The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Master PC: Wireless

by Dr. Fakes

Chapter One:

At first I thought the email and the attachment were a scam. You know, just junk mail that you get and delete all the time. But right before I hit the delete key I noticed the name of the attached file, Master PC Program. Now, I had heard of something like this over the Internet but just thought it was one of those urban legends of the net. The program was made to allow the user to alter basically the reality around them. Usually this involved mainly people you wanted to um, change. I figured what the heck, so I saved the attached file on my laptop and then executed it. If something went wrong I could always reformat my hard drive and wipe the file off it. Once I ran the .exe file the machine flashed all kinds of characters all over the screen for several minutes. It didn’t look like a normal install routine. In fact, it looked more like something out of those “Matrix” movies. This lasted maybe 10 minutes. I was starting to think it was some kind of virus when my laptop restarted itself. Once it rebooted completely I noticed a few changes. The wallpaper on the desktop had changed to hundreds of those little characters. I couldn’t seem to change it like I normally do. I also had one new icon on the desktop simply labeled, Master PC – Wireless. Now my laptop was hooked into my home wireless network so it must have detected that when it installed. Well, here goes nothing I thought as I double-clicked the new icon. It first brought up some big disclaimer form like most software does at the start. I very briefly browsed it. Something about not responsible for any unintentional changes, can be dangerous if used incorrectly, yadda, yadda. I clicked the accept choice at the bottom and then a registration box came up. At the top it said, program must be registered to function. All it wanted was my name and date of birth. So I typed in my name, Mark Bradford and my date of birth also. A screen said registration accepted after about 10 seconds and then a new screen came up looking like some type of large form. Lots of boxes, some with choices, but most just blanks to be typed in. At the top of the screen in bold it said, Main Interface Menu Screen. The first box choice was Subject Name. The next box choice was relationship to MPC owner. Below this was a list of physical characteristics, measurements, colors, etc. Then some mental thought characteristics, IQ, habits, quirks, preferred clothing, sexual drive level, and so on. Also, there was a box for whether the subject will notice the changes. The last couple of boxes were things like key words to initiate changes, key word to reverse changes. There was even a time delay box to delay processing for any amount of time required. And at the very end a big button called: “execute.”

I sat thinking this over for a couple minutes. I still really wasn’t buying all this. But, I figured I could try something small and see what happens. I decided I could start with something on me even. I just typed in my name, for relationship I just wrote, me. I left most things to ‘no change’ except the weight box. My weight had gotten a bit more than I liked in the last year. Not a lot, but I could lose 20 lbs. and feel much better. I entered the info then took a deep breath and hit the execute button. The laptop flashed a few characters again briefly and then a message that said, ‘command sent.’ Immediately I felt my waist shrink and pant loosen up. I ran into the bathroom and by god, I was thinner. This was unbelievable! I didn’t understand how this was possible, but quickly began to think about all the possibilities of something like this.

Now, I have been married a long time. My wife has slowly faded from wanting sex much. She also has always been fairly plain looking and dresses conservatively. Sometimes she can be moody as well and difficult to get along with. I thought about what make her more interesting and desirable. I had the day off so I started to think how I could use this little program to spice things up a bit around here. She was due home in about an hour from work, so I got started on her ‘changes.’ I entered her name, Laura. I decided I wouldn’t make any hugely drastic changes. Just a few modifications to Laura’s body and mind to start. I dropped her weight to about 130 lbs. I made her a few years younger overall. Then I shrunk her waist a few inches also. The biggest change I made was to her personality matrix. I increased her sex drive by five times. I increased her energy level greatly. I dropped her IQ a bit, too. I also made her very obedient and open to suggestion. I changed her preferred clothing to tasteful, but sexy. And I made her more overtly womanly and sexy in the way she moved and acted. I even changed her language to a bit dirtier. I also checked the box for not noticing any of the changes. Lastly, I setup two key phrases for initiating the changes and reversing them. To initiate I wrote, ‘you’re sexy.’ And to reverse the change I put in, ‘back to basics.’ I hit the execute button and the machine again tossed out some characters and took a few minutes to say, ‘commands sent.’ Then I waited.

Laura got home a few minutes later than usual. She seemed tired and wrung out. “Was it a bad day at work, honey?” I asked her. “Oh, just the usual problems. Too many meetings and too many people with silly ideas.” She said to me. We talked a bit in the bedroom while I watched her get changed out of her plain, work clothes. “Well, your home now. Why don’t you just relax. Maybe I can help with that.” I said as I got up and started to rub and caress her neck. “I don’t have time for that silly. I still have more work to do.” She said as she pulled away from me. Well, here goes nothing I thought. “But, you’re sexy.” I said to her. Almost instantly Laura’s whole body shook. She fell back onto the bed and her eyes rolled back. “Laura can you hear me? How do you feel?” I asked her as she laid there. “Oh, Mark. I feel so weird. Whew, ugh….” Laura said as she rocked on the bed some. She reached up to cup her tits. “My breasts or tits feel so tingly now. Oh, wow! Mmmm, yes.…” She moaned as her body continued to shake, I could see her extra pounds melt away. Her skin tightened up some and she did look younger. I sat down on the edge of the bed to take it all in. All the changes were happening that I had programmed in. After maybe a minute more she awoke completely with a big grin on her face and stood up. “My body is on fire, Mark baby. I’m not sure why I feel so weird, but really good at the same time.” Laura said as she ran her hands down her sides. “You look real hot to me.” I told her. “Well, baby if you really think I’m that hot & sexy maybe you should prove it.” Laura said as she wiggled her ass over to me dropping her slacks on the way. “But I thought you had some work to do?” I said to her. “What work? This is much more fun and exciting than any silly old work.” Laura said as she pushed me down on the bed and began to undress me. “You sure about this honey? I thought you were kind of tired?” I said to her. “No way baby. I need you right now. I feel great! And my body feels so good. I’m horny as a cat in heat.” Laura said as she pulled my clothes off quickly. “Well, if you say so. Let me help you get your bra and panties off. This bra seems tight on you, but the panties slipped off easily.” I said. “Oh, Mark who cares. Just get me naked so I can feel your hard cock inside me.” She said as she helped me unhook the tight bra.

Now Laura had never acted or talked like that before. The Master PC program really worked. It was amazing! “You know Laura. It might be a nice change for you to start off giving me a blow job. I’d really like that.” I said. “Sure thing sweetie pie. I’d love to do that and taste your big, huge cock in my mouth.” She told me as she went down on me and started to suck on my hardening dick. The old Laura would never do this for me. This was just great. As she started to suck on me, my mind was going over all the possibilities this new program could do for me. “Oh, baby your so huge! I love sucking your cock so much.” Laura said to me. “Keep going Laura. You’re doing great.” I said as I rubbed her firmer tits while she sucked on me. “Oh, keep rubbing my nipples Mark. Get them real good and hard. I love the way you make them feel.” Laura said as we heated things up even more. “Laura, stand up now and lean over the end of the bed. I want to fuck you like a little doggie. My little poodle!” I said. “Oh, yes Mark. I’d love that. Arff. Arff.” She barked as she leaned over and stuck her ass in the air. I rammed my big cock into her moist cunt. “How does my cock feel now Laura?” I asked her as I started to pump her good. “Mark, oh god! It feels so great in my wet cunt. Please fuck me. Oh, god yes. Fuck me hard!” Laura shouted out. I pumped her good for awhile and she rocked with me. Our bodies were dripping with sweat and Laura was having the best fuck of her life. “Oh, Mark. I’m going to cum. Oh, yes. Yes! I feel it. Oh, god it feels so fucking good. Yes, baby. Oh, yum, yes! YES!!” Laura screamed out as she spasmed and her cunt quivered around my dick. “Lay back down on the bed Laura. I’m going to cum all over you and you’ll love it!” I told her. “Mark, give me that cum. I want it all over me. I’ll lick it all up.” I spurted my load all over her face and chest then. Laura smiled and she really loved it all.

She cleaned it all up, licking herself like a cat. “Wow. That was great Mark. You really know how to fuck a girl.” Laura told me. “Well, you make it easy doll. Why don’t you go take a nice warm bubble bath. You’ve earned it.” I told her. “Oh, that sounds wonderful. I love bubble baths. They make me feel so pretty and sexy.” Laura said as she got up and headed to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but notice how much her cute ass wiggled and hips swayed as she went in and started the bath running. My wife certainly had changed for the better. I was pretty pleased how this first real use of the Master PC program had went. I slipped my pants back on and cleaned up a bit. I let Laura enjoy the bath for about a half hour and then went in to see her. She was leaning back in the tub with bubbles covering her fine tits. Her eyes were closed and she the biggest grin on her face. “Hi, doll. Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked her. “Oh yeah, but not as much as I enjoyed our fucking. That was wonderful Mark. The best I can ever remember.” Laura told me. “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. We should do that all the time. Would you like that?” I said to her. “Definitely! My little pussy gets so lonely sometimes. And you really know how to make me squeal.” Laura said as she started to get up. “In fact, maybe another go right now would be fun.” Laura said as she got out of the tub and wrapped her wet arms around me. The bubbles hanging from her wet tits felt good against my bare chest. She started to nuzzle my neck and lick my ear. This was fucking great!

We started to kiss and then Laura grabbed my hardening cock and started to pump me good. “You like that Mark? Do you like little Laura stroking your huge, firm cock?” She asked. “Oh, yeah baby. It feels great.” I said as I got real big and hard again. I started to finger-fuck her pussy, rubbing her clit. I could feel her get real wet and then Laura started to moan and press down on me. “Oh yeah, Mark. My pussy feels so wet and hungry for your cock again. I bent her over the bathroom counter and she stuck her ass out while spreading her legs. “Fuck me hard and deep Mark.” Laura said to me. “Ok baby spread that fine ass for me.” Laura did as I told her and I rammed my dick into her wet pussy. Immediately she yelled and moaned. “Oh god Mark. That feels so good. My pussy is on fire and I can feel it dripping down your big cock. Oh, that feels so good baby!” Laura told me. She began fondling her own big tits too while I continued to fuck her. She spasmed and screamed my name, “Mark, oh Mark I’m cumming. Oh yes! Yes!” I also blew my load in her then. “Yeah baby. Here comes my hot stream.” I said as I exploded in her.

We pulled apart after a few minutes. “That was great again Mark. I feel so warm inside. You really know how to fuck a girl.” Laura told me. “Glad you enjoyed it babe.” I said. I thought now might be a good time to test the reverse command. It also might be an interesting wake up spot for Laura. “Hey, Laura here is a towel to dry off a little. I don’t want my baby catching cold.” I said as I handed her a big towel. “Well, ok sugar. But you were keeping me pretty warm with your big chest next to my tits.” Laura told me as she started to dry off. “I’m sure I was. But now, it’s time to get ‘back to basics.’” I told Laura. Immediately her body shook again and I could see her weight come back and she aged too. All back to normal quickly. “What happened? What am I doing in the bathroom? Why do I feel so weird and warm inside?” Laura asked me. “Don’t you remember? You wanted to take a bath to relax a bit before you started on your work.” I told her. “Now, Mark. Are you saying I dozed off in the bath?” She asked me. “Well, maybe. I just came in to check on you. But you know, since you already are undressed maybe we could have a little fun? Would you like some company?” I asked her as I stepped over next to her. “Not now Mark. I told you I have a lot of work to do. And I have a bit of a weird headache too.” She told me as she wrapped the towel around her old body. Yep, it seems Laura was back to normal without remembering anything about what happened. This Master PC program was really going to help me out. “Mark please leave so I can get dressed and get my work going.” Laura said as she scooted me out of the bathroom. “Sure thing honey. I’ll be down in the basement doing some computer work myself.” I told her.

I started to think about how else I could use the program as I grabbed my laptop and headed downstairs. I wondered how big a change it could handle. One thing that popped in my head was Laura’s mom, Mary. She was an older woman of course but I kind of had always fantasized what it would have been like to screw her when she was younger. I know she’s my mother-in-law, but there was something still nice and sexy about her. I think she kind of liked me as well but would of course never do anything since I was married to her daughter Laura. Once in awhile she had kind of flirted with me. She sometimes called me baby or baby cakes. Mary sometimes would hug me a bit longer than others when we visited her too. I know she had a slight attraction for me. She was divorced for some time now and didn’t live very far from us. Maybe now was my chance to have a little fun with Mary as well.