The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part Four—Love, Sex, and Sorcery

Chapter Thirty-One—Bond of Completion

After drying off, I simply wrapped a towel around myself and went out to find out what Renée had meant.

Erin came out of the master bedroom of the suite and stopped me before I could go in. “Not yet.”

I couldn’t help but grin, ideas of what was being planned making me feel giddy.

Erin smiled back. I had seen her smile when happy, smile simply to be pleasant and even smile when she didn’t want to—usually helping a customer who was being a complete pest—but this time her smile seemed sad. That made my grin falter.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

She ran her hands over my chest, looking away from me.

I reached up and held her hands, regaining her attention. ~ Talk to me, please. ~ I thought.

She looked up at me again. Her emotions were both happy and sad. The mix was very confusing. ~ I know how much you’re looking forward to this. I can feel it. ~

I waited, not wanting to imply anything by thought or causing further confusion.

~ I believe what Michael said may be right. She may be your Soul Mate... ~ Again, she looked away and I could feel the pain of depression spreading through her.

~ You’re afraid that once she and I bond, like you and I did, that I’ll leave you? ~ Pulling her chin around to look into her eyes, I thought, ~ I’m not leaving any of you. I said I was going to marry all of you. I meant it. Sally will be included in those plans I’m sure, but nothing else will change. ~

~ What if you don’t have a choice in this? What if your bond with Sally breaks the bonds you have with the rest of us? What if... ~

I stopped her by kissing her. ~ Shhh... No more ‘what ifs’. ~ Pulling her to me fully, I kissed her deeper. ~ I sincerely do not believe what you suspect will happen. The only change that may occur, is we will finally, all, feel complete with Sally joining with us. ~

Erin pulled back to look me in the eyes again. “Joining with us?” She smiled, and though there was a touch of sadness in her expression, it was more coy. “This is your first time with her Ral. This should be special. Just the two of you.”

“My choice of pronoun wasn’t exactly meant for that. I want my first time with Sally to be special, just the two of us. But, what I do mean, is that she is joining our family. She’s going to join us.”

Erin blushed. “Oh...”

“Will you be okay while I’m in there?” I considered what she might go through while waiting for Sally and me to finish.

She patted my shoulder. “I’ve waited for you while you were with the others. This won’t be any different.”

“I think it will be, just not the way you’re thinking.”

Erin didn’t say anything else, but smiled again. She was still worried and after hearing what she was worried about, I was too.

What would I do if securing the bond with Sally caused some sort of loss of the others? What would they do? The bonds had made all of us happy and brought us together in ways I never would have imagined. Thoughts about the wedding ideas that I had shared with them ran through my mind again. I didn’t want to wreck that. I didn’t want to cause problems.

I kept those thoughts to myself. Time had taught me how to project what I wanted and keep other thoughts quiet, just like talking. The girls had learned that instinctively when it started, but it took practice for me. Now, I was glad I knew the difference.

I looked at the bedroom door where Sally was waiting for me. Erin turned and looked as well, almost like she expected it to open or for Sally to call out to me. Neither happened.

Finally, Erin went in. A moment later, she came back out and looked at me. That sad smile was back. So badly I wanted to reassure her.

“She’s ready,” she said. Then her smile brightened. She was being brave so she wouldn’t dampen my mood. “Ral, she’s beautiful. Go to her.”

With that, she all but floated to me and kissed me again. Just as quickly, she pulled away and went into the bathroom.

Looking at the door, I hesitated. Sally was waiting for me. My girlfriend from high school. My first love.

“I wouldn’t keep her waiting too long,” Charlotte said behind me.

I turned and looked. She had put on one of the oversized terry cloth robes the hotel provided. “Erin has a good point,” I said.

She nodded. “She does, but did Michael tell you what would happen if you bound Sally to you?”

I shook my head. “We didn’t get that far in our discussion about it.”

“Then how do you or Erin know the bond you form with Sally will cause ours to break?” She looked down at her chest, my mark glancing out through the soft looking material. “We still have a bond and you’re already bound to Sally. So, I seriously doubt this will make any difference.”

I nodded. “You’re right.”

She reached out and pushed my shoulder, egging me on toward the bedroom door. “Go to her. Join with her. Make her a real part of this family.”

Again I nodded and finally opened the bedroom door.

Sally was sitting on the foot edge of the bed. She looked up as I came in and her whole body blushed.

Erin had said she was beautiful. To me, there was more than just beauty. This was the young woman who had been my first, real friend. She had helped me to open up and become more than I had been while in school. To me, she was more than just an addition to my family. So much more.

There was a mixture of eagerness and uncertainty coming from Sally. The reason I could tell her whole body blushed was because she was wearing only a dark red, see-through lace bra and matching panties. Her skin looked a touch pale against the material and with the sunlight shining in through the windows.

Looking at me again, she smiled, and I felt the warm radiance of her in that one act.

Quietly, I stepped forward. She scooted over on the bed, the movement of her hips catching my attention in a way she had never done before.

At that moment, I saw Sally, the woman, not the teenaged girl I had dated. My heart grew with emotion for her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Love, lust, and something else were all there, mingled together. This was something I had wanted for some time, I realized, and from what she had told me back at the store, so had she.

She watched me sit next to her, and the way her eyes roamed over me made me weak in the knees. Had she looked at me that way before? Were there times, while we had dated, that I had missed that simple, subtle glance?

Most likely.

“I have to apologize,” I said softly.

She looked up at me. “Why?”

“For not seeing you before,” I said simply. She looked confused but smiled. I tried to explain. “You told me about what you felt, how you yearned for more than what I had given you while we were dating...”

“Ral...” She started to interrupt.

I waved her down. “No, I have to say this.” I took her hands and simply held them in mine. “You felt so much more for me and I didn’t exactly return the favor, or try until it was too late.” I let my eyes roam over her, taking in her smooth skin and the soft blush remaining. “But I see you now. I see the beautiful woman you’ve become...” She smiled and I continued, “Coupled with the friend that I care so deeply for. I had always been respectful of your personal space, careful not to do anything that might offend, but I had never taken into consideration what exactly that constituted. I never asked you what you wanted or didn’t want. I made that decision without asking you and that is what I have to apologize for.”

She shook her head, her hair moving elegantly with the motion. “You don’t have to apologize...”

“I’ve learned where I went wrong. I’ve learned that though I may have someone’s best intentions at heart, that may not be what they want. I want to make that up to you.”

Sally let out a sigh. “You do know you’re messing up again, right?”

It was my turn to be confused. “How?”

She pulled her hands free of mine to reach up and pull my head down for an ear popping kiss. After a moment, and relaxing into it, she broke free and said, “You’re talking too much.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her and then pull her in for another kiss.

Slowly, gently, we laid back onto the bed. I slid my arm under her and with no effort, lifted her up enough to move up onto the bed more.

“Erin said you were strong...” she said with mild surprise.

“Was there anything else she mentioned?”

Sally raised her knee, running her foot up the back up my leg. “She hinted at other things too, but said that I would find out more for myself.”

I smiled. “Good thing you didn’t ask Chloe. She would have reeled off everything she knows.”

Sally cocked her head to side with that curious kitty move. “Why does she call you Master? I thought you said you don’t treat any of your girls that way.”

After letting out a sigh, I said, “That’s the relationship she desires. I told you that I had learned to not try to give what I thought you should have but simply give you what you want. She’s the one who taught me that.”

Sally’s smile seemed to glow. Without saying anything else, she pulled me down for a deeper, more passionate kiss.

The feel of her body moving under mine, the kissing, the scent of her perfume, all of it was having the normal affect on me. To say the least, the towel offered token resistance.

With one leg hooked behind me, Sally brought up her other between my legs. She rubbed against me and the motion freed me from the loose confines of the towel.

She never stopped kissing me as her hand moved down to my hip, and then brushed against the head of my hardness.

Breaking our kiss, Sally looked down. Her hand took firm hold of me and her eyes all but bugged out of her head. “Oh, my god!”

I wasn’t sure if her shock was based in excitement or trepidation.

Rolling over, I allowed her to see me fully.

She moved with me, looking intently at what she held. Her hand looked utterly tiny wrapped around me. She was able to close her grip but only just and I worried that she might shy away from what we both wanted.

Finally she looked up into my eyes, a touch of fear running through her.

“You don’t have to be afraid,” I said.

“The only thing I’m afraid of is asking for more than I can handle,” she retorted. “I am not afraid of you. I know you’re a gentle loving man. I’m only afraid that I may not be able to do everything with you I wanted to.”

I smiled gently, ideas of what she might have dreamed up floating through my mind. “Whatever you want to do, just say so and we can.”

She blinked at me as understanding hit her. “The others can do what they want...?”

I nodded.

“Is there anything you haven’t done with them?” she asked softly.

Having lived with so many women, I had picked up on potentially troubling questions. That was one of them.

Reaching down and stroking her cheek, I said softly, “Too much honesty can be brutal. I’ll just say that of anything I’ve done, it will not be the same as doing it with you.”

She smiled, and a warmth spread through her that resembled both love and happiness. “Are you just saying that?”

I tugged at her arm, and guided her up to lay with me, her body along mine. Once she was comfortable I said, “It’s the truth. And we have these bonds to thank for it.”

She glanced down at my chest. “I keep forgetting that you’re not exactly the same as I remember.”

“I’m still the same, or at least try to be. What I said is true though. No matter what they ask for, it’s not the same with any two of them. It won’t be the same with you.”

There was no pain in her, no concern about how I may feel for the others. “It all sounds so flattering...”

“All I’m saying is that this can be special for you too.”

She looked up into my eyes. “You’re the one who said too much honesty can be brutal. So you tell me.”

“I think you were right.”

“About what?”

I rolled her over, my face hovering over hers. “I’m talking too much.”

There was nothing I could say that would prove what I meant. Sally had to experience it for herself, and there was only one way for that to happen.

Kissing between us came easy. Both of us also felt heat from the other that we had never felt before. Our higher brain functions, such as worry and plans, took a back seat to what our desires filled us with.

We moved forward with our needs, groping each other, touching in ways we had only teased each other with previously. Barriers fell away. Emotions rumbled and rolled. Touch was all consuming.

In all the kissing and movement, Sally had spread her legs, wrapping them behind me. I was pressed against her, but her panties impeded that last bit of contact. Her bra held up against me like a security fence.

I wanted to reach down and push away her panties, and to find the clasp to release the fabulous globes she had flaunted earlier. Part of me, the part that still worried about how she might react, held out and kept me from doing as such. Apparently my kissing and groping suffered from it as well.

Sally pushed against my chest, breaking our kiss. “What’s wrong?”

I just looked at her. The way her hair had already fallen from it’s elegant waves to the disheveled look my other girls had whenever we were finished with a good tussle in bed. Her breathing was heavy too, her chest heaving.

Something in my eyes must have given me away. Sally relaxed under me, took my hand and pushed it down to her hip where I met her panties.

Softly she said, “Take them off.”

Permission was what I sought with her. Why? My other girls never had to give me permission to have my way with them. Did they?

I sat up. Sally brought her legs up and together in front of me. Her hands were touching mine as I gripped the sides of her panties and began sliding them off.

This was it. This was really it. We were going to, at long last, be together.

As I pulled her panties off her feet, I held them, looking up in time to watch her spread her legs again on either side of me.

Had I always been so anticipatory? Was this that much of an epic moment?

With my continuing policy of being honest, the answer was yes.

Sally reached up and began unhooking her bra while watching me. I knew there would be many opportunities after this to watch her tease me, but this time, this day, I would do the unveiling.

Leaning forward, I placed my hand on hers. “Let me,” I said softly as I leaned over her and gently pulled the clasps apart.

Sally watched me, smiling softly, as I pulled the cups of her bra away. She took a deep breath, causing her chest to rise, imitating Charlotte’s expansion.

In response, I simply rubbed my cheeks against her breasts. The feel of her warm, soft skin against mine was almost mind-numbing. At that moment, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I wanted to be.

Sally wrapped up my head with her arms, pressing her breasts against my face.

Naturally, I started kissing and licking her skin, inhaling her fragrance and generally enjoying her attention.

My hips also moved in response, pressing up against her and she shuddered as I slid my hardness against the soft wetness between her legs.

We quickly picked up where I had stopped us before. However, with the addition of our crotches pressed together, there was a great deal of moaning to add to the concert of our bodies in motion.

Again, my senses filled me with all the things the woman in my arms offered. Her thrills, sounded out in her moans; the feel of her body under mine, her arms and legs moving and holding me to her; the taste of her skin; the scent of her excitement; and the look in her eyes whenever I looked up. I was as excited as a man could get.

Sally’s moans shifted. There was a pout that didn’t sound sad as much as frustrated. Then she said, “I want you in me...”

I looked up and could tell there was some hesitation in her. She had seen and held me. She knew how big I was, and with me pressed against her, she seriously doubted that she could accommodate me. I smiled.

“Don’t smile like that. You make me feel stupid or something.”

‘Sally’ and ‘stupid’ didn’t belong in the same sentence or paragraph together.

“You’re not stupid, just forgetful.”

Hope gleamed in her eyes. “What?”

I moved up, pressing myself to her more. She moved against me, making the pressure stronger than I had intended. For a second, her eyes lost focus just from that.

“You asked if there was anything I hadn’t done with the others. I would have to say that there has not been much we haven’t done.”

She squirmed under me. “Why are you telling me this now?”

“How do you think the others have been able to enjoy anything with me if they weren’t able to have me?”

Her eyes moved around wildly as her brain tried to gain some control and consider what I asked.

I spared her the effort by leaning down and whispering in her ear. “I have more abilities than just strength and speed. I can heal with touch, but that is a side affect of another ability I have. An ability the others have all enjoyed and asked for.”

She pressed up against me, grinding along my length as I spoke.

“Do you trust me?”

She nodded without hesitation at that. “Yes!”

“Then hold on, because this will be more than you expected...”

Sally, still writhing under me, held onto me, almost enough that she would have clung to me if I had gotten up, but that wasn’t my intent.

Normally, I would have considered exactly what to do. I let go my thoughts of what Sally wanted both from and with me. I could scan her desires and find out what she wanted, but that would ruin the surprise to a degree. So, I let my ability to mold flesh to fill her and adjust her in whatever way she wanted.

The warm liquid sensation filled me. Almost immediately, Sally yelped as it moved from me to her. Then she gripped me tighter. Her whole body was already sensitive from just being with me. She had been very close to reaching orgasm even though there hadn’t been any penetration. On top of all of that, my power filled her, giving that additional sensation that felt good normally, but felt incredible when heightened as Sally was.

Sally cried out. Her nails dug into my back and she sank her teeth into my shoulder.

Occasionally the others would nibble or pinch. Certainly there would be red marks along my back where they had expressed their gratitude for such sensations we shared. Sally, however, was like an animal.

I held onto her, knowing that she couldn’t hurt me beyond what I had suffered from the Dragons.

Of course, that thought reminded me of the situation going on outside of that room, but I quickly pushed it out of my head.

Sally relaxed and let me go.

I remained where I was but got up on my elbows so I could see her face.

It took another minute for her to be able to focus on me, and when she did, she was all smiles.

“Feeling better?” I asked softly.

She nodded, still unable to form words.

Patience had always been my virtue when it came to Sally. I was happy to wait for her to recover enough to say something.

Finally, she asked, “Wha... what was that?”

“That was my ability to mold flesh,” I answered simply. “Theoretically, I can alter anything. In your case, you chose what I changed.”

“I chose what you changed? I don’t remember making any requests.”

I grinned. “Well, you must have thought of something, or desired something at least subconsciously.”

She chuckled. “I’d hate to think what I wanted subconsciously.”

I squirmed over her, which made her moan again. “Well, I’m no expert on your body, but I don’t seem to notice anything different.”

She giggled. “Sit up, let me see.”

I got up onto my knees. Sally’s body was flushed where we had been pressed together. Other than that she didn’t look any different, just as I had said.

Sally looked down and made a cursory inspection.

I watched as she felt her own breasts, ran her hands over her abs and then reached down between her legs. I moved back enough to allow her room.

She shook her head. “I don’t think anything changed.”

“That’s good news,” I replied.

Glancing down at me, she let out a sigh. “I don’t know. I really wish one thing had changed at the very least.”

I looked down at her and wondered if maybe her memories of her own body had been altered along with her body. “How about we try something?”


I smiled and moved to position my cock at her pussy.

Sally didn’t do anything to stop me. She simply said, “Just take it easy, please?”

Giving her my most solemn expression, I said, “I would never do anything to hurt you.”

She smiled. “Well, a little pain isn’t a bad thing.”

That made me smile. I wanted to rub my shoulder where she had bitten me, but I held off and focused on what we were about to do.

With practiced ease, I slipped into her and stopped with only the head of my cock inside. Sally let out a soft moan.

Pushing further, I watched for any indications that I had gone too far. Sally did everything except tell me to stop. In fact, she reached for my hips as if trying to urge me into her faster. I wasn’t ready for that just yet.

I withdrew and pressed back into her. She wasn’t as tight as I had expected. It was possible the change I had affected her with allowed her to take me like she so obviously wanted.

A thought resurfaced. If Sally wanted me in her completely, who was I to deny her that? It was what we had talked about, what I kept overcomplicating.

Giving in to the impulse we shared, I drove into her. She groaned heavily. I felt her lock down around me and then recognized the telltale signs of her riding another orgasm.

Leaning over her, enjoying the pleasures she was having, I was seized by her grasping hands and she crushed me to her chest. Her lips met mine and her tongue drove in as fervently as I had driven my cock into her now quivering pussy.

She relaxed under me again. Her hips made short, testing motions. Inside, she squeezed me. Finally breaking our kiss, she said, “That was good too.”

I grinned at her. “You’re gonna be too sensitive for any real fun if you keep that up.”

She grinned back. “I could go for one more really good one like that, but this time, I want you to cum with me.”

The feel of her increasing movements felt fantastic. I knew I could easily go for a while longer and have several more releases like back in the showers, but I also knew that time was growing short. The Dragons would find us sooner or later. Of course, later was preferred, but I wasn’t betting on it.

Moving my hips, I ground against her.

Sally’s eyes widened with mild surprise. “You’re all the way in?”

I nodded.

“I didn’t think... " she started.

I shook my head. “You don’t have to. Apparently you wanted this even on a subconscious level.”

Realization struck and she smiled widely. “And since you can heal me too, if things get a bit rough...”

I chuckled, remembering the first time I had to heal someone from having rough sex. I hadn’t been involved in the sex, but the tones and excitement Erin had expressed at the time was pleasant by comparison.

Exaggerating my movements, I intended to rub my crotch against Sally’s clit. It was something I had learned with the others and always drove them crazy.

Sally was no disappointment to that end. Moving in tandem to me, she made the pressure greater. Soon, we were slapping together, making lots of squishy, slurping sounds as I slid in and out of her.

We stared into each other’s eyes. The intensity of our union could be felt in the air of the room. Both of us breathed like we were marathon runners and with only the merest thoughts did we make adjustments to increase our pleasures.

Sally brought her legs up higher, turned her ankles in and hooked them around the middle of my back. Almost instantly, I felt the difference in pressure. Both of us moaned and the pace of our bodies picked up more.

Breathing was too important to kiss too deeply, but kiss we did. I would suck on her lower lip. She would suck on my tongue.

Again my senses filled with the many details of our actions...

The sounds of our moaning and the way our bodies slapped together formed the core rhythm.

The scents of her previous orgasms mingled with the light sheen of sweet we had developed filled my body as I inhaled.

The taste of her skin, lips, tongue, and the light makeup she had been wearing told me exactly who it was I was with.

The intensity of her gaze met me whenever I opened my eyes. It drove home the understanding that we were both finally where we had not only wanted to be, but should have been so long ago.

And finally, the feel of her body. Her hands, her breasts against my chest, her legs wrapped around me, her skin sliding along mine, and the internal muscle play and velvety stroking all made up a symphony of sensations that excited me in ways I had both felt and never experienced.

Sally began to buck, her internal muscles locking down on me. “Cum with me Ral!” she called.

The sensations and intensity were too much for me to stave off any longer. With a mighty groan, and a “Yes!” I released.

A sensation stole over me. My body was locked up, throbbing and convulsing in the bliss of release. At the same time, something else flooded me. Something I couldn’t describe. Whatever it was, it felt good.

Then, to my best description, my mind opened up. The pressure that had built up when I had seen the memory of the old man speaking with my parents before my birth popped. Thoughts, images and emotions filled me. It wasn’t just the memories of one man’s life either. Many, many lives played out in my head quickly. A dam had broken and the flood crashed through me.

For what felt like hours, I lived lives that I had never known. Eras played out around me. Entire nations rose and fell. Wars, plagues, political changes were all like waves rolling up and washing away on a beach.

When the rush of memories finished I was surprised to find myself still in bed with Sally.

When I looked down Sally was watching me. “Are you okay?” she asked.

I nodded. “I don’t know what happened. It was like I just gained memories from hundreds of people.

Someone started knocking on the door and urgent voices called out to Sally and me. I recognized them. It was Renée and Erin. Something about their distress forced me to fully shake off the haze I was still in. Finally, I called out, “What’s wrong?”

Renée answered, “We wanted to know if you two were okay. What happened in there?”

I looked at Sally, who was still glowing from what we had shared but watched me with a touch of concern.

“Ral? Are you okay?” Erin called.

“Yeah!” I answered. “I... We...” I chuckled, almost drunk in the aftermath. “We just finished...”

Sally joined me laughing.

Once we settled down and took a minute to recover, I got up and opened the door.

All four of the girls were standing there and every one of them looked worried, even Chloe.

It dawned on me that something must have happened for them to look like that.

Somewhere in the room, my cell phone began to ring. I walked passed the others to find it asking, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“We were hoping you could tell us,” Charlotte said, fairly calmly.

I glanced back at them curiously and then at the caller ID on my cell phone. It was Cicely.

Knowing I would have to clear up whatever had happened to get the girls in an uproar, I answered the phone to find out what Cicely had to say. “This is Ral.”

“Ral, what just happened?”

I looked back at the others again. “What do you mean?”

“My mark, still amber, all but exploded. Light shone out of it like it was made up of a small sun.”

I took a second to understand what she had said and then asked her to hold for a second.

Looking at the others, “Why were all of you worried about me and Sally?”

They looked at one another. Renée said, “Our marks suddenly lit up.”

“It was like we all had mini-suns on our chests,” said Chloe.

“And a light came from your room, as if the whole room were filled with a fireball,” added Erin.

Stunned again, but in such a different way, I put the phone to my ear again. “Cicely, I’m gonna have to get back to you on that. I’m not sure what happened, but it seems to be over.”

She started to say something, but I ignored her, hung up the phone and went in to look in on Sally.

She was sitting up on the bed, her hair disheveled, and she had the bed spread covering her. She had a shellshocked expression as well. Other than that she looked okay.

Then she said, “Ral, your eyes. Your eyes!”

There was a mirror on the wall and I turned to it. My eyes weren’t brown anymore. They were amber.