwanted attention. Not that I couldn’t handle that if it happened, I can handle anything. It just doesn’t seem… graceful.

No, making sure I get everyone was key. I’ll start with my Philosophy class; it’s small and a good launching pad. Then I’ll move onto this Economics class I’m sitting in right now, before branching out to the rest of them, the full departments, and then the rest of the campus.

I frown at the page. It’s exponential growth, which I like, but there’s only one of me, and as I’ve just found out, my inductions lose efficiency if I’m not doing them one on one. If only existing followers could spread their newfound outlook on life to others… That would be perfect, I wouldn’t have to lift a finger after the first couple of helpers. It’s wishful thinking though. And I can’t delegate entrancement duties to one of my devoted, because I still didn’t know if the mask would free them from my commands once worn. That one is too risky to ever try, imagine if I lose my status of goddess to some lowly being who takes my place and controls me?! The thought terrifies me, but I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to be completely and utterly helpless under the power of the mask. Heh, if I ever want to give up this lifestyle for that, all I have to do was give the mask to my chosen successor. Maybe Stacy will want to see what having thousands of slaves is like if I ever get bored of it.

But if I’m going to get to that stage I’ll need to come up with a better way of doing it. Even if I can compress my indoctrination commands into the space of a minute or so, and entrance people for 12 hours a day non-stop, it will still take me about a couple of weeks to capture all the students and staff on campus. I look up at the ongoing lecture in a moment of doubt. Maybe this is too much to attempt. But then, I almost slap my forehead. It’s obvious!

It’s time to make a video.

For the rest of the lecture I excitedly write out my script and start memorizing the exact wording and phrasing. I also compile my plan of expansion. It will all start with the Philosophy club, which I find delightfully fitting because I found the mask while rummaging through the boxes in the room that the club is going to be set up in. Except it isn’t going to be the philosophy club... Not anymore. It’s going to be my throne room… At least until I have the whole campus under my control anyway. I will indoctrinate enough of my fellow philosophy students to have them prepare the room for me, and I’ll take a trip over to the film department and enlist some of the students there to make a delightfully professional production of my seduction.

What else do I need? Well, I figure that if I’m going to be recruiting so many people, I really could do with some delegation. Perhaps recruit a lieutenant to manage the lowly servants. The idea is that this would be a seamless takeover, with everyone going about their daily business and progressing in their studies and extracurriculars. I want an army of influential people that will get degrees and go out into the earning world, after all, and create society in the image I want it to be in. I’m not going to make a useless plague of mindless drones that surround me like a cloud of submissive desperation, oh no.

All of this I scribble down, so much so I miss Dr Hardy dismissing the class. I only notice when the room is half empty and I hastily stuff my enthusiastically scribbled notes into my backpack. My hand grazes the mask and instinctively my fingers clamp around it. It feels inviting, so tempting. I can feel tingles travel up my arm, and I sigh. I want to be able to wear the mask all day, to not have to hide it like this.

“Not yet, not yet” I murmur, slowly drawing my hand away. I turn to leave and almost shriek at the guy who’s leaning over the desk behind me a few inches from my face.

“Woah, sorry!” He says, “I didn’t expect you to swing around so fast.”

“What the hell?” I blurt out. Then I recognize that it’s Greg. Oh hell.

“Sorry Tara,” he replies, hands up innocently, “I just came over here to say hi.”

Urgh, so yeah, this is Greg. ‘Awkward’ would be kindest way to describe him, ‘Creepy’ would be more accurate. We hang out in the same crowd sometimes, but I don’t like him. He’d be more attractive to me if he dressed like he wasn’t training to be homeless in his baggy uncoordinated clothes and messy hair; we’ve been here for 2 years now and I don’t think he’s had a haircut since before we started college. How long had he been behind me anyway? I can’t help but notice he’s got this gleam in his eye.

“Oh, ok, hi.” I say, not even trying to hide my disinterest. I would have given Greg the time of day if this was two days ago, but no more than that, and not now I have the mask. Things have changed.

“Sorry I can’t stay to talk,” I shrug, slinging my bag over my shoulder, “got a busy day.”

“Yeah sure, me too, me too.” He says, still with that gleam in his eyes, and smiling way more than he should. “Maybe speak to you tomorrow, then?”

“Yeah, maybe.” I say, making a beeline towards the exit. He saw all my notes, didn’t he? The son of a bitch saw me write down all that stuff and now he thinks… Thinks what exactly? I was writing my thoughts down so fast I don’t know how often I used words like ‘mask’ and ‘slave’, but my induction script and referring to myself as a goddess was probably pretty plain. I get the feeling I’ve not heard the last from Greg, so I make a mental note as I exit the lecture hall to put him high on my enslavement list.

Could I have just done it in there? Put on the mask and enslaved him on the spot? Maybe, probably not, there were a lot of people crowding around Dr Hardy and her TA, I could have drawn too much attention to myself.

It doesn’t matter, I reassure myself. Soon, all of them will be mine, they’ll all bow at my feet naked and helpless. I’ll wipe the mind of anyone I don’t like and rebuild them into someone that is acceptable to be my slave. Greg will be one of those, I think. I’d be doing the world a favor.

My next stop is Professor Stevens’s office. I don’t have another lecture until Math at 4, but I missed the Philosophy tutorial in the morning and that’s when I planned to recruit people to sort out that Philosophy club in the old academy building. The professor might have assigned others to keep going with it, but I figured I’d check in with him rather than head straight there.

I walk across campus with the eyes of a predator, not seeing people, just potential slaves. The mask is calling to me from my bag, demanding to be worn, to unleash its power on this unsuspecting campus. I note areas of seclusion, where I could lure one or two strays around the side of a building to put them under my spell. And I will, later. Not yet, not yet.

As much as I’m looking around everywhere, making notes and scoping out my next followers, I can’t help but feel that I’m being watched. Urgh, Greg better not be following me. I already plan to do mean things to him, if he starts stalking me over those notes I wrote I swear I’m gonna make him regret it…

When I arrive at Professor Stevens office I find Julia sitting at his desk typing away happily on a laptop with the professor’s Dictaphone sitting next to her. She’s dressed in her usual black, today it’s a coal black dress covered by a midnight black bustless corset. Her jet black hair half covers her face but her dark lipstick covered expression betrays a smile I’ve barely ever seen her wear.

She pauses the playback and looks up at me with heavily bordered eyes. “Tara, have you heard? Jennifer’s flown back to Maryland for some kind of family emergency. It’s the least awful thing to happen to me all year.”

I give Julia a quizzical look.

“What? I didn’t say it was good for her.” She added uncaringly. “Her dad has cancer or something. He’ll recover, hopefully.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that.” I say. But that doesn’t explain why-

“I volunteered to fill in while she was away, or until the professor finds a new TA. I hope he doesn’t, she might be gone a while, and that’ll leave us alone in here a lot...” She sighed like a deflating tyre and I had to stifle a laugh.

“Could you be any more smitten and adorable?” I ask snarkily. I instantly realized I could make her exactly that, and my smile only grew.

“Oh ok! I know it’s not likely to happen.” Julia grimaced, “but a girl can have her dark dreams, can’t she?”

“Oh of course.” I grin. “You want to fuck him so bad, don’t you?”

“What! No!” She protests, for a few seconds until my grin breaks her. “Ok yes. But not just that, I wanna be his. I want him to be mine.”

“Oh, you mean like you’ll be his slave, he’ll be your master? That kinda thing?” I reply almost by reflex. For one partner to dominate and own the other just feels so natural to me. So right. I don’t think I had this view before yesterday but now I can’t imagine feeling any other way.

“Uhh…” Julia hesitates, looking away. Oh, she so wants to be his slave. Well I know I can give her the next best thing easily enough.

“Oh come on, you don’t have to be shy with me Julia.” I say softly, stroking her hair out of her face and guiding her gaze towards my own. I’m not wearing the mask right now, but she’s fixated on me all the same. “You’re hot as fuck, and he’s so damn tasty, I totally get it. The desire to be stripped and naked, kneeling to a power far greater than your own. It’s irresistible.” I tell her, slowly inching my face towards hers.

Her cheeks visibly flush before me but she keeps her gaze and shakily says “I want him to tame me, to make me his pet.”

“Go on.” I say, dropping my bag before placing my free hand at the top of her dress and curling a finger under it.

“I’m wild. When I’m unleashed I bite, I claw, I let my animal instinct take over and it’s too much for any man I’ve been with.” She then lets out a sharp intake of breath and adds in barely a whisper “and every girl.”

“Now you’re talking” I say, and pull her into me.

Our lips meet and I’m lost in a torrent of passion. Her tongue wrestles with mine and it’s exhilarating to keep up, sending waves of arousal down through my body. Suddenly I’m straddling Julia on her chair, my hands running through her midnight hair as her fingers dig into my back. We both breath heavy, my mouth only gets a break when she sinks her teeth into my neck.

“Fuck!” I shout in surprise. For a moment it feels like she might have drawn blood but the pain instead gives way to a deep pleasure that envelopes me, staying just on the threshold of what I can handle.

“Oh my god.” I gasp, feeling my arousal spike with each passing moment. My hands clutch large clumps of her hair and I try to pull her off me, but either she’s too strong or I don’t really want to try hard enough to succeed. What feels like an eternity passes in which I gasp for breath and swear half a dozen times while her bite fills me with a horniness I never thought possible.

She pulls off me and grabs my face, her black pointed nails digging softly into my skin. Her eyes look feral with lust, and she snarls aggressively before throwing us both onto the floor. I land on my back and the wind is knocked out of me, but before I can catch my breath Julia is on top of me, her tongue attacking mine again. I can’t fight it, I don’t even try. I gasp for air in short moments between our passion, and my hands are reaching to undress her before she even starts tearing at my clothes. And tear she does. The blouse I’m wearing loses most of its buttons and she rips right through the vest underneath. In moments we’re both naked, and clawing and biting at each other. I let her energy take me over, I feel myself give into urges that have been hidden by a lifetime of rules and decorum. I cry out more than once as her claws leave their marks on my back. The pain mixes with pleasure and adrenalin, then she cries out too as I answer in kind.

Suddenly she moves to my open legs and I seize up in terror that her roughness will be too much for me, so I barely have time to be surprised when her tongue moves with the precision and grace of a seasoned predator. Within moments, the waves of ecstasy that shoot up my body are sensations I can barely describe. My body and mind are exploding in sheer pleasure, and I want this moment to last forever, to be licked into a blissful eternity where this is all I ever feel. It’s incredible, but now I’m desperately kicking Julia away with all the effort I can muster before it gets too intense.

She picks herself up so that she’s crouched before me, arms and legs tensed on the floor, ready to pounce on me again. Head still swimming with sensory overload, it takes me a moment before I manage to match her position her intensity. It’s my turn now.

However, that’s when the sound of the door locking gets both of our attention and we turn to see Professor Stevens looking down at us with a stern expression.

“What’s going on here?” he asks in genuine puzzlement.

Julia seems to freeze for a moment, and I watch fascinated as that primal look of unstoppable will in her eyes dissolves before me into sheer terror. She scrambles backwards into the wall and then seizes up completely; naked, sweating, and with several splotches of blood across her skin.

Seeing her like this reminds me of how much my body just went through in the last few minutes, and I let myself collapse to the floor.

“I’m sorry!” Julia cries out in panic. “This is a mistake, a mistake!” she manages through her heavy breaths, and then doesn’t stop. “I didn’t mean to, it was for you, not her, she made me tell, made me feel. It was an accident, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was…”

She repeats something like this twice before I realize that she’s going to keep going. She only stops when I stand up and beckon the professor over to me.

“Strip naked, slave” I command the professor. “We have a wild animal to tame here.”

Stevens complies immediately while I watch Julia’s eyes widen and her jaw drop. I slowly walk to the door, close and lock it, and saunter up behind my slave. He’s naked now, and I guide him to his knees.

“Good boy” I whisper with delight into Steven’s ear. “Get hard for goddess now.

I stare at Julia until her shocked eyes rise to meet me.

“What…” is all she manages to say before returning to shocked silence.

“As you can see Julia, I’ve already done some taming myself around here. The professor is my very good pet. Aren’t you boy?” I say as I stroke Steven’s hair.

“Yes goddess” he says, looking up at me in sheer adoration.

“How would you like to unleash your demons to tame this wild animal, slave?” I say, watching Julia back away even more.

“I live to serve, goddess.” Stevens licks his lips and stares hungrily at Julia.

“Look at that hard cock, Julia” I say, eyeing it myself and remembering fondly being filled up by it yesterday. I stare back at Julia, her eyes now fixed on my slave’s full erection.

“How about it Julia? When I say the word my slave will fuck your mind out, he’s going to break you so that you surrender to him, and by extension me so you’ll become my slave too.”

“Slave?” Julia whispers back in confusion. “I… I don’t—”

“It’s ok” I say again, “He was confused at first when I came to him too but I taught him that it would all be ok, and now he’s my blissfully obedient slave and lives to serve my will.”

Julia looks from me to Stevens a few times, her eyes full of disbelief. She looks so lost, so vulnerable. A huge part of me wants to put on the mask and be done with it, but as my heart races I know this is my moment, not the mask’s, and I intend to savor it.

“It didn’t take him long to decide that he wanted to be mine more than anything.” I say as I run my hands all over Stevens’ naked body. I gently run a fingernail across his throat at one point, and hook my finger into his mouth at another, and all the time he remains still, awaiting my commands. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, he still has his wife, his class, his friends, but he also knows that I am His first and foremost devotion. It’s the only way he gets to earn a position as my slave, and he love its.”

“You’ll be to him what he is to me, you’ll be taught very well how to be a good little slavegirl.” I walk up to Julia and crouch down before her cowed form on the floor. Gently, I place my hand around her neck and squeeze.

“Of course, I’m not without a sense of mercy.” I say, feeling her already struggle to draw her next breath. He eyes are locked with mine now, her body completely paralyzed in my gaze. I still can’t believe this is happening without the mask. My heart pounds against my chest as I still manage to speak softly. “If you want, you can get dressed, and leave here untouched. You’ll remember everything that happened here but never speak of it. You’ll never again be willing to explore the side of yourself that you’re so desperate to unleash. You’ll never know what it is to feel sheer pleasure and belonging like you will right now if you just say the words ‘Tame me’, to confirm to me what I already know: That you want this so badly, more than you’ve ever wanted anything else.

Julia’s eyes are welling up now, and she starts to make a slight chocking sound. I release my grip on her and she gasps for air. Smiling, I turn to face Stevens, still rapt and hard, ready to pounce and tame the goth in a heartbeat.

“Well slave” I address Stevens now, “Let’s see what our wild girl decides.” I say, kneeling down and gently kissing the tip of his cock. “You’re such a good boy for me…” I smile at him.

After a few heavy breaths Julia makes a murmuring noise. I turn around from teasing my slave’s hard shaft and my eyes light up with delight.

Julia has shifted her position, tensed all her limbs, her fingers clawing into the floor expectantly. Her eyes scream lust as much as they cry terror and her frantic stare jumps wildly between my eyes and those of my slave.

“Louder.” I order her.

“T- T- Tame me” she finally manages to say, before adding “I- I want it to hurt.”

I grin, and with a nod of my head, I unleash Stevens on her.

It’s hard to really describe Julia’s expression as Stevens grabs her by the neck and thrusts her to the floor. It’s some kind of mixture of shock, bewilderment, and extreme excitement. It takes her a second to catch up with what is happening, but then I almost gasp as I see the completely feral look return to her eyes. She snarls and starts to fight back, clawing and kicking her powerful attacker. She manages to frantically wrest free of his grasp a few times, only for him to tackle her more roughly than before. Her shrieks of giddy pain punctuate the thumping sound they make as they collide with another wall or the desk.

The desk is cleared of its contents for the second day in a row, the chair gets knocked into the corner of the room, but still Julia resists Stevens, clawing at his face every chance she gets and at one point biting his shoulder so hard that it draws blood. Pumped full of adrenaline and with the unwavering will of utter obedience, Stevens clamps his and around Julia’s throat and lifts her off the ground, pushing her against the wall as her hands clumsily try to pry his grip. A few moments of futile struggle later, her eyes start to roll back in her head and Stevens lets go. She collapses into his arms, gasping for air, body limp and weak. He tugs her hair, yanking her head back and provoking a desperate whimper from her.

I can feel my own wetness build as Stevens bends her over his desk. Still gasping for air, Julia lets out a surprised moan as Stevens pushes his way inside her. As he begins to thrust she starts to let out cries of enjoyment and my fingers slide down to my exposed cunt so I can participate in the pleasure.

I cum almost instantly, probably more from riding the shockwaves of my last incredible orgasm. Stevens shows no sign of slowing down though, and Julia’s screams are getting louder and louder.

As the crescendo of enjoyment nears what I assume has to be its peak, I get out the mask and walk to the other side of the desk that Julie’s bent over. I can almost feel her realease myself, her screams sending satisfied shivers down my body. Stevens grunts and then I notice him slowly down, also in the aftermath of his orgasm now.

Exhausted, panting and still with Stevens slowly moving inside her, Julia looks up at me through subdued eyes. I stare back at her, a predatory smile on my face.

“Goddess?” she whispers.

“Yes, my slave” I say, as I put on the mask.