The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Three—The Right and The Easy

Chapter Twenty-Three—Sally’s Story

Sally took my hand, “Come on. We need to talk.”

“I thought we didn’t have time?” I asked as she pulled me through the store. Others watched but no one said anything. Either they didn’t care or they knew who I was and figured I could handle myself.

She led me to one of the demonstration rooms. It was big and generally decorated as a bedroom. A large closet to one side held costumes and another in the opposing corner with many of the implements we sold. A king sized bed predominated the room. You couldn’t properly show off the wares without actually being in a setting intended for those wares. This room and the others like it brought the store close to being considered a brothel. However, since customers weren’t allowed to get involved in the demonstrations, it was more like a men’s club. Well, not exactly. Some of the clerks were men. They too had to demonstrate some of the toys designed for a man’s pleasure. We catered to both sexes.

There were two technicians cleaning up the remainder of the mess from the work they completed. “Hey guys? Can you give us a few minutes, please?” Sally asked them. They looked up and saw me. I hadn’t been around during the completion of the store, but they saw me and once again either knew me or knew why we needed the privacy.

After they left, Sally closed the door and locked it.

I was surprised but not worried. We were just looking for someplace to talk, right? Her eyes drifted down, devouring me visually and when they met mine, hers were smoldering.

I didn’t know if it was just me being so happy to see Sally again, my lust for female flesh that required attention every few hours, or if she was that happy to see me, but I could have sworn the sashay in her hips was highly exaggerated and she was only about three steps away. Her outfit highlighted my greatest weakness in women. The skirt gave constant hints at those areas below the waist and she wore not stockings or boots, only black high heels.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you,” she said simply before pulling my lips to hers.

I was used to this kind of attention from my other women, especially after being away from each other for a few days. What I hadn’t expected was the way she did her best to rub as much of her body against as much of mine as possible. Considering I was almost a head taller, it wasn’t easy for her, but with the help of the heels, she accomplished certain goals. I was getting aroused.

Regardless of my shock in the way Sally was acting, the feel of her skin against mine was no less arousing than any of my girls. Instinctively, I pulled her to me. It felt so good to hold her again even after so much time had passed. To me it felt like ages, yet it hadn’t been quite a year since we broke up. That thought caused me to pull from our kiss.

Sally seemed to understand my reluctance. “I’m sorry,” she said with almost as much surprise on her face as I had before our kiss.

“Don’t be sorry,” I said, looking back into her eyes. Even with our reunion going so well, no fighting, no arguing, I wondered what the turn around was. I shook my head. “I guess I don’t understand. You broke up with me for wanting to have sex, yet here you are working in a store that caters to that very thing.”

She continued to look into my eyes for a moment. I could feel her emotions plummet. She had been elated to see me, to hold and kiss me. Now I was dredging up the past, our break-up most especially. It wasn’t because I wanted a fight—far from it. I wanted her, had already made her mine and knew that we would probably end up going at it on the bed just a breath away. I was pretty sure she knew that too. It was probably why she locked the door. She looked away, but hadn’t pulled away. “I’m sorry Ral. I never meant to hurt you. You could never imagine how much it hurt to do what I did.” She looked back up, tears causing her mascara to run. I reached up and wiped them away, but I didn’t say anything. I just stood there and let her feel how confused I was.

“Let’s sit down,” I offered after a minute, and she let me guide her to the bed.

We sat side by side just like so many times during our dating in high school. Though the motions of what we did were familiar, the woman I was watching was somehow not. Something about her had changed, but what? I’d never seen her dressed as such, showing off so much skin, or with makeup applied so heavily. It was like she had become someone else entirely since her departure.

Sally looked up and saw how I looked at her. It was a mixture of lust and confusion. She smiled and a small hiccup of a laugh escaped her. It reminded me of other times I’d heard that laugh, times that I felt something similar for her, that lust/confusion mix, and wondered what the laugh was about.

“What was the laugh for?” It sounded wrong to me as it did her.

She shook her head slightly. “Not what you think.” She let out a long sigh. “Oh, where to start?”

“How about the beginning?”

She nodded. “Yeah, but I’m going to have to go back a bit further.” I tilted my head slightly to the side to show my curiosity but otherwise remained silent. “Before my family moved to your town I had dated a few boys here in New York. I had fun and even let things get heated on a couple of dates, but never let anyone go all the way. I was curious about sex, just like everyone else our age, but I wanted it to be with the right guy in the right setting for the right emotions.”

She sighed again and took my hand. She held it as if holding something she hadn’t seen before and studied my palm for a minute. I let her. I suddenly had all the patience in the world.

“When we moved to that little town I thought my life was pretty much over. I had to leave my friends and everything I knew behind. It was an injustice especially because it was my senior year and I was looking forward to it.”

“We weren’t so far from New York that you couldn’t keep in touch with your friends,” I offered.

She looked up. “I know but it wasn’t the same thing. I couldn’t just go over to their places and hang out or go to our favorite mall and run into them.”

I nodded understanding only a fraction of what she had left behind. I had nothing to look forward to at that time but another year before leaving that small town and so many bad memories behind. What I didn’t expect was to meet someone who would grow to mean so much to me.

“The very first time I heard your voice, all of that changed. You simply answered a question for Mrs. Blackstone. I looked around and found you. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I honestly expected some kind of teen God, but you were just as shy as could be. I really didn’t understand.”

“Then you said ‘hi’ to me, and something deep inside me woke up. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but it felt good.” She squeezed my hand in a very affectionate way. “Talking to you made me that feeling race all through me. It didn’t matter what we talked about, Math or English or whatever, I just wanted to hear you talk to me.”

I didn’t recall any of my other girls ever saying anything about my voice being ultra-sexy. Was it possible I had been affecting Sally long before my powers woke up?

“I wish I could share that sensation with you,” and I felt her flush with it. Just her memory alone caused a rush through her that I had only felt recently for my girls. I associated it with a very real love for them. For Sally, there was a very physical aspect to it. It actually excited her.

Looking deep into her eyes I said, “I can certainly imagine what you felt.” Why couldn’t I just tell her the truth? She was mine now. I wasn’t going to let her go. I could tell her that I CAN feel what she feels. I could let her feel how it affects me. We can truly share those sensations and so many others.

She smiled at me, but somehow it seemed sad. I didn’t understand. Then she said, “You couldn’t imagine how happy I was when you asked me out to see that movie. It wasn’t the movie that I wanted to see, it was you.”

We had talked movies and a new one about to be released was interesting enough for both of us to go together to see it. It was the first time we held hands. “I couldn’t NOT touch you,” she said, still holding my hand between both of hers.

Then she did something bold. The outfit she wore was already outrageous compared to anything I had ever seen her in, but she pulled my hand to her chest, placing my palm over her cleavage and held it there with both of hers. If she hadn’t been so plentiful up top, it might have just been a very serene act, but to me it was both heartfelt and erotic.

“For whatever reason, touching you in such a simple way added to that feeling I got when I heard your voice. You were so timid and nervous. I understood why with the way everyone else acted toward you, so I wasn’t sure how you would respond if I held your hand. But you accepted and held mine too. Oh, Ral. I felt so good. It was like a warm silky something poured through me from the top of my head and reached out over me down to my toes.”

The description of what she had felt along with the actual feel of her soft skin weren’t helping me much. It wasn’t that I was completely distracted, but I was beginning to want to feel more of her freely.

Sally’s building enthusiasm backed off just a bit. “I also understood why you didn’t hold my hand at school. Those kids were so mean and you didn’t want them picking on me. You were so kind, so sweet, and such a gentleman.” She looked away, a touch of blush painting her pale skin. “I liked the touch of your hand, even though you only held mine so much that I turned down probably a dozen offers for the homecoming dance.” She began rubbing the back of my hand. I wanted to rub my hand over her too, especially with what she was saying about how my touch had affected her.

She looked back up into my eyes. “I knew you weren’t brave enough to ask me to go, and I didn’t know how you’d react if I asked you. So I just went and hoped to see you. At first, I felt kind of let down, because I couldn’t find you.” Suddenly, Sally hugged my entire lower arm to her chest. “When I did, it was like a light inside me shined, like the sun warmed me and me alone.”

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you that night, but with as low as the lights were, I knew no one would see. No one would know. When we danced that one dance and I felt you...” her eyes dropped for a moment and came right back up, “When I felt you holding me, moving with me, and pressing to me, I couldn’t imagine feeling better ever.”

The look in her eyes had slowly shifted as she talked. The only real give-away to what she had experienced was how she held my arm and hand to her. A small smile played across her lips and she whispered, “You got hard. I got wet. I knew what it meant, but you got embarrassed, and that was the first time I laughed.”

I shook my head and was about to say something but she pulled up one of my fingers from my hand she held to her chest. She kissed the very tip so lightly, I wondered if her lips touched me at all. I knew she had. That small move, that tiny motion felt so good. I felt that wash of sensation just as she had a moment before. This time though, it was all me. It was what she had been describing, that deep joy that filled my whole being.

Sally laid back gently and I followed; both because she still held my arm and because I couldn’t leave her side at the moment.

I smiled. She smiled too. I moved up, putting my face closer to hers. She moved in closer to me too, her entire body lining up to mine. Less than half an inch our lips had to go, and I could feel hers almost brush mine as she said, “Not yet Ral. Let me finish.” She smiled at me. It was beautiful.

I pulled back a bit. We had waited months to be together again. What was another few minutes?

The look on her face mirrored my own. She was anticipating what would come, what we were going to do. It wasn’t a question of if she wanted to any more, we both knew that, it was a question of what else her story could add to it.

“I couldn’t let you just hold my hand anymore. I wanted more. You were so kind, so chivalrous. I knew you would just hug me. You remember, don’t you? How I turned and kissed you real quick when my Mom showed up? I slept that night dreaming of you doing the same thing, kissing me.”

She didn’t stop me as I closed the short distance and pressed my lips to hers. The sweet taste of her kiss, the warmth of her body. It was getting to me. I was going to lose all control if this kept up.

A brief kiss, that’s all it was compared to what we both really wanted. A brief kiss and she continued, “Thanksgiving rolled around and you relaxed, you kissed me.” She closed her eyes as if reliving the moment. “I felt as if Heaven was touching me and I wanted more, so much more.” She opened her painted eyes, “Do you see? Can you imagine where things were going?”

That question was a little bit confusing. I was already sure of what she was implying with her retelling of our past, but it was enough to have me sit up a bit more.

“I wanted that something extra so bad that, for Christmas, all I got you was a big red bow.” She smiled, “I wanted to see your face when you woke up and found me under your Christmas tree wearing only the bow. I wanted you that much. But my parents brought me back here for our annual family holiday reunion. I couldn’t stand not at least hearing your voice for that length of time. It sounds selfish now, but that was the reason I called. Just to hear your voice.”

“During spring break, I hoped to feel you again. So much more of you pressed to so much of me, even if for only a moment. I had bought a two piece that was honestly a bit small on me. I had dreamed of you seeing me in it and getting excited and us making out in the pool. But alas, it was not meant to be. My parents didn’t know about the suit and would have insisted that I put on a t-shirt or additional clothing with you around. My Dad was especially concerned of you getting too close to me, but it wasn’t you he needed to worry about. I wanted you that close... and closer.”

“When Prom came around, I was hopeful again. You got used to touching and kissing. I thought maybe some petting would be possible.” She looked up with coy eyes, “I bought that dress just for the low neckline. I wanted to impress you with what I offered. My Mom knew how I felt, though not everything. She thought simply that I loved you. She even offered to let me pick out something more elaborate, more expensive, but I wanted the simple lines and the chance to get a bigger-than-normal response from you. I got it too. When you arrived to pick me up and saw me in the dress, your face lit up. It was brief, but I caught it.”

“I also felt elation. You had always dressed down, rough clothes that needed replacing, but when I saw you in that tux, the way it fit your body, your hair a soft brown, your eyes swimming in my cleavage. I wanted more than to just feel your body. I joined you in that mindset of being overwhelmed. My man was gorgeous and all mine.”

That statement, or the last part of it, made me nervous. All hers? I wouldn’t be just all hers. The others, my other women. I couldn’t leave them. The thought was brief and Sally seemed too caught up in her thoughts to notice.

With a deep breath and long sigh she continued, “You danced with me for every slow song. You held me and I knew that you were very happy to have me against you. I was happy to be there too. That night went by too fast. When we were back at my place and you pulled me around for a goodnight kiss, I thought “Yes, take me now. Here. Lay me down in the grass and join me.” But I knew you wouldn’t do that. I knew my Dad was watching and you didn’t want to give him a reason to stand between us. I both valued and felt scorned by that choice.”

“Still I didn’t feel any different about you. I still wanted you. Even after graduation, when we should have had all the time in the world to enjoy each other, explore those desires, and generally have each other, it wasn’t fated. With you working and me going to so many school tours, we had less time together than while in school. I was so aggravated.”

“The night of the dinner, I knew you were finally ready. I knew you wanted it to be special and it was. The dinner was wonderful, the setting dreamy, and the bare-footed dancing divine. Holding you so close, feeling how full and ready you were, it was our night. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t enjoy just one night of blissful love with you just to be separated by half the country. I couldn’t let myself fall just when we were about to be apart. I was serious about marriage. It would give us the perfect excuse to be together. To REALLY be together. Every night. Always.”

“I wasn’t mad at you that night. All my screaming was from my frustration, my desire for the very thing we fought over. I was mad at myself for turning you down, for not enjoying what I had wanted for so long. You didn’t deserve that. You had already suffered from everyone else and I cried that entire weekend because I caused you more pain than anyone else ever did.”

I held her, pulled her to me tight. I hadn’t shed a tear though I felt her joyful emotions and plummeting despair. Somehow, it would have been wrong to cheer or cry during her telling. She had told me the bold truth of what she had gone through and the devastating conflict of choice she had made. I considered apologizing, but for what? Being a thick dunce? I still had problems understanding women.

Gently I kissed the top of her head, then her forehead. I slid my face down to be level with hers and softly kissed her lips. She kissed me back. Her pain of remembering that decision momentarily forgotten, we laid over on the bed together. Our lips locked together in an embrace that would lead to other things. Things we both wanted. Things fate wouldn’t let us have.

I had actually cupped her full breast and she was being direct too with her hand rubbing my crotch when someone knocked on the door.

Both of us laughed. Maybe from stress, maybe frustration, maybe just the timing. Whatever the reason, the interrupter knocked again before either of us could stand without falling to unlock the door.