The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC – Mind Magi

By TechnicDragon

Part One – The Mind Magi Council

Chapter Six – Teasing and Tears

Lady Reynolds offered, “Ral, I do hope you will join us for lunch. Some of us are getting together just to chat and eat.”

I hadn’t really looked at her during the meeting and I was glad of that. She had dark blonde hair that fell in heavy waves around her shoulders, deep chestnut brown eyes and a lustrous smile that I was sure won over anyone she pointed it at. I wasn’t feeling especially lust filled so I was sure her looks were quite real and not some trick of the mind. She stood with an easy grace and moved as if she were living seduction. If she didn’t have a power like my Charm, then she more than made up for it with her demeanor and expressions.

“Actually, I already have plans for lunch,” I replied. I knew if I spent any time with this woman, we would probably end up in some dark and secluded place. Better to avoid her if possible.

Lady Reynolds openly looked at Renée, not just her face, but her entire figure. “I can see why.”

Renée thought, ~ I’ve never had someone so openly check me out before, Lover. Even if she doesn’t have something like your Charm, she is hot!~

~Bold and Confident, yes, but I’m holding the only truly hot woman in this room,~ I thought back at her. I could feel her smile.

Reynolds seemed to think of Renée’s smile as an invitation and smiled right back at her, putting her everything into it. I was surprised my pants hadn’t ripped open. I could even feel Renée’s body respond too. “If you need some time alone, we won’t actually get to the restaurant for another hour.” Reynolds glanced at me out of the corner of her eyes. “You’d be welcome to bring Ms. Hollander.”

Since the sight of Renée seemed to only gear up Lady Reynolds, probably as competition, I thought I would up the ante. “Actually, two of my other girls are waiting for me. I promised them I would be back as soon as the meeting was over.”

Reynolds looked at me fully, her smile not dropping in the slightest. “That’s right, you have what? Twenty women at your beck and call?”

It had been a while, but I blushed. “Er, no. Not twenty, and they’re not just there for my every beck and call. I brought Renée, Erin and Chloe with me to keep me from doing anything that I might regret later.”

That seemed to only intrigue Reynolds further. “Something you might regret? Like what?”

She probably knew exactly what I meant but either enjoyed my embarrassment or didn’t think I could say anything to lessen whatever she thought of me.

“The women I live with share me already. It would be wrong of me to add more to my family and further divide what little attention each of them receives already.”

Reynolds playfully pouted. “Oh…” She looked at Renée. “Do you feel like the attention you receive is divided up too much?”

For her to ask Renée such a personal question almost upset me. It was one thing to embarrass me, but I would not stand for Renée to have to put up with such.

However, Renée felt the sudden change in my mood and squeezed my hand. “Ral is quite modest when it comes to the attention he gives. I can attest that what I receive is better than anything I ever got when I was dating before we met.”

There were so many different layers of meaning in that statement that I was reeling from it. Reynolds, however, took it in stride and seemed to have even caught some of the innuendo. “Really? Then what would be one more?”

That made me stop. Well, stop breathing for a second at least. “With all the double-meaning, I would like to know what exactly you’re asking for,” I said as clearly as I could manage.

Renée was smiling at me just as Reynolds was. I felt like I was back in the café just after meeting Erin and the girls were enjoying my furiously blushing face.

It was Renée who said, “Ral, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then what was that in the bathroom earlier?”

Reynolds looked at Renée with delight. Since most of the innuendo was actually turning out to mean what they suggested it meant, Reynolds had a good idea of what Renée was talking about. “In the bathroom? Before you were called in? Oh, you naughty, naughty boy!”

~Ral, think about this. She’s a Mind Magi, not a normal human. Your ability to bind with Mind Magi is different than binding with everyone else. You could probably fuck her silly and not be bound to her at all.~

~ Just because I don’t have to worry about binding her to me doesn’t mean I want to fuck her!~

~ I can feel your excitement, Lover. You find her just as hot as I do.~

~ I’m not denying that she’s hot…~

~ Then what’s the problem? You need to have sex regularly. She’s willing and will probably deliver that copy of the Prophecy later tonight personally. She’ll probably be wearing something low-cut and sexy, trying to impress you.~

Considering our thought conversation moved quickly, my eyes dropped to the bit of cleavage Reynolds was already displaying. I had been impressed when she had been bent over the table before and could easily imagine what low-cut and sexy would show off. ~ She doesn’t have to do that to be impressive.~

~ Good! I’m glad you agree!~ Renée thought at last and before I could respond she said to Reynolds, “How about if you came by the hotel room later tonight, to drop off a copy of the Prophecy Ral requested?”

I didn’t think Reynolds’ smile could get any better, but somehow it did. “Well, that would be perfect. What time? Say around eight o’clock?” she asked me.

I felt like a deer not only caught in headlights but getting hit multiple times in the middle of a major highway. “Ei-eight o’clock…?”

“Eight will be fine,” Renée answered for me.

Reynolds grinned at Renée, then leaned in close and kissed my cheek. In my ear she whispered, “And my name is Cicely.”

“Cicely,” I repeated under my breath. The feel of her breath across my ear as well as the musky scent of her perfume was making me light headed. Either that or the fact that I was as hard as granite.

Cicely waved bye to Renée and walked away, heading to the open double doors. I looked at Renée with a mixture of confusion and lust. She just smiled back at me.

Someone bumped my shoulder. I looked around to find Michael standing next to me also watching Lady Reynolds walk away. “Some guys get all the luck,” he said softly.

“I take it you heard our conversation?”

“I didn’t hear a word of it, but no one could miss how heavily she was flirting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t show up tonight wearing nothing but a trench coat and a smile.”

“Jeese, you’re almost as bad as Renée,” I retorted.

“No, I’m not trying to help you climb into her panties. Just pointing out what you seem to be missing.”

I looked at the doorway again. Cicely was gone. “No, I didn’t miss it, but I did fight it.”

Michael chuckled, “Not very well,” then cleared his throat and turned serious. “There is another House Lord waiting to speak with you.” He nodded his head off to the table the announcer had been standing next to.

I noticed that everyone else had already left. Only Lord Lasarge remained, and he watched me. What he was thinking, I didn’t know, but something was definitely on his mind.

It was only a few months previous, literally days after my talents had first manifested, that I came to the attention of The Users. It was a group who used Master PC and their leader called herself Vikkor. Her real name was Victoria Lasarge. Lord Lasarge’s daughter.

Incidents that occurred the day after I first met Vikkor led to an invasion of her underground complex by the FBI. I helped Agents Davis and Marks to look for Vikkor but she had already fled. She hadn’t gone far though.

Back at the apartment I had been living in, Vikkor and several of the women she had under her control via Master PC had taken some of my girls hostage. They waited there for me because Vikkor knew I wouldn’t let anything happen to my girls.

I took Vikkor and her thralls down. The FBI showed up and carted them away. Later, the trial had testimony from me to help with her prosecution, but it wasn’t needed because she had plead guilty. I had tried to help her heal and part of that was admitting her guilt and facing her punishment.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know how much Lord Lasarge knew about what had happened. I did know that he had paid for the lawyers who had worked to defend Victoria, but her determination to make amends made their efforts moot. I could imagine he felt anger towards me for that.

I looked at Michael and he nodded. I took it as a sign that he would watch for any indicators of trouble. Looking back at the Lord, I wondered what I could say. I wondered if there was anything I could do to assuage the anger he probably felt towards me.

I no more than turned to the table, intent to go and take the seat next to Lasarge, but he stood up at the same time. He knew I was ready to talk to him.

“Lord Setton,” he said. His French accent was pronounced. Just as much as Vikkor’s had been. “I wish to congratulate you on your new title and House.” He walked toward me as he said this and held out his hand. I shook it, almost expecting him to do something.

What happened wasn’t his fault but mine.

A stream of memories flooded me. Jean Lasarge walking in and finding what his brother was doing to Victoria, the fight that ensued and the climatic court case that put Jean’s brother in prison.

Immediately this was followed by the day Jean and Victoria had been at the store. He didn’t see Victoria touch the man’s briefcase, so the attack was unprovoked as far as he had known. Even so, the attack was not called for considering no more than what Victoria had done. Jean recognized the man and knew him as an extension of the company Jean owned. He took the man aside and discussed his lack of a future in the growing company as well as the charges that would be filed against him. Victoria had suffered a black eye as a result and nothing more than hurt feelings.

The scene changed in my mind and Jean was outside looking for Victoria. It was dinner time and she had left her cell phone at home. Something she was doing more and more because she considered it no more than an electronic leash. He heard someone crying at the park and went to look. Expecting to find a kid with a scraped knee, he was shocked to find his daughter mostly naked and weeping. She tried to cover herself, but he wasn’t worried about that. They talked and he took her home. It looked like she had been raped but she wouldn’t say what really happened.

That’s when I found out what Jean could do. He could share memories like me, only better. He found out who had hurt his daughter and even the fact that it was more emotionally vicious than an outright brutal rape, because the boy led on the fact that Victoria liked him. The boys were arrested and Jean made sure they were carted off from the school so Victoria would witness the event.

I knew those events from Victoria’s point of view, but the next one was all new.

Jean was in a room with several round tables, each with four or five chairs. Jean sat at one waiting when Victoria was escorted in. She was dressed in white clothes and looked drawn and tired. She stopped at the doorway when she saw who was there. She started to back out of the room but the men in white wouldn’t let her. Finally, she walked over and sat down at the table opposite her father.

Jean had found out about the trial and her conviction. He pulled every string he had to find out what had happened but knew there were some parts of the story missing, such as my involvement and her use of Master PC.

Victoria refused to answer Jean’s questions. She even refused to let him touch her. She seemed, to Jean, ashamed that he had found her there. In the end, she finally gave him my name and told him to find me. She would only talk to him after he talked to me.

I stepped back after the flash of memories. Jean let my hand go and stood there looking at me intently. I knew, because it was always the same, that the exchange took no longer than the shaking of our hands.

“I’m sorry Jean. I don’t know what to say,” I offered immediately. “I now know what your ability is and you’re free to see what I know. It would be the most efficient method to answer your questions and to get Victoria to talk to you.”

Jean nodded and held out his hand again. I took it and poured everything I remembered into that handshake. First meeting Vikkor. The tests, the challenges and the insults. Later there was the discussion with my girls about her, the questioning I went through with Agent Joan Davis, and how I had put together all the clues that led to the conclusion that Vikkor had been behind the kidnappings in Texas.

I also shared the events surrounding Alexandria’s programming to try to kill her daughters and how Vikkor had tried to frame me. Vikkor’s attack at my apartment and what I did to correct the young woman’s fragile mind were shared.

I let go of Jean’s hand and stood back. He stood there for a moment, going over the memories I had given him. When he opened his eyes he looked somewhat distraught. He never knew about Victoria’s mental issue and had not truly understood what it was that she had been charged for. Not until now.

I was surprised however by his immediate statement. “You never hurt her. She tried to kill your schiavi but you maintained a level head and stopped her in the most merciful way. I’m not sure I could have been so kind had I been in your shoes.”

I accepted his complement in the same subtle way. “We are all bound by the choices we make. No one is an exception to this. If I had done something to her in any form of revenge or my idea of justice then that would make me no better than… than Vikkor.”

Lord Lasarge nodded. “Vikkor. Such a disgusting distortion of my daughters beautiful name. I know where it came from, why it happened, but my only regret is not noticing sooner.”

“She’s on a path to recovery. If you continue to be there for her, there is no reason why she should fall back into that divided state.”

Merci, Lord Setton. With the sentence she had been given, she will never be allowed in the public. I do not know what I will do, but now, at least, I know what happened.”

“Go to her. Go see her. Let her know you’ve talked to me. Let her know how you feel. Help her heal by being there for her, just as you were when I helped her. Because if it hadn’t been for how she felt for you, she would probably still be split asunder.”

Jean nodded. “I only hope she will talk to me…”

I looked around. We were in an office space and there was no paper or pens. “I need something to write a note on…” I said to anyone listening.

Lord Lasarge picked up a briefcase that had been sitting next to his chair. He pulled out a letter head and pen. I sat down and wrote to Victoria.


I hope you are doing well. I understand that you have been showing vast progress and I thought more encouragement wouldn’t hurt.

I just had the most interesting conversation with Jean Lasarge. Yes, your father. He tells me you won’t speak to him until he has spoken with me. I took the liberty to do more and showed him what I remembered. I’m sorry to say I showed him everything so he would have a clear understanding of what you have been though.

And even after that, he still loves you and wants to help you.

You need your family Victoria. You need to talk to your father and let him help you in any way he can. There is still a long way for you to go. Wouldn’t it be better to face that with him than without?

I’ll let you tell him that answer.


I folded the note and handed it to Jean. He took it and held it with what looked like reverence. I think he was just happy to finally have a way to get in touch with his daughter again. It could only help both of them.

I stood up and shook his hand again. “I really do wish Victoria well. Both of you, Lord Lasarge.”

He nodded. “Merci, Lord Setton.”

“And if she doesn’t believe that the note is from me, have her call me. I put my cell number on the back.”

He nodded, shaking my hand more. I noticed a single tear trailing down his cheek. “If there is anything I can do in return, please let me know.” Then he let go, picked up his briefcase and walked away.

Michael, Renée and I watched him leave. Michael said, “Well, that went better than expected.”

“He just wants to help his daughter. Revenge wouldn’t have done that,” I said.

With that, the three of us left the building too.