The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Four—Love, Sex, and Sorcery

Chapter Twenty-Six—My Mind To Your Mind

I had never ridden in a car with Sally driving, not even in high school. She shocked me with how she maneuvered in and out of traffic. It wasn’t dangerous, but she seemed to take chances I wouldn’t have. Maybe her mind set could take what I had to tell her. Then again, I might just be in more trouble that I expected.

“Now, tell me,” she said never taking her eyes off the road.

“I am what is referred to as a Mind Magi. It’s not a club but a massive secret society that has been around for thousands of years.”

“How did you find out about them?”

“They found me.”

“But... how...?”

“I know you have a lot of questions. I’ll try to answer them all.” I looked behind us to make sure we had lost the Dragons. We weren’t just blocks away but two turns already. I was delaying.

“Tell me Ral, please.”

“I was born with my gifts, but they didn’t manifest until I...”

I just blurted it out, not sure how else to say it. Sally was quiet. Whether taking this in or simply waiting for me to continue I wasn’t sure. “When?”

“After I arrived at college.”

She glanced at me. I could feel the pain of her remembering our break up. Just like I was. “Ral, I’m...”

“Don’t apologize. You don’t have to. I understand.”

She nodded and continued focusing on driving. “Where should we go?”

I had a couple of ideas on that, but Renée, Erin, Chloe and Charlotte hadn’t contacted me yet. “Anywhere you believe is safe.”

“Safe? What kind of safe?”

“Do you have an apartment?”

“No, I live in the college dorms.”

I had thought she might have lived with her parents, which could have complicated things further. I wasn’t sure how her father might be involved in current Mind Magi events. He might call the Dragons to let them know where I was or simply shy away. However, since she had a place mostly of her own, we could hide there for a while. “That’ll work.”

She nodded and we continued across town.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later we were parked in the parking lot of her dorm. I had her park among several other cars even though she favored a distant corner.

Sally looked at me. She had toned down her makeup before we left the store and I was looking the girl I truly remembered from high school. I had told her more about my abilities and some of the things that had happened since they had developed. Of course I had omitted certain details, such as all the sex I had had and the fact that I was living with all the women bound to me. My disclosure hadn’t been planned. I was sure that those omissions were obvious and led us around to those very points.

“Ral, I know that you know that I’m not blind. You’re not telling me everything and I’m starting to worry about what you’re not telling me.”

I took a deep breath and let it out slow. Sally could be patient but when she really wanted to know something, nothing would stop her. “All Mind Magi have to bind to normal people. This bond is completely mystical and is what powers the Mind Magi’s abilities. To a degree it also alters how the ability functions.”

“So, you’re bound to someone?”

I nodded. “Anyone I’m bound to will have a duplicate of my mark.”

Sally looked at my chest. “I was wondering what I was seeing...”

I ran my hand through my mark. “It appeared only days after my first abilities manifested.” It was my turn to look at her chest, but I made it extremely obvious.

Sally looked down. “You’re... bound to me?”

“Other Mind Magi would say that you’re bound to me rather,” I replied. “My feeling is that we’re bound to each other.”


“Because I’m the one with the power and you’re my... schiavi.”

Sally looked up at that. “I am no one’s slave.”

I chuckled. I should have known she would know the word. “I would never say you are, however, the Society uses that term as the title of those who are bound to Mind Magi.”

She rolled her eyes. “Figures.”

I reached out and took her hand. “Hun, I do not think of you that way. Not in the slightest.” The contact was enough for both of us. The tension we felt due to the attack earlier melted away.

“Why do I feel so... good when you hold my hand?”

“It’s a feature of the bond. A Mind Magi usually bonds with someone they love. A relative, their spouse, even a close friend. The bond strengthens what they feel for each other.”

Sally enjoyed feeling my hand touching hers. Her thoughts continued however and she was smart. “Ral, I didn’t have this mark before we saw each other at the store. If you’ve been using your abilities and had to have them powered by being bound to normal people... who else are you bound to?”

My increasing joy with touching Sally sank. I sat back and withdrew my hand. Now was the moment. It was all or nothing. “Sally, I’m something of a novelty among even the Mind Magi.” I swallowed hard and tried to make it as simple and honest as possible. “Most Mind Magi only have to be bound to one or two people. I don’t know how many I can bind to max.”

“How many are you bound to?”

“Including you... eighteen.” Of course, I was still omitting a certain detail. I also could not look at her. I felt guilty, as if I had been doing something wrong all along, something I shouldn’t have, and I knew why I felt that way: I didn’t want to lose Sally.

“Ral,” Sally said, “Ral, look at me, please.”

I looked up and swallowed hard.

Her brows creased, “What’s wrong? Why are you so... sad?” She didn’t ask why I looked sad. She could feel my emotions just like I felt hers and she was responding to that almost naturally. It could have been the fact that her father was a Mind Magi too, or that she was accepting a lot more than I had when this all first happened to me.

I looked away again, trying to gain control of myself. “I have two more details to tell you about. I’m not sure how you’ll take it.”

This time she reached for me. I let her take my hand, not only because it felt good but because I knew the instant she touched me I wouldn’t hold back.

Looking into her eyes I said, “My abilities are geared toward helping me find someone to bind to.” I watched her watching me. She nodded in understanding and I said, “You’re the first that I’ve bound to me without... sex.”

That last word was barely audible. I could see Sally thinking about what I said. Her hand continued to hold mine as she understood what I was saying.

Then she nodded and looked back at me with a steady gaze. “Then how did you bind me to you?”

“I can bind others to me through sheer will, the pure desire to have that person bound to me, but other than you I’ve only ever done it once before.”

“And is she still bound to you too?”

I shook my head. “No, it was my Dad and I let him go.”

That, of course, made Sally do a double take. “Your Dad?”

I nodded. “It’s a long story but not important right now.”

“It might be. Why did you let him go?”

I thought about that, or more how to answer the question. “I had no real desire to have him bound to me in the first place, so I had no reason to keep the bond.”

“Then why bind to him in the first place?”

“To break a bond another Mind Magi had with him.”

“And why did you want to break that bond?”

“Because the other Mind Magi was trying to punish my family for how I was raised. He intended that they would eventually die by punishment.”

“That’s harsh, even for your family.”

I nodded in agreement.

“I’ll want to know more about that later, but I’m worried about what would happen if another Mind Magi tried to break our bond.”

That caught my attention. “The bond we have doesn’t bother you?”

She smiled softly and rubbed her thumb across my knuckles. “No, why should it?”

“Because with possible exception of my Dad, no one I’ve bound to has wanted the bonds broken. Part of the nature of the bond encourages those I’m bound to to keep it, to stay with me.”

Sally nodded, “That makes sense. You said your abilities are geared toward helping you find people to bind with and that the bond strengthens what they feel for each other. It all makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is you. You seem to be afraid of this.”

“I’m not afraid of what I have, or what I am. I’m scared that something is going to have you slapping me and demanding the bond be severed.”

“And just what could you possibly tell me that would make me want to do that? Yes, it is very... unseemly that you’re living with so many women, but with what I saw earlier and what you’ve told me, it all makes sense.”

“That’s just the thing. You’re not jealous. You’re not reacting the way most would at such news. I’ve just told you I’m living with, having ongoing relationships with nearly twenty women, and you sit there and say ‘that makes sense’.”

Sally sat back and thought about it.

“You’re right... I’m not jealous,” Sally said as she looked up. “Is that a feature of the bond too?”

I nodded. “I’ve never had a complaint.”

“Let me ask you this then, if none of the girls you’re bound to are jealous of each other, and everything is working out, then why are you so upset about this?”

I considered that and gave her my only answer. “Because this is simply not normal.”

She laughed. “Ral, hun, it turns out you’re not normal. You have incredible abilities and can help others. You have to be bound to people to make those gifts work. So I guess I still don’t understand why you’re so upset about this.”

“You remember what high school was like for me. I was hoping that once I got to college, things would be different. Instead of being a helpless geek everyone picks on, I’m now a whole different kind of geek.”

“You’re not a geek, so stop that. Yes, you’re different and yes, it means you have to have a different life than what you expected, but is this really as bad as you’re making it out to be? Have you been happy? I’m sure the girls bound to you have been, otherwise they probably would have left by now, right?”

“I’ve done everything I can to help them to be happy. I always thought I was doing it out of guilt because of the bonds.”

Then I remembered certain details that occurred just the day before. “I guess it has just taken some time to really understand what I have and that my life is never going to be normal.” I looked up. Sally’s smiling face was there. It was beautiful. “Now, I can say it can only be better.”

Her smile brightened. “That’s better. Stop looking for the rain clouds and pay attention to the sunny ones.”

“Clouds aren’t sunny.”

“I know that silly, but the point is, you’ve been making yourself miserable. Stop it.”

I nodded and heard my cell phone ring.

Sally heard it too. “If that’s not a life threatening call, I say let it go.”

I chuckled. “I need to at least know who’s calling.”

Looking at the caller ID told me nothing. It wasn’t displaying any info, not even “No name, no number.”

“It’s Whisper,” I said.

“Who’s Whisper?”

I put my finger to my lips for silence and answered. “Hello?”

“Ral, you have to move. The Dragons know where you are.”

I wasn’t sure whether to listen to him or argue. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance. There was a knock at the window and the phone disconnected.

I looked around ready for a fight, but Cicely Reynolds was looking back at me.

“Who’s that?” Sally asked.

“One of the House Leaders,” I answered. “Listen very carefully Sally. If something goes wrong, anything, do not stick around. Leave, drive away. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but...”

I never took my eyes off Cicely as I told Sally, “They have one of my girls, I won’t let them have you too.”