The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Four—Love, Sex, and Sorcery

Chapter Thirty—Recharge

I’d like to say that all of us went straight to a hotel and took care of business. It would have been a great break, but knowing that Michael could find us and the Dragons would then knock down our door to get at me, I couldn’t just let my needs completely dictate what we did.

There was also Sever to consider. Not that I was worried about what she thought of me but more about what she might do when she woke up. Even without access to her special abilities, she was a skilled fighter and her relentless attitude made her very dangerous even in the mundane world.

Of all of us, Sally seemed to be more in control of herself, but she readily admitted it was an ongoing struggle.

“We have to figure out what to do with Sever, and then get somewhere safe. Then we can take care of my problem,” I said, breathing heavily at the sight of so many lovely women around me. My own abilities were beginning to override my sense of control.

The girls took care of one issue by gagging and tying up Sever. After she was tucked into the back of the girls’ van, they discussed potential safe locations. Finally they agreed that something outside of the city would give us the most time. The only remaining question was whether we make it there before I lost all control.

To help prolong that inevitability, it was agreed that I should ride in the van. Sally would drive the van while one of the girls kept me occupied. Sally was chosen for her apparent resistance to my Charm. The others would follow in the car.

Cicely opted to stay. She pulled out her cell phone and started making calls while the others discussed their plans. Once she had one of her House Members in route to pick her up, she turned to me. “Ral, I need you to break this bond. The House Members I’ve talked to have confirmed that their marks have all turned amber as well. You didn’t just bind me to you but my entire House.”

I glanced at the mark on her neck. Unfortunately, the sight of her slender, smooth skin caught my attention and I had to look away.

Closing my eyes I thought about the bond between us. I had never seen the bonds I had with my girls or any of my House Members, but I could see the bond Cicely and I shared. I pulled and twisted it, anything to break it, but it was like trying to break a very real and tangible rope. Nothing I did worked.

Opening my eyes and seeing Cicely so close, I gasped. Her eyes were lovely. She had a wonderful complexion and fantastic skin. I wanted to feel it, to touch her, but she spoke and her words broke my reverie.

“Ral, focus. I need to know if you can break this bond.”

I shook my head. “It’s too strong,” I muttered.

She looked puzzled. “Too strong? What do you mean?”

“Can’t break it.” I swallowed hard, trying to focus on the conversation. “What do you normally do to break a bond with one of your House Members?”

She shrugged. “The bond breaks for me if the House Member breaks their vow to me.”

“This may be the same...”

She thought about that. “So to break the bond, I have to stop fighting for my daughter?”

“It may be simpler... Maybe when she’s safe and doesn’t need you to fight for her, the bond will break. Your vows are usually more long term. This is very finite.”

She nodded and stepped back. “I hope you’re right.” She looked around at the others. “You should go before he gets worse.”

I turned and made for the van. Sally walked with me and I noticed that Chloe followed us.

Sally said, “The others decided Chloe would be your best distraction. I’m not entirely sure why.”

I glanced behind me at the one who would most willingly give herself to me, yet not do anything more than I wanted. “I already know.”

When we got to the van I turned to Chloe. “Chloe, you have to be absolutely adamant about what will happen. I may want more than what I should have until we get to the hotel. We can kiss and do the normal teenager making out stuff, but not one stitch of clothing is allowed to be removed. Do you understand?”

“Even if you order me to do more?”

“After we get into the van, I’m not in charge, Sally is.”

Chloe nodded and Sally looked at me funny. “I’m in charge?”

I nodded. “I don’t trust myself. If you keep charge over her and resist me, then we’ll all arrive in one piece.”

Sally nodded and started to reach for me.

I backed away quickly. “I would love to give you a kiss, but my abilities are even more intense with touch. I need you strong and focused for more than just me.”

Again she nodded and then turned and went to get into the van’s driver seat.

Chloe and I got into the middle seat.

* * *

The ride to the hotel seemed to take forever.

At first everyone sat in their respective seats, occasionally making comments about the city as we drove through it. Just as we got to what Sally called the edge of town, I wasn’t just looking out at the structures or even the general public. My eyes were drawn to the women we passed and I found myself attracted to them all, whether I normally would have been or not.

Chloe got my attention by simply holding my hand. When I looked at her, I didn’t see a young, lovely and vibrant woman, but my woman. She was mine, in all the ways nature intended and in all the ways I would and would not admit.

Her skin was soft and warm. The simple touch between us caused more waves of hunger to pass through me. Closing my eyes, I swallowed hard.

“How much further Sally?” I asked in low tones.

“About another fifteen minutes,” she replied.

I caught her watching me in the rearview mirror and that same instinctual insight occurred to me. Sally was mine too, just like Chloe, and just like all the others.

Sally was mine, but I had not truly made her mine. Not yet. She bore my mark, shared the emotional link, but she did not yet know what it truly meant to be mine. To be with me. To be of me.

Suddenly Chloe was grabbing both of my hands and pulling them to her chest. She wasn’t trying to get me to touch her, but simply restraining me. Without thinking, I had been reaching for Sally and Chloe had stopped me.

That brought my attention back to Chloe. She looked back into my eyes as I devoured her with mine. The waves that had been passing through me were now coming so fast I couldn’t tell when one ended and the next began.

Never having been one to take the initiative when it came to sex with my girls, I was surprised at my own forwardness when I leaned into Chloe. It was almost like watching from afar as I laid her back into the seat and pressed against her.

For her part, Chloe didn’t struggle or argue. She accepted my advances and gave in to what I wanted.

The feel of her skin against mine, her lips pressed to mine, her tongue slipping along mine, were all beyond measure. The only problem was all the stimulation seemed to feed the pangs I felt. My gut began to ache with what I could only imagine blue balls felt like. The need, hunger pangs, all of it was simply a larger, more potent variation of what guys normally complained about when teased sexually to the point of frustration. In my case, I was suffering this from simply using my abilities. Of course, that was my best guess.

I ran my hand down her side and found her thigh. Immediately my hand changed directions and started up her skirt. Chloe didn’t say or do anything about it until I tried to slip my fingers into her panties. That was when she responded by simply barring my advance by holding my arm with her hand.

Instinctively, I fought to get what I wanted. I was the stronger. I was her Master, even in her eyes. However, she would not give in.

She turned her face from our kiss and then reached up to my ear. I expected her to lick and suck on my lobe, but she bit it. That seemed to short-circuit me for a moment.

Relaxing and pulling back to hold my ear I asked, “What did you do that for?”

She looked calm, but I could feel remorse coming from her. “You’re stronger than me, Master. If you wanted, you could have broken my arm.”

The pain in my ear passed and I nodded at what she said. “You didn’t have to bite me though.”

“You don’t like pain with sex. At least not that much,” she said simply.

The pangs were returning but the memory of what she had done clung to me. I fought the waves again, just as I had before.

Chloe laid there watching me. Her expression was like that of a puppy or kitten and reminded me of how Mandy looked at me when she was in ‘cat-girl’ mode. One thought led to another. Memories of my girls, the cute things they did, the sexy ways they touched me. The pangs grew stronger and I resumed making out with Chloe.

Twice more she had to fend me off, making sure we stuck to the rules I had set down before leaving. I would have wondered whether Renée, Erin or Charlotte would have had the same self control if they had been with me, but I was slowly drowning in my need.

A voice rang out in the van. “We’re here, Ral.”

Looking up I found Sally looking back at me. Then she disappeared from view.

Chloe pushed at me, trying to get me to sit up. “C’mon Master. We can go inside and do whatever you want.”

I felt the excitement that coursed through her. Unlike our ride, she was looking forward to what she meant.

My other women were there, pulling at me, helping me out of the van. I tried kissing them, but they fended me off.

One said, “When we get inside, okay?”

Another offered, “Everything will be okay Ral.”

And a third said, “Follow me. I need a shower and you can scrub my back...”

I followed her. She was the only one who promised to be naked for me.

All of us piled into a small room. I moved from one to the next, kissing and groping. None of them fought me off except when I tried to undress them or myself. I was getting aggravated.

They led me down a hall and into a large room. The one who wanted the shower immediately started stripping.

I too started removing clothes and no one stopped me.

She was faster than me in getting undressed and I was still trying to get my last garments off as I followed her.

She watched me approach as she turned on the water. I didn’t care if we were wet or not. I simply wanted her.

The brunette stepped back into the water, letting it cascade over her tanned skin. Then she arched her back and let the shower douse her hair. Her breasts, easily as large as my head or bigger, stood out proud from her chest. Dark nipples hardened and her areola shriveled with her excitement. I could taste it in the air, feel the blood flowing to her groin, and smell the aroma of her body responding to what we were about to do.

There was nothing stopping me, no one restraining me, but I stood there, taking in the sight of the sexy creature before me. My blood was boiling with need. My body was fully ready for the event. But I stood there.

She looked at me, her dark eyes sultry with her own need. “It’s been a long time Ral. Come here. Take me. Make me yours all over again.”

Charlotte’s breasts seemed to grow more as she looked me over. I couldn’t have gotten any harder.

Stepping forward, I reached for her. She took my hand and reeled me in. All at once, our bodies were pressed together like magnets close enough to overwhelm gravity.

Hot, cool, soft, hard, tender, and intense. We were a combination of wanton lust and animalistic drive. Even if the Dragons had burst in on us at that moment, there was no doubt in my mind what I would have been doing.

My hands roamed all over Charlotte’s body as if I were trying to touch all of her at once. She focused on the hair on my head and my butt, switching between the two.

With my cock pressed between the two of us, I felt a touch of relief from the pangs, but also an understanding that this was not what I wanted or needed. At least, it wasn’t going to be enough.

With my other-worldly strength, I grabbed her legs, lifted her up and pressed her to the shower wall. My face ended up pressed in between her huge, soft and wet globes. She held on to my neck in support and in pleasure as I tried to lick and suck on as much of her skin I could reach.

She was high enough so that I was no longer pressed between us. While I didn’t have enough control to position myself to enter her, Charlotte knew what was happening and was more than willing to help.

I felt her hand leave my neck and the way she twisted to the side to reach down for me. Holding her up took no effort. When I felt her touch me though, sensory overload was reached and I exploded.

“Let me down,” Charlotte said as she realized what was happening and I let her go. She didn’t just drop to her feet but continued going down to her knees.

I couldn’t tell what she did beyond that. My orgasm was nearly all-consuming. All I could do consciously was remain standing.

When the haze lifted and I could see, Charlotte was still on her knees. The shower was slowly washing away the torrent of cum I had blasted her with.

She looked up and I could tell she was pleased with my orgasm, but she wasn’t finished. I also knew that I wasn’t either.

“Feeling better?” she asked coyly.

I nodded. “Yes, but I’m not finished.”

“Good,” she said as she stood up. “I’ve got some tension of my own built up.”

The months we had spent apart always made me worry about her. Not just for sex, but for all the other things, all those little things the others craved as well. “When this mess with the Mind Magi is over, I’m taking you back home.”

She smiled. “But what about the store...?”

I shook my head. “I found a very good manager to handle the store here. You can do the same in Florida. I’m not letting you stay gone so long any more.”

Charlotte’s hands slid along my length as we talked. Then she pushed my cock down and cradled it between her thighs. I could feel her heat moving along my own as she rocked her hips forward and back, stroking me with her crotch and thighs.

My hands fell to her waist and circled around to her ass. The feel of her against me was something I had missed, even with so many others around to douse my desires.

She kissed me. A nice deep kiss, however brief it was. Her body moved against mine as she said, “Well, good thing I found a manager for the store in Florida before I flew up here.”

I smiled at that. “That’s good news. The way you talked, you were having difficulty finding someone worthy.”

“Well, after only having you in our dreams and knowing I would be in your real arms today, I made big sacrifices to make sure we weren’t rushed.”

My smile faded. The Mind Magi, or at least the Dragons were still on my mind. “We’re still rushed.”

She nodded. “I know, and we’re wasting really good fucking time.”

We both smiled at that and kissed again. Charlotte raised her leg and cocked her hips to the side. I was released from her incredible embrace only to feel her hand on me again. Pulling away, she gave me one of the most intense looks of lust I had seen. Then her eyes dropped as she focused on aiming my cock, hard and throbbing, toward her pussy.

Between her helping hand and my hip movements, I was slipping into her, deeper and deeper, very quickly. Charlotte groaned as if her lungs filled her entire body.

Pressed into her fully, I gripped her legs again and lifted her up. She held onto me and watched my eyes as I began moving.

“Don’t make love to me now, Ral. We’ll have time for that at home. Right now, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

All of my girls knew how their words affected me. If they wanted soft and sexy, they used simple moans, but if they wanted hard and raunchy, they were far more verbal.

Adjusting my stance and the placement of my hands—pressed against the wall behind Charlotte with her legs hanging over my arms—I gave in to what she asked for and what my body demanded.

Charlotte howled in pleasure and I pounded her hard and deep. Like my other girls, Charlotte was adjusted to accommodate my girth and length. Something that wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of foreplay to get her ready—and neither of us wanted slow and easy.

She had another adjustment that was both helping with my sexual inspiration and becoming something of an issue. Charlotte’s breasts continued to grow with her excitement. With us focusing more on the movement of our hips, our chests weren’t exactly pressed together, but her breasts had reached me and began pressing against me. I truly enjoyed the sight and feel of large, soft breasts, and while the growth turned me on as well, it also worried me.

Charlotte seemed to realize what I was thinking. “Make me cum Ral. My tits will reduce...”

Redoubling my efforts toward that end kept my attention on her fat, round breasts. They shook and rolled with our movements. Her nipples were distinct against my chest and felt to be easily the size of my thumbs or bigger.

Charlotte had her hips thrust forward, fully accepting my driving cock. With her legs up and hanging over my arms, her breasts were well contained. Using one arm, she scooped up one of her gargantuan tits and hoisted it up to point the nipple, fully erect, to my face. There was no hesitation on my part as I latched on, sucking and pulling with everything I had.

The soft pliability of her breast allowed me to take her almost to the back of my throat, along with most of her areola.

“Oh! I have missed this so much!” she exclaimed as her body began to tense up.

Her breathing became heavier as she encouraged me further. “Yes, Ral! Suck me, suck my tits Baby!”

The feel of her warm body against mine, her wet, heated tunnel stroking me as I rammed my way into her repeatedly, the scent of her wet skin, the taste of her flesh, and the husky, lust-filled words she cried out drove me closer to the edge, closer to another intense orgasm.

Charlotte’s body stiffened and I looked up in time to catch the intensity in her eyes as she softly said, “Cum in me...”

Her desire for me was the last straw in our mutual struggle for release. Into her I poured my essence, physical and emotional. This wasn’t just my need to recharge, but to also reconnect with one of my women.

Charlotte locked up. Her legs hooked behind my back, her arms around my neck and her trembling pussy clamped down onto my cock.

At the same time, I released her nipple and pulled her closer to me, driving my cock as deep into her as our hips would allow.

By the time we recovered, we were lying in the tub with the shower pouring on us. The water was warm, almost too hot, but we both stayed there simply basking in the afterglow.

Minutes later we were standing again, washing each other like teenagers learning about each other’s bodies all over again. Another aspect of our bond, I recalled. The renewal, the never-ending heat. We would always want each other. Always enjoy our time together as if it were the first.

Chloe knocked and came in. The shower door was simple glass. I wiped away some of the steam built up and noted her nudity. She looked back at me and smiled. I pulled open the door and pulled her in with us.

Charlotte had been right about her breasts reducing in size, just like I knew she was. I had, after all, bestowed this feature on her at her request. The others knew about it, but never said anything previously.

“You must have really enjoyed yourself,” Chloe said, glancing at Charlotte’s chest.

Charlotte smiled back. “You bet I did.” Then she leaned down, considering they were a few inches different in height, and kissed Chloe.

Chloe didn’t shy away and the two embraced as if they were lovers reunited after a long time. To a degree, they were.

The old saying of ‘three is a crowd’ holds no sway in my family. Usually, ‘the more, the merrier’ is more our motto. So it was no surprise to me that the bathroom door opened again and Renée came in.

At the sight of Charlotte and Chloe kissing, Renée smiled her classic mischievous smile.

I started to get out, considering the shower could barely contain three of us, but Renée pushed the door closed before I could. Then she slipped behind me and edged me to the other two.

Chloe had her back to me and when I pressed in against her, she moaned with pleasure.

In my ear, Renée whispered, “Sally said Chloe kept you from causing problems in the van.” She reached down and pressed my cock up between Chloe’s legs. “Show her your appreciation.”

Renée was right. Chloe had done exactly what I asked of her and deserved a reward.

Charlotte seemed to understand what was happening and began to pull away from Chloe, presumably to leave so we’d have more room. Chloe, however, pulled her back and kissed her again while arching her back for me.

I smiled at Charlotte past Chloe’s head and nodded. She understood that we were all going to help show Chloe how much we appreciated and loved her.

Part of me expected Renée to help with stimulation too, but she wasn’t going to stimulate Chloe directly. Still pressed against my back, she helped steer me into Chloe’s leaking slit. Her hand continued to stroke and feed me into the smaller woman until there was no room left.

Chloe squirmed and moaned deeply as she took everything I offered. Charlotte too, moaned as Chloe passed her stimulation on.

Renée held my hips and moved with me as I rocked back and forth. She kissed and nibbled at my neck, occasionally moving up to my ear to say things like, “That’s it Lover... Give it to her—every long, thick inch of that beautifully huge cock of yours.”

Hands were everywhere. Charlotte was groping Chloe’s breasts and reaching down to rub where I slid in and out of her. Chloe, in turn, was feeling up Charlotte’s breasts, back and ass. Renée groped my ass as well as anything else she could reach on the other two. With one arm, I held both of the women in front of me and with the other, I reached behind me for Renée’s supple buttocks.

“Give it to her Ral. Cum in her so I can suck it back out again...” Renée whispered to me.

Chloe had either finally heard her or had chosen to only reply at that point. “Cum in me Master. Fuck me deep and cum hard!”

Charlotte slipped her hand down and I felt her groping my sac.

All three put their efforts into getting me off again and weren’t disappointed. I went off like a rocket and Chloe was right behind me.

Renée gave us a few minutes to regain some strength. I took that time to hold Chloe, whispering to her how much I loved her, and generally holding her in post-coital warmth.

Chloe, as expected, wasn’t completely finished, but I was turning into a prune after being in the shower for so long.

I started to apologize to Renée for not showing her my thanks as well, but she stopped me. “Save your strength. You’re going to need it.”


“Erin is getting Sally ready for you.”